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Online connection and support

Esposas Militares
Esposas Militares Hispanas USA comenzó en Diciembre 2007. Hemos sido de gran ayuda para muchas familias militares, en diferentes aspectos. Cuando no encontramos una respuesta buscamos y trabajamos hasta encontrarla. 

Her War Her Voice
Supporting our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors by supporting their loved ones.

Military SOS
Military Significant Others and Spouse Support provides information and support for all aspects of the military life, from basic and bootcamp to relocation and retirement. You'll find friends in your area, deployment support groups, people who understand this life and your feelings, ideas for care packages, support for post deployment reintegration, advice on helping kids cope with the military lifestyle and much more. is the official website of Military Spouse magazine. Find military spouse related information and articles on deployment, relationships, sex, family, children, money, careers, education, decorating, mental and physical health.

Military Spouse Advocacy Network
Our mission is to create stronger military families through education, empowerment and support.

At Military Spouse Advocacy Network we understand the challenges that each military spouse and their family face on a daily basis. This is why our advocates provide peer-to-peer mentorship, resources and programs needed to overcome challenges such as, being a new military spouse, caregiver, finance, education, career & employment, deployments, reintegration & resilience, mental health, transition from active duty to civilian life.

Spouse by
A community of news, culture, tips, tricks and great ideas for the modern military spouse.

Twelve Million Plus
The first and only verified community for military spouses.

USO Coffee Connection Live
Coffee Connection Live kicked off in February 2019. This program was created in response to requests from Military Spouses who might not have ready access to a USO location but expressed interest in participating in USO spouse programming. This virtual event is an hour long “coffee chat” between a USO military spouse and an influential guest where they discuss topics that are relevant and trending within the military spouse community.

Topics such as The Backbone of our Military research, marriage and the military, PCSing, employment, wellness and many others have been discussed.

Virago (All Secure Foundation)
Welcome to Virago, a platform for educating and inspiring Special Operations spouses and families. As the spouse, YOU are the forever teammate, battle buddy, and backbone of the community.

We are a tribe. Your tribe. A safe place to connect. ‍We're here for you. Welcome. Let's grow, girl!

Woman and Warrior
We offer several bible studies a year—virtually and in-person. We rotate our curriculum annually offering studies to deepen our connection with God and one another, encourage women to expand their knowledge of the Word of God, and grow in their understanding of faith.

Every time a woman signs up for a study, she will receive a personalized kit for that study to include the book, a journal, a pen, stickers, and other goodies from our sponsors. We ask that you order a month in advance to ensure the kits are delivered to you on time BEFORE the meetings begin! We are so excited to guide you through these amazing studies! 

Army - Army Wife Network
Army Wife Network is the internet’s leading website for army wives, by army wives. We boast the only internet talk radio show designed specifically for military spouses – Army Wife Talk Radio.

Coast Guard - National Council of Coast Guard Spouses' Clubs
The National Council of Coast Guard Spouses' Clubs is dedicated to strengthening our club environments and fostering the unique pride that comes from sharing experiences with other Coast Guard spouses. Our mission is to provide resource support and advisory assistance regarding club matters, and to establish a central location for our spouses to identify and connect with spouses' clubs across the nation.  

Navy - Navy Wives Club of America
NWCA is the Navy Wives Clubs of America, Inc., the country's only National Federation of Sea Services Spouses.

Navy - The Navy Fleet and Family Support Center
Fleet and Family Support ProgramFleet and Family Support Programs (FFSP) support individual and family readiness and adaptation to life in the Navy. Programs include:
  • Deployment support for Sailors and their families
  • Personal and family wellness education and counseling
  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Crisis intervention and response 
  • Military and personal career development
  • Financial education and counseling
  • Spouse employment

Local connection and support for military families

Blue Star Family chapters
Blue Star Families brings together public, private, philanthropic, and military communities to better serve local military families. We identify opportunities and provide resources that speak directly to their real and current needs.

Cadence International Hospitality House - Located near military installations
At “a home away from home” servicemen and women find an open door, a comfortable couch, a home-cooked meal, and people who listen, encourage, love, and point them to the hope of Christ. Hospitality Houses offer different ministries depending on location. These may include Bible studies, singles groups, family-focused ministries, evangelistic outreach efforts, one-to-one discipleship, and coffee house ministries. Hospitality House missionaries strive to share the ups and downs of life with military personnel, encouraging them into deeper relationships with others and with Christ.

Churches - Military friendly
Connect, serve and grow with military believers, churches and ministries around the world.

CWOC - Catholic military wives Bible study at military installations
Catholic Women of the Chapel is a diverse group of Catholic Women who come together for fun, God talk, faith sharing, Bible study, prayer, and military life sharing. CWOC is many things. Above all, we are a group of women of the church who recognize the importance of a safe, caring environment of acceptance, tolerance, and concern for the spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual well-being of our members. We are a circle of friends looking outward, ready to find ways to serve others and spread the good news.

