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Military personnel records
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Military personnel records

​National Archives
Request or research military service records, replace lost medals and awards.

National Military Personnel Records Center
The National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records (NPRC-MPR) is the repository of millions of military personnel, health, and medical records of discharged and deceased veterans of all services during the 20th century. (Records prior to WWI are in Washington, DC.) NPRC (MPR) also stores medical treatment records of retirees from all services, as well as records for dependent and other persons treated at naval medical facilities. Information from the records is made available upon written request (with signature and date) to the extent allowed by law.

This site is provided for those seeking information regarding military personnel, health and medical records stored at NPRC (MPR).

Education and employment websites

Academy Women
AcademyWomen is a nonprofit organization which offers programs to support and enable women from the nation's officer development programs to reach their full potential as leaders.

AcademyWomen is aligned for the greater good of the military. It is our belief that every woman who chooses to serve her country should be fully prepared to do so.

AcademyWomen provides supplemental sources of education, leadership development opportunities, and resources to achieve better personal and professional balance for military women and women veterans.

We are a global leadership organization of current and former women military officers, cadets, midshipmen, candidates and all individuals committed to the success of AcademyWomen's mission.  Our members are the world's outstanding leaders, including: military officers, astronauts, pilots, combat leaders, ship commanding officers, business executives, diplomats, civic leaders, entrepreneurs and homemakers.  Our members are the pioneers who bravely sought military training and now represent a new and outstanding paradigm of leadership.

Through a group of like-minded women and men, we will help to fill the existing gap of support by leveraging a global network; inspiring our members ideas and action; and equipping our members for leadership impact.

American Corporate Partners
Connecting US veterans to business leaders through our two free programs: an online network offering business advice, and a nationwide mentoring program.

American Dream U
We are dedicated to helping our military members and their spouses in the transition so they can find a successful landing after their service; whether that is higher education, a dream job, or the ability to start their own business. American Dream U offers two main services for transitioning veterans: Online programs and educational workshop events.
  • American Dream U’s online programs are catered to helping veterans become successful professionals in the world of business, with breadth in courses; everything from entrepreneurship to the intricacies of setting up a LinkedIn profile.
  • American Dream U’s workshop events are fueled by the same purpose; offering unique, differentiating benefits when paired with the online courses such as networking and connecting with other veterans, as well as hearing personal success stories of post-service careers.

American Warrior Garage (Bremen, GA)
American Warrior Garage will provide on the job training for veteran apprentices in welding, metal fabrication, body work, rust repair, automotive electronics, and mechanics. Additionally we provide retrofitting services to veterans who need their vehicle modified for hand controls, wheelchair lifts, and anything else to enable the vet to operate the vehicle. We will also provide service facilities for vets who want to perform general maintenance on their own vehicles but don’t have the means since their injury. For those veteran apprentices who show aptitude and desire we will provide scholarships to trade schools like WyoTech or Lincoln Tech so they can pursue a career in automotive technology, motorcycle mechanics, or marine mechanics. We will also supply mental health counseling for our veteran apprentices.

AmericaServes‘ mission is to empower a coordinated network of service providers in the United States, and equip them with the technological and informational resources needed to efficiently and effectively guide service-members, veterans, and their families to the most appropriate services and resources.

AMVETS Career Centers
The AMVETS Career Centers powered by Call of Duty Endowment provides free of charge career training and employment assistance for veterans, active duty service members, national guard and reserve plus spouses.

Army Soldier for Life Program
The Army Soldier for Life program supports successful reintegration of our soldiers, veterans and their families in order to keep them Army Strong and instill their values, ethos, and leadership within the communities.

Bob Evans Heroes to CEOs
Grants - Each of this year’s ‘Heroes to CEOs’ award winners will receive a $25,000 business grant to help support and grow their businesses. As each business has a unique narrative with distinctive needs, see their stories to learn how our winners will put their grants to use for success.

Quarterly Mentorship - Bob Evans Farms matches awardees with former ‘Heroes to CEOs’ winners who not only are successful business owners, but also understand firsthand what it’s like to be a veteran. Awardees can take advantage of quarterly business mentoring meetings that provide great insights, support and networking opportunities.

Bonds of Courage (New Jersey)
We provide a personalized Career Fitness and Mentoring program allowing participants a professional assessment, review of career options, job search and networking. We recently expanded this successful program to allow participants to work with a career-appropriate mentor.

Boots2Roots (Maine)
Preparing transitioning active duty military members to find meaningful work and put down roots in Maine! Boots2Roots should be your first step in transition planning if you are…
  • Currently serving in the active duty component of the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard
  • Planning to separate or retire from active duty and transition to Maine anytime in the next 12 months
  • A veteran living outside of Maine who is looking to live and work in Maine

Bunker Labs
Bunker Labs, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is a national network of veteran entrepreneurs dedicated to helping new veteran entrepreneurs start their own business. We are committed to seeing that every entrepreneur in the veteran community has the network, tools, and resources they need to start their own business.

25% of transitioning service members want to start a business and they need places inside their community where they can connect with the people, resources, and support they need to start and grow their businesses. We’re here for them!

Call of Duty Endowment
The Call of Duty Endowment is a non-profit public benefit corporation which helps soldiers transition to civilian careers after their military service. The Call of Duty Endowment focuses its resources on assisting organizations that provide job placement and training to veterans, as well as engaging the media and public forums to raise awareness about the issue.

Camp Southern Ground - Veteran Programs (Fayetteville, GA)
Camp Southern Ground is committed to serving the men and women who have fought to protect our country. Warrior Week and Warrior PATHH specifically care for the health and wellbeing of post-9/11 veterans while providing the necessary support in their transition to life after military service. Both are provided at no cost to veterans. If you or someone you know is a warrior struggling to find your new mission, we can help.

Warrior Week - Our nation's veterans have operated under the highest of callings to serve and protect the freedoms of the American people. We recognize the challenge these Warriors can face leaving service and finding a new mission for themselves. Warrior Week provides post-9/11 veterans with the self-discovery tools they need along with personal evaluations to find answers on how they contribute best in their relationships, work environment, and family after they get home. If you are a post-9/11 veteran struggling with transitioning to life after military service, we are here for you.

Camaraderie Foundation (Florida)
Our Transition Assistance Programs offer the opportunity to build peer support, friendships, and guidance to help the Veterans or spouses become successful in their community. 

Career One Stop
Career One Stop is your pathway to career success. Tools to help job seekers, students, businesses, and career professionals. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

CLEP Opportunities for Veterans article
VA will reimburse veterans for required CLEP test fees including registration fees, fees for specialized tests and administrative fees.

Combat Veterans to Careers (The Villages, FL)
Our goal is to provide opportunities for combat veterans who are ready for a rewarding, life-long career by giving them the necessary tools for success. Focusing on the four main areas of education, employment, affordable housing and wellness, we are able to provide our veterans and their families with 360 degrees of support and well-being.

The need for this support grows each day as veterans continue to reach out to us. Together we can continue to ensure the men and women who have chosen valiantly defend the freedoms we enjoy will receive the support they need to achieve the civilian lifestyle they deserve.

COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line)
Use Credentialing Opportunities On-Line (COOL) to: 
  • Find civilian credentials related to your military occupational specialty 
  • Understand what it takes to obtain the credentials 
  • See if there are available programs that will help pay credentialing fees

Corporate Gray
Competitive Edge Services Inc., better known as “Corporate Gray,” connects transitioning and former (separated/retired) military personnel with employers nationwide in print, in person, and online.

