Resources to honor our military veterans and recognize Veterans Day

101 Ways to Thank a Vet -
Some creative ways to demonstrate your thankfulness towards our Veterans.

Church resources - Hyper Pixels Media
Hyper Pixels Media exists to bring glory to God and to assist the local church by equipping it with creative media resources. Visit this link to view their Veterans Day resources.

Church resources - SermonSpice is the original source for sermon illustration videos, worship backgrounds, and church countdowns. Offers a variety of Veterans Day resources for your church service.

Coloring page for Veterans Day

FAQ about Veterans Day

Flag education (VFW)
We’re your one-stop shop for all things flag-related. From flag etiquette and history to a large stock of "Old Glory" itself available at the VFW Store. Look no further for all things red, white and blue!  

National Veterans Day Poster and Essay Contest (Paralyzed Veterans of America)
Children across the country can express their thanks to our nation’s millions of veterans by entering the Paralyzed Veterans of America (Paralyzed Veterans) annual National Veterans Day Poster and Essay Contest. 

The competition is open to students in grades 1–8. The poster contest is open to students in grades 1–4, and the essay contest is open to students in grades 5–8. Entries must be received by October 9, 2018.

Origins of Veterans Day (Gettysburg Flag Works)
Explains the origins and history of Veterans Day.

Parade listing for Veterans Day (VetFriends)
U.S. Veterans Day Parade Directory

Teacher resources - 2018 Veterans Day poster

Teacher resources - Classroom victory garden
The goal of The Classroom Victory Garden Project is to teach elementary students about the role of community in WWII through interdisciplinary curriculum designed to connect the past and the present. Millions of Americans grew Victory Gardens in their backyards - and on rooftops and in windowboxes - during WWII to supplement their wartime rations and help spur victory. That can-do spirit can offer your young students an age-appropriate entree into the lessons and history of WWII

Teacher resources - Paralyzed Veterans of America
Educational resources to use in the classroom, provided with the hope that you will share with your students about what it means to be a veteran and how they can honor our veterans.

Teacher resources - Social Studies for Kids - The United States at War
Learn more about the war and conflicts of the United States. (Does not include more recent conflicts.)

Teacher resources - Take a Veteran to School Day
Take a Veteran to School Day, a popular HISTORY® initiative, encourages schools to connect veterans with young people to hear their stories of service and learn more about Veterans Day. These events can range from a simple one-class visit with veterans to an all school assembly. Register for this free program and view sample agendas and a wealth of free curriculum resources.

Teacher resources - Veterans Day 2018 teacher guide (VA)

Teacher resources - Veterans History Project and
Stories from the Veterans History Project, from World War I up to and including the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Teacher resources - Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) in the Classroom
The VFW strives to thank our nation’s educators year-round by arming them with helpful resources and visits to local classrooms. Loving America and all it stands for is what we do best. Let us help you educate our future leaders.

Teacher resources - Wreaths Across America resources
Along with recognizing the sacrifices of the past and present, Wreaths Across America™ counts educating our children as one of the chief missions of our campaign. Without that connection to the future, we will fail to remember that freedom isn't free.

Site includes middle school downloadable curriculum, Daisy Dog and the Parade of Purpose coloring book.

Teacher resources - Kids Thank A Vet (activities, songs, clip art)
Classroom activities which coincide with the Students Thank a Veteran program can be adjusted to all grade levels. Many of these suggested activities can be done in a class period or extended throughout the school year.

Teacher resources - Pinterest
Over 100 links to Veterans Day resources on our Pinterest board.

Teacher resources - TeacherVision
TeacherVision's cross-curricular Veterans Day lessons, printables, and resources helps students understand the contributions veterans have made to the country. There are Veterans Day worksheets to honor heroes, facts about flags, pop-up art books to make, literature guides, patriotic songs, historical references, and many more fun and educational activities for your students of all grade levels.

Teacher resources - The Teacher's Corner
The Veterans Day pages will provide you with great activities and lessons to help you and your students honor our country's heroes. Ideas within the Veteran's Day pages include: scavenger hunts, lesson plans, printable worksheets, and Internet resources.

Teacher resources - The Teacher's Guide
Veterans Day resources for the classroom.

Veterans Day community celebrations
Locate a Veterans Day activity near you, or register your event.


A teacher asks for advice about Veterans Day

October, 2011 - Operation We Are Here received this e-mail from a teacher:

"I am a teacher at a high school on Long Island, New York. We would like to do something special for this coming Veterans Day. We were thinking of some kind of collection of items that we could send to the military overseas. Do you think this is a good idea? Or is there something better that you need for us to do? We would start it now, and them we plan on having a school assembly honoring our Veterans just before Veterans Day."

In response to her request, I asked OWAH Facebook members for their advice. Their response is listed below, and I think it provides excellent insight and direction for this teacher and others. The needs of our deployed military personnel are well-supplied by many non-profit organizations. However, there are many needs and opportunities for service to:
- home front families
- wounded warriors and their families
- loved ones of the fallen
- veterans, especially the older generation who did not receive the support that
compares to our current generation of veterans

Here is what they said:

  • If your school is near a VA Hospital, your students could visit veterans in the hospital. Visitors are always valued by hospitalized veterans.

  • The majority of military supporters people from corporations, to non-profits, to individuals organize untold numbers of efforts to send things to the troops. Consider instead finding families back home to help or bless with a cheer up. Maybe a home cooked meal, a restaurant gift certificate, babysitting, or painting/redecorating a room.

  • If you ask service members how you can support them - 99% of the time they answer, "just take care of my family". I would suggest the children put together packages/letters of appreciation to the kids/spouses of deployed, wounded and surviving service members. Various organizations can assist in disseminating the packages

  • Do something great for the veterans in the VA hospital, as these guys never received the appreciation they deserve when they were off fight wars so many years ago, like our troops get now. 

  • As a spouse/family of a deployed soldier, I like the idea of doing something for the families. It would be nice to just know someone cares.

  • Are you close to a military base? There are Family Readiness Groups (FRG's) that support the families while the soldiers are deployed. If you are not near a base, then contact your VFW or your local AmVet representative. These numbers are available online. You could also connect with a local news channel about what you want to do and send a "shout out" to military families that may live in your community. Thanks for wanting to help our military - God bless you!

  • If close to a VA hospital or VA nursing home, go for a visit. Something to show appreciation for the warriors of our past, the Vets. Maybe a coffee and donuts reception somewhere.

  • Have students who are connected in some way to the military write a short essay about that person (cousin, sibling, friend, grandparent) and then create a video collage of these essays to be shown at the Veterans Day assembly to help the "military" become more personal to those who have no connection.

  • Remember, it's not just the neediness of the family members, but the loneliness. Our family often gets ignored because we are so self sufficient and can take care of most of our needs with the extra pay they get while away. It doesn't change the feelings of being alone...

Check out this tool from Operation: Military Kids:
  • Iowa's Speak out for Military Kids youth created Deployment: It's Not a Game to increase awareness about the deployment cycle. As players move through the game, it serves as a tool to get them thinking and talking about the impact of deployment on military kids and families.  Players are encouraged to identify issues military kids face during deployment, to reflect on how they might act in similar situations and to discuss how their school, community or organization might develop a plan to support military kids and families experiencing deployment.
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The Concert for Valor - Washington, DC
Veterans Day community celebrations

A teacher asks for advice about planning for Veterans Day (and the military community responds)
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