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Deployment support
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Department of Defense Military Working Dog School
Official adoption website of the DoD military working dog

The 341st Training Squadron provides trained military working dogs (MWDs) used in patrol, drug and explosive detection, and specialized mission functions for the Department of Defense (DoD) and other government agencies. Conduct operational training of MWD handlers and supervisors. Sustain DoD MWD program through logistical support, veterinary care, and research and development for security efforts worldwide.

Gizmo's Gift
Gizmos Gift is dedicated to helping our military working dog heroes. Our goal is to empower them to return to civilian life with dignity and independence.

Gizmo’s Gift was founded on 29 January 2014, after a push to get the military to reclassify Military Working Dogs (MWDs) from “excess equipment” to “K9 service Member of the Armed Forces” and to help get MWDs Medical Benefits after retirement. Gizmo’s Gift is a nonprofit organization that takes donations to help cover those medical costs after a MWD, CWD, and Police K9’s retire, so that tax dollars aren’t used. We also have an adoption program for those heroes who need help finding their forever home.

Mal-FFunctions Disqualified Military Working Dog Rescue
A Mal-FFunction is a Belgian Malinois bred for the U.S. Department of Defense Military Working Dog program managed out of Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland who is now available for adoption due to being disqualified from the program after its initial puppy fostering.

While these are generally high-energy dogs, in the right environment and home, these puppies can make wonderful additions to a family. 

The Mal-FFunctions Disqualified Military Working Dog Rescue organization  is a 501.(3)c organization established to serve as a resource for adopters of puppies and dogs disqualified from the MWD puppy program.

Our purposes are:
1. To provide support to DMWD's and their adopted families.
2. To rescue, foster and rehome DMWD's as needed
3. To provide resources such as owner education, assistance with dog training and veterinary care as well as an online community where owners can find support and encouragement from other DMWD owners.
4. To educate the public on the breeds used in this program and the requirements to successfully provide a home for a dog bred for work. 
5. To partner with other NPO’s focused on Military Working Dogs and with local shelters. 

Our organization is in no way affiliated with the US Military, the Dept. of Defense or the MWD Breeding program.

Military Working Dog Adoptions
This website has been established for the purpose of making the retiring military working dog adoption process easier for those interested in giving a forever home to a deserving Veteran!

Military Working Dog Foundation
The Military Working Dog Foundation was established to provide a resource of information to law enforcement agencies who have a requirement to obtain working dogs, as well as for the public who wish to adopt dogs that become available from the military and need a home.

Breeding program

DoD Military Working Dog Breeding Program (Lackland AFB)
Worldwide need for detection dogs has increased dramatically. The DoD Military Working Dog Breeding Program breeds to meet the growing requirement for security at home and abroad. A large part of the success of this program is dependent upon volunteers to provide temporary homes for developing puppies from 12 weeks to six months of age.

If you live within two hours of Lackland AFB near San Antonio you can help!

Deployment support

American Cold Nose Patriots (Coppell, TX)
American Cold Nose Patriots supplies mission critical gear to United States Military Working Dog Teams.

Battle Buddy Program (K9 Soldiers)
We receive emails weekly from troops stationed OCONUS requesting supplies and equipment for their K9s that cannot be easily or quickly obtained from the supply chain. We pride ourselves in shipping out the filled request within the same week.

Christmas For OUR Troops
CFOT sends special boxes to our K-9 friends in military service. Please send an e-mail notifying us of the K-9's name and his handler's name and APO address.

K-9 Soldier Treats (Support Our Troops)
Operation K-9 Soldier Treats™ enhances the morale and welfare of troops worldwide who handle America’s K-9 soldiers, by providing them with dog treats to reward their K-9s, train them, and just plain have fun together with their best friends during down time.

K-9 Support Team (Soldiers' Angels)
We are the lifeline of Soldiers' Angels to the U.S. military dog teams, making sure both dogs and handlers have what they need when they need it, whether it be for work or a well-earned break.

