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"All of us hope and pray that the time will come when we no longer need to dedicate memorials to men who died in battle--that we will dedicate memorials to those who live in peace--to all nations and all men."

Senator Frank G. Moss
USS Utah Memorial ground breaking, December 7, 1971

Memorials & tributes to the fallen

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Memorials, tributes, & events

Coffelt Database (Vietnam veterans)
The Coffelt Database documents the Americans who died in the Vietnam War.

EOD Warrior Foundation (Eglin AFB, FL)
The EOD Memorial Wall at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida honors EOD technicians who gave their lives in the performance of their duties. The names on the wall date back to the formation of EOD in World War II. The basic structure consists of four cenotaphs; one for each branch of military service, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force. A bronze tablet with the names of fallen EOD warriors is inscribed and attached to each cenotaph.

Every year, on the first Saturday in May, the EOD Memorial Ceremony is held to commemorate fallen EOD technicians to recognize and preserve the legacy of the service and sacrifices of our fallen warriors and their families.

Fallen Heroes Memorial
Fallen Heroes Memorial is an online memorial for all of the fallen servicemembers of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, including photos and visitor-submitted messages.

Freedom Has a Face
Freedom Has A Face has created a living memorial site that features U.S. military on the day they gave their lives. From the Civil War through the Global War On Terror, you can search our database for thousands of fallen heroes.

Global War on Terrorism Memorial (Columbus, GA) - September
​Since the Global War on Terrorism began on September 11, 2001, over 7000 Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines have given their lives in defense of our nation. To honor their sacrifice, the Global War on Terrorism Memorial was dedicated at the National Infantry Museum October 16, 2017. The memorial includes granite panels engraved with the names of all service members who have given their lives in the conflict, narrative panels explaining the conflict, and murals with artwork from each service. It also includes a 13’ steel beam from World Trade Center Tower 1 that was presented to Fort Benning by NYC Firefighters, and nine bronze statues representing an Infantry squad.

The memorial is rededicated each year to add the names of the recently fallen. The next rededication will take place on Saturday, September 9, 2023.

If you are a Gold Star family, please click on this LINK for your invitation to attend detailed information about events surrounding the rededication.

Gold Star Family Registry (Families United USA)
The National Gold Star Family Registry is a 21st Century Memorial that utilizes the latest in technology to provide a searchable, scalable database of America’s fallen Heroes since WWII. The Registry is accessible to all Americans from homes, classrooms, libraries, or anywhere with Internet access. 

The technical infrastructure permits the public to search the Registry using a variety of criteria. Family members, friends and comrades can tell the story of their hero by adding written tributes, which the Registry will preserve for future generations. Like never before, American’s will be able to get a sense of who these brave men and women were, the cause for which they died, and—most importantly—how they lived.

Honor and Remember
Our mission is to establish a tangible national symbol of gratitude, as a visible public reminder to all Americans, that perpetually recognizes all military lives lost in defense of our national freedoms.

Iraq War Heroes, Afghanistan War Heroes
Dedicated to our deceased Heroes that have served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. Contribute to this page by sending photos, statements, tribute pages for any of these heroes that will help others remember them.

Marines Memorial Association (San Francisco, CA)
The Marines Memorial Association in San Francisco has hosted a reception and dinner to honor our California fallen and to support Gold Star families. During these two days parents are comforted, and their children lost to us are honored.

Massachusetts Gold Star Family Tree Dedication (December)
Military Friends Foundation hosts an annual dedication of the “Massachusetts Gold Star Families Tree”. The tree pays tribute to local service members who have been killed-in-action, lost their lives on active duty, from military suicide, or died related to their military service. Photos and messages from loved ones will be displayed on the tree and serve to remind us of the tremendous sacrifices made for our freedoms. Families of the Fallen are invited to arrive prior to the dedication to personalized ornaments that will be placed on the tree. This project is a partnership between the Military Friends Foundation and Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services.

Military OneSource - Military in Lasting Tribute
This memorial honors the thousands of service members who died while serving honorably on active duty from 1985 to the present.

Military Times: Honor and Remember
Honoring those who fought and died in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.

Mission 22 Memorials
There are memorials dedicated to the fallen warriors of nearly every major conflict in our country’s history. They remind us of sacrifices made by those wearing our uniform , honor those we’ve lost, and help connect civilians and soldiers. Yet, there was no national monument for those who had lost their lives in the war at home—to PTS, TBI, or MST. Mission 22 created the following memorials through the combined effort of our Veteran and civilian communities. Those like our ‘War at Home’ Memorial help us to amend the past, honor the present, and offer a different path for our Veterans.

Operation Never Forget
Creates billboards from family photos that remind Americans of the service and sacrifice of our troops.

Patriotic Productions
Patriotic Productions is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to honor our military service-members, past and present. Our focus is on preserving cherished memories and recording stories for future generations of those who died fighting for America. We do that by creating traveling photo exhibits and holding events open to veterans, their families, and the public.

