Opportunities for military veterans to share their stories

Military veterans, visit this LINK for creative opportunities to share your story through the arts.

NOTEWORTHY ~ "10 questions a veteran would be happy to answer" - LINK

American Legion
The American Legion places a high priority on honoring and remembering those who dedicated their lives to keeping our nation safe. This web page is dedicated to their stories. Go to www.legiontown.org to submit your stories about military service, your family’s military legacy and other connections to the armed forces.

American Veterans Center
The American Veterans Center is working on a new book titled Home of the Brave, which will allow veterans and their families to share their stories of military service. All supporters of the American Veterans Center and the World War II Veterans Committee are invited to participate.

Army Heritage Center Foundation
The Army Heritage Center Foundation, in cooperation with the U.S. Army and our other partners, serves as the lead agency supporting the development and expansion of the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC). The Center is being developed to preserve the memories of Soldiers and their Families, honor their service, and help educate the American public about the Army's and its Soldiers contributions to the Nation.

Care Package Story Project
​The Care Package Story Project is a collection of photographs of care packages which I re-created from memories of care packages that I and other service members received when we were stationed away from home.

I also offer presentations on the Care Package Story Project, together or separately from the exhibit. These presentations are tailored to each audience.

When the photographs are displayed together, they resemble the American flag; the contents of the care packages pictured on the individual panels reveal a wide variety of cultural backgrounds of people who serve(d) in the US Armed Forces.

The care packages date from WWII to present day and include packages of officers and enlisted, women and men, of all branches of the US Armed Services.

Memorial Day Writers Project
We are Vietnam Veterans and friends of veterans; we are writers, musicians, and artists. We are a collective of friends, some veterans, some not, all of whom were formed or affected by the crucible of war. We gather to share our creative talents through public readings, performances, and other endeavors.

The purpose of the Memorial Day Writers' Project (MDWP) is to create, educate, share and inform ourselves and those who gather with us. We are warriors and fellow travelers of a certain kind: we have no enemy except tyranny; we abhor it in any guise and seek to free what it enslaves --- heal what it despoils. Our weapons are our hearts and our minds. 

Natick Veterans Oral History Project
The mission of the Veterans Oral History Project is to collect and preserve the personal recollections of those men and women who have served their country in the armed forces past and present. The Project also collects the recollections of those who have helped on the home front during World War II (i.e., border or light patrollers, factory workers). We store their stories on DVD and provide cataloging and indexing of the collection. 

Stories of Service
Stories of Service invites young people from across America to join our national campaign to capture the stories of the World War II generation.

Any motivated student with access to a computer can join us in preserving the memories of the men and women who overcame the Great Depression, saved freedom and democracy, and rebuilt the postwar world. These "ordinary Americans" left a legacy of service that educates and inspires a new generation of Americans as we face the challenges of the 21st century.

Help us make history by ensuring that the stories of those who defined the highest standard of service will forever be part of our nation's permanent memory!

StoryCorps' Military Voices Initiative
Over the last ten years, 2.4 million men and women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and millions of families have stood behind them at home. The military community knows well the challenges of multiple deployments, combat injuries, and long-awaited homecomings. Yet few civilians truly understand the complex realities of our troops’ service and sacrifice.

The Military Voices Initiative amplifies their important stories and lets them know that we–as a nation–are listening.

The Legacy Project
Founded in 1998, the Legacy Project is a national, all-volunteer initiative that encourages Americans to seek out and preserve the personal correspondence of our nation’s veterans, active-duty troops, and their loved ones. No one can tell the stories of these men and women better than they can, and we believe that their sacrifices, humanity, and experiences are best recorded in their own words—the letters and e-mails they have written in times of war.

Includes tips to preserve your war-time letters.

The Registry of the American Soldier (The National Museum of the U.S. Army)
The National Museum of the U.S. Army recognizes the service and sacrifice of the American Soldier at home and around the world, at war and during peace. 

The Registry of the American Soldier provides an opportunity for anyone who served in the U.S. Army to have his or her name and service history placed on record at the museum. If you served, you need to be in the Registry

You may also register the name of a family member or friend, if they currently serve, or have served in the U.S. Army, or submit someone from the past. 

The Registry will be on permanent display at the museum, and it will be accessible via the internet for those who cannot visit in person. 

The Registry of the American Soldier is a publicly submitted listing of those who served in the U.S. Army. There is no fee for submitting a Soldier's name or photo to the Registry. The Registry is not an official document of the U.S. Government. 

Veterans History Project
The Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war.

Veterans' Legacy Project (West Virginia)
The Veterans' Legacy Project will establish an oral history collection that preserves and protects the recollections, memories, and stories of men and women who served in the US military. The collection will be available to interested families, students, and scholars on the Glenville State campus and website. Oral histories are published in the Library Archive's page. 

The Veterans' Legacy Project will also preserve memorabilia, letters, artifacts, and photographs associated with West Virginia's veterans who have served since 1950. Glenville State has previously established a WWII oral history collection. 

Warrior Writers
Warrior Writers is a Philadelphia based, national non-profit. Our mission is to create a culture that articulates veterans’ experiences, provide a creative community for artistic expression, and bear witness to the lived experiences of warriors.

Words after War
Words After War is dedicated to building a community of thoughtful, engaged and skilled veteran writers. Through high-quality literary programming, we provide veterans, their families and civilian supporters with the tools they need to tell their stories.

Your Military Story
The premier place to share and read stories of those who served.

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Opportunities for military veterans to share their war stories. #history #honor #remember
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