Our top ten suggestions in caring for the home front

What the civilian community can do for families of the deployed...

1.  Pray - for us and for our deployed loved one

2.  Offer specific suggestions in how you can help - then follow through

3.  Include us in your lives and activities - we get lonely

4.  Childcare - we need a break and our kids need extra love and attention

5.  Practical help - yard work, handyman help, auto help, computer help, etc.

6.  Meals - invite us over or deliver a meal

7.  Random acts of kindness - God knows when we're having a bad day...if He
moves you to do something, do it!

8.  Notes or phone calls - remind us you care and are praying for us; listen, and  let us vent if we need to

9.  Watch out for us - for our safety and well-being

10.  Be patient with us - our plate is full and some obligations we just can't keep
up with

And one more...

Care packages - they brighten our day too!


For the complete list of suggestions in showing how you can care and encourage as provided by military spouses, please visit this LINK.


Here is a copy of the list to share:
Insights in caring
Home Front
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