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Financial assistance
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Financial assistance

AWS1 James Buriak Foundation
AWS1 James “Jimmy” Philip Buriak, USN, died 31 August 2021 in a Naval helicopter crash off the coast of San Diego. Where he served as a naval aircrewman rescue swimmer (AWS) with HSC-8. The legacy of a hero is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example. This foundation was created in the wake of Jimmy’s death as a way to honor him and his memory but also keep his purpose alive – to help others. Jimmy served as a rescue swimmer whose motto is, “So others may live.” We’ve embraced this motto for the foundation and it’s the purpose of being there every day, but on your worst possible day, knowing that we are here to walk that journey with you.

Our mission is to ensure the sacrifices of those in the aviation community are honored and those that are left behind are supported, empowered and continue to be part of the community.

Brothers in Arms Foundation (Boynton Beach, FL)
Brothers In Arms Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt service disabled veteran operated State of Florida nonprofit organization. Our mission is to provide financial and logistical support to immediate family members of Marines & FMF Corpsman who have been critically wounded, or fallen while serving within the Special Operations Community of The United States Marine Corps.

Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund
The CFSRF was founded in order to provide support to surviving US military children and spouses that have lost a loved one in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars or whose service member has sustained a serious disability. Our objectives are to help US military children and spouses with college grants as well as provide financial assistance to those families in need of help with housing, utilities, food and clothing. Often, when a loss occurs in these families, what was a two person income becomes one. The financial hardships placed on these families are very difficult to deal with. Their lives are devastated and forever changed. We are determined to help make the last wishes of those lost to the casualty of war possible by assisting their families with their needs. 

Duskin & Stephens Foundation (U.S. Special Operations Community)
The mission of the Duskin & Stephens Foundation is to support the United States Special Operations Community through direct support to families of fallen operators, healing programs designed to combat the effects of PTS, TBI and loss of a loved one, and youth scholarships for children of active duty members of our community.

Faces of Valor USA
Faces Of Valor USA is a non-profit organization with a mission to raise money for scholarships and financial aid for men and women in the military, fire, police and EMS services who have been injured or killed in the line of duty as they have protected us and provided safety and security for our American way of life.

Fallen Patriot Fund
The Fallen Patriot Fund of The Mark Cuban Foundation was established to help families of U.S. military personnel who were killed or seriously injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Financial resources are vital to enhancing the sustainability of the family unit who has suffered a loss because their loved one sacrificed him/herself for freedom. Within that group, grant recipients will be selected in accordance with criteria established by The Mark Cuban Foundation. All proceeds will be disbursed. 

Fallen Wings Foundation
We were formed in the small desert oasis of Holloman Air Force Base by a group of active-duty USAF pilots and spouses. Our vision is to mobilize monetary resources to the first-of-kin in the event of an aerial mishap. If there’s one thing we’ve all seen, and know, is that the Bro Network (both male and female aircrew) is very strong but has more often than not been isolated. The Fallen Wings Foundation is here to unite the Bro Net and enrich any and all namesake foundations of bros past.

Gifts of Gratitude Fund (Freedom Has a Face)
Freedom Has a Face would like to announce the Gifts of Gratitude Fund. Initiated through the generous support of the annual Anderson Construction Golf Tournament, we have established a fund to meet certain financial needs of immediate and extended families of our fallen heroes. The Gifts of Gratitude Fund (GOGF) is intended to be a humble, “thank you” from a grateful nation for the sacrifice these families of the fallen have endured. To be clear, FHAF knows we can never soften the blow of losing a loved one in heroic service to our nation. Nevertheless, the objective of the GOGF is to provide a tangible means for patriotic Americans everywhere to acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice paid on their behalf. Help FHAF say “Thank You” to our families of the fallen. Anyone can nominate one of these families for the Gifts of Gratitude Fund.

Gold Star Ride Foundation
We honor our nation's Fallen by taking care of their families. Whatever a fallen hero would do for their family, we will do for their family.

Green Beret Foundation
The Green Beret Foundation considers our own Gold Star Families to be one of the most important groups in our community. We have a duty to remain in close contact with those who have lost a Green Beret. Our Gold Star support includes: payment of funeral costs not covered by the military, continuous engagement with the families to identify gaps in resources, maintaining a close connection with the families, and ultimately fostering a lifelong bond to build a stronger Green Beret Family.