The most important thing the K-9 Team does is adopt military dog teams, just like Angels adopt service members through the regular adoption process. That means sending a letter a week and at least one care package a month. The difference is, the care packages are for both the dog and the handler. For example, a package can include a chew toy and treats, or even hygiene items like shampoo or clippers, plus the regular snacks and goodies for a service member.

The K-9 Team also works as a group to raise funds for major canine equipment purchases such as cooling mats/vests, doggles (goggles for dogs), and booties, and develops relationships with local pet shops to get discounts or conduct item fundraisers.

Kevlar for K9s
Kevlar for K9s is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to help protect America’s working K9s, whether they’re serving domestically or overseas. These K9s represent the first line of defense in many military and civilian operations. They are the “go to” members of the team when suspicions of bombs exist or when dangerous criminals are on the loose. Whenever their handlers’ lives are threatened, the dogs’ lives are also threatened.

Unfortunately, these incredible K9s are being injured and killed. By providing these dogs with the same bulletproof, mortar-proof vests worn by our troops and law enforcement officers, we can help protect them from harm.

We feel it’s the least we can do. And it makes sense. That’s because the Kevlar vests offer a simple, highly effective form of protection.

Mama Cindy
I have created a new program of sending care packages to our Military Working Dog Teams stationed in Afghanistan. I am working with a member of the USAF. He is the kennel master and distributes them to all of his teams encompassing the Army, Air Force and the Navy. I ship healthy meals, snacks, treats, grooming brushes and pull toys to support the morale of our Military Working Dog Teams. Monetary donations are needed to purchase supplies and for shipping. You can send a donation to: Mama Cindy Soldier Program, 5002 Old Bald Hill Road, Hemlock, New York 14466.

Military Missions in Action Fill the Footlocker Program (North Carolina)
Fill the Footlocker consists of two programs.
  • The first program supports active-duty service members and military working dogs serving in combat zones.
  • The second program supports our ever rising number of homeless veterans.

Working within the community, MMIA collects items for both programs. Once items are collected, a community pack-n-ship event is held to prepare items for shipment overseas. Items collected for homeless veterans are distributed at the numerous homeless veteran stand-downs held within the state.

Military Working Dog Team Support Association, Inc. (MWDTSA)
The Military Working Dog Team Support Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization that supports Military Working Dog teams with a variety of means: care packages, handler recognitions, Hero Dog Awards, veteran dog handler cause support and support for memorials.

Old Dawgs and Pups
Thailand Dog Handler’s “Old Dawg & Pups” program helps support deployed MWD Kennel Masters, Trainers, and MWD teams while providing deployed kennels with supplies, such as dog cots, doggles, retractable leashes, first aid equipment, and other items that you might need during their tours in Southwest Asia.

As an organization, we’re Vietnam era K-9 veterans and “Friends of K-9” that strongly believe in the K-9 mission and especially helping you get through this tour. Our goal is to team you up with one of our “Old Dawg handler” and/or Friend of K-9 to exchange e-mails, photographs, and what ever else comes along to try to make your tour a little more pleasant.

We make every attempt to team you with someone from your home state (or at least someone close) or the base from where you are deployed. We have supported more than 120 kennels, 450 MWD teams (Air Force, Army, and Navy) deployed to over 11 countries since our creation in 2005. We have supplied more than 2,300 pieces of equipment totaling more than $100,000.00.

The exchange of “war stories” has just been great. We’ve learned a lot about all of you and we have shared our experience as handlers from the past – Old Sentry and Patrol dogs.

Operation Military Care K-9 (US War Dogs)
Our Military Canines Teams who have been deployed to the Middle East desparately need our help with supplying them with items listed on the website.

Packages from Home
Packages From Home's mission is to send care and comfort packages to deployed American military heroes who are stationed in active duty theaters around the world, as well as to facilitate activities that elevate morale of all veterans. We are proud to extend our current program to include our Military Working Dogs.

