These free, downloadable coloring pages are designed just for military kids! Use them to help kids stay connected with their deployed parent or encourage deployed friends, relatives!

Troops in Touch
These coloring pages are provided compliments
of Beth Allen of Troops in Touch.

You can invite kids to add decorations to the tree, put a face on the snowman, draw gifts they's like to receive - anything else you can think of!

Valentine's Day (Boy)

Valentine's Day (Girl)

Spring (Boy)

Spring (Girl)


Mother's Day (Boy)

Mother's Day (Girl)

Mother's Day female Soldier (Boy)

Mother's Day female Soldier (Girl)

Memorial Day

Father's Day (Boy)

Father's Day (Girl)

4th of July


Back to school

Fall, autumn, Halloween

Thanksgiving Day

Veterans Day

Welcome home

Moving female Soldier

Moving male Soldier

Moving - Flat Brat/house

Kids can add name on the balloon, put candles on the cake,  etc.


We Serve Too!
These coloring pages are provided compliments of
Kathleen Edick and Paula Johnson, authors and
illustrators of the We Serve Too! books. Be sure to
check out these great books and other ideas for
military children at

Children and dog

Valentine's Day

What Is a Homecoming Box?

...more coloring pages from We Serve Too! - link

Coloring pages are in PDF Format. To download the latest version of Adobe Reader, click here.


Other websites with coloring pages

Deployment Kids
Website has a few coloring pages, bookmarks, certificates.

Dumpr - Photo pencil sketch
Create digital photo pencil sketch, just upload a picture and we will do the rest. Then print them out for your kids to paint over.

Flags Across the Nation
Website has free, downloadable patriotic coloring pages.

I'm a Hero Too!
Website has free, downloadable coloring pages; based on the military children's book.

Medal of Honor Coloring Book
The Medal Of Honor Coloring Book ~ In all, more than 50 pages of coloring fun will soon be available. If this is your first visit, you will want to print our beautiful cover, title page, and even the pages you have already missed. Then, drop back by each week for new pages to add to your collection. When you are finished, you will have an attractive history of some our our Country's greatest heroes, all in the living colors that YOU provide yourself. Free to download.

Military Families Near and Far (Sesame Street)
Sesame Street for Children offers a number of printables, many of which allow discussion for the child's feelings.
Numerous coloring pages and activity sheets for military children. Deployment map, deployment journal, letter-writing prompts, stress detective, military kid award, and much more!

United States Coast Guard

USO Treehouse
Download coloring sheets designed exclusively for the USO Treehouse by Paul Boscacci, creator of the “Fort Knox” comic strip.


Coloring and activity books

Brat Town Bugle: A Publication of Non-Recruits in Big Boots
Brat Town Bugle is a free, downloadable newspaper to help bridge the gap between home front kids and their geographically separated parent. 40+ pages to choose from!

Helping My Hero!!:
A guide for young readers whose parents may have combat trauma
Amazon link
Helping My Hero!! is an early-reader book for 4th-6th grade children, whose parent may have combat trauma. This book tells the story of two military families and their experiences dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Christ-centered solutions are presented for the issues the families face. The book contains explanations of many of the issues and terminology the children encounter. Scripture verses are highlighted which help the child with the issue addressed in each chapter. "Discovery" items and "Positive Activities" provide suggestions for taking action. And each chapter ends with a prayer by one of the main characters and his or her promise for action. This is book two in a series of children's books produced by Cru Military, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ. The first book,My Hero's Home!! is for K-3rd grade children, and the third book, Hurting Heros!! is for teenagers. All the books follow the same structure used in the book When War Comes Home, by Chris and Rahnella Adsit and Marshéle Carter Waddell, which is a workbook for wives of combat veterans dealing with PTSD or TBI. More information about the resources produced by Cru Military (formerly Military Ministry) can be found at

My Hero's Home:
A guide for young children whose parents may have combat trauma
K-3rd coloring book including parent's and activity pages. Free download or available for purchase.

Cru Military introduces Book 1 of 3 for children whose families are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress. Follow the story of Cody and Carrie as they discover how and why combat trauma is affecting their family. Explore how God brings the answers to healing, better family relationships, and a brighter future for families struggling through combat trauma. Included are activities for children to personalize their story, learn about and contribute to a positive atmosphere in their home. Parents pages are also include with helpful informations for Mom or Dad.

