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BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing)
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PCS military move books for advice & encouragement

Advice, resources, tools

Allconnect is a free online service that helps people find utilities, like cable, internet, electricity, etc. at their exact address.

This is a helpful resource for military families who want to find the best deals on utilities at their exact address, but don’t want to have to call their providers individually to set up service.

Baseside Chats by MILLIE
MILLIE is about community. All of our resources are built by and for the military community, harnessing the power and expertise of those who have lived the military lifestyle. At MILLIE we connect families with specialized knowledge and trusted resource providers to alleviate the stress of frequent moves. MILLIE’s resources—our Scouts (military spouses who stand ready at military installations worldwide to assist other military families on the move), our installation guides, and our nationwide network of veteran and military spouse real estate agents—are all designed to make moving easier for military families.

More about Baseside Chats - We are live streaming to bring some calm to the chaos of a PCS! Each week, we'll bring in a duty station expert/military spouse at installations far and wide to share tips, tricks, and hidden gems about their home for now. Tune in LIVE by joining the Moving the MILLIE Way group by MILLIE or catch the replay here on the MILLIE page!

DITY Moving Mama is a blog by a military spouse. DITY is a military acronym for a Do-It-Yourself move. Are you curious about doing a DITY but don’t know where to start? Moving is hard - let’s do it together! 

Relocating can be the most difficult part of your PCS, there is a house to find, a truck to pack and a country to cross. Don’t let setting up your home services slow you down. At InMyArea.com you can find, shop, compare, and save on High-Speed Internet, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Utilities, Solar, Insurance, and Mortgage Rates.

The service Inmyarea.com/military offers is at no cost to military families. This includes free relocation consultations as well. Our goal is to help with the moving process any way we can without costing them any money.

Lost During My PCS
This Facebook group is powered by PCSgrades and designed to assist our military families and DoD civilians (active duty, guard, reserve, veteran, recent retirees, and all dependent spouses) locate missing items lost during a PCS.

Military OneSource
Whether new to the military or nearing retirement, service members and their families can expect to be called upon to relocate to another state or country. This is known as a permanent change of station, or PCS.

Moving can be full of new opportunities and new experiences – each one a little different. Rest assured that wherever you’re heading, Military OneSource can help you manage your move with helpful tips, resources and hands-on information. Support is available for every step of your PCS, whether you’re traveling solo or taking your family with you. Tap into all of the available relocation assistance so you can master your move and get on with your mission.

Get personalized support. Call Military OneSource at 800-342-9647.

MILLIE is about community. All of our resources are built by and for the military community, harnessing the power and expertise of those who have lived the military lifestyle. At MILLIE we connect families with specialized knowledge and trusted resource providers to alleviate the stress of frequent moves. MILLIE’s resources—our Scouts (military spouses who stand ready at military installations worldwide to assist other military families on the move), our installation guides, and our nationwide network of veteran and military spouse real estate agents—are all designed to make moving easier for military families.

Baseside Chats - https://www.youtube.com/c/MILLIEway/featured
We are live streaming to bring some calm to the chaos of a PCS! Each week, we'll bring in a duty station expert/military spouse at installations far and wide to share tips, tricks, and hidden gems about their home for now. Tune in LIVE by joining the Moving the MILLIE Way group by MILLIE or catch the replay here on the MILLIE page!

PCS Kit - https://pcs-kit.gomillie.com/download
Need to get organized for your PCS but not sure where to start?
Fear not! We're here to help. The MILLIE team has assembled our favorite checklists, to do lists, and tips to make your next move the smoothest one yet. To grab this FREE PCS bundle, just enter your email below and the download will start instantly. You'll also have access to our library of toolkits - right in your inbox, so be on the lookout! What's included:
  • PCS Move To Do Checklist: All the "honey-do's" and then some.
  • PCS Checklists: What to stash in your "don't pack" room and what you'll need to clean out.
  • PCS Tips: From the Pros. We've done this a time or two...
  • ​Change of Address Letter Templates (2): Just fill in your info. 
  • Binder Tabs and Notebook Cover

PCS Like a Pro
Everything you need to know about the PCS regulations, policies, process changes, plus helpful tools

The Ultimate PCS Guide to Packing Out (Article)


Army PCS Move app
The educational Army PCS Move app is available free for download from the Apple or Google Play stores with helpful information on entitlements, move types, move planning, claims and direct chat function with a government transportation agent at 800-521-9959. Search for ARMY PCS MOVE on either Google store (for Android) or the Apple store (for iPhone).

My Ultimate PCS app
My Ultimate PCS App makes Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and military life a breeze by putting it all in the palm of your hands. 

Introducing a revolutionary new way to PCS. My Ultimate PCS App™ is the first and the only military life PCS planning app. The app is specifically created for military families to simplify the way they move and live. For today's military family.


