Care package suggestions and themes

Here are some resources to give you some guidance in sending your care package, as well as a listing of some of the many organizations that support our deployed military personnel with packages. These organizations depend on supporters like you to do what they do!

Suggestions of what to send and what NOT to send to deployed military:
If you wish to send a care package to soldiers overseas, that there are a number of factors to consider:
  • time of year (It's not a good idea to send chocolate to the Middle East in the summer)
  • location (Some of our military personnel serve in remote locations with minimal access to a store to purchase basic supplies, some are less remote and have access to more amenities, and some that are stationed in a location such as Qatar may have even less needs.)
  • gender of the military personnel (There are organizations the reach out specifically to female military personnel.)
  • personal preference (If you know the deployed Soldier, ASK them what they'd like
  • store bought cookies are typically preferred as homemade cookies usually arrive stale and crushed.

Do not send:
  • pork and other culturally sensitive items
  • alcohol
  • pornography
  • items restricted by the postal service
  • expired items

Regardless, any kind of separation from friends and family is tough and receiving some love from home by way of a care package is always appreciated!

Cakes and cookies  submitted by Joanne K.
The best way I have found to ship cookies requires:
Waxed paper
2 - Ziploc large rectangular disposable containers
4-8 slices of bread
1 - US Postal Service shirt size Flat Rate box

Pack the cookies in the Ziploc containers using wax paper between the layers. After the last layer of cookies or brownies, top with waxed paper and slices of fresh bread until the container seals tightly and the contents do not rattle. (Note: Do not use homemade bread. The preservatives in the bread are needed to keep the bread from molding during shipping.)

Place one container upside down and one container right side up in the Flat Rate box. They will fit snugly and not rattle. The bread will dry out during shipping, but the bake goods will remain moist and intact.

It is notoriously hard to ship cupcakes. When trying to ship cupcakes, there is that pesky problem of keeping the cupcakes from turning upside-down and the gift arriving as a frosted box rather than frosted cupcakes.  

So how do you ship cupcakes? Read the article for more information.

Christmas ideas submitted by Joanne K.
One Mom's list of suggestions of items to include in a Christmas care package: 
  • For Christmas I try to put in little touches of home. Christmas foods like candy canes, carmel corn, cookies, etc.  When my niece was deployed, I sent her Christmas socks along with the goodies. She loved that! Last year I sent another Soldier some funny little non-breakable ornaments. He really liked that. 
  • Personalized calendar with family photos and special days marked. 
  • Letter writing materials, printed address labels to make mailing things home easier 
  • Phone cards - AT&T, cards from AAFES work the best 
  • Cards for different occasions so that the soldier can send them home to loved ones for various occasions. 
  • Favorite foods that can be shipped 
  • Snacks Bars, Beef Jerky, Chex Mix, chips  
  • Cereal (small box) 
  • Nuts/Dried fruit/pudding and fruit cups 
  • Hard or non-melting candies  
  • Powdered drink mixes such as Gatorade (To Go Single Serve are great) 
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap 
  • Deodorant, disposable razors  
  • Qtips, Handi Wipes (travel size are ok) 
  • Baby wipes (refill packages are great bargains) 
  • Eye drops - non-prescription, moisturizing 
  • Towels and wash cloths, travel pillow 
  • Bed sheets (Twin) - deploying soldiers must purchase their own and ship them early 
  • Paperback books and magazines 
  • Puzzle books and playing cards, batteries 
  • Digital cameras and media storage disks 
  • CD's and DVD movies (American standard) 
  • Sports items such as baseball caps/balls, footballs, volleyballs, soccer balls etc. 
  • Posters for the barracks, lots photos of loved ones, favorite sport teams 
  • stuff to hang up, etc. 
  • Christian materials may be sent for the personal use of American personnel but not for distribution to the locals

Shipping information

Christmas shipping deadlines for military care packages and letters

USPS - Free military care package mailing kit
Since Priority Mail service supplies are the packaging of choice for families preparing care packages for service members overseas, the USPS has created a "Mili-kit" based on the items most frequently requested by the military.

