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Deborah Tainsh - Surviving the Folded Flag and Heart of a Hawk author and speaker for military personnel and families

Gold Star Mom and wife of USMC Sgt Maj (ret): Deborah H. Tainsh

As the parent of a son killed at war, trained grief mentor through the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors of military personnel since 2005 and having assisted more than 400 Gold Star parents after the death of a child in Afghanistan or Iraq, my messages and workshops on how Gold Star families cope, how our military families can help in the wake of a military death, and how important it is to families to connect with their fallen loved one's military friends has been shared with the Association of the United States Army, Fort Bragg Family Readiness Conference (Special Operations); 335th Signal Command Chaplains' Conference, Fort Benning, Georgia Officers' & NCO Wives, and others.

As a published author, through facilitating journaling/writing workshops, I offer others the opportunity to gain tools to help them easily write their personal thoughts for cathartic purposes or record their family legacy.

Surviving the Folded Flag: Parents of war share stories of coping courage & faith, my second book, is a compilation of 25 family journey stories and celebration of the life of their fallen heroes. Heart of a Hawk, my first book, was inspired by the appearance of a red tail hawk (the symbol of healing for Native Americans) at our home and its visits after SGT Patrick Tainsh, our son, was KIA in Baghdad, February 11, 2004.

My new project is connecting with wounded warriors to share Gold Star parents’ support, love, and letters in efforts to help relieve the pressure of guilt carried by these great men and women.

Contact me at: [email protected]

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Grief Solutions - Teaching America to respond to military loss
Grief Solutions tackles the tough subject of sudden death and traumatic grief with knowledge, experience and compassion.

Grief Solutions teaches America how to respond to traumatic loss, particularly a military line of duty loss -- We deliver relevant knowledge and practical skills through customized training solutions in a variety of formats to professionals, volunteers, and all caring individuals who work with people who have experienced a traumatic loss and are coping with traumatic grief. 

Grief Solutions produces self-help materials for those who have lost a loved one in the line of duty -- We provide compassionate, yet insightful survival-guide materials for grievers who seek the roadmap to survive, cope, and live again after a traumatic loss.

Grief Solutions provides a full array of training solutions on military loss, delivered in a format consistent with standard military training. Our training modules deliver professional knowledge, no-nonsense skills, and valuable lessons learned on how to respond to sudden loss and traumatic grief in the military. Customized, user-focused training is available for professionals, volunteers, and all caring individuals who work with those who are coping with the traumatic grief of military loss.
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