An Air Force Chaplain's Wartime Devotions
Author: Lyle E. Von Seggern

This book is the first volume of a 3-volume series. The 52 devotions in this volume were written by an Air Force Chaplain, who served humbly for God and with members of the 433d Airlift “Alamo” Wing, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, who bravely served at home and in deployed locations throughout the world as they served our Nation during “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and “Operation Enduring Freedom.” These humble devotions were written for military members and their families to encourage them and help them with their spiritual strength. It was important to me to share a Scripture passage with the devotions to keep the troops in the Word.

While the role of a military chaplain is not well known to the general civilian population, I have published this series of volumes as a means to reveal the important role that a chaplain provides to military personnel and to their families, in peacetime or during times of war. I shall forever be proud of the time that I served as a chaplain in support of the young men and women who were serving in arms-way.
Since a chaplain is charged with bringing spiritual help and direction to ALL members of the military, these devotions were written to support and encourage individuals of different faith backgrounds who were proudly serving the United States of America. Although these devotions were written for the 433d Airlift “Alamo” Wing” personnel during times of conflict, these devotions are equally applicable to members of the military serving during peacetime or wartime.

A Soldiers Strength from the Psalms
Devotional calendar and journal
Author: Sharon Patterson, Copyright @ 2007

Knowing that no one comprehends the challenges that a soldier faces like another soldier, the inspiration for this book comes from the writings of an ancient soldier who righteously protected the innocent; stood firm on the ferocious frontlines of battle; patrolled dangerous checkpoints; walked the lonely late night and early morning watches; guarded city gates; climbed rugged terrain in all kinds of weather; and faced enemies in the deserts and on the mountains. That soldier, King David, endured many of the same experiences as today's soldier. He also needed and drew strength daily from Almighty God. He wrote of his struggles and victories, recorded his prayers and praises from his experiences. What encouragement, hope, and comfort come from the Psalms he left to us.

This devotional countdown calendar-journal is meant to be a source of daily encouragement, a place where soldiers and their families can record feelings and events that have impacted them during their deployment experience. It is a legacy of shared courage and sacrifice of and for the outstanding men and women who serve our great nation in military service. About the Author: Sharon Patterson, retired educator, career military wife, and leader in women's ministry, has written inspirational encouragement in various forms, from greeting cards to short stories, poetry, and Bible studies for over twenty-five years. Sharon and her husband, retired Colonel Garry Patterson, are the parents of three grown sons. Two sons presently serve in the U.S. Army. Sharon and Garry reside in Round Rock, Texas.

Battlefields and Blessings
Stories of faith and courage from the Civil War
Author: Terry Tully, Copyright @ 2006

The period from 1861-1865 proved to be one of the greatest periods of trial and suffering in our nations history. A significant lapse of time had passed since America had engaged in the horrors of war. After the war of 1812, little memory remained of the fact that war could be “hell.” A veteran of the war with Mexico, General “Stonewall” Jackson wrote to his wife and said, “People who are anxious to bring on war don’t know what they are bargaining for; they don’t see all the horrors that must accompany such an event.”

Battlefields and Blessings
Stories of faith and courage from the Home Front
Authors: Jocelyn Green, Karen Whiting, Copyright @ 2012

This devotional book contains 365 true stories of struggles, courage, and actions of women, children, and men involved in the home front of American wars, in chronological order, from the French Indian War through the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. These stories illustrate effective prayers, heroism, volunteer efforts, and daily courage.

Special weekend devotions consist of original words from a journal, newspaper, letter, or newspaper, and glimpses into life during that era, such as fashion, pastimes, work, and celebrations.

Each story includes a coordinated Scripture and a prayer for today’s military, families, or individuals encountering struggles.

Battlefields and Blessings
Stories of faith and courage from the Korean War
Author: Larkin Spivery, Copyright @ 2015

In Stories of Faith and Courage from the Korean War, Larkin Spivey shows real people fighting and living through a difficult conflict and an almost forgotten era of American history. His stories are presented in a daily devotional format with scripture readings each day, revealing both the routine and the astounding ways in which God acts to empower believers and answer doubts. Every person of faith will come closer to God through these pages and religious skeptics will see many of their own questions explored in depth. 

Spivey also presents a concise history of the Korean War with overviews, maps and photographs giving new insights into why America fought this war and the incredible results over the following decades. Each month a different aspect of the conflict is emphasized, including the early history of Korea, introduction of Christianity, Japanese and Soviet occupations, the different campaigns of the war and the development of the armistice. 

This unique combination of the front line drama, coupled with the broader historical context of the conflict, gives a picture of war and combat unavailable in other histories. 

Battlefields and Blessings
Stories of faith and courage from the Revolutionary War 
Author: Jane Hampton Cook, Copyright @ 2007

The book features 365 devotionals, one for each day of the year. Each devotional features a 400-450-word story, a relevant scripture, and an application-oriented sentence prayer.

Each week highlights five stories that chronicle the Revolutionary War, followed by two weekend features called Weekend Reflection and Sabbath Rest. Weekend Reflection takes a modern-day twist on a topic, such as contentment and life purpose, presented in the preceding stories. Sabbath Rest highlights a sermon from the Revolutionary era. These 52 meaty messages show how scripture is as alive today as it was during America’s founding. These sermons also reveal the spiritual struggle facing the patriots as they decided to pursue independence, take up arms, and overthrow their government.

The devotionals come alive through the viewpoints of the Revolution’s key players, such as George Washington, King George III, Samuel Adams, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abigail Adams, Martha Washington, Nathanael Greene, Henry Knox, and Benjamin Franklin. Excerpts from their original manuscripts, letters, and speeches give the book authenticity and accuracy. Unlike many books with historical subjects, this devotional incorporates faith as an important element in the decisions and emotions of these heroes and heroines. It will also show the life purpose of the patriots.

The themes presented in the book transcend generations, making the book relevant to modern day readers who also struggle with topics such as loneliness, contentment, purpose, fear, safety, God’s will, jealousy, rivalry, cooperation, and disappointment.

Because the stories chronicle America’s Revolutionary War and cover more than two decades, the book does not correspond to seasons and holidays. As a result, readers may begin the book any time during the year. The stories may be so captivating for some readers that they may read the book from “cover to cover.”

As readers consider the meaning of the American Revolution, they may also experience a revolution in their own hearts, one devotional at a time.

Battlefields and Blessings
Stories of faith and courage from the Vietnam War 
Author: Larkin Spivey, Copyright @ 2011

In Stories of Faith and Courage from the Vietnam War Larkin Spivey shows real people fighting and living through a difficult conflict and confusing era of American history. His stories are presented in a daily devotional format with scripture readings each day, revealing the amazing ways in which God acts to empower believers and answer doubts. Every person of faith will come closer to God through these pages, and religious skeptics will see many of their own questions explored in depth.

Spivey also presents a concise history of the Vietnam War with overviews, maps, and photographs to give new insights into why America fought this war and how American, Allied, and South Vietnamese warriors in effect won it on the battlefield. Each month a different aspect of the conflict is emphasized, including the history after World War II, early U. S. involvement, guerilla fighting, conventional warfare, civic action, the Tet Offensive, Vietnamization, prisoners of war, air and helicopter operations, and finally, the long post-war road to reconciliation for Vietnam veterans.