The kit may be requested by calling 1-800-610-8734 (Packing Supply) and:
1. Choose your language (“1” is English, “2” is Spanish). 
2. Choose option 1 (it states it is for Express Mail service, Priority Mail or Global Express Guaranteed). 
3. When you reach a live agent, request “CAREKIT04.” 
4. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. 

Note: These are free supplies, postage must be affixed.

Care packages for deployed military personnel

AdoptaPlatoon (New Hampshire)
AdoptaPlatoon strives to provide a better deployment quality of life by sending cards, letters and care packages to lift the morale of Troops as they serve far from home and assist military families. AdoptaPlatoon provides an on-going mail support system, creates projects that meet the need of military requests, and establishes special projects that benefit deployed Troops representing all branches of the U.S. military. AdoptaPlatoon also serves injured Troops through AAP Walking Wounded Project and assists military veterans who remain our Nation’s Heroes. Project created by the AdoptaPlatoon™.

Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas (Texas)
A Texas charity sending care packages of food, gifts, clothing, toiletries, movies, toys for local kids, medical supplies and other donations to American soldiers and troops serving in the United States Armed Forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Mideast! 

America's Adopt a Soldier
Annual year-round support and Challenge America (July, November-National Packing events). Our goals are to ensure every deployed Service Member receive a care package, through regional and local partnerships.

Any Soldier (Any Marine - Any Sailor - Any Airman - Any Coast Guard)
Have no idea what to send, who to send it to, or where to send it?

Blue Star Moms (East Bay area, CA)
Following in the footsteps of our grandmothers and mothers, we have mailed "a little bit of home" to our sons and daughters serving around the world. Often commanding officers in the field will contact us to let us know that they have a young man or woman who is not receiving any boxes or letters from home. These kids quickly come into our hearts and soon receive a care package with a big blue star on the box, letting them know that good people from Alameda and Contra Costa Counties in California think about and support them. Our boxes have come to have meaning to the troops overseas. We know this from the letters we receive. We depend on your generous donations and volunteer help to continue sending these care packages and notes from home.

Boots for Troops
This is our primary program at Boots For Troops. Once selected to receive a BFT care package, our team personally corresponds with the service members or family/friends of service members who request a package. We send over a form via e-mail that ask a series of questions such as what does the service member need where they are deployed? What are their favorite snacks? What is their favorite sports team, and more. Lastly, each package comes with a new pair of personal boots selected by the package recipient. This program is designed to generate the biggest morale boost possible.

Program Founder Jimmy Rogers has spent time deployed himself and knows firsthand the difference a care package can make. When he was deployed, he received mass produced packages from other organizations, and although he was grateful to receive his package, he wanted to create a program that was more personal and touched the hearts and minds of our service members. That’s exactly what our care package program does.

If you would like to request a package for a service member you know that is deployed and in need of one, please click on the Request a Package button.

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach (Lake Worth, FL)
In October 2003, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach was born to help send that little bit of home to our troops. Service members were provided with much needed care items, as well as letters of encouragement.

Over the years, Forgotten Soldiers Outreach has become a nationally recognized organization receiving support from all over the country. We send out monthly “We Care” packages to our United States deployed military, who have been registered by family members, friends, commanding officers or themselves.

For the Troops (Simi Valley, CA)
For The Troops is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing members of the American military with “We Care” packages

Freedom Alliance
Do you have a loved one or friend who is thousands of miles away from home defending our country in uniform? If so, Freedom Alliance would like to send them a "Gifts from Home" care package, which will be a great reminder that you and a grateful nation have not forgotten them.

The Freedom Alliance “Gifts from Home” project provides those in harm’s way with some luxuries of home and expresses our appreciation for their sacrifice. It is our hope that the items sent will make life spent thousands of miles from friends and loved ones a little easier to bear.

These "Gifts from Home" boxes are full of most-requested and much-needed items, such as prepaid international calling cards, candy, toiletries, games, non-perishable food items, Germ-X hand sanitizer, books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, greeting cards and notes of appreciation and thanks from caring Americans all across the country, and much more. Last year, Freedom Alliance shipped more than seven tons of these care packages to our brave defenders of freedom serving overseas. 

