Podcasts for military & veteran families

All Secure Foundation
Stories from the battlefield to the home front, check out All Secure Foundation on podcasts.

AUSA Army Matters
Each Monday AUSA’s Army Matters will bring you vital Army conversations and interviews on issues relevant to Soldiers, military families and all the amazing Army supporters out there.

  • Soldier Today – Hosted by SMA Dan Dailey, USA Retired and CSM Troy Welch, USA Retired – focuses on trending topics and professional development for today’s NCO.
  • Army Real Talk – Hosted by Nzinga A. Curry and LTC Eugene Irby, USA – reaches the future generation discussing defense and Army matters.
  • Family Voices – Hosted by Patty Barron – connects with military families with impactful messaging and interviews.
  • Thought Leaders – Hosted by Joe Craig and COL Dan Roper, USA Retired – provides interviews of contemporary military authors and senior Army leaders.

Behind the Warrior
The Behind the Warrior podcast is hosted by the EOD Warrior Foundation. This podcast will focus on a variety of relatable subjects impacting EOD Warriors, their families, and military families at large. Topics discussed include TBI, PTSD, health, wellness, and much more! We will share stories, resources and interview experts and organizations that may shed light on difficult subjects… and have fun too! 

Beyond the Frontline
Beyond the Frontline is a podcast of Coming Home Well. Tune in as your hosts, Donna Hoffmeyer and Jay Johnson, both U.S. Air Force veterans, tackle topics relating to transitioning from the Frontline to the Homefront.

Beyond the Uniform
400+ interviews with military veterans about their civilian career: what they do, how they got there, and advice for other Veterans seeking to do the same.

Catch a Lift Fund
The Catch A Lift Fund enables post 9/11 combat injured veterans all over the U.S. to recover and rehabilitate both physically and mentally through physical fitness, motivation and support.

Cleared Hot
Retired SEAL (whatever that means), professional gravity enthusiast, public speaker, podcaster.

Drop and Give Me 20!
Drop and Give Me 20! is the podcast for military entrepreneurs. Each episode is 20 minutes long, giving entrepreneurs a glimpse into the life of other successful military entrepreneurs—learning from their obstacles, and gaining insight and inspiration. Podcast episodes focus on the stories, challenges, and wins military entrepreneurs have faced in their businesses.

Sit back and listen to their personal stories. You have 20 minutes to listen…we have 20 minutes to deliver.

Eagle Nation (Team RWB)
Welcome to the Eagle Nation Podcast! We’re excited to bring you a weekly dose of Eagle Fire through compelling discussions with inspiring guests, on topics that you care about. We’ll explore veterans, community, nonprofits, fitness, and leadership.

For the Sake of the Child - A Military Child Education Coalition Podcast Series
For the Sake of the Child is a podcast where we will share stories of military service members, family members, professionals and kids as they navigate the many challenges and adventures associated with living the military lifestyle.

Grace of a Military Child and Life
Military children are insanely unique! Join along with each episode as Gracie sits down with a military child to share stories about their journey.

Hazard Ground
Servicemembers from across the military sharing their stories of combat, survival & beyond.

Hero Hut
Hero Hut brings veteran outreach to events and festivals around the country, Our goal is to empower veterans to discover a civilian life defined by service and surrounded by community. Our podcast highlights stories of service as our host Jake Hagstrom interviews guests from all branches of the military to discuss serving in uniform, the highs and lows, and what came next.

Home Base Nation
The Home Base Nation podcast features discussions on serving those who have served with Military and civilian leaders of a grateful nation

Homefront Heroes Ministries - Hope on the Homefront podcast
If you're a military wife longing for community, encouragement & support as you navigate military life- LOOK NO FURTHER. At Homefront Heroes Ministries, we understand the struggles that come with holding down the homefront which is why we are jumping in the trenches alongside you, to bring HOPE to your homefront! This podcast is managed by a group of military wives on a mission to help YOU find joy in your journey. And we want you to know that at HFH, you’re seen, you’re essential & you’re never alone. We pray the HFH Community/Hope on the Homefront Podcast will be your "Home Away from Home", so with that said....WELCOME HOME!