By combining the drama of front line action with the broader historical context of the conflict Spivey gives a picture of war and combat unavailable in other histories. Indexes enable readers to search stories by name or topic, including a wide range of life issues such as addiction, anger, anxiety, doubt, fear, forgiveness, hearing and understanding God, hope, leadership, miracles, post traumatic stress, salvation, suffering, trust, and much more. Readers can find stories specifically relating to corpsmen, medics, children, prisoners of war, missing in action, nurses, refugees, wives, women, and many other relevant topics.

Battlefields and Blessings
Stories of faith and courage from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan
Authors: Jane Hampton Cook, John Croushorn, Jocelyn Green, Copyright @ 2009

Stories of Faith and Courage from the War on Terrorism is a 365 day collection of inspiring stories of courage, perseverance and faith based on first hand accounts of more than seventy who have served in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.Through multiple, never-before-told stories, readers will uncover the personal challenges of the battlefield. In Battlefields & Blessings: Stories of Faith and Courage from the War on Terrorism you'll end the experiences and perspectives of deployed soldiers, chaplains, military wives and parents, organizers of humanitarian ecorts, veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Battlefields and Blessings
Stories of faith and courage from World War II
Authors: Larkin Spivey, Jocelyn Green, Copyright @ 2009

The purpose of Stories of Faith and Courage from World War II is to strengthen the faith of its readers by showing the power of faith of those under the most extreme circumstances imaginable. This is accomplished through 365 one-page stories from America's greatest conflict presented in a daily devotional format with relevant scripture readings for each day of the year. Additionally, the book presents a unique and concise history of World War II with summaries, maps, and photographs of the major campaigns of the war. On this level, the individual stories provide insights into the war and combat not found in typical historical accounts.

Behind the Lines
365 daily challenges for military personnel
Author: Adam Davis and Chad Robichaux, Copyright @ 2021

Become the warrior you are meant to be.

Behind the Lines is a 365-day devotional written to encourage, empower, and inspire those who serve our nation. No matter your branch of military service, the words found within these pages will equip you with God's wisdom as you hold the line against evil and protect the innocent.

Discover the true source of
  • strength for serving
  • power for persevering
  • protection in times of danger
  • resilience during adversity
  • peace amid conflict

You are fully equipped, completely prepared, and wholly trained to face your calling from God.

Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. Psalm 144:1 NIV

Bible Bootcamp for Military Women
Author: American Bible Society, Copyright @ 2020
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Written by and for women in the military, this 45-day devotional booklet helps women understand the Bible. It includes 45 short, personal stories showing faith-forward examples from the lives of women in uniform, as well as military wives, family members, and retirees. This is a vital book for new believers and for those who want a better understanding of God’s Word. Designed for women on-the-go, each lesson is short and to the point.

Called to Serve
Encouragement, support, and inspiration for military families
Authors: Tony Monetti, Penny Monetti, Copyright @ 2011

Over 2.9 million military personnel—facing serious emotional and spiritual challenges— serve in more than 150 countries. Called to Serve professionally pinpoints the needs of the military family. Real-life stories drawn from twenty-three years of military experience offer encouragement, humor, and tools to combat relational threats from the perspective of the “Warrior” (husband) and his “Spouse.” Thirty compelling, uplifting, and encouraging chapters address the top identified military stressors affecting military personnel and their families. Each account, tied to relevant Scripture, whets the spiritual palate, encouraging the reader to seek additional encouragement from the Bible.

Daily Encouragement for Soldiers
Author: Debbie Ballagh, Copyright @ 2007

Encouragement for Soldiers - Encouraging Scripture verses on these fourteen issues soldiers face:
  • Attaining Peace
  • Gaining Strength & Power
  • Obtaining Victory in War
  • Performing Your High Calling
  • Enduring as a Soldier
  • Securing Safety & Protection
  • Handling Trying Circumstances
  • Preparing for Battle
  • Receiving Blessing & Rewards for Obedience
  • Maintaining a Right Attitude
  • Subduing Enemies
  • Trusting God's Sovereignty
  • Overcoming Negative Emotions 
  • Finding Rest

Also includes a tribute to soldiers and a soldier's prayer. A must have for every Soldier for maintaining inner strength during a time of intense stress. Debbie Ballagh is the founder and director of Servant's Heart, a ministry of mercy, helps, and encouragement. She earned an M.A. in counseling at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA and was formerly a social worker and family counselor. She is married to Michael, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and has three sons. She resides in Central Virginia.

Daily Strength for the Battle

Volume 1 - Training for Spiritual Excellence
Author: Chaplain (Colonel) Scott McChrystal, Copyright @ 2009

​Volume 2 - Fortifying your Spiritual Foundation
Author: Chaplain (Colonel) Scott McChrystal, Copyright @ 2010

Volume 3 - Building Resilient Marriages and Families 
Authors: Chaplain (Colonel) Scott McChrystal, Judy McChrystal, Copyright @ 2011

Volume 4 - Navigating Life's Storms 
Authors: Chaplain (Colonel) Scott McChrystal, Judy McChrystal, Copyright @ 2012

The Daily Strength for the Battle Series is written for anyone who wants to strengthen their walk with God. Originally begun 15 years ago for military warriors going through tough training at a combat training center, these devotionals quickly proved to have wide appeal.

  • Seven weeks of teaching and insights for every battle. 
  • A new theme each week. 
  • Practical wisdom taken from real battlefield stories. 
  • Reflections on God’s word for the trials of each day. 
  • Pocket sized 130 pages. 

Military family members and civilians from all walks of life have expressed their appreciation for the powerful biblical lessons shared in a brief, practical, and interesting style.

E100 (The Essential One Hundred)
Personal reflection guide     
  Author: Whitney T. Kuniholm

Have you ever wanted to read the Bible but didn't know where to start? What should I study? Who will help me? Making it through the Bible is a challenge, but it's worth it. That's what E100 is all about.

The Essential 100 Challenge (the E100) is a new way to read through the Bible, using carefully selected Bible passages - 50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament. You'll get the big picture without getting bogged down.

By registering, you will have access to all these tools and more; simply complete the Start Your Journey form to the right and you'll be on your way to start, and finish, the E100 challenge. See you on the trail!

The Personal Reflection Guide contains simple questions for every day of the journey that helps you move from simply reading the passage to critically considering how its truths apply to you. This printable electronic file is available to both Chaplains and servicemen and women, and is an especially good tool when you lack access to the Military E100 website or are unable to receive a daily E100 email.

Faith Deployed
Daily encouragement for military wives
Author: Jocelyn Green
(with contributing authors from every branch of the U.S. military) Copyright @ 2008

As a military wife, if you have ever felt overlooked and undernourished as you strive daily to meet the needs of everyone around you—in a culture that largely does not understand your stressful lifestyle—this book is for you.

