Countdown Calendars
24 stitched projects to celebrate any date
Author: Susanne Woods, Copyright @ 2011

This title features 24 delightful countdown calendar projects to make your favourite occasions even more special. Make your favourite occasions even more special. Today's top designers share their ideas and techniques on how to commemorate life's special events. Equal parts inspiration and how-to, this collection of custom-crafted countdown calendars is packed with creative ways to say ''s here'! It features 24 original projects for celebrating everything from Christmas to the first day of school, and even a new baby. Countdown Calendars also includes expert advice on sewing and embellishing techniques.

Deploy That Fabric
23 sewing projects use military uniforms in everyday life
Author: Jen Eskridge, Copyright @ 2011

Show your pride in our troops every day! All members of the Armed Forces have to buy multiple uniforms, some of which become decommissioned. Learn how to recycle these uniforms and blend in some cheerful, contemporary fabrics to create useful family treasures with one-of-a-kind style. Even if you don't have a service member in your life, you can make these cool projects using camouflage fabrics or uniforms purchased from surplus stores.
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Websites - How to make a...

Camouflage detour diaper bag (
Tips to create a camouflage diaper bag.

Canvas wall quote tutorial (Next to Heaven)
Instructions to make a canvas wall quote ~ "Where you go, I will go... and where you stay...I will stay," Ruth 1:16.

Daddy Doll tutorial (The Military Wife and Mom)
How to make your own Daddy Doll.

Deployment junk journal, mini album (Emora Designs)
Video tutorial to make a deployment journal from a military uniform.

Embroidered Home Sweet Home wall decor (Kojo Designs)
A tutorial to highlight the places that are special to you.

Fallen Soldier uniform pendant (Sweater Surgery)
How to create a pendant made with scraps from a fallen Soldier's uniform.

Laptop sleeve (Instructables)
Instructions to make a laptop sleeve from military fabrics.

Military flag memorial case (Instructables)

Military themed picture (Instructables)
Create a picture frame using old rank insignia, distinctive unit insignia, decorations, patches...

Military uniform apron for American Girl doll
We used a free pattern (from a blog that has since been removed) to make an ACU apron for my daughter's American Girl doll. LINK to photo

Military uniform gun case (HongKongChic)
Tutorial to make a Military Uniform Gun Case.

Military uniform overnight bag (HongKongChic)
Tutorial to make a Military Uniform Overnight Bag.

Military uniform tote (Sew Like My Mom)
Tutorial to make a Military Uniform Tote.

Nametape bracelet (Military SOS)
How to make a military nametape bracelet.

Nametape (paracord) bracelet (Running Army Wife)
Instructions to make your own paracord nametape bracelet.

Old door - coffee table - Family Military Shadow Box
Create a shadowbox coffee table with family military history.

Paracord bracelet
An online search for paracord bracelet instructions will produce countless instructions and videos. Here are few links:

Rag quilt tutorial (The Adventures of an Air Force Family)
Tutorial to make a Rag Quilt out of military uniforms.

Signs - "Land of the Free Because of the Brave" Wall Art (And That's What {Che} Said)
Instructions to make patriotic wall art with chevron.

Signs - "Land of the Free Because of the Brave" (The V Spot)
A tutorial for easy, patriotic typographic artwork.

Signs - "Places We've Lived" Boards (Family Brings Joy)
Tutorial to make your own Places We've Lived memory boards.

Subway art tutorials (perfect for military!)

Vintage military button rings (Instructables)
Create rings with brass or silver military buttons.


Patterns, kits (Reanna Lily Designs)
Sells patterns for recycled military uniforms.
Also sells kits for recycled military uniform projects.
Military-themed crafts and sewing

A "how to" listing for paracord bracelets, military uniform projects, and more...

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Military craft books
Recycle old uniforms into new heirlooms, learn to make paracord bracelets. How-to websites and helpful books for handy military spouses.
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