Hero Box
HeroBox is a non-profit organization that supports deployed, injured, aging and homeless veterans. Our mission is to ensure that every American hero receives the physical and moral support they deserve.

Heroes in Action (Toledo, OH)
Heroes in Action ships care packages monthly to military serving overseas.

Homefront America's iCare Kits
Each iCare Kit contains a variety of travel size personal hygiene and snack items, and sealed with an abundance of TLC from the heart.  

Homefront Hugs
Has tips for sending care packages as well as a Soldier adoption program. 

Hugs for Soldiers (Duluth, GA)
Our program is dedicated to offering comforts from home and brightening a Soldier’s day with a care package, card or letter of encouragement. Our “adopted” troops, who are deployed thousands of miles away from home, need to be reassured that America cares about them. We appreciate the great sacrifices they are making, and we will do all we can to boost their morale and lift their spirits during this difficult time. We have been supporting the troops since 2003.

Just Our Soldier's Helpers (J.O.S.H.)
The mission of Just Our Soldiers’ Helpers Inc., also known as J.O.S.H., is to increase the morale of deployed US service members from all branches of the military. We support our troops by preparing and shipping care packages consisting of healthy snacks/food or hygiene products.

Keystone Soldiers (Shoemakersville, PA)
Keystone Military Families has been assisting deployed troops, veterans and military families for many years. Our goal is to provide support to the military community while preserving their dignity. We treat each of them with the respect they have earned while serving our country.

Kids in Support of Soldiers
Kids In Support of Soldiers Inc. (K.I.S.S), was founded with the desire of children to support our men and women in the armed forces by providing them with the simple things in life. Things we take for granted, or don't even think of, are priceless commodities to those serving. 

K.I.S.S. is a program run by children, with the help of some adults, that want to make a difference in a soldiers life no matter what state they are from, or what branch of service they are in. All decisions are made by the children allowing them to comprehend the difference they are making and that this is THEIR program. Each package that is sent is sent to a particular soldier and is packaged by the children with love and appreciation for what the soldiers are doing for our freedoms.

Military Connections
Military Connections is a non-profit organization that provides care packages, equipment and various supplies to the soldiers.

Military Missions
Military Missions is just one of many organizations that sends care packages overseas to our deployed military. but I like to think of this organization as one that is different from the rest.  This ministry didn’t just open its doors one day and start sending out boxes. It started when this mother of a brand new Marine went to dinner one evening with her son and 15 other men who had just graduated from School of Infantry Training and entered the fleet...

Move America Forward - Monthly Smiles Club
Lots of people seem to agree that it's easier to let us remember that they want to send a package out every month, or every other month, or every holiday than it is to go shopping themselves. Just give us criteria for selecting soldiers and your budget and we'll do the rest. Then you'll be sure no matter how busy you get, you're keeping those smiles coming.

We've heard from countless members of the Armed Forces serving in the Middle East about items that the military does not provide, are hard to come by and they really appreciate getting . That's why Move America Forward has responded and compiled care packages that contain these goods as a way of saying "thank you" for their sacrifices and courage. Care packages are packed full of gourmet coffee, Oreo cookies, Jelly Belly jelly beans, high-quality beef jerky, trial mix, Gatorade, deodorant, Chap Stick, sun block, CDs and much more.

NC Packs 4 Patriots (Ayden, NC)
We are a nonprofit organization formed with the mission to support troops and their family members by providing care and comfort items and expressions of appreciation for their service and sacrifices.

Operation Care and Comfort
Historically, Americans have shown their support to our Troops serving in times of war in many ways. By writing letters, mailing care packages, or by showing support for a deployed service member's family, Americans have opened up their hearts, homes, and wallets to show that they support those who serve. Operation: Care and Comfort is proud to continue this tradition of service. 

Operation Care Package
We are an all volunteer not for profit organization, dedicated to our goal of making sure that no deployed hero goes without mail. 

