Online communities for military veterans

Google+ VetConnect
VetConnect can help you locate and connect with other veterans who share similar service experiences. The only thing you need to start using VetConnect is a Google+ Account.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)
IAVA is the country's first and largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization for veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With more than 200,000 Member Veterans and civilian supporters nationwide, IAVA is building the next greatest generation with a three-pronged model based on advocacy, awareness, and assistance. IAVA programs empower our community online and offline, and include Smart Job Fairs, our signature New GI Bill calculator and Community of Veterans, a veterans only social network.

The Joel Fund - North Carolina Veterans Coffees (North Carolina)
Join us at our quarterly NC Veterans Coffee event. The Veterans Health Administration team will be on hand to answer your questions. Be sure to attend this informational gathering to learn about many organizations working on your behalf – Department of Veterans Affairs, NC Serves, and others.

Together We Served
Creating lasting legacies, friendships and connections for its members as the largest exclusively military network of its type, Together We Served enables veterans and active duty personnel to re-connect with lost brothers and sisters, share in the camaraderie of other servicemen and women, and create a permanent record of their service so this may never be forgotten.

Veterans United Connect (Facebook app)
Veterans United Network is a Facebook app open to those still serving, veterans, or military family members.

The app allows you to find and reconnect with those with whom you have served. 

You can find people that served at the same Locations (bases, ships, and more) and Service Groups (Wing, Unit, Battalion, Division, and more) as you did based on the time you served at the location or with the group. You can even find people from bootcamp or other shared connections.

Veterans United Network is supported by Veterans United.

Vet Friends
We are honored to serve you. Special bonds are formed between U.S. military personnel who have and are serving side by side in the U.S. Armed Forces. These friendships can withstand the test of time, serving side by side with your brothers & sisters in arms. 

With this idea in mind, was created by a proud U.S. Veteran and has grown to over 1,200,000 members -- the largest online veteran community today! 

The mission of VetFriends: to reconnect, honor and support You, our U.S. Veteran and military brothers & sisters. Our promise is to do all that we can to make you happy.
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Online communities for military veterans
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Military and veteran family resources
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