Faith Deployed is not a guide to long-distance relationships or a how-to on navigating through the military culture. It does not offer “ten easy steps” for an easier, painless life. Instead, through squarely addressing the challenges you face, Faith Deployed will equip you to respond biblically to the daily struggles that threaten to wear you down.

*SPECIAL DISCOUNT* Save 40% off if you purchase more than six at a time. E-mail Gene Eble at [email protected] to obtain the discount.

Faith Deployed...Again
More daily encouragement for military wives
Author: Jocelyn Green
(over 25 contributing authors from every branch of the U.S. military)
Copyright @ 2011

The highly anticipated sequel to award-winning Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives.

As husbands are being deployed multiple times, the women left behind desperately need encouragement and strength to maintain the home-front.  Often lonely, frequently overwhelmed by the needs around her, and continually stressed by a unique lifestyle, she needs to be equipped as to how to respond biblically to the daily struggles that threaten to wear her down. 

Faith Deployed...Again:  More Daily Encouragement for Military Wives is filled with wisdom and insight from over twenty-five Christian wives, representing every branch of the military, and explores how the Bible relates to a variety of topics and issues - including those that arise with post-deployment – encountered in a military marriage.   Each devotional is based on the unchanging character of God and the anchor we have in Jesus Christ offering encouragement, strength, community, and hope to the heroes at home.

Faith Deployed...Again:  More Daily Encouragement for Military Wives includes a bonus section of devotions written by and for Blue Star Moms.  And a free online study guide is available at

Faithful Under Fire
A Bible study and devotional for the film Hacksaw Ridge
CRU Military, Copyright @ 2016
Link to FREE download

We are honored to stand alongside our uniformed heroes who find themselves needing to be “faithful under fire”. Our heroes, just like WWII Army medic and Medal of Honor recipient Private First Class Desmond Doss, recently portrayed in Lionsgate Entertainment’s film Hacksaw Ridge, faithfully serve with honor and distinction because it’s the right and godly thing to do.

For those that serve in uniform today, it still takes a special courage to hold onto one’s biblical convictions in what is an increasingly pluralistic or secular “marketplace.” The need to live faithfully in this world as citizens of our Nation while reserving our highest allegiance to the Kingdom of God is as great as it has even been. Service members pledge to serve and even die so we can live our lives in freedom. That’s a heavy burden to bear without Jesus. Receive your free copy today of Faithful Under Fire to share with a hero in your life!

Faith, Hope, Love & Deployment
40 devotions for military couples
Author: Heather Gray, Copyright @ 2014

Just as Heather Gray and her deployed husband realized, many military couples need more than their own imaginations to keep their marriages flourishing during deployments. This is their answer to that dilemma.

During her husband David's last deployment to Afghanistan, Heather and he realized the need for a devotional that would not only draw them closer to the Lord, but also to each other while separated. They envisioned a combination of scripture memorization, stories of hope and struggles, a revitalization of the lost art of letter writing, and practical ideas for keeping connected during deployment. Not finding such a book, they began writing Faith, Hope, Love, & Deployment. Sadly, three months after beginning the project, David was killed in action.

''To answer the question of why I'm willing to lay my life on the line for my country. . . .'' So began the letter Heather received from her husband on the day of his funeral. The letter was an assignment from Faith, Hope, Love, & Deployment. She knew then the value of the devotional they had been writing for military couples.

At first Heather didn't think she could finish it without his input and support. But in the months that followed, she realized that we actually learn and grow the most through our pain and trials. She finished the devotional with the hope it would be as much a blessing for other military couples as it was for her and David.

Faith in the Fog of War (Volume 1)
Stories of triumph and tragedy in the midst of war
Author: Chris Plekenpol, Copyright @ 2006

You want the flare of your faith to burn as intensely as a fire on the battlefield. That means digging into God’s truth regardless of the chaos raging around you. These devotions are written by a man who had considered war something that someone else always did, and was then himself deployed to Iraq as a company commander. From the frontlines of the blackest days and in the face of inexplicable suffering, you’ll discover the heart of the question, “Why, God?” and its often unsettling answer. Because in war, as in contemporary America , reality involves struggle, trial, and triumph. Let God meet you in the midst of life’s nonsense to find the peace that is a crucial part of His impeccable plan. 

Why, God? War screams the same questions whispered in everyday life. The battlefield explodes with the same tenacity of emotions that wretch our souls. Smoke fills the air just as doubt clouds our minds. 

Are you on the frontlines of war overseas? Or perhaps your battle is personal, deep within. These devotions, penned by Captain Chris Plekenpol while on the battlefield in Iraq, expose the depths of inexplicable suffering as well as the heights of incredible victory in God. 

Through every adversity and in any circumstance, you will find a still voice reminding you of God’s sovereignty…in war and peace.

Faith in the Fog of War (Volume 2)
Let us die to make men free
Author: Chris Plekenpol, Copyright 2008

A Soldier's Journal: Stories of triumph and tragedy in the midst of battle. A compilation of inspiring devotionals that use life and combat situations to bring God's word to life.

Finding Hope Beyond the Battle
A Bible for military families
Copyright @ 2007

This new NIV Bible, developed specifically for military families, points to our greater hope beyond all personal and political battles. Study notes will help you explore the unfolding drama of God's story, summarized in five acts. Includes a dictionary/concordance. Front and back there are testimonies by military wives who share their real life, “rubber meets the road,” personal testimonies of how God walked with them through the fire.  In the middle is the easy-to-read New International Version of the Holy Bible.

Thriving faith in military life
Author: Planting Roots, Copyright @ 2021

Does your military adventure leave you feeling more like you’re floundering than flourishing?

You are not alone. Military life brings unique challenges for both women in uniform and military spouses. The operational tempo and the stress of frequent transitions can leave you spiritually depleted. But God’s plan for you is far greater than simply surviving. He wants you to flourish. So how do you do that?

Fifteen military women and wives collaborated to encourage you through the words of Flourish: Thriving Faith in Military Life. Their combined twenty-five years in uniform and more than 300 years as military spouses brings inspiration and encouragement for every aspect of your life—relationships, separations, parenting, grief, transitions, health, and even retirement. This forty-five-day devotional will help you develop resilient faith for military life through:
  • Personal stories to encourage
  • Biblical truth to empower
  • Practical steps to overcome challenges
  • Reflection questions to make it personal

Through faith, God empowers us to live well in military life. It’s time to look forward with excitement and purpose to discover what God can do. Together, let’s embrace strength, hope, and freedom as we trust God with each step of our military journey.

Are you ready to flourish?

For My Soldier
Teaching your children to pray through separations
Author: Angela Curlee, Copyright 2006

For my Soldier is a daily devotional for parents and children of military families. Separations from military family members can cause children stress that comes out in sleeplessness, behavioral problems, and depression. God has given us his word to guide us through these times and ease these issues. The word of the Lord has so much to offer on saftey, protection, loneliness, and peace. Teaching a child to turn to the Lord and pray through hard times is the best gift we can give them as parents. I pray that you and your children will be blessed by this book! Enjoy the daily activities as they help keep your child and soldier united during separations. 