Operation Care Package (Operation Once in a Lifetime)
Operation Care Packages - When deployed, almost nothing puts a smile on a soldier’s face more than receiving a package from home. Your donations help send requested items to deployed troops – from the necessities to Once In A Lifetime items Like TV’s, Xbox's, games and movies. If they request it, we try and fulfill it!

Operation Christmas Cards for Troops Overseas
We are a veteran family-founded organization seeking to connect the community with deployed service members each year during the holiday season. What began as a great idea in 2010 supporting just one person in Afghanistan, has flourished into an over-5,000 member network supporting deployed service members world-wide.

Operation Creekside (Brentwood, CA)
Our ministry packs quality items with care and prayer with the focus on God, the troops and their families. We are humbly serving our God, building deep friendships and impacting the world! We ship approximately 50 care packages a month to deployed men and women of the U.S. military.

Operation Gratitude
Operation Gratitude annually sends 200,000+ care packages filled with food, entertainment, hygiene, and handmade items, plus personal letters of appreciation to veterans, First Responders, New Recruits, Wounded Heroes, their Care Givers, and to individually named U.S. service members deployed overseas and their families waiting at home. Our mission is to lift the spirits and meet the evolving needs of the Military and First Responder communities, and provide volunteer opportunities for civilians anywhere in America to express their appreciation to all who serve our nation.

Operation Interdependence
What sets OI apart from other organizations is our philosophy that “less is more.” Our goal is to provide each of the nearly 325,000 deployed troops around the world with something from home every month during their entire deployment – and to do so without bogging down the military mail system or taking away from the mission. The OI Civilian-to-Military Delivery System ® reaches more by sending less. 

The cornerstone of our system is the Civilian Ration ® (called C-rat ®). Designed for delivery to the frontlines, C-rats are individual quart-sized baggies that contain a personal note from a caring civilian at home and a few treats such as snacks, games and personal care products. The most important part of the C-rat is the letter from a person who has never met that Soldier, Sailor, Marine or Airman, but takes the time to write his or her expressions of care and concern.

Operation Shoebox
Sends care packages to the Troops. Looking for donations of AT&T phone cards and used printer ink cartridges. Currently looking for Teachers and Troops for for classrooms to correspond with troops. 

Operation Soldier Assist
My hope and number one request is that you would adopt-a-troop. It means that you commit to writing a letter each week (not an email) so that your adopted troop get a physical letter at mail call, and sending a package once a month. I started OSA with the hope of getting our deployed personnel adopted out to the public, so that they would be encouraged while in Iraq, Afghanistan or any of the 100 plus countries we have troops stationed. We often get letters requesting adoption and support because the government hired contractors are charging way to much at the base stores. Some just wish to have someone to write to and visit with. Most need some sort of help with the items listed below. Items needed include: personal hygiene items, books, magazines, CD's, DVD's, boots, and new uniforms items. I know some may feel that boots and new uniform items are over the top, there NOT. Remember a gift is not a gift if it costs you nothing, and this is truly about helping those who defend our country and need support.

Operation Support Our Troops
The mission of Operation Support Our Troops is to support the morale and well-being of American forces by providing comfort, resources and education to them and their families both while they are deployed in harm’s way and after their return. As a volunteer based non-profit organization, we provide the opportunity for our community members to express their appreciation and also offer support for our troops. Engaged in the longest war of our country’s history and with our servicemen and women completing multiple tours of duty, we are committed to showing them that "We Have NOT Forgotten."

Operation Troop Appreciation
Operation Troop Appreciation presents a united front to our deployed military by providing a unit-level support with "wish-list" requests that contribute to troop morale.

Operation: With Love from Home (Napa, CA)
Operation: With Love from Home works to support our deployed armed forces stationed in harm's way. Supported by the Community Outreach Department at Queen of the Valley Medical Center, OWLFH counts on a group of non-partisan volunteers who recognize the need to keep our service men and women are in our hearts and prayers. The group actively supports their efforts and recognizes their sacrifices on behalf of our country.

To show support, three times a year the group works to collect donations to put together care packages for our troop abroad. Each package contains items the troops need: socks,

Each package also contains a hand-written letter of support and thanks. Sometimes, these packages are the only correspondence troops receive from home. They serve as a vital link to remind troops they are valued and loved.