Support Military Working Dogs
Our mission is to provide cooling vests, and other protective gear such as Doggles, MuttLuks, and any other necessary gear to help the military working dogs in active
war zones and extreme conditions, who in turn protect and serve our Soldiers.

Troops Direct
TroopsDirect supports our front line troops exclusively at larger unit levels with the objective of making them the healthiest, most energized and highest spirited Marines, soldiers, aircrew and sailors that we can. We function as a non-profit ‘back line’ of supply for units based in Afghanistan, Africa, at sea and other in other ‘hot spots’. We communicate with the front lines daily and provide -in bulk- detailed hygiene, nutrition, gear and K9 support.

Contrary to most groups providing smaller and seasonal care packages for individual soldiers, TroopsDirect ships in bulk every week in battle proven cartons manufactured to our exacting specifications. Furthermore, TroopsDirect support is the most timely, accurate and adaptable amongst known support organizations.

U.S. Military K-9 Fund
Your support will enable us to send needed equipment and supplies to military dogs deployed with our troops.

Vietnam Dog Handler Association
The VDHA was organized in 1993 by a group of six veteran war dog handlers that served during the Vietnam Conflict. One of their original goals was to search for and re-unite veteran war dog handlers and honor the memory of their war dog partners. 

Other resources and information

Combat Canines: The Ddoc Foundation
Combat Canines: The Ddoc Foundation is a non-profit organization based out of Fayetteville, North Carolina dedicated to helping our retired Military Working Dogs (MWD), Contract Working Dogs (CWD), and Law Enforcement (LE) K-9's live a higher quality of life after retirement.

MWDs, CWDs, and LE K-9's can be retired for a number of reasons such as old age, hip dysplasia (HD), Canine Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), severe allergies, degenerative myelopathy (DM), or cancer and can often require frequent and costly visits to the veterinarian.

We believe that by helping with the financial side of the house, we relieve the added stress that families may feel and let them enjoy their new family member.

Feed the Dawgs Project
The Feed the Dawgs Project (aka The Dawgs Project) was launched in the spring 2008 by two old Nam Vet dog handlers and a Danang parachute packer. It all started at the PMO/IMEF Military Working Dog Kennels at Camp Pendleton' (now Camp Cann).  

The mission of the project is threefold
  • to provide STEAK barbecues to America's Front Line Defenders,
  • to preserve the heritage that is "K9,"
  • and to support the Military Working Dog Community at home and off shore.

Gizmo's Gift
Gizmos Gift is dedicated to helping our military working dog heroes. Our goal is to empower them to return to civilian life with dignity and independence.

Gizmo’s Gift was founded on 29 January 2014, after a push to get the military to reclassify Military Working Dogs (MWDs) from “excess equipment” to “K9 service Member of the Armed Forces” and to help get MWDs Medical Benefits after retirement. Gizmo’s Gift is a nonprofit organization that takes donations to help cover those medical costs after a MWD, CWD, and Police K9’s retire, so that tax dollars aren’t used. We also have an adoption program for those heroes who need help finding their forever home.

Hero Dog Awards
The Hero Dog Awards were created by the American Humane Association to celebrate the devoted relationship between dogs and people. The annual national competition searches out and recognizes America’s Hero Dogs – often ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things, whether it’s saving lives on the battlefield, lending sight or hearing to a human companion, or simply the tail-wagging welcome a pet owner relishes at the end of a hard day.

K 9 Pride
Honoring working dog teams protecting us worldwide.

K9 Soldiers
K9 Soldiers, Inc. is a charity organized to support, benefit and improve the lives of military working dogs and their handlers. Few people can say that they absolutely love what they do... but here at K9 Soldiers we greet each day with passion and welcome the opportunity to give back to those who serve. We recognize that our military K9 teams are not just two legged soldiers but 4 paw warriors as well. Both ends of the leash serve with courage, determination and loyalty.