Free to Be Brave
Moments with God for military life
Author: Planting Roots, Copyright @ 2019

Whether you are a uniformed woman or a family member, military life can be challenging. Are you weary? Do you feel stuck? Does the noise of life or the pace of your military journey feel daunting? Perhaps you’re managing moment by moment, dreaming about the day or the place you’ll finally feel free from your burdens and free to live the life you always imagined. We have good news for you. Someday is today. Your promised land is exactly where you are right now. God’s promise of freedom for the believer is not conditional, nor is it an unattainable goal to which we persevere. Freedom is the abundant life graciously awarded to each of us every day, in every moment of every day.

Free to Be Brave features moments with God written by military women for military women. Like you, we juggle life on the move paired with the everyday challenges of military life. Join us for daily devotions designed to remind you of God’s promise of freedom from weariness, fear, conflict and guilt. Discover the blessings when we live in Christ’s freedom to be brave, authentic, grateful, and expectant. Together let’s embrace our freedom and enjoy this military life!

God Strong
The military wife's spiritual survival guide
Author: Sara Horn, Copyright @ 2010

As a military wife, caring for your home and family is a mission that never stops. You want to support your husband while he serves, but you often wonder if you have what it takes. As someone who has been through this herself, Sara Horn will remind you with encouraging spiritual insights that you don't have to be an army of one when you are God Strong.

Currently, more than one million military wives care for their families and their homes, often while their husbands are deployed out of state or overseas for months at a time. These women can experience a roller coaster of emotions including disappointment, loneliness, and fear. Sara Horn, the wife of a navy reservist, understands the challenges these women face. She knows how to talk about faith and spiritual truths through the filter of military life. In her encouraging book, Horn shares her personal stories, as well as wisdom and anecdotes of other wives from all branches of service. She reminds readers that: * God is in control. * You can have joy, no matter what. * Superwomen get grace, too. * God knows where you hurt. Horn's reliance on Scripture and confidence in God's comfort during difficult times will remind military wives they don't have to be an army of one when they are God Strong. 

​​Hero Squad devotions & activities for military families (American Bible Society)
US-based military and veteran families qualify for our FREE ongoing physical engagement program including:

Welcome Box - Each family receives a Welcome Box containing a Bible and devotionals specific to each child’s age and gender, a Bible activity, as well as a few gifts for the whole family.

Quarterly Devotionals & Printed Seasonal Activities - For as long as children meet the 3-17 age requirement, families will receive age and gender-specific weekly devotionals for each child delivered straight to their doorstep each quarter. Families will also receive printed seasonal Bible activities designed to engage families in the Word, build unity, and build fun memories together.

Parent Devotional Emails - Parents and caregivers are also sent encouraging weekly devotional emails called “Checkpoint.”

Ongoing Digital Support - Parents will be provided with continuous engagement opportunities through social media, blogs, and podcasts to lean into a supportive network that cares and understands that the God of the Bible is the ultimate answer to the challenges each military family faces. Children’s devotionals and seasonal activities will also be available for download.

Home Is Where God Sends You
Lessons in contentment from nearby and faraway
Author: Janet Benlien Reeves, Copyright @ 2013

According to Isaiah 40:28, God created the ends of the earth. What a coincidence! That’s where you’re going! At least it’s where you may think you are going if you’re getting ready to move. The good news is: God will go with you. He has promised to, and, better yet, He’s gone ahead of you. He created the place after all—wherever it is! This is the message of Home Is Where God Sends You, a daily devotional for women who are moving that encourages them to cling to Christ’s constancy in the midst of dramatic change. Women who move frequently can begin to lose hold of the roots and long-term relationships that help bring stability and support to both spiritual and family life. These women must discover unique ways to hold firm to their faith and identity in the midst of constant change. Home Is Where God Sends You encourages them to trust God daily as they adjust to new surroundings. As they read daily devotionals corresponding to the many phases of a move, they’ll learn how to find contentment by claiming God’s presence as home wherever they go.

Home Is Where God Sends You encourages them to trust God daily as they adjust to new surroundings. As they read daily devotionals corresponding to the many phases of a move, they’ll learn how to find contentment by claiming God’s presence as home wherever they go.

Military teen Bible
Author: American Bible Society, Copyright @ 2020
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This Bible was designed specifically for the teenage who has a parent or parents serving in the Armed Forces. It encourages teens to make God’s Word personal by taking notes on the page, doodling in the extra-wide margins, and adding some artistic flair. It includes three sets of life-transforming devotionals: 40-day study about who God is, who we are, and who we are in God. Written by people in the military on issues military teens face—like loneliness, difficult transitions, and doubt.

Journey of a Military Wife
God's truth for every step (Set of 4 books)
Author: Brenda Pace, Copyright @ 2016
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A devotional series written by Dr. Brenda Pace for military wives. Journey online through Bible stories that shed timeless – and practical – truth on issues you will encounter in a life of military service. Deployment, separation, reintegration, relocation, or many other situations, these studies will point you to the Lord for direction, help, and encouragement.
Download for free -

Light Fighter
A new 50+ day devotional that uses military terms as focus concepts to communicate Biblical truth in a connective and accessible way. Written by a career military chaplain with Special Forces experience, it guides the reader to connect Biblical truth with the challenges of the military experience.

On Track Devotions - Military Edition
Adapted by military veterans for military personnel, the Military Edition of OnTrack Devotions is designed to develop the skill and discipline of effective daily devotions by teaching the building blocks of inductive Bible study, building invaluable skill for a lifetime of personal spiritual growth.

What is it? The Military Edition of OnTrack is a 12-month study through the New Testament and Proverbs written for today's military personnel. The included User Guide walks the reader through the basics of inductive Bible Study (Observation, Interpretation, Application, Implementation), allowing them to start at their current skill level and work to develop skill while diving into the meat of the Word of God. Whether you are a Chaplain looking for resources for your unit, a church with active duty military personnel or a soldier that needs a field-ready devotional guide, MOTD fits the bill.

60 Days in Psalms
Dive into the heart of the warrior king, David, a man after God’s own heart, with this 2-month walk through the book of Psalms.  From victories to failures, from struggle to confidence, David engages conversation with God in the ups and downs of a warrior’s life poetically.

The first month covers Psalms 1-75.  The second month covers Psalms 76-150, including the well-know Psalm 91. While the content is a change of pace from the original 12-month Military Devotional, this study uses the same inductive Bible study format.

Military Stewardship Devotional
Author: American Bible Society
Link to order your FREE copy

This 40-day devotion was designed to help service members, veterans, and their families better understand what the Bible teaches about handling personal finances. The devotions gradually build from a basic to a deeper Biblical understanding of Christian stewardship. Each devotion takes only a few minutes using the proven quiet time approach of Pray-Read-Reflect-Respond. Also included are an expanded topical index, a listing of additional resources, and a guide for using this devotion in an 8-week small group Bible study.