REMEMBERING OUR FALLEN - A traveling photographic war memorial (now two identical versions) that honors our post-9/11 military Fallen. This memorial, with 34 Tribute Towers, also includes our military who served in combat zones post-9/11 but succumbed to the invisible wounds suffered. A Tribute Tower has also been added to include our military who died in stateside or non-combat training accidents.

FLIGHTS OF HONOR EXHIBIT - 3,466 Veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam, War on Terror Wars flew on charter jets (2008-2019) to see their memorials in D.C. These flights were a way to give our veterans the thank you and welcome home they never received. Enjoy this exhibit with hundreds of photos! See “Flights of Honor” tour page for dates and locations.

Project 33 Memorial Foundation
Project 33 is a not-for-profit organization that was founded to preserve the memories of U.S. Special Operations soldiers killed in action since September 11, 2001. These humble warriors do not ask for our recognition of their ultimate sacrifice; therefore, we are compelled to ensure that the American people know the true magnitude of their service, and continue their legacy  

Special Operations Transition Foundation
WARRIOR HERITAGE - A big part of the Special Forces Community is our veterans and their families. The SFCT is committed to support their legacy, ensure their welfare, and provide assistance wherever and whenever possible. Examples of veterans and heritage support provided, include but are not limited to:
  • Hosting and/or funding receptions for recovered SF MIA’s/KIA’s
  • Hosting and/or funding receptions and monuments for our SF Medal of Honor recipients.
  • Assisting with the funding of memorials and monuments in honor of SF Soldiers killed in action.
  • Sponsoring professional counseling services for SF Soldiers and their Families.
  • Providing funding to organizations who advocate for SF Veterans.
  • Supporting the annual Special Forces Association National Conventions.
  • On a case-by-case basis, providing emergency financial support for SF Veterans.

The Summit Project (Maine)
The Summit Project, a nationally recognized, Maine based, service organization, is a living memorial that pays tribute to the fallen service members from Maine who have died in the line of duty since September 11, 2001. We have fundamentally changed the way we honor our post 9/11 fallen heroes from Maine. The mission of The Summit Project is to honor our state’s newest war casualties and the faithful spirit of all Mainers.

Time of Remembrance (September)
Time of Remembrance was founded by Shirley Schmunk in 2006. Shirley lost her son, Jeremiah, in Baghdad, Iraq just two years earlier. Shirley envisioned an event that would provide families an opportunity to honor their fallen loved ones while finding a place of support and camaraderie within each other.

As we prepare for our annual event there are many non-paid volunteers who lovingly give of their time and talents to make this event a successful one. Our hearts are often full as these events have provided long-lasting relationships and healing to the families that at one point felt very alone in their loss.

Woody Williams Foundation (Louisville, KY)
The Woody Williams Foundation is a charitable nonprofit organization that pursues specific endeavors and goals through the vision of Medal of Honor recipient Hershel "Woody" Williams. The Foundation encourages, with the assistance of the American public and community leaders, establishing permanent Gold Star Families Memorial Monuments in communities throughout the United States, conducting Gold Star Families Outreach across the country, providing Living Legacy scholarships to eligible Gold Star Children, and advocating for educational benefits for all Gold Star Family members.

The impact of the Foundation’s work helps to raise public awareness about Gold Star Families’ enduring sacrifice and the ultimate sacrifice made by their Loved Ones. The Foundation wishes to educate the community about these sacrifices, reminding us all that freedom has not been and is not free.

Wreaths Across America
Wreaths Across America was formed as an extension of the Arlington Wreath Project. The Arlington Wreath program was started by Morrill Worcester (Worcester Wreath) in 1992 with the donation and laying of 5000 Christmas wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery.

It was relatively obscure until 2005 when a photo of the stones adorned with wreaths and covered in snow circulated around the internet.  The project received National attention.  Thousands of requests poured in from all over the country from people wanting to emulate the Arlington project at their National and State cemeteries spurred the creation of “Wreaths Across America”. Unable to donate thousands of wreaths to each state, Mr. Worcester conceived the idea of sending 7 wreaths (one for each branch of the military as well as POW/MIA). In 2006 with the help of the CAP and other civic organizations, over 150 locations held wreath laying ceremonies simultaneously.

The wreath laying is now held annually on the second Saturday of December.

Run to remember

Iowa Remembers (Iowa) (September)
Iowa Remembers is a non-profit charity run solely by volunteers. Founded in 2010 our primary objective is remembering and honoring Iowa’s military casualties of war from Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn. Iowa Remembers is located in Grimes, Iowa. 

​We are excited to be hosting the 10th Annual Iowa Remembrance Run that will be held on September 29, 2019. It will once again be held at Raccoon River Valley Park in West Des Moines, Iowa. We are greatly looking forward to another wonderful event this year!

New Jersey Run for the Fallen (New Jersey) (September)
The New Jersey Run for the Fallen is an organization of runners (all active duty military) and support crew whose mission is clear and simple: To run one mile for every New Jersey service member killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and New Dawn. Each mile of sweat and pain and each flag saluted, is to pay homage to one service member’s life and their family.