Corporate Gray Online is a military-niche employment website connecting transitioning and former military with employers. Job seekers can post their resume, search and apply for jobs, learn about upcoming job fairs, and gain access to important reference links in their job search. Employers can post their jobs and use a customized search to find military-experienced job seekers whose skills and experience match their needs.

Drive for Hope (Hope for the Warriors)
The Drive For Hope® program of Hope For The Warriors engages service members focusing on transition and invites them to racetracks across the country. Engrossing them in a unique social setting and experience while they reintegrate into civilian life and giving them the opportunity to contemplate their future career endeavors.

Hope For The Warriors invites local service members and veterans to NASCAR races throughout the country through our Sports and Recreation and Transition Services programs. Service members have the opportunity to network with professionals within the NASCAR community in careers that complement the service members’ military occupational specialty and post-military career goals. Currently participants are chosen on a case-by-case basis for select races only.

Easter Seals' Veteran Staffing Network
Easterseals Veteran Staffing Network (VSN) connects veterans and military spouses to employers using a veteran staffing agency model. We work with employers to fill temp-to-perm, contract, and direct-hire positions as well as offering consulting and professional services project teams.

We have successfully placed thousands of veterans into meaningful employment in more than 30 states. Our team focuses on the individual needs of employers and veterans, and matches the skills needed to the demands of the job. We understand because our employees are veterans themselves.

Elite Meet (Marlborough, CT)
Elite Meet, founded in 2017, is a nonprofit organization that supports members of the various Special Operations communities as they transition from military service by connecting them with leaders in the business sector. A network-centric organization, Elite Meet promotes the extraordinary value and leadership experience of elite transitioning veterans to premier organizations through a series of conferences, events and a digital community.

Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) is a Department of Defense (DoD) organization. ESGR was established in 1972 to promote cooperation and understanding between Reserve component members and their civilian employers and to assist in the resolution of conflicts arising from an employee's military commitment.

Empower Employ
Empowering companies to employ and retain top veteran and military spouse talent.

Farmer Veteran Coalition (see other "farming" opportunities listed HERE)
The mission of the Farmer-Veteran Coalition (FVC) is to mobilize our food and farming community to create healthy and viable futures for America’s veterans by enlisting their help in building our green economy, rebuilding our rural communities, and securing a safe and healthy food supply for all. The coalition seeks to simultaneously assist the farming community by developing a new generation of farmers and to help our returning veterans find viable careers and means to heal on America’s farms.

Feds Hire Vets
The one-stop resource for Federal veteran employment information.

FitOps Foundation
FitOps is a non-profit organization powered by PERFORMIX® that trains and certifies veterans as elite personal trainers. The on-site program concludes with the certification of fitness industry professionals — who are experts in exercise and in leadership, designated as Certified Veteran Fitness Operatives (CVFO).

F7 Group - Empowering Female Veterans and Military Women
F7 Group is dedicated to securing and providing resources, training, support and mentoring to Female Veterans and Women in Military Service, both IN and BESIDE the uniform.

F7 provides fundamental tools, systems and networks through retreats, boot camps and technology based platforms. We provide these services though sponsorships and donations made to the organization.

Some of the services F7 Group offers include:
  • F7 Group Weekend Retreats
  • F7 Group 3-day intensive Entrepreneurial Boot Camps with Leading Industry Experts
  • F7 Group 1/2 day skills training & mentoring programs and workshops
  • Grants for WIMSA Memorial
  • Scholarships for F7 affiliate programs (Copperrock Business Solutions, Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour, Heart & Sold, InterSource,  and many more….)

Four Block
Four Block provides student-veterans with professional development and connectsthem with internship opportunities at corporations.

Gallant Few
GallantFew, Inc. is a nationwide veteran mentor network that helps our returning heroes' transition successfully from military service to civilian life. GallantFew provides a social network, professional development, emotional support and physical assistance.

Our founder, a veteran, has experienced unemployment. He has fought translating his military skills (Airborne Ranger, infantry company commander and Ranger battalion staff officer) into language appealing to civilian employers. He has experienced the incredible delays in the VA medical system - and he believes we can do better.

GallantFew, Inc., meets these veterans during the process of departing from the military. GallantFew, Inc. coaches them through the transition process, assess their skills, desires and abilities, offer training as necessary, network them professionally and socially back into the community, and will be a source of physical, social, professional and emotional support. Initially we will accomplish this all through volunteers. Ultimately, this program will be funded, staffed, and scaled up to include every veteran of every branch of the military.

GI Bill (VA)
This is the website for all educational benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Did you know that you can use your Post-9/11 GI Bill for on-the-job training, apprenticeships, and non-college degree programs?

Grace after Fire
Grace After Fire provides support for and helps women veterans of the United States military who are returning from active duty so that they can re-engage as mothers, wives and daughters in civilian life.

Grow with Google
Grow with Google is an initiative to create economic opportunities for all Americans and help them access the best of Google’s training and tools to grow their skills, careers, and businesses.

For military service personnel, transitioning to civilian life can be very difficult. Many people begin their job searches on Google, so we started with Search to help those who have served and their families.

You can search “jobs for veterans” on Google and enter your Military Occupational Specialty code (MOS, AFSC, NEC) to see relevant civilian jobs that require similar skills to those used in your military roles.

Guide to the Military Retirement System (pdf)
The Guide to the Military Retirement System seeks to help you understand the new Department of Defense Blended Retirement System and how it applies to you and your spouse. 

Helmets to Hard Hats
Helmets to Hard Hats is the fastest way for Military, Reservists and Guardsmen to transition from active duty to a career in the construction industry.

H.E.RO. Child-Rescue Corps
The H.E.R.O. Child-Rescue Corps is an unprecedented new force in the global battle against child exploitation and abuse. Learn more on these pages about how some of America's most tested and proven warriors are mobilizing to rescue children in danger. Then join us. There are many ways you and your company or organization can support the H.E.R.O. Corps mission.

Hire a Hero
The Armed Forces Support Foundation was established in 2006 with a mission to plan, promote, and execute programs to assist members of the United States Armed Forces transitioning back into civilian life.

Today our flagship program Hire A Hero is the premier online job board and community of choice for those who have served our country. Hire A Hero has helped thousands of veterans and their spouses connect to employers who value their service, work ethic and loyalty to our country.

Hire Heroes USA
Hire Heroes USA is dedicated to creating job opportunities for US military veterans and their spouses through personalized employment training and corporate engagement.

Hiring our Heroes (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)
In March of 2011, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched Hiring Our Heroes, a nationwide initiative to help veterans and military spouses find meaningful employment. Working with our network of 1600 state and local chambers and other strategic partners from the public, private, and non-profit sectors, our goal was to create a movement across America in hundreds of local communities where veterans and military families return every day.

There are four pillars of the Chamber’s Hiring our Heroes program. While the main focus of effort is on conducting 100 hiring fairs for veterans and military spouses in local communities across the country, we have also created strategic partnerships to deal with specific populations of veterans and their unique challenges in three other areas to include: a Wounded Warrior Transition Assistance Program, a Student Veterans Internship and Employment Program, and a Women Veterans and Military Spouses Employment Program. Our aggressive agenda focuses on one measure of success—jobs for the one million unemployed veterans in America.

Upcoming Hiring Fairs -

Inc. Military Entrepreneurs
Inc. launched the Military Entrepreneur’s Program to educate, mentor, and inform service members and their families about entrepreneurship.