Military Wives' New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs (NIV)
90 days of encouragement and hope
Author: Jocelyn Green, Copyright @ 2013

​When your husband serves in the military, you're required to sacrifice as well, adding a level of strain to everyday life that most people can't understand. Frequent moves, unpredictable schedules, extended deployments, reintegration---and, in some cases, caregiving---all make a military spouse like you hungry for the stability and peace found in God's Word. This special New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs is designed to address your unique needs, hopes, fears, struggles, and insecurities. And since no one can speak to you as you journey through this unique situation like someone who has gone through it, this New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs includes 90 special devotions written by military wives and edited by Jocelyn Green, a former military wife who actively ministers to women in your situation. Let her words of help and hope, alongside God's Word, encourage you as you serve our country in your own way.

Features: *90 devotions written by military wives, for military wives that provide hope, encouragement, and spiritual growth* Preface from Jocelyn Green * Scripture from the New International Version* Topical Index and other study helps

Peace for the Military Family
Biblica Publishing, Copyright @ 2009 

Containing the New International Version (NIV) New Testament, additional devotional articles prepared for military families brings peace to those who live with the ones who serve in the armed forces.

Topics include: Hope, anger, fear, loneliness, marriage, sorrow, suffering, weariness. Also includes book overviews, and "The Big Picture of the Bible."

Promises and Prayers for You in the Military
The Zondervan Corporation, Copyright @ 2003

A wonderful little booklet filled with promises and prayers from the Bible. Scripture promises and prayers are categorized by topic, some of which include: Armor of God, Guidance, Joy, Relationships, Stress, Worry, etc.

Psalm 91 - God's Shield of Protection
Author: Peggy Joyce Ruth, Copyright @ 2012

You will be taken through Psalm 91 verse-by-verse, unfolding the promises of protection from God. While there are other promises of protection found throughout the Bible, Psalm 91 is the only place in the Word where all of them are brought together in one collection.

Along with the author’s in-depth teaching, this book is full of heart-wrenching testimonies from servicemen who have seen firsthand God’s protective hand. Testimonies include those who survived a Nazi prison camp and have endured the turbulent times while fighting recently in Iraq, as well as a story from legendary author Corrie Ten Boom.

Come and understand God’s protection and become inspired and encouraged from those who have seen His protection firsthand. We will remember that the Lord has not made us to fear but to have power, love, and a sound mind.

Resting in God's Shadow
Encouragement for military bootcamp
Author: Chaplain (Major) Jeffrey Lynn Brooks U.S. Army Retired, Copyright @ 2017

Boot Camp. The starting point for everyone who joins the military. No one who signs up expects it to be easy. It’s not supposed to be. But everyone at some point during boot camp comes to the end of their own strength. It is at that point where a little encouragement makes all the difference. Resting in God’s Shadow offers encouragement specifically written for those in this especially challenging period of the military.

Chaplain (Major) Jeffrey L. Brooks, U.S. Army Retired knows what he’s talking about, with 22 years of active military service. During that time, he served as chaplain at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, encouraging the men and women in boot camp to never give up on themselves or their dreams, keep a positive mental attitude, and give it their best. Since then he’s had a passion to write these encouragements into a book.

This book is a collection of twelve devotionals, followed by a prayer book with spaces to record your thoughts. The devotionals in Part One correspond with the prayer book in Part Two. Concise and focused devotions fit into even the most rigorous training schedule. Whether you’re active in the military, or have a loved one headed to boot camp, this devotional is sure to provide just the right words of encouragement and Scripture.

Shield of Faith
365 daily devotions for military families
Author: Susanne Stalnecker, Copyright @ 2022

Be strong and courageous.

Military life can be unpredictable and messy. With changing schedules and interrupted routines, it is difficult for families to stay connected and grow together spiritually.

Shield of Faith is a 365-day devotional designed to support and strengthen every member of your military family. Through a daily Bible verse, inspirational devotion, and encouraging prayer, your family will
  • embark on a journey of exploring God's faithfulness,
  • find strength in God's presence to face life's uncertainties,
  • embrace God's purpose and calling, and
  • grow together in unity and love.
  • Equip yourselves with the shield of faith and achieve victory in life's trials no matter where God takes you.

Solo Duo
The Navigators

Solo Duo, a devotional developed from The Message: Solo New Testament, is available as a set to encourage military couples to grow stronger in their faith and marriage through 162 days of daily readings, reflections, and meditations. This devotional set helps keep couples on the same page, despite the number of miles between them.

Two Book Set: Brown edition for the husband and white edition for the wife

Pages: 162 devotionals plus classic Navigator discipleship & evangelism tools

Spiritual Fitness Guidebook
CRU Military

The Spiritual Fitness Guidebooks (SFG) offer training in spiritual fitness for Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors and their families who look to their Christian culture for guidance, strength and inspiration. The 42-page, 4×6 inch booklets are easy to carry in uniform pockets. 

Contents (in general, as each service has its own guidebook):
  • Story of a prominent service member
  • How to know Christ is in your life
  • How to be a disciple of Christ
  • What is the Bible?
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Can a Christian be a warrior?
  • Dealing with tough times
  • Comprehensive fitness
  • Jesus on resilience
  • Spiritual Battle Drills
  • Basic spiritual fitness
  • Spiritual ammo bunker

The booklets come in packs of 15, cartons of 150 and “kits” which contain 300 each of guidebooks, compact Bibles and baggies.

These guidebooks are published by Cru Military and are not official Department of Defense publications. There is a booklet designed for each of the service branches (except for the Coast Guard, which is not yet published).

Strength for Service to God and Country
Copyright @ 2002

Strength for Service is the devotional written specifically for those in service of others. First published in 1942, the volume went out of print in the 1950s as armed forces personnel returned home. Fifty years later, Boy Scout Evan Hunsberger discovered his grandfather’s well worn copy of the book and made an Eagle Scout project out of seeing the volume republished. Today, the revised book has been distributed to 300,000 service personnel of many denominations. Your help is needed to share this inspiring devotional with thousands more. Whether serving on the front lines in Iraq or caring for the wounded stateside, U.S. military personnel around the world need Strength for Service.

Strength for Today While My Soldier Is Away
Author: Carol J. Channer, Copyright @ 2008
Also available as an e-book download

While her only son prepared to join the Army, Carol Channer began to scour stores for a book on the subject of sending a child off to war. Finding none, she began journaling her own feelings, fears, and frustrations, as the Lord began to plant an idea within her spirit to pen a devotional book aimed directly at the heart of our military families.

Strength for Today While My Soldier Is Away is a compilation of thoughts, reflections, poetry, Scripture, and prayers intended to move the reader away from worry and fear; redirecting their attention to the wonderful provisional grace of the Lord.

The Leadership Bible
The seven principles of leadership
Translated by Military Chaplains, Copyright @ 2014

The special features include: The Seven Principles of Leadership, Leadership Prayers and military prayers by military chaplains, The Sinner’s Prayer by Billy Graham, Military Hymns, Leadership Creeds, Leadership Core Values, the Military Code of Conduct, The Covenant and the Code of Ethics for Chaplains of the Armed Forces, Leadership Quotes, A Guide to Leadership Scriptures, Presidential Quotes, and a section on Biblical Archaeology.