The last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September, we run across New Jersey to raise awareness for the lives of those who fought and died, to rejuvenate their memories and keep their spirits alive, to support organizations that aid the families of those killed, and to aid in the healing process for the native New Jersey residents whose lives have been affected by the war.

Project 33 (Hamburg, New York)
Project 33 is a not-for-profit organization that was founded to preserve the memories of U.S. Special Operations soldiers killed in action since September 11, 2001. These humble warriors do not ask for our recognition of their ultimate sacrifice; therefore, we are compelled to ensure that the American people know the true magnitude of their service, and continue their legacy

Each Memorial Day, we will be running 6.8 miles from Town of Hamburg Beach (Hamburg, NY) to the Hamburg Brewing Company, raising funds in the name of that year’s honoree. The community run will raise awareness as the flag goes by and funds will be donated to his family or charity of their choice. 

Run for the Fallen
Run for the Fallen is a subsidiary of Honor and Remember, Inc a 501(c)(3) organization honoring our fallen service members and their families.

America's Run for the Fallen is blazing a tribute trail across our nation spanning over 6000 miles recognizing nearly 20,000 fallen service members since the USS Cole.

Run for the Warriors (Hope for the Warriors)
Run For The Warriors® is a unique race dedicated to the men and women injured in Iraq and Afghanistan, their families, and families of the fallen. It is a celebration of their strength and resolve and a promise to continue restoring self, family, and hope. The Run For The Warriors race series provides wounded service members encouragement and the opportunity to pursue the sport of running, walking, or cycling to assist in their physical and emotional rehabilitation.

The Unquiet Professional
The Unquiet Professional is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization committed to recognizing and honoring our nation’s Gold Star & Surviving families, veterans, and military families by providing rewarding and purposeful opportunities to heal from the wounds of war.

Running & Race Program -- The Unquiet Professional supports race programs that provide surviving families the opportunity to come together, find camaraderie and celebrate the lives of their fallen service member. Windy 25's 5K is an example of the programs and events we support.

Tough Ruck (Massachusetts)
Tough Ruck Nation is group of military, first responders and civilians whose sole purpose is to Ruck in honor and in memory of our Fallen service members, police, firefighters and EMTs, while raising funds to support our warriors and families of the Fallen. We will march with our rucks and carry the names of our Fallen comrades with us.

On April 15, 2013, the Tough Ruck members were at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and joined the first responders to help those that were injured by the horrific blasts. They truly exemplify the best of what our Nation is. Today the Tough Ruck’s signature event Tough Ruck 26.2 Boston, held in partnership with the Boston Athletic Association/Boston Marathon happens the weekend before Marathon Monday in Concord, Massachusetts. Each year Tough Ruck 26.2 Boston finishers are awarded the first of the official Boston Marathon Medals and receive recognition from the Boston Athletic Association. Military Friends Foundation is the official charity of Tough Ruck Nation.

Virginia Run for the Fallen (May 4-7, 2023)
Fort Story to Arlington National Cemetery | 250 Miles
Using the model from America's Run for the Fallen 6,000 mile tribute, Honor and Remember Inc. has established the Virginia Run for the Fallen. An organized tribute event to run specific miles for every Virginia Fallen Service Member who died as a result of serving from any circumstance during the War on Terror.

Wear Blue: Run to Remember
Wear Blue: Run to Remember is a national non-profit based out of DuPont, Washington.  

The organization's mission is to establish a running community that serves as a living memorial to the service and sacrifice of the American military.

Our goals are to humanize the loss of war, support the community affected by this loss, and participate in and train for running events.

In its infancy, Wear Blue: Run to Remember was a group of wives surviving a terrifying deployment through the creation of this continuous memorial for our fallen Soldiers.  It has now grown to include Soldiers, Wounded Warriors, Gold Star Families, community members, as well as military spouses.  It is an inclusive organization that actively strives to bridge the gap between the military and the community. The running group provides community members a tangible way to show their appreciation and support for the military.  

The group is a support network for people preparing for a deployment, living through a deployment, recovering from a deployment, and healing from the loss sustained during a deployment. This is a built-in network for everyone to come and remember these brave men and women killed in combat. This is a place to put that grief.

Bicycle to remember

Gold Star Mission (Illinois)
The Gold Star Mission is a nonprofit organization that honors and supports Gold Star families by preserving the memory of our Fallen Heroes through service to others in need.

The Gold Star 500 is an endurance cycling event which honors the service and sacrifice of nearly 300 service members and servicewomen from Illinois who gave their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan in honor of our great nation. The nearly 300 made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting and aiding people of foreign lands, people they likely never knew or even met. They died so others could have a better life; their names must live on.

Ride to remember

Infinite Warrior Foundation - Ride to Remember (Knoxville, TN)
Remembering those who took their life by suicide and honoring those still among us today. Each rider/driver will carry a photo of a veteran who died by their hand. 
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