Institute for Veteran and Military Families (Syracuse University)
The Institute for Veteran and Military Families (IVMF) is the first interdisciplinary national institute in higher education committed to supporting transitioning servicemembers, vets and their families.

in Transition
Are you a service member in transition? Are you concerned about your mental health treatment? Have you received new orders? Are you looking at an upcoming change in status, relocation or return to civilian life? If so, and if you are currently receiving mental health care, transferring to a new provider can be easy.

Sign up for the inTransition Mental Health Coaching & Support Program.

Contact inTransition and you will be assigned a personal coach who will support you as you move between health care systems or providers. He or she will:
  • Coach you one-on-one as you go through your transition.
  • Connect you with your new provider.
  • Empower you with tools to continue making healthy life choices.

All inTransition coaches are skilled counselors. They understand today’s military culture and issues. They understand and respect the importance of your privacy. They are with you every step of the way.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)
(for a listing of other Veteran Service Organizations, please visit this LINK)
IAVA is the country's first and largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With more than 200,000 member veterans and civilian supporters nationwide, IAVA is building the next greatest generation with a three-pronged model based on advocacy, awareness, and assistance. IAVA programs empower our community online and offline, and include Smart Job Fairs, our signature New GI Bill calculator and Community of Veterans, a veterans only social network.

IVMF – Institute of Veteran and Military Families - Syracuse University
The IVMF and its staff of more than 70 professionals deliver class-leading programs in career, vocational and entrepreneurship education and training, providing service members, veterans and their families with the skills needed to be successful in education, work and life. The IVMF also coordinates comprehensive collective impact strategies; and works with communities and nonprofits to enhance service delivery for veterans and their families. They provide specific programs for military spouse entrepreneurs occurring at different locations around the country throughout the year. RSVP early for programs- they are extremely popular and fill fast! 

Jibber Jobber Career Management 2.0
JibberJobber is acclaimed job search software to help organize and manage a job search based on input professional coaches, counselors and networkers. Use JibberJobber for the duration of your career to help during job transitions and to deal with unemployment or underemployment. 

JibberJobber is extending a special offer to servicemen and women that are serving their country in Iraq, Afghanistan or other areas. This special offer allows them to have full premium access to the system and extra features during the entire time that they are overseas and for the 12 months following their return. Note that this offer is not extended to all active duty military - just those that are serving in war and coming home (or those that have recently come home).

KanVet (Kansas)
KanVet provides direct access to State of Kansas veteran-specific resources and benefits without having to navigate multiple state agency websites. Serving all veterans, transitioning service members and their families.

Leave No Veteran Behind
Leave No Veteran Behind (LNVB) is a national non-profit organization that invests in veterans to build better communities through employment training, transitional jobs, and our veteran educational debt relief scholarship. Leave No Veteran Behind invests in heroes who have served their country honorably and who seek to continue their service as assets in communities across America. 

Left Right Step (San Antonio, TX)
Confidential Government Solutions strives to help reduce the unemployment rate for veterans by providing military members, veterans, and their spouses who are entering or are on terminal leave, the education and information needed to experience a smoother and faster career transition. As a new non-profit, it is exciting to build this new program for our military service members and Veterans in transition. We are an IRS approved 501(C)(3), TEXAS nonprofit corporation and operate exclusively for educational, charitable, and patriotic purposes within the "meaning of the IRS Code of 1986, or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code. 

We provide results oriented career development training, career coaching, mentoring, career assessments, and internship opportunities through our sponsors, that will expand their career transitioning experience during their first year of separation, at no-cost to the military member, veteran, or his/her spouse. We believe our Veteran-to-Civilian Assistant Program, better known as V-CAP, will provide them with the right steps and support needed to help reduce Veterans' unemployment rate by 50% in the San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas region.

Lift and Shift Foundation
The Lift & Shift Foundation advocates for veteran inclusion in science and technology through programs that educate & build confidence. We reduce the invisible barriers to entry and everyone's invited.

Little Caesars Veterans Program
​Our purpose is to provide honorably discharged veterans with a business opportunity when they transition to civilian life or seek a career change, and thank them for the sacrifices they and their families made for our country

Little Caesars is looking for veterans with integrity and character who take initiative, utilize a teamwork management style and have a strong personal commitment to the business. A Little Caesars franchise can provide business owners with the opportunity to become leaders in the communities they serve, maximize their potential and realize a strong sense of accomplishment by achieving goals and growing their business.

Marine For Life Network
Marine For Life Network (M4L) connects transitioning Marines and their family members to education resources, employment opportunities, and other Veterans services that aid in their career and life goals outside of military service.

Military - Civilian
We offer a unique and personalized service networking your recruitment needs with integrity. Our mission is to bring job-seeking military veterans together with hiring companies to fill open positions worldwide.

We are not merely a job board or a recruiting service: we are dedicated to providing both proactive assistance for veterans and their families with their transition back into the civilian workplace, and assistance for companies with open positions in fulfilling their recruitment needs. - Best for Vets:Colleges
These are schools that serve. Hundreds of U.S. colleges responded to our survey on how they recruit and support military veterans. - Military Transition Center
Features revolutionary personalized checklists to guide a member through transition even before they begin their separation process from the military. - Veteran Jobs's free membership connects servicemembers, military families and veterans to all the benefits of service — government benefits, scholarships, discounts, lifelong friends, mentors, great stories of military life or missions, and much more.

In 2004, joined forces with Monster Worldwide (NYSE: MWW) to accelerate our growth and change the playing field for career and educational opportunities for servicemembers, veterans and military spouses. Monster's vision is bringing people together to advance their lives, which is a great fit with's "members first" ethos and goal of connecting the military community to all the benefits of service.

Military Exits
Career and job listings for veterans and discharged military personnel returning to civilian employment.
Military Friendly® is part of the ratings division of Victory Media, a service-disabled, veteran-owned business. Military Friendly® rates companies and colleges on their programs to recruit and retain veterans and military spouses. Includes lists for:
  • Military friendly employers
  • Military friendly schools
  • Military spouse friendly employers
  • Military spouse friendly schools
  • Award categories and levels
Welcome to Your military hiring network. This site has been developed and is maintained by a team of both military veterans and corporate hiring authorities. We have worked hard to create a network where former military personnel can seek careers and utilize their professional skills.

Our mission is to "Serve Those Who Served" by connecting veterans of America's armed forces with employers who value their experience and skills.

Military Officers Association of America
MOAA is the professional association for military officers and their families at every stage of life and career.

Military OneSource online libraries
The Military OneSource Online Libraries have something for everyone. From children's audiobooks to career preparation exams, these free resources are available from the comfort of your home computer.

To locate this feature on Military OneSource, log in, locate the Military Life & Deployment tab, the Military Life tab, the Military Family Life tab, then then scroll down to locate the Online Library Resources. Includes:
  • CountryWatch 
  • Culture Grams 
  • DoD MWR Libraries 
  • Heritage Quest 
  • MasterFILE 
  • NewsBank Military Publications 
  • eBooks Collection

**Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) - Career Corps Volunteer Program
Career Corps serves as a stepping stone for military spouse and veteran job seekers. The program provides current work experience, training to develop transitional skills, recent industry experience to fill gaps in their experience and grow professionally. 