The Military Families Bible
Holman Bible Staff, published by B&H Publishing Group
Copyright @ 2016

The Military Families Bible provides 60 pages of devotionals and prayers that minister to family members and loved ones of military personnel as well as equip the reader to minister to and intercede for those in the military.

The One Year Yellow Ribbon Devotional
Take a stand in prayer for our nation and those who serve
Authors: Carol McGlothlin, Brenda Pace, Copyright @ 2008

The One Year Yellow Ribbon Devotional will encourage those of us staying behind to pray for those who are taking a stand for our freedoms. During a time of war and election of a new president, The One Year Yellow Ribbon Devotional meets a large need in our society. So many people are affected by the absence of those who leave home and serve in distant lands. Those who are left behind often struggle to find contentment and hope. This devotional will not only meet the needs of those individuals but will also encourage all Americans to take a stand by praying for our country and the men and women serving overseas.

The Warrior's Bible

The Warrior's Bible is specifically designed to help the military community (warriors, family, and friends) understand and apply the timeless truths of God's Word to daily life. From cover to cover, this Bible speaks in language that connects with military people about things that really matter.

The Warrior's Bible also speaks volumes to any individual, church, educational institution, or other organization seeking to understand the unique challenges faced by our brave citizens and family members who sacrifice to keep our nation safe.

Includes many features such as Articles For the Warrior which presents 50 longer writings that deal topically with important subjects such as:

  • Growing Spiritually During Deployments
  • Servant Leadership
  • Foundations Of A Christian Worldview
  • Why Should Christians Serve In The Military?
  • Replacing Fear With Faith
  • Singleness And The Christian Warrior
  • Staying Connected To Your Family During Deployment
  • The Parent Of A Warrior

Those Who Serve: A Devotional for the Military
(A Gathering of Eagles Book 4)
Author: Col. Jimmie Dean Coy (Ret.), Copyright @ 2014

This unique devotional addresses faith, family, and freedom. It includes personal life stories from the author as well as 33 stories from Medal of Honor recipients and ex-POWs. Part of their stories are told in the inspiring companion DVD, Those Who Serve…VALOR and PRISONERS OF HOPE, which is included on the inside cover of this book. 

Most of the author’s stories connect military history, and examples of military insignia from many different conflicts and wars, to a pertinent scripture with a biblical reference. Also included are the lyrics from patriotic and faith-based songs. 

Two of the sections in this book include advice for life and stories of American heroes who served in harm’s way. These individuals offer practical and spiritual wisdom for life. Much of their wisdom was forged during combat and in the burning fire of adversity, pain, suffering, sorrow, sadness, and death.

Year of the Military Bible Challenge
Author: American Bible Society
Link to order your FREE copy

​The "Basic Training in the Bible Challenge" is a 75-day Challenge which consists of 5 sections of 15 readings. This compact guide contains a 75-day devotional written specially for military members. This Bible study is ideal for new recruits attending Basic Training and was written specifically for military members. It provides pointers to associated scriptures but requires a separate Bible for reading. Available with regular size print or large print.

You Are Not Alone
Encouragement for the heart of a military spouse
Author: Jen MDonald, Copyright @ 2016

"If the military wanted you to have a spouse, they would have issued you one." -Uncle Sam 

When you marry a military member, your life is suddenly no longer your own. You not only marry the one you love, but also a whole new way of life--one filled with separations, moves, deployments, and other challenges. 

How to cope with this ever-changing life? Jen McDonald is right there with you. For nearly three decades as a military spouse, she's been in the trenches of this unique military world and carved out her own rewarding life. 

In You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouse, Jen offers a helping hand and a whisper of "You've got this!" as you make your own way. She celebrates the great moments with you, commiserates when it's not so easy, and points you to hard-won wisdom and helpful resources. Most of all, she reminds you that you're not alone on this military spouse journey. 

Each daily reading is written from the perspective of faith. In her warm, authentic style, Jen offers practical tips, related Scripture, and journal prompts for further reflection. Whether it's a deployment, move, or raising military kids, find real-life inspiration and hope from someone who's been there.

FREE Deployment 5 Day Devotional by Jen McDonald
Facing a deployment? Download this FREE devotional that Jen created just for you. Over 25 pages to help you walk through the first days of deployment. Here's the LINK

You Were Made for This
A 91 day devotional for military spouses
Author: Katherine Monit, Copyright @ 2017

Why this devotional? I am just a "normal" military spouse and a mom to three kiddos. I have never had the intention of becoming an author and I have not taken any special college level training focused in English. The Holy Spirit put this devotional on my heart to write. As I listened for the words He desired to say through me, I could hear Him say… "Write this book for military wives. They're searching for someone to hold them when they are scared, to feed them when the paycheck runs out, and to rejoice with them when no one else understands. I am He, their Heavenly Father, and they are my chosen daughters. No other women can do what they are doing. When their husbands get orders from their unit, I will give them peace. I will give them strength to raise Godly children even when their husbands are not near. If they choose to be different from the rest, I will be their helpmate. They are my baby girls, and I want nothing more than to bless them.” Why 91 days of devotions? My husband, as a Marine, had to go to basic training (boot-camp) for 12 weeks of intense physical and mental training. I believe we also need to dedicate ourselves to a similar period of mental and spiritual training to take on the critical role of being married into military life. Through the experiences God has carried me through, I’ve seen there WILL be days when we won’t hear from our husbands and challenging events WILL take place. In those moments we choose to be frantic or we choose to go to God for direction. It was important to me for his devotional to be easy to read, taking less than 5 minutes per day. Each day begins with a scripture and focuses on relatable life stories common among military families. I know God placed these things on my heart to help bring us to that next level of faith and empower us as a Christian military spouse.

More spiritual encouragement for the warrior

A More Elite Soldier
Pursuing a life of purpose
Author: Chuck Holton, Copyright @ 2003

The rigor of becoming an Airborne Ranger is exceeded only by the challenge of being one - but those who join their ranks find fulfillment in something bigger than themselves. In the same way, pursuing God's objectives energizes our everyday lives. Former U.S. Army Ranger Chuck Holton shows how God oversees our training and gives each of us specific skills to accomplish the mission He has for us in this great spiritual war. Riveting action and powerful vignettes offer potent spiritual ammunition for the battles of every Christian serving in God's army. Find out what it takes to be a more elite soldier.

The making of an invincible mind
Author: Chuck Holton, Copyright @ 2005

Would you like to have the confidence, the kind of driving purpose, that shuts out all fear? Do you want your life to be filled with adventure? There are many kinds of soldiers, and the ones that this book is written for don’t necessarily wear a uniform. The missions these soldiers undertake have more than just political or historical significance—they are impacting eternity. Bulletproof is a field manual for the Christian soldier. It addresses the issues of fear and risk from a Christian perspective, using primarily military examples and analogies. Holton teaches believers how to overcome fear and join the ranks of the army of God.

Bullet Proof Faith
Download for free at
Author: CH Jeff Struecker

Jeff Struecker was a sergeant during the battle in Mogadishu made famous by the book and movie "Black Hawk Down." This is the story of his courage and faith. Available free of charge.

