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Assistance to obtain an associate's degree to become an RN
Education scholarship and job training
Grants and scholarships for college
Scholarship listings for Gold Star families

Assistance to obtain an associate's degree to become an RN 

The Warford Foundation
The purpose of The Warford Foundation is to assist military widows and single mothers with the opportunity to obtain a two year degree in nursing.

Education scholarship and job training

Got Your Back Network
Got Your Back Network answers the needs of military families and brings them comfort in a variety of ways. Our work can take us down the street or across the country. No matter where the family lives or where the answer to their need is located, Got Your Back Network works to connect the two.

Got Your Back Network is also looking to partner with professionals nationwide who can assist in providing services for the families of our fallen heroes, to include education scholarship and job training.


The Warford Foundation
(Assistance to obtain an associate's degree to become an RN)
The purpose of The Warford Foundation is to assist military widows and single mothers with the opportunity to obtain a two year degree in nursing.

Grants and scholarships

Children of the Fallen (College Grants)
The Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund was founded in October 2003 to help support surviving U.S. Military children who have lost a parent in the Afghanistan or Iraq wars by providing them with College Grants. Our program has been expanded to include spouses of our fallen as well as those whose parent or spouse has suffered a severe disability as a result of their efforts in either war and includes many disabled veterans some who may are no longer be receiving VA educational benefits.

Our College Grant Program has gone through several expansions as we realized many of our Gold Star widows and disabled veterans were ineligible or were no longer qualified for VA and government programs. To find out if you qualify, please complete our application or call us at: 866-96-CFSRF today.

April 30th is the deadline for College Applicants for the Fall semesters and October 31st for the Spring semesters. If you are applying for assistance, please submit all completed paperwork prior to the deadline.

Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund (CFSRF) is excited to announce a new scholarship fund specifically for the children of fallen service men and women that have served in OIF, OEF or the Gulf War. These students must reside in the District of Columbia, Maryland or Virginia area and are currently attending, have applied or been accepted to a college or university and will be STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) majors. This scholarship fund is being offered due to a generous grant from the Bethesda Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA). 

Special Ops Survivors
(Education and Career Advancement Grants for Gold Star families)
Special Ops Survivors provides education and career advancement grants to reward surviving spouses for their strength and resiliency as they further their careers so that they can better care for their families.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation
The Special Operations Warrior Foundation ensures full college scholarships to the surviving children of Special Operators who die in the line of duty - to any fully accredited college or university in the nation. Financial assistance includes tuition, room and board, books, fees, computers, transportation and miscellaneous expenses.

Additionally, SOWF provides ongoing support and academic counseling to make sure every student has the opportunity to do well in school. SOWF offers professional tutoring, at no cost, to all students from kindergarten through college graduation.

Scholarship listings

Scholarships for Military Children

TAPS Education Support Services
Part of the comprehensive case work TAPS assists survivors with includes giving survivors access to the education benefits available for the children of America’s fallen heroes. There are hundreds of millions of dollars in scholarships for military surviving families, that are available from federal, state and private organizations.


Professional Tutors of America
Professional Tutors of America is a proud supporter of the families of our Fallen Soldiers. For several years, we have been providing personalized tutoring services to the children of service members who have lost their lives serving in Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Our tutors have been very effective in mentoring these children and keeping them focused on their education and future goals. Pending available funding, our services are offered at no cost to the families nationwide. These services also apply to the surviving spouses as well.

Services are made available by the contribution of approximately 10% of our private client revenue and the generosity of our Honor Roll Tutors who help the children at a reduced rate.
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