With unemployment in the United States remaining at high levels, competition for available positions is fierce. Due to the high levels of unemployment the market is saturated with skilled workers for employers to choose from, each posting often has hundreds of applicants. Making it difficult for those within the military and veteran communities without direct or recent industry experience to find and secure employment. The Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) set the bar in the creation of Career Corps. Career Corps takes the typical volunteer program to the next level by providing current work experience, advanced skill training, professional development, networking, and mentorship while assisting each CC member with employment readiness and placement. 

Military/Veteran Employment Portal (Arizona)
This portal is a tool to assist service members, veterans & their families with connecting to employment. Included are:
  • Military Skills Translator
  • Online Resume Builder
  • Online document storage
  • Personalized job portal is a vehicle in which employers demonstrate their commitment to our veterans as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives. respects the men and women of the military and the service they’ve provided to our country., a veteran owned organization, offers veteran job seekers a community of support and connections to employers seeking qualified, veteran candidates. is a vehicle in which employers demonstrate their commitment to our veterans as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives. Veterans are a unique subset of the workforce due to the distinctive experience only gained in the military. By posting positions on, employers are ensured access to the highest quality of veteran candidates.

Military Warriors Support Foundation
The Military Warriors Support Foundation offers a number of programs that can assist you in your transition from military to civilian:

CEOs4Heroes (C4H) is a partnership program involving top named companies interested in hiring veterans. C4H provides a link between our partner companies and the veterans seeking employment for which they are qualified. The companies we work with provide a period of training to allow a smooth transition and the utmost of job satisfaction.

My Next Move for Veterans
This portal is a tool to assist service members, veterans & their families with connecting to employment. Included are:
  • Military Skills Translator
  • Online Resume Builder
  • Online document storage
  • Personalized job portal

National Resource Directory

National Veterans Foundation - Employment Center
Site has a Current Job Listing.

NextOp, Inc. is a nonprofit organization connecting veterans to Energy, Construction and Healthcare sector companies looking for skilled and semi-skilled workers.

Next Step for Vets
Empowering veterans and military spouses with employment and education opportunities.

**Office of Special Counsel (USERRA)
OSC protects the civilian employment and reemployment rights of military veterans and members of the Guard and Reserve by enforcing the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). 

O*NET OnLine
Welcome to your tool for career exploration and job analysis!
O*NET OnLine has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more!

Onward to Opportunity
Onward to Opportunity (O2O) is a no-cost career skills program (no use of GI Bill Benefits) offering in-demand, industry-validated training and credentials to transitioning servicemembers and all active-duty spouses. Offered on U.S. military installations across the country, O2O provides in-person and online training to the next generation of leaders of America’s economy.

Onward to Opportunity partners with leading veteran service organizations and private sector companies to identify employers committed to training and hiring veterans and military spouses. These employer partners are engaged throughout each phase of O2O delivery by assisting in curriculum design, interacting with participants as they progress through the program and identifying specific career paths and interview opportunities within their company that align with the skillsets of our graduates.

Operation Boots to Business
Boots to Business is a program offered by the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University (SU) in cooperation with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and is operated by SU's Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF). It is a three phase training program developed to introduce and train transitioning service members to business ownership. Boots to Business begins during the service members tranistion from the service (TAP or TAMP) and can continue if the service member decides to self select into phase II and III.
  • Phase I- 12 minute video introducing military service members to business ownership as a "lifestyle" (offered in TAP or TAMP)
  • Phase II- 90 Minute Session and "Introduction to Business Ownership" textbook " (offered in TAP or TAMP)
  • Phase III- Boots to Business 8 week online "mini" MBA

Operation Military Family (Edmonds, WA)
DISCOVERING YOUR POST-SERVICE IDENTITY MASTERCLASS - The key to gaining clarity, purpose, and vision in your personal and professional life.

What does it mean to be you after the uniform comes off? Mission, Purpose, and Identity are usually clearly understood when serving on active duty. Transitioning into the civilian sector can be rich with opportunity but also overwhelming.

We help you GAIN CLARITY on what matters most: Who do you want to be personally and professionally and how does it align with your long-term goals?

In 8 hours of individualized expert training, you will identify your core competency, what industries are a “best-fit” for you, how to gain the attention of HR quickly, how to negotiate properly, and the importance THE RULE OF FIVE plays in helping you move the needle towards achieving your long-term goals. Upon course completion, we’ll make a personal introduction to someone in your field of interest so you can explore “next steps.”

Operation New Uniform (Jacksonville, FL)
Our mission is to train veterans and their families for fulfilling careers and develop their skills as they grow within an organization. Our vision is to produce confident veterans who are coveted and embraced in the business community. Our purpose is to:
  • To develop a positive and proactive mindset of veterans and give them the confidence and tools they need to wear a new uniform.
  • To leverage proven experience and success strategies and to provide veterans legitimate opportunities at the careers they deserve.
  • To recruit the support of individuals, corporations and organizations, forming a vast network of resources available to our veterans.

Operation PAVE: Paving Access for Veterans Employment
Our vocational rehabilitation program, Operation PAVE, provides one-on-one career counseling and assistance to veterans and their families. With offices in every VA spinal cord injury center, we reach out to all veterans seeking to transition to civilian employment, return to school, or begin a new career search. All services, from résumé assistance, interview preparation, vocational counseling, or employer networking are provided at no charge—and are available to dependents as well.

Our Master’s-level certified rehabilitation counselors work with employers by screening job candidates, remaining available as post-placement resources, and helping access state and federal resources for workplace accommodations.

Patriot Boot Camp
Patriot Boot Camp (PBC) is a nonprofit on a mission to equip active duty military members, veterans, and their spouses with the education, resources, and community needed to be successful technology entrepreneurs.

The objective of PBC is to provide service members, veterans, and spouses with access to mentors and training to help them innovate and build the next generation of high-growth, scaleable and impactful companies. Patriot Boot Camp leverages a nationwide network of business and startup community thought leaders to help entrepreneurs bridge the gap between military service and entrepreneurial life.

Patriot Promise (Grand Rapids, MI)
We provide useful and practical tools that assist with changing the paradigm of thought, and therefore emotion, in our veterans. These tools consist of mindfulness practices and sharing relatable experiences that help move hopelessness into gratitude and success in life.

Polished Resumes
Career Marketing Techniques will help you focus your career search by working through your past experiences and accomplishments to determine your skill sets and provide guidance in applying those skill sets to corporate America. We ensure that your military background is properly represented, highlighting specific areas of expertise; we translate ranks, titles, jargon, acronyms, and showcase your military career history to a corporate employer, so they understand who you are and the value you offer their firm or agency.

Project Return to Work
Project: Return to Work Inc. (R2W) provides employment services to all active duty service members, veterans and their spouses at Military & Veterans Employment Expos (MVEE). R2W also provides vocational rehabilitation services to wounded warriors and disabled citizens. R2W clients receive support from caring professionals and volunteers through an innovative evaluation, training, and placement process. R2W incorporates advanced technologies, methodologies, and a highly accurate online evaluation process to assist clients with finding the jobs they enjoy doing most. 

ProVet USA (Nashville, TN)
ProVet is a comprehensive and cutting-edge leadership and professional development program that empowers military veterans with the skills they need in the civilian workplace. Developed by veterans and organizational psychologists, it uses advanced psychometric analysis and assessments, micro learning content, and mentoring to help these men and women transition into upwardly mobile and successful careers. And it’s available to veterans and their spouses at no cost.

RallyPoint uses patent-pending technology to revolutionize the way US military servicemembers connect, develop, and pursue fulfilling opportunities throughout their careers. Created by veterans at Harvard Business School, we seek to bring the private sector’s best practices to your benefit by modernizing the world’s largest and most complex hierarchical organizations.