Just Moved - Find local classes using Moving On After Moving In material
Whether your move was a welcome opportunity or a dreaded event, you face tremendous change and the daunting task of starting over in a new place. Studies reveal that moving is among the top stressors, especially among women. Attending a Moving On After Moving In group is the best way to make this time of transition go more smoothly.

Military Wild
No matter where you're stationed, join the Military Wild outdoor community and connect with others, share outdoor tips, and find inspiration for your next adventure.

Mothers of Preschoolers - (Military and non-military MOPS)
Has childcare while Moms meet in a structured environment
MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. MOPS International exists to meet the needs of every mom - urban, suburban and rural moms, stay-at-home and working moms, teen, single and married moms - moms with different lifestyles who all share a similar desire to be the very best moms they can be! MOPS recognizes that the years from infancy through kindergarten are foundational in a mother-child relationship and are filled with unique needs.

MOPS helps moms through relationships established in the context of local groups that provide a caring atmosphere for today's mother of young children. MOPS also encourages and supports moms through resources such as books, their web site and the MOPS International Membership.

Officers' Christian Fellowship (OCF)
OCF - Building Christian leaders, families, fellowships. Our purpose is to glorify God by uniting Christian officers for biblical fellowship and outreach, equipping and encouraging them to minister effectively in the military society.

OCF's directory will help you to locate Local Fellowships, primary contacts, and partnering chapels and churches.

As you travel TDY/TAD, deploy or move with PCS orders we hope that you will take advantage of this information and enjoy Christian fellowship.

There are local OCF organizations at almost every major military installation in the U.S., overseas, and on many Navy ships. If you are about to depart -- on a permanent change of station or on temporary duty -- we encourage you to contact us, and we will be glad to assist you in linking up with a local representative where you are going. Visit this LINK for a listing of OCF Fellowships and OCF Affiliated Churches and Chapels.

PWOC - Protestant military wives Bible study at military installations
The Protestant Women of the Chapel International is a resource network that unites, trains and encourages women in the military chapel community in their spiritual growth.

PWOC is God empowered, Christ centered and Spirit led; exists as an extension of the chapel; encourages women to grow spiritually within the body of Christ through prayer, the study of God's Word, worship and service; is sponsored by the Army Chief of Chaplains and is recognized by the leadership of the Air Force, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard Chaplaincy.

Spouse Clubs at military installations
Spouses Clubs provide opportunities to connect with fellow military spouses at your military installation. They offer a variety of opportunities to meet throughout the year, and many clubs provide scholarships and promote charity. In 2022, a new non-profit was created to offer professional resources in the operation of military spouse clubs, thrift shops, and gift shops. The Council for Military Spouse Clubs aims to improve and solve the issues facing modern military spouse clubs. You can learn more here - LINK.

USO Coffee Connections
These monthly gatherings allow spouses to relax in a comfortable setting, share advice, learn about local events, and make new friends over a cup of coffee and pastries. Spouses are encouraged to come as they are or bring other military spouses with them to join in on the friendly conversation.

USO Military Spouse Networking Events
The USO Military Spouse Networking Events debuted in May 2016. The program provides military spouses with an opportunity to have face-to-face interaction with up to 50 other spouses in their same situation, instantly making connections with one another and to their greater communities.

The USO also invites local hiring employers, community/military leaders, and organizations that want to support military spouses. Spouses leave the networking event with customized business cards, a personal and/or a professional “elevator pitch,” and a collection of 15-25 new connections.

Local chapters for active military families

Stroller Warriors
Stroller Warriors® is a free running club for military spouses and their family members.

Team RWB
Team RWB’s mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

Wear Blue: Run to Remember
Wear Blue: Run to Remember is a national nonprofit running community that honors the service and sacrifice of the American military. wear blue: run to remember creates a support network for military members and their families; it bridges the gap between military and civilian communities and it creates a living memorial for our country’s fallen military members. wear blue: run to remember exists for the fallen, for the fighting and for the families.

Local chapters for military spouse professionals

The MilSpo Project
We are Milspo Project, a global network of U.S. military spouses who believe entrepreneurship is a unique answer to the military spouse unemployment crisis in our country. Together we are embracing the unpredictability of this beautiful thing we call military life. We're redefining what is means to be a successful milspouse professional in today's world guided by our member-centered mission to empower and educate military spouses through group meet ups, online workshops, expert training, and monthly goal workbooks.


AWAG is a nonprofit organization whose mission is building leaders to strengthen and connect communities around the globe.  

The purpose of AWAG is to train, strengthen and connect American-affiliated communities around the globe through leadership development training, promoting volunteerism, and providing networking opportunities.

The AWAG Annual Leadership and Training Seminar and Area Seminars provide a forum where spouses, service members, civilians, and retirees can train, network and generate new ideas for personal and professional growth.