Jocko Podcast
JOCKO WILLINK is a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer, author of the book Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, and co-founder of Echelon Front, where he is a leadership instructor, speaker, and executive coach. Jocko spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, starting as an enlisted SEAL and rising through the ranks to become a SEAL officer. As commander of SEAL Team Three’s Task Unit Bruiser during the battle of Ramadi, he orchestrated SEAL operations that helped the “Ready First” Brigade of the US Army’s First Armored Division bring stability to the violent, war-torn city. Task Unit Bruiser became the most highly decorated Special Operations Unit of the Iraq War. Jocko returned from Iraq to serve as Officer-in-Charge of training for all West Coast SEAL Teams. There, he spearheaded the development of leadership training and personally instructed and mentored the next generation of SEAL leaders who have continued to perform with great success on the battlefield.

Lifegiver Podcast for Service Marriages
The Lifegiver Podcast for Service Marriages is hosted by Corie Weathers, a Clinical Military and First Responder Consultant. Corie started off her career as a licensed professional counselor serving families behind confidential doors. After a few years of working with service families, she found common themes that she wanted to address on a much bigger scale. The Lifegiver Podcast was launched as a way to start a much broader conversation. Each episode tackles a topic or interview that relates to the military and/or first responder lifestyle as well as marriage enrichment. 

Mentors for Military
Mentors for Military is a veteran-owned management consulting, corporate training and development, and media company. We offer customizable corporate training and development to help organizations improve upon their most important asset, their human capital.

Our highly specialized consulting team works with leaders, and teams to influence, develop, and present business strategies and execution plans that will drive greater output, reduce costs, and improve the overall value of the organization. We are in the business of partnering with you to help your company succeed.

We also offer a very popular Podcast that airs worldwide to help share real stories from real people who want to help our listeners improve their daily lives. Mentors for Military (aka Mentors4mil) is a 2019 Top 5 Podcast on PodBean and is a Top 10 Podcast nearly every week on Apple Podcast. We are featured on nearly every podcast platform with our largest audiences in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia with over 700,000 downloads annually and growing.

Military Birth Talk Podcast
This podcast is dedicated to sharing diverse birth stories and parenting experiences from military families and service members around the world.

Military Families Learning Network
We offer podcasts and audio interviews on self-care and issues affecting military families where experts and highly respected professionals share their expertise and their insight. Some podcasts offer continuing education (CE) credits! 

Military Homeschool Podcast
Homeschooling among military families is on the rise due to the many advantages and amazing learning opportunities! Still, it also presents some unique challenges. The Military Homeschool Podcast aims to equip and encourage parents by covering topics relevant to military homeschooling families and featuring guest interviews with experienced military homeschoolers and experts in the educational field.

Your host, Crystal Niehoff, is an active-duty Army chaplain’s wife, mother of five, and grandmother to five. In 2000, Crystal and her family began their homeschooling journey, which she now continues with her oldest granddaughter, Lexi.

Previously a child welfare worker with degrees in child development, business administration, and certifications as a birth and bereavement doula and chaplain. For many years, Crystal was the owner and CEO of Army Wife Network and host of Army Wife Talk Radio. Most notably, she interviewed the former Second Lady of the United States, Mrs. Karen Pence; the cast of Magnum P.I.; and ‘The REAL Forest Gump,’ Sammy Lee Davis.

Nowadays, Crystal co-hosts the weekly podcast, History for Christian Teens, along with her husband, Kevin. A great supplement to any history course or as a family devotional. Crystal is also a recurring writer for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Join Crystal each week by listening on your favorite podcast app, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, or right here (just scroll down). Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode!

Military Money Show
The podcast that helps U.S. service members make, save, and invest money wisely with Lacey Langford. Making more millionaires in camo!