Recruit Veterans
Recruit Veterans is a professional consulting, staffing and recruiting firm that provides outstanding veterans with outstanding skillsets to federal agencies, federal primes and commercial businesses throughout the United States.

Rehab Warriors
Rehab Warriors is the nation’s first and only certified and accredited workforce development model in residential development which comprehensively addresses veteran transition, affordable housing, and community revitalization, empowering military veterans with meaningful post service education, career readiness with civic leadership as a capable local property developer.

Retiree information from military branches
Air Force Air Force retiree information
Army Army Retirement Services Office
Coast Guard Coast Guard retiree resources
Marine Corps Marine Corps Community Services for retirees

Resume Engine
The Personal Branding Resume Engine will help you translate your military service record into a strong resume. The skills and experience you gained as a service member can make you a great employee. However, it’s crucial to help potential employers understand how. With input from Fortune 500 human resources (HR) consultants, the Resume Engine will help you get your job search off to a positive start.

Rotary to Airline Group (RTAG)
Rotary to  Airline Group, or RTAG, is the world's largest veteran to airline career charity, designed to help connect transitioning military pilots and maintenance personnel with potential employers. RTAG began as a campaign to address the national pilot shortage with both professional and experienced rotary wing aviators. This movement has since evolved, now endeavoring to place veterans in the airline Industry, regardless of their experience. Our airline partners recognize the value of our veterans, not only placing them behind the controls but hiring them across the industry.

Scholarships - National Resource Directory
A listing of scholarships and grants available. 

Scholarships - Scholarship Finder by
Find millions of dollars in scholarships and grants exclusively for the military community!

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship. We have been doing this for over fifty years.

Because our work is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and thanks to our network of 11,000+ volunteers, we are able to deliver our services at no charge or at very low cost.

We can provide:
  • Volunteer MENTORS who share their expertise across 62 industries
  • Free, confidential business MENTORING in person or via email
  • Free business TOOLS, templates and tips here online
  • Inexpensive or free business WORKSHOPS (locally) and webinars (online 24/7)

Our 320+ chapters hold events and workshops locally across the U.S. and its territories, and match up entrepreneurs with local, volunteer mentors. SCORE is headquartered in Herndon, VA.

SCORE Foundation - Veterans Fast Launch
The SCORE Foundation, in partnership with major corporations, is pleased to offer the new Veteran Fast Launch initiative. The new program will be a combined package of training scholarships, free software and services combined with SCORE's mentoring program in order to help accelerate the ability of veterans and their families to start and succeed as small business owners.

SEAL Future Fund
The SEAL Future Fund’s (SFF) mission is to provide resources to equip active duty and veteran Navy SEALs for success in the civilian world.

Second Study Foundation
Cultivating The American Dream -- Supporting veterans, military spouses, and Gold Star families as they grow their ideas and small business from startup to the stars.

Service to School
The mission of Service2School is to help every transitioning military veteran win admission to the very best undergraduate or graduate institution possible. This service is provided at no cost to the service member.

Silent Professionals
Silent Professionals is a highly targeted job site to help combat arms veterans find work using the skills they gained during their service. A completely free service to veterans, we boast an incredible 84% job placement success rate for candidates that we recommend to employers. We help to provide veterans a seamless transition from battlefield skills to corporate security skills.

State Education Benefits
Several states offer veterans education benefits and programs of their own, in addition, or as an alternative, to federal GI Bill benefits. In some states, tuition waivers, scholarships or grants are offered for those who do not qualify for federal help, or to fill in gaps where federal help leaves off. In other states, assistance is provided to augment the federal benefits. See a state-by-state listing of education benefits on our website.

Still Serving Veterans
Our mission is to empower Veterans including wounded warriors, and their families, by helping them reintegrate into the workforce and community via counseling, coaching, guiding, job transition, and assistance in obtaining all Veterans Administration (VA) benefits to which they are entitled.

Student Veterans of America
Our mission is to provide military veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation.

Today's veterans face numerous obstacles in their path of attaining a college degree. These challenges range from a missing sense of camaraderie to feeling like an outsider amongst 18 year old traditional students to a lack of understanding by university faculty. When coupled with the visible and invisible wounds of war, a college degree can be an elusive goal for men and women returning from military service. Student Veterans of America (SVA) makes that goal a reality.

SVA is a 501(c)(3) coalition of student veterans groups on college campuses across the globe. These member chapters are the "boots on the ground” that help veterans reintegrate into campus life and succeed academically. Each chapter must be an officially recognized student group by their university or college and provide a peer-to-peer network for veterans who are attending the school. Additionally, chapters often coordinate campus activities, provide pre-professional networking, and generally provide a touchstone for student veterans in higher education.
Transition Assistance Online,, is the largest source of transition assistance information, jobs, and tools for today's separating military. On this career site for military veterans, service members can find the resources needed to transition from their much appreciated military service, to the perfect civilian career. Try our Job Search, Vet Rep and TAP Office locator tools.

**Team Rubicon - Disaster emergency response teams
Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with medical professionals to rapidly deploy emergency response teams into crisis situations.

A new paradigm in disaster response that recognizes and harnesses the skills of military veterans; offering them a chance to continue their service by helping and empowering those afflicted by disasters, and also themselves.

Tech Qualled
In 2015, we set out to change the way that high-tech executives perceive the skill sets of military servicemembers. Today, our educational programs allow transitioning veterans around the world to transform their careers. And we're just getting started.

The COMMIT Foundation
COMMIT seeks to provide high touch transition support that becomes the standard nationwide so veterans in all communities can access services helping them identify their passions, build strong networks, and leverage their skills in civilian careers.

**The Darby Project
The Darby Project is a network of networks that synchronizes the efforts of veteran support organizations to lead revolutionary transition services for the elite Army Rangers! 

The G.I. Go Fund
The GI Go Fund has found that veterans often have a difficult time transitioning from the military to civilian life. This is the primary reason that 1/3 or all homeless people in the US once proudly wore the country's uniform. There are currently 200,000 homeless vets in the US. In contrast, 120,000-160,000 soldiers served in Iraq at the height of the surge. 

GI Go's mission is to help veterans with this transition:
- Provide free counseling to help veterans deal with PTSD and family issues
- Help veterans navigate through various government agencies in order to receive their benefits
- Help veterans utilize their GI Bill to attend college
- Host Job Fairs to connect veterans with solid, career-oriented employers 
- Provide emergency financial relief to prevent eviction and combat veteran homelessness

The Mission Continues
The Mission Continues is the only national nonprofit challenging post-9/11 veterans to rebuild a sense of purpose through community service. Many veterans struggle to find purpose at home without the structure, mission and camaraderie of a military unit. The Mission Continues does not offer charity; rather, we challenge returning service members to utilize their tremendous skills and leadership to continue serving our country at home. Through service, veterans find renewed strength and purpose while building stronger communities. Our mission is fueled by a deep belief that our veterans are assets whose leadership is needed now more than ever here at home.

The Mission Continues awards community service fellowships to post-9/11 veterans, empowering them to transform their own lives by serving others and directly impact their communities. Mission Continues Fellows serve for six months at a local nonprofit organization addressing key educational, environmental or social issues. Each Fellow works to achieve one of three outcomes at the conclusion of the fellowship: full-time employment, pursuit of higher education or a permanent role of service.

