Radio programs (and more) for military & veteran families

American Heroes Radio
Welcome to American Heroes Radio!  American Heroes Radio provides a platform for the lives, stories and accomplishments of our American Heroes. Each week, a different member of our military, law enforcement, firefighting and emergency services are guests. We invite you to browse the archives and listen to a World War II fighter pilot speaking about his experiences over Iwo Jima; a Navy captain tell his story of Cold War submarine hunting; an Iraq war veteran who was wounded in the head by an RPG; or, any of the large numbers of interviews of law enforcement officials around the country speaking about their expertise, careers and often hair-raising adventures.

American Warrior Radio
American Warrior Radio on one of Tucson's leading news/talk stations, 104.1 FM KQTH. The mission of American Warrior Radio is to educate and inform the 99% of the population that never served by telling the stories of our men and women in the military, those who support them, and others who inspire.

Army Wife Talk Radio
Army Wife Talk Radio is the original internet talk radio show designed specifically for army wives by army wives. Our life. Our family. Our Soldier. We feature up to the minute information, special reports, stories and interviews that affect YOU! Also includes blogs, newsletter.

Calling All Veterans
A live weekly show with Army vet host Chuck Zobac, Calling All Veterans focuses on veterans’ issues in Santa Fe and across the nation. Listeners are invited to call (505) 424-4550 with any questions about their VA or state veterans’ benefits. 

Family of a Vet
Family Of a Vet is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families learn how to cope with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury) and life after combat through real-world, plain language education and resources for heroes, families, and communities.

Our Caregiver's Edition is on Tuesday evenings and our Veterans' Edition on Friday evenings. All of our archived radio shows are on iTunes as free podcasts:

Frontlines of Freedom
Frontlines of Freedom is a military news and talk radio show designed to address and discuss the most pressing topics facing our armed forces in a balanced manner, challenging conventional thinking.

Besides the current war and military readiness, the show addresses military families, veteran’s activities and homeland security issues. Guests on the show include Cabinet members, generals, admirals, officers of all ranks, enlisted members, politicians, and family members.

Hosted by Lt. Col. Denny Gillem, a highly decorated veteran in Michigan, with many academic achievements. Denny brings a myriad of experiences to the dialog, ensuring the show covers a wide range of views.

Male Military Spouse Radio Show
Weekly call-in radio show focusing on the needs of husbands of military service members.(516) 453-9167 at 1200 noon CT every Friday.

Military Brotherhood Radio
Providing the best in radio entertainment and programming for the military community.

Minnesota Military Radio
With nearly 370,000 veterans and tens of thousands of guard and reserve troops, Minnesota is a state committed to supporting our friends and neighbors who serve and their families. Minnesota Military Radio is a reflection of that commitment.

With a team of producers from the Minnesota National Guard, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Minneapolis V.A., volunteer host and Vietnam veteran Tom Lyons strives to inform and entertain listeners in this weekly syndicated radio show and podcast. 
Through captivating, historic interviews with veterans of all eras, we also endeavor to preserve their stories of heroism before they are forgotten.

My Military Life
Navy Wife Radio / Military Life Radio is a web radio talk show that first aired in April 2007 to motivate and encourage military spouses to do what they love and to follow their dreams.

The Money Millhouse
The Money Millhouse is a production of Heroes at Home, 501(c)(3) founded by Ellie Kay. Heroes at Home is a non-profit organization that provides free financial education to military members and their families around the world.

The Veterans Channel
The Veterans Channel is the one of a kind, private, 24/7 cloud broadcasting channel with numerous networks within it for the education, edification and uplifting of the men and the women that are currently serving and have previously served in the Armed Forces and their dependents. The Veterans Channel provides free broadcasting for service members and veterans to share, fellowship, learn, engage, and benefit.

Service members and veterans can join up now, at no charge, to view the channel and benefit from the inner networks. The Veterans Channel facilitates and invites men and women to communicate and reach out to fellow veterans globally and respectfully request that all veteran organizations share this information with their veteran audiences and members, encouraging them to build this channel with us.

Programming for The Veterans Channel addresses suicide, depression, PTSD, transitional housing and homes for veterans, entrepreneurial education for the transitioning veteran, job and career opportunities, complimentary alternative medicine, retreats, nutrition, therapy, adaptive athletes and lifestyle, Soldier salutes, veteran courage, veteran lives and ministries.

Veterans Radio
Veterans Radio is dedicated to all the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces of the United States of America. Our mission is to provide all veterans with a voice, to give them a forum where they are able to discuss their issues, and to provide information to all veterans regarding the rights and privileges they earned by serving their country. 

Veterans Radio will include our listener's stories and experiences, not only while in the service, but afterwards as well. Interviews with guest speakers and authors will be a weekly feature. The content of the programs on Veterans Radio will ultimately be determined by our listeners.
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Radio programs & podcasts for military & veteran families
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