Military OneSource
Military OneSource podcasts are a simple way to connect you to your best MilLife. With these short podcasts, you can navigate through topics important to military life including deployment, recreation, casualty assistance, relationship health, money management, parenting resources and more. Expand your skillset in a matter of minutes.

Military Veteran Dad
Are you a Dad that comes home physically each day from work, but struggles to come home emotionally and mentally? The podcast and the resources on this website are focused on that objective, to help you as a dad make that journey each day and build a legacy of a family that is generational.

MilSpouse Matters
Join Jen McDonald as she shares encouragement for military spouses, some quick pep talks, and guests who share their own experiences and resources.  

We talk about it all: getting through the separations that go along with training and deployments, moving around the world, seeing the one you love leave for war, raising kids in the military, finding your own place as a military spouse, and strengthening your military marriage.

Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and tune in every week for encouragement!

MilSpouse Moguls
Milspouse Moguls is your go-to source for empowering and supporting your entrepreneurial journey. We’ve got all the juicy insights, resources, and inspiration you need, straight from successful military spouse entrepreneurs. You’ll hear real-life stories, interviews, podcasts, videos, and more, all showcasing how military spouses can slay the challenges of entrepreneurship while juggling military life like a boss.

We believe military spouses have a unique set of skills and strengths that make them born entrepreneurs. Milspouse Moguls is here to help you unlock your full potential, turn your passions into a thriving business, and become the next generation of Mogul-licious entrepreneurs! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, Milspouse Moguls is here to keep you motivated, inspired, and always reaching for the stars. Join our fabulous host, Moni Jefferson as we take this journey together.

National Medal of Honor Museum and Foundation - Mission Inspire
Listen to real-life heroes as they share their stories of valor, sacrifice, and leadership.

At Home With SpouseLink is a lifestyle podcast for military spouses, hosted by our team of SpouseLink ambassadors. On the show, they discuss topics that impact military families, from PCSing to living in on-base housing, to relationships, wellness, and more. They’ll help you stay informed, get support, and be inspired.

Each AHWS episode features one question from our listeners, with answers to help you find your footing and thrive. The shows also include a “Dear SpouseLink” question suggested by our audience, as well as occasional interviews with expert guests and members of the SpouseLink community. 

Team Never Quit
Each week join Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, who takes you into the “briefing room” to chat with incredible guests who share their greatest never quit stories. This humorous, heartfelt and entertaining podcast is changing lives and has become a beacon of hope and resilience to those who are facing the impossible. One of the best ways we can support our community is to share their stories so that we might inspire others to Never Quit.

The John Lovell Show
The John Lovell Show provides insightful commentary on current events, practical tips for protecting your home and the lives of those you love, and a good measure of spot-on dad jokes. John is the founder and CEO of the Warrior Poet Society – a values-based community dedicated to physical protection, the pursuit of truth, and living for higher purpose. His message has garnered over 100 million views across social media and streaming platforms. John is a former war veteran and Special Operations soldier, having served in the 2nd Ranger Battalion. After his military service, he served as a Christian missionary in Central America full-time. Today he is a video content creator, public speaker, firearms trainer, and homesteader. John lives on a small farm in Georgia with his wife and two sons.

The Military Money Show
Lacey Langford, AFC® is The Military Money Expert® and the founder of LaceyLangford.com a personal finance blog specializing in the unique world of the U.S. military. Lacey’s the creator and host of The Military Money Show, a podcast dedicated to helping the military community with personal finance. She’s an Accredited Financial Counselor® with over 15 years of experience in financial planning, counseling, and coaching. Her education includes an Executive Certificate in Financial Planning from Duke University and a B.S. in Finance from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. As a U.S. Air Force veteran, military spouse, financial coach, speaker, and writer she changes people’s lives from being fearful of money to having control and confidence with it.

The Military Wallet
The Military Wallet Podcast is a weekly podcast that was created to bring you the latest news and information in military and veterans benefits. We have a wide range of topics covering benefits programs for active duty members, retirees, members of the Guard and Reserves, veterans, and their family members.