God Understands
Author: American Bible Society
Link to order your FREE copy

Developed with chaplains from Veterans Affairs, God Understands empowers Service members and Veterans to find healing in God’s Word. Pairing military stories with Bible passages, the series covers eight themes based on the following spiritual injuries: anger, grief, doubt, guilt, fear of death, hopelessness, meaninglessness, and a sense that life is unfair. 

Individual books are available in regular or large print.

In His Service
A guide to Christian living in the military
Author: Rick Bereit, Copyright @ 2002

The military isn’t just a profession. It’s a way of life—sometimes an all-consuming way of life. So how does a Christian, who is called to live whole-heartedly for God, mesh life in Christ with life in the military? Is it possible to live a consistent, obedient, godly life while complying with the military’s many requirements?

The answer is yes, and In His Service serves as a guide. Designed as a lifelong handbook—from the first day of basic training through an entire enlistment or career—In His Service is a comprehensive resource to equip all warriors from all branches for service to country and to God.

On the Frontline
A personal guidebook for the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of military life
Author: Tom Neven, Copyright @ 2006

Winning strategies for the battles you face every day.

The demands of military life can be staggering. Soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines face pressures and temptations that civilians will never know. Fortunately, here is help from someone who has been there.

Tom Neven uses examples from history, real-life anecdotes from men and women in uniform, and biblical wisdom to help you navigate the biggest challenges of military life. On the Frontline addresses issues such as:
  • Loneliness (how to cope with deployment and separation from family and friends)
  • Sex (how to resist temptation and remain faithful)
  • Debt (how to manage money and avoid financial traps)
  • Relationships (how to build and maintain a marriage, friendships, and other relationships from a distance)
  • Fear (how to deal with the threat of injury or death)

Written for both men and women, this powerful book confronts these and other issues head-on, offering hope, encouragement, and practical guidance for every day you serve On the Frontline.

Resilient Warriors (The Resilience Triology)
Author: Robert F. Dees, Copyright @ 2011
(Also available: Advanced Study Guide)

Whether on the battlefield or in the board room, the home front, or the highways of life... We are all Warriors! Resilient Warriors describes the realities of this lifelong fight, and provides relevant, enduring principles of resilience for warriors in every foxhole of life. Our military, as well as those in every other marketplace across this land, need resilience like never before. Resilient Warriors provides urgently needed information and inspiration to help us all recover from the wounds of the past, weather the storms of the present, and build resilience for the future challenges of life and liberty we will most certainly face. 

Rough Cut Men
A man's battle guide to building real relationships with each other, and with Jesus
Author: David Dusek, Copyright @ 2012

In the movie industry, the rough cut is defined as the raw, first edition of a movie, which provides an idea of what the finished product will look like, giving indications of where it has problems and where it excels.

Much like a rough cut movie, Rough Cut Men are not the “finished product”. We are a work in progress. Philippians 1:6 reads: “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Men today have hundreds of acquaintances, but most have no real friends. Men are isolated and struggling alone. And while the Bible says we are to “Pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up.” (Ecc. 4:10), most guys go into the battles of life with no covering fire. Every man needs a battle buddy.

Rough Cut Men utilizes a strategic blend of “guy” movie scenes, real world tales of men, Biblical Truth and even throws in some of the author’s personal testimony to accomplish one focused mission: To get men talking to each other about what’s really going on in their lives. Each chapter contains hard-hitting questions designed to drive men deeper in their walk with other men and with Christ.

Rough Cut Men is real, raw and authentic. And it will equip you for the battle.

Spirit Warriors
Strategies for the battles Christian men and women face every day
Author: Stu Weber, Copyright @ 2003

Pastor and former Green Beret captain Stu Weber reveals the crucial spiritual battles that all Christians face constantly, whether or not they are aware of them. "Somehow we have come to mistakenly associate spiritual warfare with charismatic personalities strutting across brightly lit platforms ... whuppin' up on evil spirits," says Weber. "But spiritual warfare is so much more than a show." With warm and winning counsel, the bestselling author/speaker warns of the very real perils readers face, giving them what they need to survive and thrive.

Tender Warrior
Every man's purpose, every woman's dream, every child's hope
Author: Stu Weber, Copyright @ 2006

Leader. Protector. Friend. Lover.

God made you to be each of these…and much more. Stu Weber ’s bestseller paints a dramatic and compelling picture of balanced manhood according to God’s vision. Written in a warm, personal style, Weber presents the characteristics of tender warriors— including learning to speak the language of women, watching out for what lies ahead, and keeping commitments—in an upfront, straightforward style that challenges readers to realize God’s plan for men.

Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

Young men aspire to it. Women admire it. Yet the definition of manhood itself is obscured by a culture in moral free fall. This book cuts through the fog and defines a powerful blueprint for being the man—the Tender Warrior—that God desires for you and your family. You’ll discover that a Tender Warrior:
  •  watches out for what lies ahead—like a wagon train scout;
  •  keeps his commitments, no matter how painful;
  •  has a tender heart beating beneath his armor;
  •  understands his responsibility to his wife, children, and friends;
  •  recognizes that he is “under orders from higher headquarters.”

The Battle
Tactics for biblical manhood learned from the 7th Cavalry in Vietnam
Author: David Dusek, Copyright @ 2021

Victory in the battle of life comes by the hand of solid tactics, the undying resolve to win, and the unbreakable bonds of battle-hardened brotherhood. Using content from We Were Soldiers and interviews with those who were in the brutal conflict portrayed in that film, David Dusek shows men how to defend themselves and those around them from the attacks of Satan seeking to steal, kill, and destroy.

Touchpoints for Those Who Serve
God's answers for your every need
Author: Ronald A. Beers, Copyright @ 2012

America’s military men and women serving our country around the world are facing challenges unique to their personal and family situations. TouchPoints For Those Who Serve offers biblical counsel and encouragement on questions relevant to their lifestyle such as: Where do I get the courage to go on? Why is a sense of duty an important character trait? How do I demonstrate integrity? What are the qualities of a good leader? 

Touchpoints For Those Who Serve puts God’s answers to their most pressing questions right at their fingertips with words of encouragement, inspiration, and Bible promises on over 100 alphabetically-arranged topics on a wide range of issues relevant to any military person, of any rank. Each section starts with a question, then is exclusively answered with Scriptures, and ends with a biblical promise.

Under Orders
A spiritual handbook for military personnel
Author: William McCoy, Copyright @ 2007

Under Orders is written for you in the military services who seek to nurture and sustain your faith in the face of war, deployments and the troubling questions of faith and life.

Chaplain Bill McCoy's work is inspirational-- it guides soldiers as they struggle with the questions surrounding their service and their faith...a great book for soldiers to read several times throughout their careers, because while the questions he poses will always remain the same, the answers will change with age, experience, and in a deepening conviction.

Under Orders should be in every rucksack for those moments when Soldiers need spiritual energy.

Walking Point
A spiritual journey for warriors
Author: Chuck Dean, Copyright @ 2007

Walking Point takes warriors on a 39-week journey of individual and group training. It is series of studies designed to help active duty military and veterans equip themselves spiritually.