Gold Star Program (Army Ranger Lead the Way Fund)
 When a Ranger has paid the ultimate sacrifice, whether in combat or in training, Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund believes there is a moral obligation to support the dependents of these Heroes. Through this program we can ensure that the essential necessities of these Gold Star families go uninterrupted. We are proud to stand with them.

Helping Hands for Freedom
Helping Hands for Freedom provides emergency financial assistance to military families based on needs that arise from financial hardships faced when a family member is wounded or lost in the line of duty. Our goal is to keep families together, with a roof over their heads, and food in their bellies. Gold Star families have already paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and we believe that they should not have to continue paying that sacrifice after the loss of their loved one. This is why we take care of our Gold Star families nationwide. 

Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund (Massachusetts)
Bereaved Military Family Assistance -- Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund can offer direct financial assistance to families needing help with funeral costs not covered by the military, with basic needs expenses, and with family enrichment programs. These grants are administered by a licensed social worker, who can also provide advocacy, referrals and limited case management services. Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund also offers peer-to-peer support through workshops, private family events and other opportunities for social connections.

Michigan Bikers Helping Veterans (Michigan)
The Michigan Bikers Helping Veterans (MBHV) is a registered non profit charity that receives donated funds to distribute in Michigan to provide assistance to deserving families of the fallen and/or wounded service personnel, or veterans in critical financial need.

Military Friends Foundation (Massachusetts)
Basic Needs Grant - Military Friends Foundation works to support the vital needs of our Massachusetts military community through our Military Friends Foundation Basic Needs Program which offers assistance for basic needs, such as shelter, housing assistance, clothing or food.

Crisis Response Grant - If your military family has been impacted by a crisis including having a service member critically injured overseas or stateside; a residential fire resulting in significant or total loss of residence; a severe debilitating illness; natural disaster resulting in significant or total loss of residence; severe medical injury or accident; emergency travel for a deployed servicemember in a combat zone or other unexpected crisis situation then you may qualified for assistance.  

Active military stationed in Massachusetts, Massachusetts National Guardmembers, Reservists who reside in Massachusetts, and Massachusetts Gold Star Families of all eras may apply. We seek to respond within 1 business day to your inquiry however we encourage you to call us directly at 1-84-HELP-VETS to expedite assistance. 

Hero's Salute Casualty Assistance Grant - Military Friends Foundation “Hero’s Salute” grant offer a wide range of immediate support to local military families whose service member died on active duty in the Armed Forces including:
  • Assistance with burial expenses
  • Assistance with travel arrangements and travel costs for family members 
  • Assistance with lodging arrangements and lodging costs for family members
  • Memorial photo pins for wake/funeral services
  • Handheld flags for local communities to honor the Fallen
These funds – designed as “first-responder” support – can either be accessed by the family’s primary contact or the Casualty Assistance Officer calling 1-84-HELP-VETS.  

Navy Seal Foundation
Our Health and Welfare programs ensure the families of our SEALs, SWCC, and all personnel assigned to NSW know that they are a valued part of the NSW community. As members of the NSW community it is incumbent upon all of us to help each other. Our foremost goal is that no member of any NSW family should be in doubt about where to go in time of need. The Navy SEAL Foundation supports all families and their parent commands by easing financial burdens, establishing support networks, and funding command sponsored activities. Within our mission guidelines we will ensure that essential resources are always available to help our families whether or not it is a small need or one of great significance. Examples of support include immediate assistance for families of NSW active-duty members that are wounded or killed in combat or training, memorial services, assistance related to active duty or dependent terminal illness, and assistance in times of natural disaster. If the Navy SEAL Foundation cannot directly accommodate the need of a family or individual, it will make every effort to coordinate assistance within the full capability of the staff and our partner organizations.

Newby-ginnings of North Idaho Inc. (Post Falls, ID)
Newby-ginnings provides basic necessities and essential household items to veterans, active military and their families at absolutely no cost. With support from and in partnership with the community, Newby-ginnings of North Idaho, Inc., a non-profit organization, will provide, with honor, respect and integrity, essential items, resources and referrals to area active military, veterans, and Gold Star families in need of such services.

Once a Soldier
The mission of Once a Soldier is to heal the emotional and financial scars of a veteran suicide. If you have just lost a loved one, we are ready to help you through. Call or click to get in touch. We can help with the coroner, medical examiner, biohazard clean-up, funeral home, and financial aid.