Some of the topics we cover include military pay and benefits, military retirement pensions, VA Disability claims, VA Loans, GI Bill, Thrift Savings Plan, and much more.

Each podcast is accompanied on our site with a full length article - giving you a resource you can come to in print and audio. You can scroll down this page to see our most recent podcasts.

The Money Millhouse
The Money Millhouse is a production of Heroes at Home, 501(c)(3) founded by Ellie Kay. Heroes at Home is a non-profit organization that provides free financial education to military members and their families around the world.

The Shanon Show
A podcast that is kinda, sorta about military kids.

The WW2 Podcast
A WWII military history podcast.

VA Podcast Network
Welcome to the VA Podcast Network - Learning new things while staying entertained has never been easier for America’s veterans. The VA Podcasts Network offers a diverse selection of top-quality podcasts made with a veteran community in mind. Each podcast specializes on a different topic and covers gripping content that no Veteran should want to miss out on. Just click on the podcasts to the right and listen to the wealth of knowledge that awaits to be heard.

Veteran on the Move
Veteran on the Move podcast is your Pathfinder to Freedom. Dedicated to helping military veterans transition to the exciting world of entrepreneurship. This podcast interviews military veterans that have become entrepreneurs, successful business leaders, and features programs and resources to guide veterans in their quest to become successful entrepreneurs.

Veteran Resource Podcast
Veteran Resource Podcast was created to introduce veterans to Veteran Service Organizations.  There are literally thousands of VSO’s out there, each with a different mission. The one thing that they have in common is that they want to help veterans in their own way. Some might help financially, some might help emotionally, some might help with homelessness, and others might help by providing the opportunity for veterans to serve their community and help others in need. Each week Jeremy will interview a different VSO to find out what their mission is, what projects they have going on, what challenges they face, and the type of veteran that is in their wheelhouse. With thousands of VSO’s there has to be something out there for every veteran.

VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars
The VFW Podcast is a new show for veterans, by veterans. The VFW is in the midst of a paradigm shift and it’s an exciting time to be a part of this transformational change within our organization.

The VFW Podcast is our newest communication platform that will highlight critical issues, challenges and legislation affecting veterans, service members and military families worldwide.

Join us as we chat with congressional leadership, Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs senior officials, and everyday veterans as we tackle tough issues affecting our military veteran community.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund - Echoes of the Vietnam War
Even after 50 years, the impact of the Vietnam War echoes across generations. Hear stories of service and sacrifice from people who are affected — veterans, their families, and others who add perspective to those experiences. Brought to you by the nonprofit that built the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, “The Wall,” in Washington, D.C.

VirtForce Podcast
This podcast is for everyone. Our content and information is beneficial to military spouses or anyone affiliated with the military community. Whether you are employed, not employed, currently looking or on a career transition, we hope that our podcast helps you on your career journey. Our podcast also helps business owners who are interested in the strategic advantages of remote team members and how they can help their bottom line.

Wisconsin Veterans Forward
Wisconsin Veterans Forward is Wisconsin's premier audio resource for veterans, military families, veteran-owned, and veteran-friendly businesses. WVF is brought to you by the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce.

Women of the Military
Amanda Huffman, the creator of Airman to Mom, interviews women who have served in the military or are currently serving in the military. Amanda also shares certain aspects of her military experience as an Air Force Officer, military spouse, veteran and mom.

Zero Blog Thirty
From bombs, bullets, and bad guys to politics, pop culture and all things problematic: Zero Blog Thirty is the stories you might know told from a slightly different perspective that was forged through war, wit, and wounds.
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Radio programs for military & veteran families

American Heroes Radio
Welcome to American Heroes Radio!  American Heroes Radio provides a platform for the lives, stories and accomplishments of our American Heroes. Each week, a different member of our military, law enforcement, firefighting and emergency services are guests. We invite you to browse the archives and listen to a World War II fighter pilot speaking about his experiences over Iwo Jima; a Navy captain tell his story of Cold War submarine hunting; an Iraq war veteran who was wounded in the head by an RPG; or, any of the large numbers of interviews of law enforcement officials around the country speaking about their expertise, careers and often hair-raising adventures.