Operation R.E.A.D.Y. booklets - Coloring books designed for military children
A series of four booklets by Jo Knox, Ph.D. and Dorothea Cudaback, Ph.D. (illustrated by Lisa Krieshock) about military separations for children and young people. These booklets were written as a part of Operation R.E.A.D.Y. under an agreement between the extension service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the United States Army Community and Family Support Center, Department of the Army.

My Goodbye Book (ages 3-5) - Download
Goodbyes are Hard (ages 6-8) Download
I Can Do That! (ages 9-12) - Download
Separations Happen (ages 13-15) - Download

VA - Coloring book pages for military kids
Created by Deborah Butler, MSW Erika Curran, LCSW of the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Includes discussion guide.


American Heroes
An educational coloring & activity book
The Stop, Look and LearnTM  line of coloring and activity books was created to educate and entertain your child. We encourage you to participate with your child in discussing each topic. Our goal is to create an activity book that will be a positive influence on your child's early development.

16 page coloring book is full of activities that highlight the importance of the men and women of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. It serves as an introduction to the respect that all service men and women deserve.

Minimum order of 500.

Around the World - Afghanistan  
         Authors: Kathleen Edick, Paula Johnson
Our newest addition to the We Serve Too! family is our Afghanistan Coloring Booklet. We Serve Too! has begun a new line called We Serve Too! Around the World. The first of the series is Afghanistan to be followed by Iraq. Later we will add others for common places that children may accompany parents, Germany, Japan, Korea, and others.

In addition to history, foods (each booklet has a recipe), animals, things kids do in that region, we also touch on why the American Military is there and what they are doing.

For additional tools to teach your child about Afghanistan and Iraq, visit this LINK.

Activities for kids dealing with deployment
Author: Susan B. Weaver, Copyright @ 2011
Having parents in the military can be challenging. Those challenges can intensify when a loved one is deployed. Despite the love and reassurance of family at home, children can be overwhelmed by questions, concerns and anxiety. "Heroes!" is a beautifully designed and produced activity book offering a loving, creative and healthy way for kids 4-14 to deal with their parent's deployment. The author gently walks children and 'tweens' through carefully structured activities like drawing pictures, gathering photos and finding new ways to relax, express anger and keep in touch. "Heroes!" makes a loving gift that helps reassure children while also helping them understand the important work their parent is doing. As children work through their worries, questions and loneliness, they also create a keepsake scrapbook both the child and the parent will treasure always.

Military ABC's Coloring Book
      Authors: Kathleen Edick, Paula Johnson
Get your crayons ready kids! Learn the Military Alphabet!

My Dad's Deployment
A deployment and reunion activity book for you
Author: Julie LaBelle, Copyright @ 2009
This 112-page activity book features mazes, dot-to-dot, counting, matching, coloring, crafts, telling time, and other activities familiar to preschool and early elementary children. Shown within the context of common deployment and reunion topics, the activities reinforce concepts young children are already learning and offer children the opportunity to ask questions, talk about their feelings, and feel connected to their deployed parent. This version is specific to a dad's deployment. 

My Mommy Wears Army Boots
Color and fun book
      Author: Verna Harps-Morrow, Copyright @ 2009

Pint-Sized Patriots
This coloring and activity book is chock full of fun facts and activities to help kids learn about being a patriot! Cody's story is inspiring, and so is the story of our country! Explore pages for coloring, crossword puzzles, and fun facts as you find out why America is one of the best countries in the world!

Salute the Kids
Color, draw & write (Troops in Touch)
Author: Beth Allen, facebook
Also available as a downloadable e-book
22 pages filled with drawings that are familiar and relevant to a child's deployment experiences, with games, story starters, emotion pages and more. Lots of ways for kids to add creative touches. And there's a "Welcome Home" page too!

Someone I Love Went Off to War...
What do I do now?
Author: Carole Marsh, Copyright @ 2003
Ages 7-14
In this book, kids will learn ways to cope with the difficulties of having a loved one away at war. Helpful activities, ideas for discussion, and other tools teach kids how to embrace the presence of loved ones, despite the distance.

Book includes:
  • How and why to express feelings of sadness, loneliness, doubt, admiration, or even anger
  • How to stay in touch with a relative who is away during wartime
  • Connecting with other kids who are going through the same experience
  • Celebrating good news...and surviving bad news
  • Creating a scrapbook or journal
  • Writing letters and sending unique care packages
  • Real ideas from real kids
  • And lots more!
Military children
Coloring pages, coloring books
Other helpful links for military children and teens:

DEPLOYMENT resources

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