In addition to supporting our deployed K9 teams worldwide we also provide companion canines to our warriors in transition in need of a canine battle buddy. Through our unique canine battle buddy program we match warriors with a trained canine companion after rigorous academic and practical training.

The central mission of this charity is to support and promote the human-canine bond...whether on a battlefield or when the battle comes home in the heart and mind.

K9 Veterans Day
Welcome to the national effort to make March 13 K9 Veterans Day. March 13, 1942 is the official birthday of the United States K9 Corps, and so it seems only right to annually honor their service on that date. They served to save, and they deserve to be remembered.

Military Working Dog Teams National Monument
Help build the National Monument for the Military working Dogs and their Handlers to forever honor their service and sacrifices saving American lives for the past 70 years since WWII.

Mission K9 Rescue
Mission K9 Rescue is a non profit organization dedicated to the service of retiring and retired military working dogs and contract working dogs.

We have offices in Houston, San Antonio, Colorado Springs and Los Angeles. From these locations we provide assistance and support for Working Dogs worldwide. Our organization’s purpose for existence is to serve retiring and retired military working dogs, contract working dogs, and other dogs who Serve as they may fit into our mission and scope. 

Retired Military Working Dog Assistance Organization
The Retired Military Working Dog Assistance Organization (RMWDAO) was started in October of 2011 by RMWDAO CEO Lisa P. Phillips. RMWDAO was formed after a push to get the military to reclassify Military Working Dogs from “excess equipment” to “canine service members” and to help get military working dogs medical benefits after retirement. RMWDAO is a nonprofit organization that takes donations to help cover those medical costs after a MWD retires, so that tax dollars aren’t used.

Our goal is to (1) educate the public about the benefits to our Armed Forces of military working dogs; (2) help financially with medical bills, transportation and any other necessary requirements for the health and well being of retired military working dogs; and (3) facilitate the adoption of retired military working dogs.

Spike's K9 Fund
Spike's K9 Fund raises funds for the care of Working Dogs during their careers and providing a good life for them afterwards.

The Sage Foundation
The mission of the Sage Foundation for Dogs Who Serve is to promote the welfare of dogs who have faithfully served in wars, police work, crime prevention, and rescue efforts through education and increased public awareness.

Many service dogs are put in harm's way assisting their handlers during wars, crime preventions, and natural and man-made disasters. When these canines sustain injuries due to their heroic efforts, their time as a service dog is often terminated—leaving their road to recovery in a state of uncertainty due to lack of financial support.

Do you or know of anyone with a canine hero in need? We will donate up to $1,000 for a canine hero in need. 

The United States War Dog Association
The United States War Dogs Association, Inc. is a nonprofit organization of former and current US military dog handlers and supporting members committed to promoting the long history of the military service dogs, establishing permanent war dog memorials, and educating the public about the invaluable service of these canines to our country.

Our background in military war dog service and our dedication to honoring the memory of the service and sacrifice of the US military working dogs gives us a unique perspective that we can use to educate the public on the history of military war dogs.

Too Cute To Be Equipment
Our mission is to reclassify our nation's MWDs and educate and inform the public about the great service to America and the world these dogs give.

Sign the petition:

War Dogs
A resource for information on the U.S. Army's use of dogs 1942-present

Warrior Dog Foundation
Warrior Dog Foundation is dedicated to serving the special operations community, families, and Special Operation Forces (SOF) working K-9 military dogs. The K-9s employed with these forces are of the top tier in the working-dog world. They are expected to work in the most austere of environments and face conditions that most human beings cannot survive. These are the environments in which these elite warriors operate. The K-9 units are vital in ensuring the success of every mission and operate in all conditions.

Warrior Dog Foundation helps to transition dogs from an operational environment into our state-of-the-art kennel facility. We strive to educate the public on the importance of K-9s in the combat environment, and showcase the level of sacrifice these dogs give in support of our troops. We care for each individual SOF K-9 with dignity and grace, including both mental and physical rehabilitation for the rest of their lives.
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