At the culmination of the fellowship, each Fellow will lead a service project in his/her community, bringing veterans and civilians together in days of service nationwide. These projects are bridging the military-civilian divide, allowing veterans to feel more connected to their communities and helping civilians gain a better understanding of and appreciation for our men and women in uniform.

The Raider Project
The Raider Project connects MARSOC/USMC combat veterans with other veterans to help them transition smoothly, peacefully, successfully into the private sector.

The United States Department of Labor
The One Stop Career Centers are ready to provide you intensive services for up to a six month period through an exciting array of career and supportive services to include:
  • Eligible veterans will receive priority of service in all Department of Labor funded employment and training programs
  • Case management
  • Skills assessment and interest surveys
  • Career guidance
  • Job search assistance

Toolkit for Veteran Friendly Institutions
The Toolkit for Veteran Friendly Institutions was created by the American Council on Education (ACE). This online resource is designed to help institutions of higher education build effective programs for veteran students and share information. It highlights a variety of best practices and includes video clips, profiles of student veterans programs across the U.S., and a searchable database of tools and resources.

Transitioning Veteran
Transitioning Veteran is dedicated to helping veterans who have or are in the process of separating from the military and who are looking for information on veteran benefits.

Transitioning Veteran is a website that helps guide veterans directly to what I feel are very useful links, when searching for information on education, work and medical benefits. My hope with Transitioning Veteran is to make it easier for a veteran of the Armed Forces to find important information pertaining to veteran benefits. I have spent numerous amounts of time searching the internet for information that would help me to transition back into the civilian world once I had separated from the Air Force. Since being out of the Air Force, I have used this information that I found on the internet, to help me use my GI Bill, find a job and help me when applying for my VA medical benefits.

Troops into Transportation
Troops Into Transportation is a national SkillBridge program with a presence on over 10 military bases nationwide. Each year, we support more than 2,500 veterans in earning their CDL and gaining employment through our network of vetted carrier partners.

Troops to Teachers
Troops to Teachers is a U.S. Department of Education and Department of Defense program that helps eligible military personnel begin a new career as teachers in public schools where their skills, knowledge and experience are most needed.

UA Veterans in Piping
The United Association of Plumbers, Pipefitters and Sprinklerfitters (UA) has partnered with the U.S. military to create the UA Veterans In Piping (VIP) Program, which provides returning vets with 16 weeks of accelerated welding training. But before that career training begins, they kick off the program with an additional two weeks of transitional training to help returning veterans to adjust to civilian life – a process that can be especially difficult for those who joined the military right after high school. 

The training is free to veterans who are placed in construction careers nationwide, helping to replenish an aging workforce while rebuilding America’s infrastructure. Welders are in high demand nationwide, making job opportunities plentiful for welders who are well-trained and highly-skilled after their intensive training program.

With nearly 200 veterans already trained through VIP programs in Washington and California, the next site will be at Camp Williams, Wisconsin.

Many more veterans are in need of the career opportunities available through the UA VIP Program. The UA and the U.S. Military can provide a positive re-entry into civilian life, and long-term, lucrative careers for those who have served their country with bravery and honor.

USAA - Military Transition Service
With easy-to-use tools, information and community resources, we're here to help you make the transition from military to civilian life.

USDA New Farmers
Being a farmer means you’ll get the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, equipment repair specialist, soil scientist, and land steward all rolled into one.

Use the resources here to get connected to training opportunities, program and career resources, and read stories like yours on the USDA Blog.

US Dept. of Defense - Education and Employment Initiative
The Education and Employment Initiative (E2I) is a Department of Defense (DoD) program that assists wounded, ill and injured Service members early in their recovery process to identify their skills and match them with the education and career opportunities that will help them successfully transition to civilian life. 

U.S. Small Business Administration
The Office of Veterans Business Development's mission is to maximize the availability, applicability and usability of all administration small business programs for Veterans, Service-Disabled Veterans, Reserve Component Members, and their Dependents or Survivors.

U.S. Tech Vets is a U.S. technology industry career portal created to connect veterans, including transitioning military personnel and their family members, with meaningful jobs in America's technology industry. is a collaborative effort of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), and focused on reducing veteran unemployment and giving technology industry companies access to American’s veteran workforce.

U.S. Vets
Our mission is the successful transition of military veterans and their families through the provision of housing, counseling, career development and comprehensive support.

VA for Vets
VA for Vets facilitates the reintegration, retention and hiring of Veteran employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We offer career-search tools for Veterans seeking employment at VA, career development services for our existing Veterans, and coaching and reintegration support for military service members. VA for Vets is your gateway to a rewarding career serving our nation's Veterans.

VA Licensing and Certification
Information from the VA about reimbursement for licensing and certification tests.

VA - Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program (VRRAP)
The Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program (VRRAP) offers education and training for high-demand jobs to Veterans who are unemployed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

VA - Veteran Sponsor Partnership Network
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has launched a new initiative aimed at improving the experience and outcomes of service members transitioning back into civilian life.

Under the Veteran Sponsor Partnership Network (VSPN) initiative, VHA regional offices form non-monetary partnerships with community organizations to help transitioning service members and their families access VA services and community resources, such as employment opportunities, education benefits, housing assistance, and more.  

The initiative also streamlines VHA partnerships with community organizations that can pair service members with peer sponsorsǂ who can provide one-on-one support during the military-to-civilian transition, a resource similar to the military sponsorship program within the Department of Defense.

Veteran Artist Program
Since 2009, Veteran Artist Program has worked with national veteran and arts organizations to produce six music/theatrical live events, filmed three documentaries, one feature film, curated gallery exhibits, provided videography/photography services, and helped organize more than 30 community improvement projects, including painting two murals in Baltimore. VAP has conducted projects in New York City, San Francisco, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Chicago, Orlando and San Diego. Projects include the Arts, Military + Healing Initiative in D.C., the opening of Bloomberg’sWorkforce1 Veteran Career Center in New York, the first-ever all veteran artist exhibit at the Pentagon and the Arts and Service Celebration in New York City. VAP’s work has been seen on CNN, Fox News, ABC, BBC, MSNBC and covered by NPR, Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. 

VAP, a 501c3 nonprofit, takes artists who are also veterans, and propels their works and careers into the mainstream creative arts community through networking, mentorships, collaborations with professional artists, and original productions. We are based in New York City but are currently creating programming across the country to expand the network and visibility of veteran artists.

VAP focuses on five disciplines: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Writing/Literature, Film/Video, and New/Interactive Media. We also provide high quality, veteran-led, professional services such as event and film production, documentation through video and photography, gallery exhibitions and much more.

Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC) (VA)
Are you a veteran looking for hands-on training to help you land a well-paying job in the high tech industry? Are you a tech company looking for skilled workers with a background in leadership, teamwork and mission focus?

VET TEC, a new pilot program, is here to make that happen. VET TEC’s 3-5-7 formula for high technology industry success will equip Veterans with the skills and expertise needed to land a job in this field in as little as six months.

Veteran Entrepreneur (Portal Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization)
You’ll find information about starting a business, franchising opportunities, accessing capital, employment opportunities, and more!

Veteran Jobs Mission
It began in 2011 as the 100,000 Jobs Mission, with 11 leading companies committed to hiring 100,000 veterans by 2020. Since then, the coalition has evolved to 250+ leading member companies that represent virtually every industry in the U.S. economy. The coalition has been renamed the Veteran Jobs Mission and has collectively hired about 750,000 veterans.