BAH for United States
The Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is based on geographic duty location, pay grade, and dependency status. The intent of BAH is to provide uniformed service members with permanent duty within the 50 United States accurate and equitable housing compensation based on housing costs in local civilian housing markets and is payable when government quarters are not provided. A uniformed service member stationed overseas, including U.S. protectorates, who is not furnished government housing, is eligible for Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA). 

BAH for Overseas
The Overseas Housing Allowance compensates members for the majority of housing expenses. Comprised of three components: rental ceiling, utility/recurring maintenance allowance, and move-in housing allowance (MIHA).

Military installation information

Air Force Housing
Helping Airmen and their families transition to their new homes.

Association of Defense Communities
ADC builds resilient communities that support America's military. We are the connection point for leaders from communities, states, the military and industry on community-military issues and installation management to enhance knowledge, information sharing and best practices. With nearly 300 communities, states, regions, and affiliated industry organizations, ADC represents every major defense community/state in the nation.

Housing 1 Source (serving Fort Sam Houston, Lackland AFB, Randolph AFB, and the Great San Antonio area)
Our mission is to provide a compassionate, comprehensive and professional relocation experience that is responsive to the unique needs of our service members and their families, and that strengthens family well-being and enhances quality of life.

Housing 1 Source assists military members and their families as they transition into a new home, community and duty assignment. 

We offer an extensive menu of services including in-house apartment locating, real estate and title services, utility hookups and deposit waiver assistance, banking, insurance, mortgage, investments, home security services, broadband and wireless Internet, television, furniture rentals and sales, auto dealers, employment assistance and educational opportunities.

We provide all of these services and more, all under one roof and all at no cost to the military member or the DoD.

Military Bases
Military Bases is your all in one military information hub. Locate your favorite bases and stay up-to-date on top military/political news.

Military.com - Base Guides
Everything you need...in one place.

Find the essentials before you relocate and get more out of your community while you're there. Military.com Base Guides provide you with:
  • Base Directories: find phone numbers for all on-base services fast
  • Base Talk: get real answers from real people through local online communities
  • Local Events and News: see what's happening in the area
  • Reviews: find the best local restaurants and businesses
  • Sections for Spouses, Vets and Retirees: connect with people in your community like you

Military In Germany
Travel and events for American families.

Military Town Advisor
Military Town Advisor is a PCS resource helping military families before, during, and after a PCS. Before your move, search for where to live, school ratings, and read military housing reviews. During your move, find a real estate agent and homes for sale or rent. After your move, explore your town by learning about great local businesses and fun things to do! Military Town Advisor is created by a military spouse to help other military families!

Millie helps military families move with a network of people who've been in your shoes and are ready to help before, during and after your PCS.

My Base Guide
Our mission is to provide essential information to all military personnel and families relocating to a different part of the country. As a newcomer, you can find out about registration, rules, maps, and the history of the base's commands, installations, and units. You will also find a wealth of information regarding housing, employment, education and schools, health care and dental services, as well as community activities and recreation.

PCS Grades
PCS Grades seeks to be THE go-to service for all current and former military members and spouses when solving gateway problems during the PCS (move) process.

We are military families helping fellow military families, reinforcing the trust and integrity amongst our tight knit community. Our team is lean, agile, innovative, and aggressive. We feature must-have information and facilitate professional connections through a trusted 3rd party peer-to-peer ratings and reviews service. We provide a voice to our community that has not previously existed and accountability for the professionals we have to work with.

United on the RoK (Korea)
United on the RoK is a civilian, information and lifestyle magazine with a monthly distribution to all United States Forces Korea (USFK) military installations. Launched in July 2022, the no-cost magazine provides individuals at USFK installations with a robust platform to share information that enhances connectedness within and across our diverse communities, and improves our quality of life. We publish content about organizations, initiatives, events, culture, history, health, experiences, lifestyle tips, and other human-interest pieces.

Pet transportation services

See also Pet Transportation Costs Assistance - LINK

Happy Tails Travel, Inc.
Since Happy Tails Travel was established in 1995, we have been working as a team with the live animal freight, shipping and animal cargo industry. We treat each pet's relocation as if we were moving our own furry four footed family member.

Transition encouragement

Just Moved with Susan Miller
This section of our website is designed to bring hope, comfort and encouragement to all military women in their transition and adjustment of moving. It is written by and for military spouses, moms, those who are single and those who serve on active duty. As you read about women, like yourself, who are going through the same feelings and emotions, may it encourage you to know that you are not alone. As you hear their testimonies of God’s faithfulness, may it bring you hope. As you embrace God’s word from others, may it bring you comfort.


Your TriCare eligibility does not change when you move. But, certain things about your benefit may change once you move, such as your TriCare plan.

Please enter your profile so we can give you the most accurate information about what to do when you move. When selecting where you live, please tell us where you live now (where you're moving from).