InspireUp - You're Worth It Conference
You’re Worth It aims to lift, empower and transform lives. Registrants will craft their workshop day from an incredible lineup of engaging courses designed to reach all needs and pain points. So, get ready for three days of tangible growth opportunities, fun and a deeper community connection. What are you waiting for?

MakeHER Milspouse Retreat
The makeHER Milspouse Retreat is for military spouses, veterans, and even active duty women who are committed to building successful, profitable businesses while navigating this military lifestyle.

Each retreat is meant to propel your business, share the blueprints, and give you tangible takeaways that can be immediately implemented in your business right away.

Military OneSource SECO - Virtual Military Spouse Symposium
Archived online sessions featuring expert support for your education, career goals, finances, relationships and more.

Military Spouse Wellness Summit
The Military Spouse Wellness Summit is an ONLINE event that brings you ten guest expert interviews to listen to in the comfort of your home or on the go, plus an array of holistic marriage resources.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a “seasoned” spouse, a "newbie" or somewhere in between...MilSpouseFest is for you! MilSpouseFest is run by military spouses - we've been there, done that - still doing let's just have some fun together.

We have developed a day that provides fun activities and conversation about military spouse life...and food. Lunch will be provided.

And by the way… did we mention that there will be all kinds of giveaways, freebies, and some truly killer prizes for attendees? We’re talking gift cards, bracelets, and other awesome giveaways from veteran and spouse owned businesses.

PILLAR - Digital Retreat for Deployment Countdowns
PILLAR is an online digital retreat for military spouses and significant others who want to make the next deployment (or the current one) one of intentionality and positivity. It will take place over 3 days in November and will include more than 25 military community experts and speakers who will offer real, actionable advice and ideas for how to make deployment work for you.

Planting Roots
Planting Roots is an independent ministry impacting military families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ for victorious living. Through Christ-centered, engaging events, world-class communicators and worship leaders speak into the lives of military families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ while challenging and encouraging believers to live out their faith in the place they are planted.

Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation
Empowered Spouses Retreat - A Weekend to Invest in Spouses
Build community and confidence and learn tips for self-care that can make a difference in your marriage. This is a 5 day and 4 night event that fosters a technology and outside distraction free environment. Journey with TACK-F as we build community and confidence in an unplugged nature-filled environment where participants learn and address self-care and build real world strategies to help in their service marriage.

Hybrid Empowered Spouses Online - An online community to Invest in Spouses
Build community and confidence and learn tips for self-care that can make a difference in your marriage. Join us for a 10-week safe forum with like- minded couples. This program reinvigorates couples and spotlights importance of prioritizing time focused on each other.

USO of North Carolina - Spouse Reset Program (North Carolina)
Empowering military spouses to tell their story - Spouse Reset is a two-day resiliency program focused on giving spouses the hands-on training and tools to better cope with the pressures and challenges associated with the military lifestyle. Topics include resiliency, stress management, non-conventional therapies, humor, peer to peer coaching, mentoring, suicide and substance abuse prevention, nutrition and health, financial literacy, parenting and couples communication, and community engagement. The service member is an integral part of Spouse Reset and invited to participate for both days. Childcare and meals are provided at no charge to the military family.

Woman and Warrior Conference
The annual Woman and Warrior Conference is the gathering of the year, where thousands of women veterans and female service members come together to worship, learn, heal and thrive as the warrior she was created to be! At our conference women will:
  • Examine scripture to understand our true Commander-in-Chief—God
  • Encounter Jesus through Worship and Praise
  • Engage with the Holy Spirit through prayer and meditation
  • Experience community and sisterhood through meals and breakout sessions
  • Find encouragement through keynote speakers and workshops
  • Be ready to explore the world with new eyes and refreshed energy

When women veterans reunite it is an electrifying experience and our conferences will not disappoint. This will be the go-to conference for military-connected women who want to find their true purpose, ignite their passion to make an impact, and become promise keepers to impart wisdom and blessing to future generations.

Held annually in March.

Woman and Warrior Retreat
Our Revive & Restore Leader Retreat is a faith-based experience designed for military-connected women leaders seeking to restore and revive their minds, bodies, and souls. We are excited to offer a unique and transformative retreat that combines faith, personal development, and community building in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Our retreat is led by experienced facilitators who understand the unique experiences and needs of military-connected women leaders. Our program is designed to help you deepen your relationship with God, gain new insights and perspectives on leadership and personal development, and connect with a supportive community of women who share your faith and passion for serving military-connected women.

Throughout the retreat, you will have the opportunity to participate in prayer, worship, and meditation sessions that will help you deepen your connection with God and renew your spirit. You will also engage in interactive workshops and activities designed to help you develop practical skills and strategies to enhance your leadership capabilities, communication skills, and self-care practices.
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