Additional Bibles

Audio Bible App - Apps
Faith Comes By Hearing offers an Audio Bible ministry with God's Word in more than 550 languages & growing. Free streaming & downloads on our site. Check out for a FREE Bible app.

Bible reading plan - E100, The Essential One Hundred (American Bible Society)
Have you ever wanted to read the Bible but didn't know where to start? What should I study? Who will help me? Making it through the Bible is a challenge, but it's worth it. That's what E100 is all about.

The Essential 100 Challenge (the E100) is a new way to read through the Bible, using carefully selected Bible passages - 50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament. You'll get the big picture without getting bogged down.

By registering, you will have access to all these tools and more; simply complete the Start Your Journey form to the right and you'll be on your way to start, and finish, the E100 challenge. See you on the trail!

E100 for Service Members and Chaplains: If you are an Active duty, Reserve, or National Guard Servicemember or Chaplain, this is your place to engage God’s Word. Here you will find on-line resources that will enable you to read through or listen to essential passages in the Bible, all while tracking your progress. Chaplains have access to sermon outlines, small group studies and other great tools.

E100 for Women: Are you the spouse of an Active duty, Reserve, or National Guard Servicemember or a women’s ministry leader? If yes, then a special E100 journey has been customized just for you. With this application, you can sign up for online journeys, subscribe to email encouragements and gain access to great audio Scripture content.

Bibles - American Bible Society
The American Bible Society has FREE Scripture resources available to all military service members, veterans, and family members - including shipping!

This also includes the E100 Catholic Military Bible (NABRE).

Bibles - Operation Worship
Operation Worship
Military chaplains can request free NLT camo covered Bibles for the service members they serve. There is an edition for every military branch including a pink camo homefront edition.

Military BibleStick - New Testament listening device
The Military BibleStick comes pre-loaded with the entire New Testament. It is rugged enough to withstand tough weather conditions, can be used in low-light situations, and it easily fits into uniform pockets. The Military BibleStick is bringing comfort and hope to Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. Support our Troops with God's Word in Audio today!


American Bible Society
Free Bibles and God Understands When materials
God’s Word for all those Seeking Strength - Due to the generosity of our amazing donors, the American Bible Society is able to offer FREE Scripture resources to all military members and veterans — including shipping!

Includes a variety of camo Bibles and the God Understands When series which includes:
  • God Understands When You Feel Angry
  • God Understands When You Fear Death
  • God Understands When You Feel Despair and Hopelessness 
  • God Understands When You Experience Sadness and Grief
  • God Understands When You Feel Life is Meaningless and Without Purpose
  • God Understands When You Feel Life Is Unfair
  • God Understands When You Feel Overwhelmed With Guilt
  • God Understands When You Have Doubts 

Frontline Faith Players for Catholic Troops
The FRONTLINE FAITH™ Project delivers compact MP3 players preloaded with spiritual content, especially as it pertains to military service, to members of our armed forces currently deployed or returning from deployment, with special emphasis on injured troops and troops stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The FRONTLINE FAITH Players include an audio rendition of the Mass; various homilies; prayers just for those serving, including a recitation of the Rosary; Christian music; prayers from children; and testimonies from soldiers about the struggles and victories of their faith journeys.

Online devotionals and spiritual encouragement, including apps

Excellent or Praiseworthy
A devotional to help military families stay connected during deployments
Welcome to Excellent or Praiseworthy, a devotional site for military marriages. It is our goal to minister to you and to help you think about things which will refresh and comfort you during this time of war. We want you to have hope!

“For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.” — Romans 15:4

Excellent or Praiseworthy
40 days of the deployment dare (The Love Dare)
Have you had the thought, “What good is it to do The Love Dare book when we’re so far apart during this deployment?”

We read the book with just that question in mind and offer these daily ideas to complement what the authors, the Kendrick brothers, have written so well.  If you and your spouse are separated by deployment, but want to grow closer to each other and deal with the challenges of marriage, add these comments each day to what the authors have “dared.”

Actually—in some ways—The Love Dare is easier to do while separated!  Don’t let Satan deceive you into thinking that it is not possible to grow together when duty calls you apart!

God Understands (American Bible Society)
God Understands booklets address the eight spiritual Injuries that have been identified by VA chaplains. They were written for VA chaplains but military chaplains also find them useful for counseling and for having them on hand for troops to pick up on their own. You can view the content of each booklet (website link above) as well as listen and download audio readings of four of the booklets. This site can also be opened from an iPhone or an Android, which is a great place to listen to the booklets.

Military Bible Challenge (American Bible Society)
Gain access to free Bible studies and devotionals designed for military personnel, veterans and their families.

Track your progress, record personal insights and share your thoughts, comments and prayer requests. Interact with groups and invite others to read with you as you take the Bible Challenge.

Rezilient Life
A ministry of the American Bible Society and Club Beyond with resources for military teens
Let's face it; life as a military teen isn't easy.There's always change and uncertainty, and we long for something more solid to grab hold of. Rezilient Life is your place to get a grip on some of those big questions; like friendship, family, belonging and transitions. It's a solid place, and it's specifically for you.

RezLife offers a ton of cool stuff like maps, quizzes, music and videos. Check them out! Need a pick-me-up? Want a challenge? Sign up for a text journey and we'll send you a message daily.

With a variety of meaningful topics to choose from, each personalized journey contains stories, media, Bible passages, and questions to guide you — making God's Word relevant and personal to you. Whether it's reading verses and words, listening to audio passages, or watching a video, you can explore the eternal truths of the Bible in the way that best fits your life and helps you navigate with ReZilience.

You Version - Hope after Trauma
Written by a military combat veteran, this devotional explores the question, “How can I have hope after dealing with trauma?” Those that have suffered traumatic events in their lives deal with a unique set of emotional and spiritual issues that are clearly addressed in Scripture. It is our prayer that you will find the hope and healing that God alone can provide. (6 day devotional)

You Version - Our Daily Bread (Military Edition)
This special military edition of Our Daily Bread will take a look at some of life’s biggest questions. It is our prayer that you will turn to God’s Word to learn more about His Son Jesus. In Him we find real hope and meaning for life. We find a mission bigger than ourselves. (90 day devotional)

You Version - Wiser and Happier: Special Military Edition from Time of Grace
The experience of serving your country overseas--and sometimes seeing firsthand man’s inhumanity to man--may teach you important lessons about life while turning your stomach at the same time. But recognize that God has an even better way for us to learn life wisdom, a way that continually draws us closer to him no matter how far from family or church we might be. Because of his great love for us, he would much rather make us wiser through words. In this way we wouldn’t be sadder but wiser; we would be wiser and happier. The Bible’s book of Proverbs is an absolute gold mine of wisdom for the daily decisions you must make. It will help you develop your personal values and tune your life’s agenda more closely to resemble God’s. (37 day devotional)

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  Bible verses that offer hope
  Of grace and gratitude
             peer support, sexual assault,
             suicide prevention
  • Deployment support for
  Military personnel
  Military spouses
  Military children, teens
  • Downloads and printables
  Brat Town Bugle TM
  Coloring pages
  Flat Brat TM
  Military house ornament

Operation We Are Here
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