American Warrior Radio
American Warrior Radio on one of Tucson's leading news/talk stations, 104.1 FM KQTH. The mission of American Warrior Radio is to educate and inform the 99% of the population that never served by telling the stories of our men and women in the military, those who support them, and others who inspire.

Army Wife Talk Radio
Army Wife Talk Radio is the original internet talk radio show designed specifically for army wives by army wives. Our life. Our family. Our Soldier. We feature up to the minute information, special reports, stories and interviews that affect YOU! Also includes blogs, newsletter.

Family of a Vet
Family Of a Vet is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families learn how to cope with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury) and life after combat through real-world, plain language education and resources for heroes, families, and communities.

Our Caregiver's Edition is on Tuesday evenings and our Veterans' Edition on Friday evenings. All of our archived radio shows are on iTunes as free podcasts: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/family-vet-life-after-combat/id430202976.

Frontlines of Freedom
Frontlines of Freedom is a military news and talk radio show designed to address and discuss the most pressing topics facing our armed forces in a balanced manner, challenging conventional thinking.

Besides the current war and military readiness, the show addresses military families, veteran’s activities and homeland security issues. Guests on the show include Cabinet members, generals, admirals, officers of all ranks, enlisted members, politicians, and family members.

Hosted by Lt. Col. Denny Gillem, a highly decorated veteran in Michigan, with many academic achievements. Denny brings a myriad of experiences to the dialog, ensuring the show covers a wide range of views.

Male Military Spouse Radio Show
Weekly call-in radio show focusing on the needs of husbands of military service members.(516) 453-9167 at 1200 noon CT every Friday.

Military Brotherhood Radio
Providing the best in radio entertainment and programming for the military community.

Minnesota Military Radio
With nearly 370,000 veterans and tens of thousands of guard and reserve troops, Minnesota is a state committed to supporting our friends and neighbors who serve and their families. Minnesota Military Radio is a reflection of that commitment.

With a team of producers from the Minnesota National Guard, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Minneapolis V.A., volunteer host and Vietnam veteran Tom Lyons strives to inform and entertain listeners in this weekly syndicated radio show and podcast. 
Through captivating, historic interviews with veterans of all eras, we also endeavor to preserve their stories of heroism before they are forgotten.

The National Defense Radio Show
The National Defense Radio Show has been heard on more than a hundred radio stations across the United States and the 400+ overseas Armed Forces Radio Networks around the globe. The Armed Forces Network reaches more than one million American service men and women, DOD, civilians, and their families on every military base, outpost and all ships at sea. The weekly show has consisted of a combination of celebrity interviews, executive interviews, and discussions with political and news figures, delivering content that entertains, informs and supports those who serve, and have served, our country. The show is hosted by Randy Miller, a 25-year broadcast veteran having hosted shows in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, San Diego, Cincinnati and Kansas City. Randy is the recipient of multiple broadcasting awards, including “Air Personality of the Year” from Billboard Magazine and the Radio Music Awards.

Veterans Radio
Veterans Radio is dedicated to all the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces of the United States of America. Our mission is to provide all veterans with a voice, to give them a forum where they are able to discuss their issues, and to provide information to all veterans regarding the rights and privileges they earned by serving their country. 

Veterans Radio will include our listener's stories and experiences, not only while in the service, but afterwards as well. Interviews with guest speakers and authors will be a weekly feature. The content of the programs on Veterans Radio will ultimately be determined by our listeners.

Wreaths Across America Radio
Welcome to Wreaths Across America Radio where we celebrate volunteerism in support of America's military, their families and our veterans as we remember, honor and teach.