PCS military move books for advice & encouragement

Return to Books for the Military Community & Supporters - LINK

25+ Books for Military Kids about Moving - LINK
Military Move Bible Studies - LINK

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Best resources & books for your next military PCS move!
After the Boxes are Unpacked
Moving on after moving in
Author: Susan Miller, Copyright @ 2016

Help and Hope to Make It Through Your Move

Discover the encouragement and practical advice you need to survive your move―and even thrive! Susan Miller has helped thousands of women just like you, and she shares the essential tools you need for a smoother transition:
  • life-giving biblical principles and ideas for coping with change
  • ideas for building relationships in a new community
  • true stories and powerful inspira-tion
  • empathy and insights for the hard times
  • survival boxes full of helpful hints
  • and much more!

Almost There
Searching for home in a life on the move
Author: Bekah DiFelice, Copyright @ 2017

Home, by definition, is where you feel comfortable, where you are established, where relationships are worn in and familiar. It is where you are known, a place to belong. It is a universal longing, but an elusive destination.

Why does life often move us far from this secure, primal comfort? We transfer to different locations or simply live unsettled in our own hometown. We rebuild, make new friends, find new jobs, and forge new ties. Our blanket of security becomes a whole host of unknowns. Underneath it all, sure as the evening taps, there is a homesickness for belonging.

What if this homesickness is not just a series of challenges to be overcome, but a vehicle for God to draw us to Himself? What if God is orchestrating our circumstances to bring us into the knowledge of who He is? What if all along He is inviting us home?

Is it possible to build a home in a life that marches to the cadence of constant change and transition? In Almost There, Bekah DiFelice, a military wife familiar with the impermanence of home, offers encouragement and wisdom to those who struggle with a search for belonging in a world where home is constantly shifting. God, the grand home builder with an eternal guarantee, invites us to build a home that resides in the privacy of our hearts, a settlement that is fundamentally immovable. If we put roots down in a God who is unchangeable, He promises to be a steady anchor in the unpredictability of life.

Changing Zip Codes
Finding Community Wherever You're Transplanted (devotional)
Author: Carol Stratton, Copyright @ 2012

When your entire life drives off in a moving van, it’s easy for doubts to flood your mind. Will I ever be organized again? Will I find good friends? Will my children like their new school? Carol Stratton has experienced twenty-two moves and counsels others seeking stability in a culture of change. In Changing Zip Codes, Carol helps readers explore the fun of new possibilities, the magic of new friendships, and the excitement of fresh starts. With humorous stories and biblical insights, Carol reminds us God is in the midst of every move, leading us to new beginnings.

​​Home Is Where God Sends You
Lessons in contentment from nearby and faraway
Author: Janet Benlien Reeves, Copyright @ 2013

According to Isaiah 40:28, God created the ends of the earth. What a coincidence! That’s where you’re going! At least it’s where you may think you are going if you’re getting ready to move. The good news is: God will go with you. He has promised to, and, better yet, He’s gone ahead of you. He created the place after all—wherever it is! This is the message of Home Is Where God Sends You, a daily devotional for women who are moving that encourages them to cling to Christ’s constancy in the midst of dramatic change. Women who move frequently can begin to lose hold of the roots and long-term relationships that help bring stability and support to both spiritual and family life. These women must discover unique ways to hold firm to their faith and identity in the midst of constant change. Home Is Where God Sends You encourages them to trust God daily as they adjust to new surroundings. As they read daily devotionals corresponding to the many phases of a move, they’ll learn how to find contentment by claiming God’s Presence as home wherever they go.

It's a spouse thing
Author: Julie Negron, Copyright @ 2010

The first few years of comic strips from "Jenny, the military spouse", as seen in the Stars & Stripes. 

That Military House
Move it, Organize it, & Decorate it
Author: Sandee Payne, Copyright @ 2006

A complete guide to moving in the military. Loaded with tips and techniques to help you during any relocation. Use this book throughout your moving process and while you are establishing your new "home". Includes chapters on: Pre-Move Preparation, Packing and Unpacking, Floor Planning, Organizing, Decorating, Containerizing, Shopping, Painting & Sewing...and much, much more!
After the Boxes Are Unpacked
Resources for supporters of military and veteran families
  • Practical insights in caring for
             Home front families
             Military personnel
             PTSD, wounded warriors
             Loved ones of the fallen

Military and veteran family resources
  • Christian encouragement
  Bibles, devotionals, studies
  Bible verses that offer hope
  Of grace and gratitude
             peer support, sexual assault,
             suicide prevention
  • Deployment support for
  Military personnel
  Military spouses
  Military children, teens
  • Downloads and printables
  Brat Town Bugle TM
  Coloring pages
  Flat Brat TM
  Military house ornament

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