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Community service & volunteer opportunities for military veterans & military spouses

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Freedom's Ring USA
Join Freedom's Ring and our military spouse led mission to make America an even more extraordinary country by doing extraordinary acts for others in our communities. 

Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) - Career Corps Volunteer Program
Career Corps serves as a stepping stone for military spouse and veteran job seekers. The program provides current work experience, training to develop transitional skills, recent industry experience to fill gaps in their experience and grow professionally. 

With unemployment in the United States remaining at high levels, competition for available positions is fierce. Due to the high levels of unemployment the market is saturated with skilled workers for employers to choose from, each posting often has hundreds of applicants. Making it difficult for those within the military and veteran communities without direct or recent industry experience to find and secure employment. The Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) set the bar in the creation of Career Corps. Career Corps takes the typical volunteer program to the next level by providing current work experience, advanced skill training, professional development, networking, and mentorship while assisting each CC member with employment readiness and placement. 

Semper Fi Sports
The mission of Semper Fi Sports is to help veterans transition through youth sports. We also assist student athletes with physical and financial help needed to achieve the next level in their perspective sports.

How we hope to do this is to find a SAFE place to exercise and teach veterans how to transition and establish relationships through youth sports.

Services we are trying to provide is transportation to and from faculty and appointments because some veterans have a hard time driving. We will teach them how to be coaches, umpires and referees. The youth programs are key to helping them find which sport they are the best fit for and also help with the transitioning phases.

Our vision is to have a faculty for veterans able and disable to come workout and seek information, while introducing them to student athletes and helping one another with life lessons.

Veterans sacrificed their time, safety and sanity to serve with the military, but face numerous challenges when they return home – one of which is a lack of understanding among civilians about their serving abroad. Hundreds of thousands of veterans are returning to the private sector as the U.S. downsizes its armed forces, so here are some top numbers to help better know the ones who served.

The Mission Continues
The Mission Continues empowers veterans who are adjusting to life at home to find purpose through community impact. We deploy veterans on new missions in their communities, so that their actions will inspire future generations to serve.

United States Veterans Corps
We are a corps of military and first responder veterans performing "Hands On" community service with a mission/deployment attitude.

Warfighter Disaster Response Team
Warfighter Disaster Response Team is comprised of Afghanistan & Iraq combat Veterans & Fire/Rescue team members. Our mission is to utilize our training and experience to help reduce the suffering of anyone who has been affected by a natural disaster or any emergency situation. This team offers a unique approach to disaster response. Utilizing our specific set of skills we are able to not only assist in Search, Rescue & Recovery, we are also trained and equipped to support Medical Stabilization & Transport, Route Clearance, Critical Infrastructure Inspection & Damage Assessments, Coordinating Air and Ground Assets, Logistics for supplies, personnel, restoring lines of communication and Community Outreach Programs; anything to help the to the affected area. Being a fully self-sufficient team once on the ground we are able work quickly and efficiently to help the community get the aid they need.
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Community service & volunteer opportunities for military veterans
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Military and veteran family resources
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