Packages from Home
The mission of Packages From Home is to send care and comfort packages to deployed American military heroes who are stationed in active duty theaters around the world, as well as to facilitate activities that elevate morale of all veterans

Palmisano Care Package Project
In Loving Memory of LCpl. Eric A Palmisano KIA 4.2.06
Son, Brother, Friend, and most of all our Hero!!!

In April of 2006, when two care packages that my husband Herb and I had mailed to our son Eric in Iraq were returned to us as undeliverable, it was a harsh reminder that our son was gone. Only days earlier we had received that dreaded knock on our door by 2 U.S. Marines, coming to tell us that our son was killed in Iraq. 

Now, as we stood there just staring at the packages, we knew we had to do SOMETHING. My husband, Herb, suggested that even though Eric could no longer use the items we had so lovingly packed for him in those Care Packages, his fellow Marines would most certainly have need for them. So we repackaged the items and sent them on to the Chaplain of Eric’s Unit in Iraq. Thus began the L.Cpl. Eric A. Palmisano Care Package Project. 

We have shipped over 1600 Care Packages to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan since May 2006. Monetary donations are always welcome and appreciated to offset shipping costs!

St. Michael's Soldiers
St. Michael's Soldier's is a faith-based, not for profit ministry that provides "a little bit of home" to the deployed men and women of the US military. We do this through "Home Sweet Home" boxes, filled with items that are used everyday, but may not be readily available to those who have volunteered to protect our freedom; items like tooth brushes and tooth paste, soap, shampoo, shaving cream, deodorant, t-shirt, socks, blankets, food items, and prayer.

Support our Soldiers
Support Our Soldiers (SOS) is a military support non-profit organization based in Fort Worth, Texas. This community driven group focuses on sending care packages of food, activities, and toiletries to soldiers overseas. 

Troopster Donations
Hosts an annual care package drive to be sent to deployed, single service members.

USO Holiday Care Packages
USO Holiday Care Packages include decorations, snacks, DVDs and games to help those serving in remote corners of the world celebrate American holidays. In 2015, the USO has continued to offer seasonal holiday care packages to help keep service members connected to home, no matter how far away they may be.

Expeditionary troops can also look forward to fall holiday boxes which will feature a Halloween/Thanksgiving theme to help them celebrate the holidays.

Care packages for female deployed military personnel

Ladies of Liberty (Soldiers' Angels)
The Ladies of Liberty team of Soldiers' Angels focuses on the needs of deployed female servicemembers. We understand that females are instrumental in the current war (as in the past), and make special efforts to support them in their missions while showcasing our appreciation for their service. We assist with supplies for their unique health and hygiene needs, and help them experience a few pampering moments to rejuvenate and "be good to themselves."

Operation Courage is Beautiful
Operation Courage is Beautiful is a community project making a difference in the lives of women in the military. We send free care packages to those servicewomen serving overseas in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Support our Soldiers
Operation SHE-RO - Female warriors are fighting for our freedoms every day and this program was designed specifically to care for their unique/personal needs while deployed. In addition to custom contents of their care boxes, we include room deodorizers, nail paint, spa items, body sprays, lotions, and other items to provide a relaxing moment while far from home. Many of the base markets/PX run out or do not carry items these ladies need so with your help we are able to offset the deficits. The contributions of our female military members have paved the way for young women to become anything they dream to be and they are role models for women everywhere. We are honored to send TLC to these SHE-Roes as they fight to defend our way of life.

Supplies for military returning from deployment

Operation Rack Pack (Operation Help a Hero)
Help us welcome home single service members returning from deployment to barracks as home. 

Operation Welcome Home (Operation Once in a Lifetime)
Soldiers returning from a deployment often return to an empty barracks room, a room without some basic essentials such as pillows, sheets, blankets, towels and toiletries and more. Our Operation Welcome Home Project helps provide these items, so these soldier can come home to a true hero’s welcome. Operation Once in a Lifetime has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in linens and toiletries to military units all over the world in the past 5 years.