Operation Family Fund
Our mission is to assist the injured and families of the those who have been injured or killed as a part of the Global War on Terrorism, whether domestic or abroad, military or civilian, with financial grants for transitioning to their new circumstances and achieving financial self-sufficiency.

Operation Hero (Utah, Nationwide)
Operation Hero is a non-profit organization that gives back to Gold Star Families here in the state of Utah and throughout the nation. We also donate to organizations that help Gold Star Families nationwide. Our Utah families that are in need have received gift cards and our mission is to expand and be able to assist families in other ways in the upcoming year. From time-to-time our Utah families need additional support. If you are skilled in a trade or service and would like to donate your time and expertise, please contact us at [email protected].

Red Circle Foundation
Red Circle Foundation donations provide gap funding in support of Special Operations wounded warriors, children and families of the fallen.

SEAL Legacy Foundation
Supports families of wounded and fallen Navy SEALs, educational assistance for SEALs and their families, and other charitable causes benefiting the SEAL community.

Special Ops Survivors
Emergency Financial Aid - There are times in life when the unexpected occurs and surviving spouses might find themselves in a difficult financial situation. Special Ops Survivors can provide a small amount of money to help survivors who find themselves in these situations. These funds are intended to cover critical expenses such as insurance deductibles and car repair bills.

Special Ops Warrior Foundation
The Special Operations Warrior Foundation ensures full college scholarships to the surviving children of Special Operators who die in the line of duty - to any fully accredited college or university in the nation. Financial assistance includes tuition, room and board, books, fees, computers, transportation and miscellaneous expenses.

Additionally, SOWF provides ongoing support and academic counseling to make sure every student has the opportunity to do well in school. SOWF offers professional tutoring, at no cost, to all students from kindergarten through college graduation.

The Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund (Michigan)
The mission of the Fallen and Wounded Soldiers Fund™ (FWSF) is to support Michigan-based soldiers who serve and protect our country. We are a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c) (3) organization. We are honored to help injured soldiers pay their living expenses, and provide assistance to the families of the fallen.

Wingman Foundation
In the immediate aftermath of a military aviation mishap, we step in and provide the necessary assistance to the affected service members and their families. 

We make funds available in the days immediately following a mishap to help with family expenses such as funeral, travel, and lodging costs. Since our founding in late 2014, we have been able to support every single Class A (fatal) mishap in the Navy and Marine Corps in some way, whether that is something as simple as providing flowers and wreaths at a memorial service, to flying entire families across the country and around the world, paying for their rental car, hotel expenses, and even catering for a memorial reception.

Our support does not stop there. Once the dust has settled and families have had some time to grieve their loved ones, any additional funds can be used by the family or squadron even many years afterwards to continue honoring their Sailor's or Marine's legacy.

Wounded Heroes of America (Hawthorne, CA)
Since 2004 we have provided funding to many wounded veterans, including spouses of our Fallen Warriors.

What is unique about how we disperse financial help is that we ask our member veterans to send out the checks to those new to our organization. Along with each check, our veterans send a letter introducing themselves, telling their own stories and letting recipients know they have someone who understands and is there for them.

With limited resources, the WHOA checks are not huge but they come with something most valuable, even priceless – second chances to make a new life because someone cares.

Financial advice

Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund (Massachusetts)
The Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund staff will assist family members with obtaining social services, insurance payments and other benefits which can be difficult to navigate.

The Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund can offer referrals to resources for mental health providers, military benefit advocates, legal services and financial/estate planning.

We Got This
The We Got This fund is inspired by the life and personality of Green Beret Jonathan Robert Farmer, who was Killed in Action fighting the Global War on Terror. It seeks to ease hardship for those left behind by the fallen. When America’s patriots pay the ultimate price, it is our duty to pick up the slack.

Our main goal is financial, to ensure the surviving spouse and their family will have the same standard of living had their primary wage earner lived a complete life. We do this by providing a financial contribution to a trust account and assist with a budgeting plan. Secondly, we assist by providing legal and financial mentors to families in order to aid in navigating the mired waters of benefits, banks and charities. We also seek to establish a new sense of purpose by linking families with the emotional and spiritual support of others who have also experienced this horrible loss.


Military Warriors Support Foundation Transportation 4 Heroes
Military Warriors Support Foundation awards payment-free vehicles to combat wounded veterans and to unmarried Gold Star spouses whose loved ones were Killed-In-Action.
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