Veterans Bridge Home (North Carolina, South Carolina)
Veterans Bridge Home connects veterans and their families, in any state of transition, to the community. Through our network of partners, we help veterans navigate employment, create social connections, and settle their families. We look at the whole veteran and connect them to the resources needed to be successful and thriving leaders in our community.

Veterans Corps
Our mission is to help facilitate collaborations between veteran-owned small businesses, providing a gateway for entrepreneurs to access resources, programs, funding, and more.

Veterans Curation Program
The mission of the Veterans Curation Program (VCP) is to provide veterans with job training through the rehabilitation and preservation of archaeological collections owned or administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) and which are considered to be part of our Nation’s patrimony. Most of these collections were excavated during the construction of reservoirs and other associated water control programs from 1947 to 1985. The goal of the VCP is to provide vocational training and temporary employment to disabled veterans, while simultaneously providing the Corps a viable means of rehabilitating a portion of its archaeological collections up to federal standards.

Veteran's Employment
Veteran’s Employment is a veteran-owned small business that provides nationwide placement services for America’s veterans. Our focus is on two key groups: America’s veterans who are transitioning from military to civilian careers and corporate America who is looking for skilled, highly trained, professional men and women.

Veterans Florida
Veterans Florida is a non-profit created by the State of Florida to help military veterans transition to civilian life and to promote Florida’s status as the nation’s most veteran-friendly state. Veterans Florida provides powerful tools for veterans to take advantage of the benefits of living and working in the Sunshine State.

Veterans in Film and Television
Veterans in Film and Television is a networking organization that unites current and former members of the military working in the film and television industry. 

Veterans Job Exchange
At Veteran's Job Exchange, we are committed to finding the perfect match between dedicated workers and employers looking to build a strong workforce. Our experienced team is also happy to provide resume and career advice to guide workers through their search for the perfect job.

Veterans to Farmers
Our mission is to provide American veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts with pride, education and fulfillment through a permanent source of sustainable income, community and contribution: The family farm.

Veterans Training Support Center (Washington)
Funded by the King County Veterans and Human Services Levy, the purpose of the Veterans Training Support Center is to provide continuing educational opportunities and professional development to those who provide direct service to veterans and their family members. The aim is to raise awareness and understanding on issues specific to veterans such as invisible wounds like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, and to encourage agency and institution staff to establish promising best practices that will empower this population in their reintegration and pursuit of personal, academic, and meaningful career goals.

Veterans Transition Support (VTS) (San Diego and Orange Counties, CA)
 Veterans Transition Support (VTS) is an all-volunteer San Diego and Orange County California based 501(c)(3) Nonprofit created in 2014 to help active duty service members and veterans bridge the gap between military service and civilian life through job training and one-on-one mentoring in career development, education planning and obtaining veteran benefits to launch their next career and prevent veteran suicide, homelessness, unemployment, and family disintegration. The Veterans Transition Support “Military Transition Training Program” provides no cost professional certification courses and transition resource briefs at the Wounded Warrior Battalion on Camp Pendleton, in San Diego and in San Marcos. Partnerships with the Easter Seals Bob Hope Veterans Support Program and the VetCTAP veteran career management program ensures that all program participants who register for one-on-one assistance are provided with individualized employment support and assistance with resume writing, interviewing techniques, and networking at no cost to the veteran.

Veterans Transportation Career Center
The Department of Transportation (DOT) is partnering with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to help military personnel and veterans transition from military training and job specialty skills acquired in the service to exciting careers in the transportation industry. The information below highlights just a few of the exciting careers in the transportation industry which are most common in the military community.

Veterans Watchmaker Initiative (New York, Delaware)
The Veterans Watchmaker Initiative is a not for profit corporation licensed in the State of New York & Delaware. Our goal is to train disabled veterans in the fine art of watchmaking. The focus of our program is to teach our war veterans, especially disabled veterans, the highly skilled art of watchmaking. We are the only technical school devoted to disabled veterans in the USA. All our programs are free of charge to the veteran. By starting this initiative, we hope to repay the sacrifice and service of our veterans by teaching them a skilled profession (using state-of the-art equipment) that is in high demand and well-paying

Veteran Ventures
Veteran Ventures is a comprehensive entrepreneurial education and mentoring community organization for veterans of all walks of life. We provide veterans with the resources to develop and grow in the business sector, provide business support and assistance with handling personal struggles. We believe as a community we can make a difference in a veteran’s life.

Veterati is a digital platform for veterans & military spouses to access mentorship-on-demand from successful professionals across the nation.

VetFran - Veterans Transition Franchise Initiative
IFA’s VetFran strategic initiative, founded in 1991, includes over 530 IFA franchisor member companies offering financial incentives, training and mentoring to veterans interested in small business ownership and/or a career path in franchising.  

Vet Jobs
VetJobs makes it easy to reach transitioning military, National Guard, Reserve Component Members and veterans that have separated over the last several decades and are now productive members of the civilian work force in all disciplines, and their family members.

VetJobs is available to assist ALL members of "The United States Military Family". This includes Officer and Enlisted, Active Duty, Transitioning Military, Reservists, Veterans, Retirees, of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Merchant Marine, National Guard, Navy, NOAA and Public Health Service along with Trailing Spouses, Eligible Former Spouses, Widows, Widowers and Dependents and DOD civilians.

VETS - Beyond the Uniform
A coaching, mentoring, and training program designed for veterans by veterans

The VETS - Beyond the Uniform program, also know as Veterans Educational Transformation Solutions - Beyond The Uniform, is a coaching, mentoring, and training program developed by military veterans with the specific mission of helping veterans make a successful journey from the military service into careers in the civilian workforce.

VETS - Beyond The Uniform also works with employers that hire veterans to become "Veteran Friendly" through the design and implementation of successful veteran hiring and retention programs.

VetsGarage (Spokane, WA)
Since 2012, VetsGarage has helped veterans succeed in the civilian world by offering a variety of vocational and educational training opportunities to assist them in transitioning to the next phase in their lives. For some, that may be a new career, or even starting a business of their own. Others may choose to further their education through college courses.

In addition to learning technical and business skills, VetsGarage offers a positive environment unlike many others, providing veterans with a creative outlet, camaraderie, and interpersonal relationships with others who have shared similar life experiences.

Veterans can also receive important therapeutic treatment for a variety of issues, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Vetted Foundation
The Vetted Foundation provides veterans with executive education, career services, and follow-on placement in industry. The Vetted Foundation is the optimal veteran transition platform to transform proven military leaders into tomorrow's industry leaders. Vetted identifies military talent for transition preparation and planning, Texas-based executive education, and industry placement in the private sector. The Vetted Foundation is creating the first State Model, the Texas Model, to serve as the launch pad for successful veteran transitions.

Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record
The Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER) enables the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and its partners to proactively provide the full continuum of services and benefits to veterans through veteran-centric processes made possible by effective, efficient, and secure standards-based information sharing.

VLER is a multi-faceted business and technology initiative that includes a portfolio of health, benefits, personnel, and administrative information sharing capabilities. It provides veterans, service members, their families, care-givers, and service providers with a single source of information for health and benefits needs in a way that is secure and authorized by the veteran or service member.

Volt Military Heroes
The Volt Military Heroes Program is designed to provide returning American military service veterans with access to exceptional employment opportunities at some of America’s top corporations. The skills, experience, determination and motivation demonstrated by American service veterans are second to none and represent a natural match for American companies wishing to maintain their competitive edge in global markets.