Care packages for the home front

Also visit:
Adopt a Military Family organizations - LINK
Care package suggestions for the military home front - LINK

Armed Services Ministry - Hero Squad program
The Hero Squad program helps children of the Military build faith, hope, and purpose for their lives through inspiring, weekly, Bible-based activities tailored for their age and gender. Each enrolled child receives a Hero Squad Welcome Kit with gifts for the whole family. Each season (4x per year), a box arrives filled with age-appropriate materials, gifts, and new activities kids can do both independently and with their family. In addition, Parents and Caregivers are sent encouraging weekly devotional emails called “Checkpoint.” This series is meant to strengthen them and let them know God is there to help them meet the unique challenges and needs of Military kids.

Full Circle Home
Our service men and women are doing more than their part. They need and deserve all the care packages, love and support that we can give. But at Christmas and Mother's Day, they want to send their love back – back to their wives, fiancés, girlfriends and moms. This program is designed to let our heroes be heroes yet again, by allowing them to send their holiday gifts and a love note to their quiet hero at home. This is accomplished through the generosity and appreciation of businesses and individuals who sponsor a servicemen's gifts home.

Little Patriots Embraced Family Deployment Package
The LPE Family Package was designed for our military families. It is our goal to deliver this package to each family dealing with deployment. It is our way of saying how much we love and appreciate them for their service and sacrifice. Items in our package can offer emotional and psychological support for family members. Research shows that items similar to those in our package help meet these needs for people in similar stress-related situations.

LPE Family Deployment Package contents: 
  • USA Patriot Bear Quilt /Wall-hanging (for the home of every military family) 
  • Baby Blanket (custom designed soft receiving blanket to hold each baby born in a family of our military) 
  • Little Patriot Bear (designed for this program and for the arms of all children in the military) 
  • "We Care" Magnet (holds a card with important phone numbers for assistance) 
  • Ink Pen (to write their loved one) 
  • CD (soothing and relaxing music for the family as well as returning service member) 
  • Adult Writing Journal (a way to express thoughts and feelings) 
  • Childs Writing Journal (a drawing and writing journal for children) 
  • Large Tote Bag (for the items)

Would you like to learn more about what to include in a care package for the home front?  Find out HERE

Care packages for wounded warriors

​Blue Star Moms (East Bay area, CA)
Wounded Soldiers - We receive requests from our military hospitals, both here and abroad, as well as the field hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan, who are treating those who are often able to return to the battlefield. At home, the needs are more centered on rehabilitation. Abroad, even clothing items and scrubs are in short supply.

Because the needs vary greatly and some requests have to be special ordered, like handi-pockets for wheelchairs and walkers, gait belts used to transport patients from bed to wheelchair, and knorks, a combination knife and fork used by our heroes who have lost use of one of their arms, we are asking only for monetary donations to purchase specifically requested items.

Operation Gratitude's Wounded Warrior Care Package Program
Operation Gratitude provides special Wounded Warrior Care Packages to service members recovering in Military Hospitals and Wounded Warrior Transition units located on military bases throughout the United States.

Further, in recognition that the Wounded Warrior often expresses deep concern for their buddies remaining on the front line, Operation Gratitude will send care packages on behalf of the Wounded Warrior to the rest of his or her unit still deployed downrange.​

Operation: Quiet Comfort (McCormick, SC)
Operation Quiet Comfort exists solely for the purpose of honoring and comforting America’s military men and women who become sick and injured while serving in harm’s way. We also provide support to those who care for them.

We collect, package and ship supplies for U.S. Military men and women receiving care at medical facilities abroad. Often our injured men and women arrive for medical care without their belongings, and it can take weeks before those belongings catch up with them – and sometimes they don’t arrive at all. Even when injured our troops need items like hygiene and grooming products, clothing, entertainment and support from the home front.

