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Ever wonder what the Bible says of grief and mourning? As you suffer or share in the suffering of a loved one, remember even Scripture validates your mourning. "There is a time for everything...a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance" (Ecc. 3:1a, 4). Grieving is Biblical and necessary for healing and wholeness. ~Kristi
Whether PCS'ing, saying good-bye to friends or family, or sending my husband off for deployment or training, I constantly find comfort and peace in these words. ~Kristi
Praise and thanksgiving to God is not just for Thanksgiving...it's a lifestyle. I began our 3rd deployment jotting notes of God-sightings...even the littlest of things. And as the little jar of notes filled, I had tangible proof that God loved me, cared, and would carry me through yet another deployment. ~Benita
The author here speaks from a place of sorrow, distress and trouble. But the hope of God and the promises within his word penetrate the soul and have the power to calm all unrest. May you find hope in the power of these words today! ~Kristi
Full of belief, having confidence, and keeping a firm grip. ~Kristi
These words are part of a song by a bride to her groom. One of my husband's professors used this passage in a marriage course. The professor read this at the start of every class and then would say, "Do you believe this? Do you really believe this is true? Because if you do, it changes everything." For better or worse, sickness or health, deployment or stateside, PCS or staying put....military marriages can take hold and go the distance. ~Kristi
A promise from God. Truly there is no room for worry or fear when we have God's passionate, persistent presence in our life. ~Kristi
Sometimes what lies before us can be overwhelming. Let's not forget that WE ARE NOT ALONE. Take assurance in the promises of God. He instructs us, counsels us, watches over us, and gives wisdom to those who seek it. (James 1:5) ~Benita

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A prayer written by 18 year old Thomas Bennett, a Vietnam medic and a Medal of Honor recipient (awarded posthumously), written on his uncle's departure for Vietnam.
War continues abroad. People go through personal turmoil, rocked by the waves of life. In times like these, Scripture reminds us, from a leader's words in Exodus to the poet's pen in the Psalms, to the prophesy of Revelation, from the beginning to the end...The Lord Reigns! ~Kristi
EMMANUEL, translated, "God is with us." Whereever we are, whatever we're dealing with, God is with us. ~Benita
From "The Traveler's Psalm" ~ In the military life, and in all of life, there is much coming and going. How reassuring to know God keeps watch over His children no matter where they are. ~Kristi

Need some hope today? ~Kristi
Military life can mean constant moves and adjustments. I seek the value of this verse in military life, and all of life! ~Kristi
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