Are you looking for ideas to encourage a home front family?

They love to know that you are thinking of them and that you care! Here are some suggestions that spouses have shared...things that would brighten their day.

  • For their children:  Crafts, deployment book, fast food restaurant gift card, movie passes, or other military child themed gifts. If you have children, ask their input...what do they think would be something fun to receive in the mail?

  • Coupon book:  Childcare, yard work, lawn care, computer repair, vehicle oil change, handyman help, housecleaning, meal

  • Food/drink:  Chocolate, popcorn, ice cream, specialty snacks, wine, tea, coffee

  • Gift cards:  Restaurant, movie theater, spa (massage, pedicure, manicure) To purchase an AAFES Gift Card(s)/ Exchange Catalog Gift Certificate(s) to be used at a local post exchange around the world, visit https://shop.aafes.com or call (877) 770-4438. Please remember to send to only recipients that have Exchange privileges. To purchase a DeCA Commissary gift card for groceries, visit www.commissaries.com.

  • Relaxation:  Relaxation cd, bubble bath, lotion, scented candles, flowers, book, military devotional

  • Reverse care package:  Coordinate a care package with the deployed spouse; visit Jocelyn Green's Faith Deployed website for more details on this novel idea!

  • May 11, 2013 is Military Spouse Appreciation Day:  A care package might be the perfect way to say "I appreciate you and the sacrifices you make as a military spouse/family!" But don't let this be your only time to show your care and appreciation.


More care package ideas:

www.missyourvoice.net strives to not only support our troops, but the military home front as well! Check out their care package ideas and products to help you encourage the home front.


Don't know a military spouse?

Here is a listing of organizations that send care packages to the home front:

Full Circle Home
www.fullcirclehome.org  Our service men and women are doing more than their part. They need and  deserve all the care packages, love and support that we can give. But at Christmas and Mother's Day, they want to send their love back – back to their wives, fiancés, girlfriends and moms. This program is  designed to let our heroes be heroes yet again, by allowing them to send their holiday gifts and a love note to their quiet hero at home. This is accomplished through the generosity and appreciation of businesses and individuals who sponsor a servicemen's gifts home.

Hugs 4 Smiles USA
www.hugs4smilesusa.org  When you volunteer, Hugs4SmilesUSA assigns you a deployed hero's family and/or the hero, or military personnel in need of support. You then send the hero two care packages, Packaged Hugs, each month. If the soldier's family has also been adopted, they receive one package each month. 

More importantly, between the Packaged Hugs, you correspond with them as well. We hear over and over again from these troops that, believe it or not, these kind words--through email, card, or letter--mean the most. They are always touched that a total stranger is willing to reach out with kindness and generosity, when in their eyes, they are "just doing their job."

If you or a loved one is facing deployment, or are already in a deployment situation, and are seeking adoption, please contact us. You are the very reason Hugs4SmilesUSA exists. Keep in mind that we support both the deployed troops and their families as well. Let us send some Packaged Hugs to your family back home; they need something to smile about, too!

Little Patriots Embraced Family Deployment Package www.littlepatriotsembraced.org  The LPE Family Package was designed for our military families. It is our goal to deliver this package to each family dealing with deployment.

Support Military Spouses
www.supportmilitaryspouses.org  Shoeboxes for Military Spouses, the nation's only program of its kind, offers you a way of saying thanks by providing you the opportunity to prepare a shoebox gift for a military spouse.
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