Care packages for caregivers

Operation Gratitude's Care Packages for Care Givers
In recognition of their sacrifice and devotion, Operation Gratitude sends special greetings and appreciation to wives, mothers, daughters and sisters who are caring for their wounded warriors. Partnering with REDBOOK Magazine and several generous sponsors, including Yankee Candle, Old Navy, OPI, Hickory Farms, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, The Pampered Chef, Bath & Body Works — and many more — Operation Gratitude’s “Care Packages for Care Givers” Program encourages these women to take care of and pamper themselves.​

Operation Showers of Appreciation
Unspoken Heroes is a set of assistance programs created to support our nation’s silent heroes, our Veterans, Veteran Caregivers, Gold Star Families and Blue Star Moms. These programs allow our local communities an opportunity to support our Unspoken Heroes and thank them for their sacrifices and offer support and resources to them.

Pamper Care Package - These boxes are designed for our Unspoken Heroes to help make them feel special and pampered. Filled with goodies for them to get a bit of much needed “me time” after caring for their children and Wounded Warrior or dealing with the many struggles that accompany deployments.

Soldiers' Angels - Women of Valor
The Women of Valor program focuses on the female caregivers of post-9/11 wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans. The caregivers may be the wife, girlfriend, mother or other female relative of the wounded hero. Our team of Angels focus on giving support, encouragement and “Angel Love” to the ladies of the Women of Valor program. With the challenges that caregivers face on a daily basis, the love and encouragement offered by their Team Angels provides them with that extra little bit of strength and inspiration.

All caregivers are vetted to ensure eligibility and are then approved for the program. Team Angels will provide ongoing support throughout the year for each caregiver, adhering to the specific dates of significance based off of their individual support requests. What this means is that each caregiver will receive personalized cards, letters, care packages and small gifts from our many dedicated Team Angels.

Care packages for veterans

America's Adopt a Soldier (Springfield, VA)
Our goals are to ensure that every deployed service member and veteran in a Veteran’s home or hospital receives a care package or care letter. Annual year-round support and the Challenge America Campaign (July and November--national packing events) help to support these goals.

Another main goal is to receive, via donations, 500 warm winter coats for our Homeless Veterans (cleaning tags attached).

Blue Star Moms (East Bay area, CA)
VA Hospitals - We visit the area VA hospitals in Palo Alto, Livermore and Martinez and provide necessities on their "wish lists". We deliver homemade patriotic pillow cases, coffee and food, lap blankets, magazines and many other items requested by the hospitals to make their residents more comfortable. If you are interested in providing pillow cases and/or lap blankets please contact our Veterans Committee chair mom. There are many other ways that come up throughout the year that we help veterans and veteran organizations. We hope we can count on your continued support to carry on this important mission in our community.

Helping Heroes of America
VA patient veterans - Our VA’s are understaffed and underfunded. Our veterans deserve better. We work to send blankets, socks, razors, denture adhesive, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, air mattress, sheets, sweat outfits and more to the VA hospitals.

Homeless veterans - We work with agencies and other organizations to provide household items including pots and pans, blankets, furniture, hygiene items and more.

Homefront Hugs' Operation Healing Angel Program
Operation Healing Angel is where you can thank all our brave veterans and families in so many ways even adopting a hospital to send care to as a group or individual throughout the year . We try to match you up to your closest VA in need too .

Operation Gratitude's Veterans Care Package Program
In our on-going misson to express the appreciation of the American people for the sacrifices of our military, Operation Gratitude has launched a new program to deliver thousands of care packages to Military Veterans all across the country.

A “Welcome Home Heroes” celebration sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), a weekly gathering of mostly World War II veterans and a Vietnam Veterans picnic are just a few of the venues at which many of the new “Veterans Care Packages” were recently distributed…and emotionally received.

Operation Showers of Appreciation
Unspoken Heroes is a set of assistance programs created to support our nation’s silent heroes, our Veterans, Veteran Caregivers, Gold Star Families and Blue Star Moms. These programs allow our local communities an opportunity to support our Unspoken Heroes and thank them for their sacrifices and offer support and resources to them.