For veterans returning to civilian life, this program offers a seamless transition back into American businesses. Organizations seeking the most talented, disciplined and productive professional resources will not find a better source for excellence than veteran U.S. servicemen and women. 

Hiring veterans offers corporations an opportunity to contribute to America’s global competitiveness and helps strengthen the economic base of our local communities. 

V School
Our immersive technical training is similar to the bootcamp-style training that our military personnel receive on entering the service, except V School trains veterans on the skills necessary to re-enter civilian life. We work with industry leaders around the world to keep curriculum up-to-date for the current and future needs of the tech industry. Scholarships available.

V-WISE is committed to women veterans by providing them the tools to become successful entrepreneurs. Our goal is to integrate their leadership, integrity, focus and drive into a premier educational training program taught by accomplished entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship educators from across the United States. 

V-WISE enables women veterans to find their passion and to learn the business-savvy skills to turn their ideas or businesses into a growth ventures. V-WISE recognizes entrepreneurship an important part of economic growth across the country and this program is the key for women Veterans to truly pursue their dreams and to make them a reality.

Warrior Gateway
Warrior Gateway is a non-profit whose mission is to connect individuals in the military, veterans, and their families with federal, state, and local government programs as well as non-profit organizations in their local communities. Warrior Gateway’s efforts were recognized in 2011 with the Federal Computer Week Fed-100 award for significant contributions to the Federal IT community.

Warrior Gateway:
  • Is inclusive and free to the military community
  • Eliminates information barriers and information overload
  • Is a non-profit program
  • Brings needed resources to one location – you

Warrior Rising
Warrior Rising empowers U.S. military veterans and their immediate family members by providing them opportunities to create sustainable businesses, perpetuate the hiring of fellow American veterans, and earn their future. Join Warrior Rising's veteran entrepreneur investment program and take advantage of the opportunities put in place for you.

Warrior to Cyber Warrior
The Warrior to Cyber Warrior™ (W2CW) program is a not-for-profit entity. This program provides veterans with training, certification and a career path in the field of cyber security, a growing industry. 

Webucator (free access to self-paced online computer courses)
Webucator offers military veterans and their families free access to all of their online self-paced courses. The courses range from Microsoft Office to customer service, and web design and coding. When veterans and their family members input the coupon code "VETERANS" at checkout, it will deduct the entire price of the course. The coupon never expires!

Welcome Home Resumes
Welcome Home Resumes develops a unique Interactive Multimedia Resumes for Veterans FREE of charge - to help them stand out.

Through extensive research with thousands of HR Departments across the country, we have developed a TOOL that will revolutionize the way military job seekers promote themselves as they search for that new position. The IMR provides the elements that HR Departments are looking for, in an easy to view, consolidated structure. By using the IMR you will find that you will get more job interviews with people who have already formed a favorable first impression of you. That, in itself, gives you, the applicant, a distinct advantage over all the rest who have a traditional paper resume.

WeWork has teamed up with Patriot Boot Camp to support veteran creators, providing workspace and incubator communities in Denver, Austin, and additional cities soon.

Work Vessels for Vets
Work Vessels for Veterans (WVFV) is an all-volunteer movement assisting returning veterans to begin their civilian careers or educational pursuits by acquiring and distributing the necessary start-up tools. Founded with the gift of a fishing boat that began a commercial fishing career for a returning Iraq veteran, the foundation is expanding its outreach to other industries to assist our returning military.

Our model is unique and based on a sustainable, “pay-it-forward” dynamic. We support veteran entrepreneurs so they can establish businesses that thrive, so they can then hire more veterans creating quality jobs and career opportunities. Once the new business is profitable, WVFV becomes a beneficiary through contributions back into the organization including “gifts in kind.”

Wounded Warrior Corps
Our mission is large scale economic development to create jobs, both working with industry and doing it ourself, that are for our fellow countrymen and women who volunteered to serve this great country. We are the intersection of military meets entrepreneurial meets economic development. We provide Mentor-Protege support to our fellow veterans.

Your Grateful Nation
Your Grateful Nation (YGN) is a non-profit organization committed to transitioning Special Operations veterans in their next successful career. We cultivate employment opportunities for SOF veterans, by guiding them from the world they know (the military) through the world that is unknown to them (the private sector). Our SOF veterans enter in our proprietary transition process designed specifically for YGN and the Special Operations community. The transition process costs approximately $9,711 and there is no cost to the veterans and their families.

ZipRecruiter is a free job search website with an emphasis on helping people find meaningful jobs.

In 2018, ZipRecruiter launched a page for veterans seeking employment. ZipRecruiter has become the fastest growing job board. It is free for veterans to use to find jobs or internships, as it connects them to thousands of job listings all over the country.

ZipCares partners with companies to support veterans as they transition into civilian careers. We know veterans make great employees, and we’re proud to help our heroes and their families.
  • Over 8 million job postings
  • Veterans can easily apply with one click
  • #1 Job Search App on Android and iPhone

Military veteran employer resources

Institute for Veterans and Military Famillies (Syracuse University)
The Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) is the first interdisciplinary national institute in higher education focused on the social, economic, education and policy issues impacting veterans and their families post-service. Through our focus on veteran-facing programming, research and policy, employment and employer support, and community engagement, the institute provides in-depth analysis of the challenges facing the veteran community, captures best practices and serves as a forum to facilitate new partnerships and strong relationships between the individuals and organizations committed to making a difference for veterans and military families.

The Value of a Veteran
The Value Of a Veteran is a woman-owned, veteran-owned consulting service that specializes in educating HR and diversity professionals on the best practices for finding, recruiting, and retaining military service members and veterans with disabilities.

We teach organizations HOW to recruit and retain. Military veterans, Guard/Reserve and military spouses training and consulting available for corporate, government, higher education, and franchise organizations.

Professional clothes/outfit for job interview

Operation Dress Code (California)
Operation Dress Code is a campaign to help California's women veterans find professional outfits for job interviews and lasting careers. Hundreds of women veterans enter civilian life each year. And like many of us, cracking the dress code in the workplace can be challenging. You can be part of helping women veterans make the transition from military uniforms to wardrobes with style. DONATE: dresses, skirts, jackets, pants, shoes, handbags or jewelry.

Save a Suit
Save-A-Suit is a nonprofit organization that provides our former military and college graduates with professional business attire and the confidence needed to succeed.

Suiting Warriors
At Suiting Warriors, our mission is to support and empower veterans in their transition to the civilian workforce by providing them with professional business attire essential for competing in today’s job market.

For the military spouse transitioning to civilian life

MySTeP: Military Spouse Transition Program (Military OneSource)
The Military Spouse Transition Program (MySTeP) is made for YOU – a military spouse – to support and encourage you throughout your service member’s time in the military. MySTeP will help you plan, prepare and be ready for the life your family wants after transitioning out of the military, whenever that time comes. The information, tools and programs highlighted in MySTeP will connect you with the right resources at the right time to help you successfully navigate military life at every stage of your service member’s career.
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Military transition ETS education employment resources
Resources for supporters of military and veteran families
  • Practical insights in caring for
             Home front families
             Military personnel
             PTSD, wounded warriors
             Loved ones of the fallen

Military and veteran family resources
  • Christian encouragement
  Bibles, devotionals, studies
  Bible verses that offer hope
  Of grace and gratitude
             peer support, sexual assault,
             suicide prevention
  • Deployment support for
  Military personnel
  Military spouses
  Military children, teens
  • Downloads and printables
  Brat Town Bugle TM
  Coloring pages
  Flat Brat TM
  Military house ornament

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