Basics Veteran Care Package - Basics is just that, basic hygiene items and daily items for our homeless Veterans or anyone referred by a VA caseworker.
o Hygiene kits and toiletries
o Socks, shirts, etc

Packages from Home's Packages for Hope (Arizona)
Packages From Home works directly with the Arizona Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Buckeye Outreach for Social Services (B.O.S.S.), and other military support non-profits throughout the country to provide food and hygiene items to veterans who are in need. Packages From Home also provides thousands of hygiene kits to the annual Maricopa County StandDown, the Glendale Stand Up for Veterans, and other veteran-support events that provide needed products and services to thousands of homeless and at-risk veterans every year.

Stars for Our Troops
We are a group of volunteers that are patriotic, who take old tattered and faded US Flags, retired from service and we pass the legacy of their embroidered stars to those that defended them. 

Critically ill or sick military children

America's Adopt a Soldier (Springfield, VA)
Our Task Force Smile program seeks to bring a smile to our critically  ill and sick military children through revitalizing treatment/play areas, entertainment, and ensuring every critically ill – sick military child receives a toy or game while undergoing treatment in military hospital (year-round).

Retailers that ship to APO/FPO addresses

Here in the U.S, the U.S. Postal Service is the only means available to ship to APO/FPO addresses. has a database of more than 700 companies that ship to APOs.

Here is a sampling of some of the retailers and others that do ship to an APO/FPO address:

Big John's Beef Jerky
Big John's Military Specials:
  • The most popular sampler packs chosen by Military personnel
  • Priced 20%+ below retail
  • Free gift notice sent free of charge (if requested)
  • Free shipping includes all APO/FPO addresses
Please contact us with special requests for bulk orders, support for special projects or anything else to make life a little easier for the brave men and women of the US Armed Forces.

Care Packs for Heroes
Care Packs For Heroes' mission is to provide an efficient, simple service for friends and relatives of soldiers to send "Care Packages" during the time of active deployment.

Damn Good Jerky
Have you ever tasted a product, and knew immediately that it could have been made better? That exact attitude is the basis for us starting Damn Good Foods. Regardless of cost and the effort necessary, we will provide only the best possible products, or we simply just won't make it.

Gift Basket Bounty
Show our deployed soldiers how much you appreciate them. Send a Military Care Package with your Free Personalized Message for your loved ones that are deployed overseas or here in the U.S.! 

All of these care packages are available for delivery to Military APO/FPO addresses - USPS Priority Mail. Your care package will be delivered to most locations within one to two weeks. *U.S. Postal shipping fees apply for APO & FPO addresses.

Has military care packages with travel size items: food, snacks, beverages, mini-meals, condiments, medical, personal care, laundry, etc. Shipments to military post offices (i.e. APO or FPO) can only be shipped via the U.S. Postal Service.

Military care packages are an indescribable treasure that everyone deployed looks forward to. Troopster is an easy-to-use, personalized care package site that not only has options for items that service members need, but also want. Choose from our prepackaged essential care options as well as the option to create and personalize a pack of your own. Troopster is here for all of the junior enlisted service members spending their first time away from home as well as for the seasoned military personnel.
Care packages for the military and veteran community

Links for additional support organizations (airport greeters & welcome home signs, Bibles, devotionals & Bible studies, cards & letters, chaplain resources, coloring pages, humanitarian aid, military working dog & handlers, other deployment support organizations, pet adoption & foster care, prayer support and many other resource) are all listed above.

Click on the links below for more information on:
Care package suggestions
(includes tips for for shipping cakes, cookies, cupcakes)

Shipping information

Organizations that send care packages to:
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Military support is not a concept to embrace; military support is sacrificial action. Visit our military support TOOLKIT.
Care package support for deployed military, home front families, wounded warriors, caregivers, veterans, critically ill or sick military children
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Resources for supporters of military and veteran families
  • Practical insights in caring for
             Home front families
             Military personnel
             PTSD, wounded warriors
             Loved ones of the fallen

Military and veteran family resources
  • Christian encouragement
  Bibles, devotionals, studies
  Bible verses that offer hope
  Of grace and gratitude
             peer support, sexual assault,
             suicide prevention
  • Deployment support for
  Military personnel
  Military spouses
  Military children, teens
  • Downloads and printables
  Brat Town Bugle TM
  Coloring pages
  Flat Brat TM
  Military house ornament

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