Therapeutic farming and gardening programs for military veterans

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F.A.R.M. - Farmers Assisting Returning Veterans
F.A.R.M. is a nonprofit organization established to assist veterans transition from military service to civilian life. We believe in a multi-faceted therapeutic approach: agricultural therapy, recreational therapy, and professional medical treatment. 

Farmer Veteran Coalition
The mission of Farmer Veteran Coalition is mobilizing veterans to feed America.

We cultivate a new generation of farmers and food leaders, and develop viable employment and meaningful careers through the collaboration of the farming and military communities. We believe that veterans possess the unique skills and character needed to strengthen rural communities and create sustainable food systems. We believe that agriculture offers purpose, opportunity, and physical and psychological benefits.

Freedom Farm for Vets (Wadsworth, IL)
Freedom Farm for Vets is a safe place to go any time a veteran needs a break from the daily stresses of life. All vets and members of their family are welcome. Here we don’t use words like “handicapped” or “challenged”. The farm is about vets helping vets, the farm feeding the hungry in our community, and in time experiencing the rewards of another kind of service.

If you or someone you know is a veteran, give us a try. This is a special place. We are grateful for your service and we’re here if you need us.

Gardens for Heroes
Gardens For Heroes mission is to foster the well-being and success of veterans and their families through the gift of gardens. Its purpose is to honor service, heal wounds and create opportunities through therapeutic and social horticulture. Our programs include the creation of private gardens at the homes of military families, public gardens in their communities, and a veteran horticulture work program.

Walter Reed National Medical Hospital has been a leader in using therapeutic gardens to heal our wounded veterans. Gardens For Heroes extends and continues that healing process after veterans are released from the hospital and return home. The benefits to the veteran, their family and their community are substantial and long lasting. These benefits reach well beyond individual healing into community development and economic impact on a national scale. With public and private partnerships, we are developing solutions for urban reclamation, food desert solutions and job creation.

Growing Veterans (Mount Vernon, WA)
Using the farm as the catalyst, we provide opportunities for veterans to engage in peer-support and engage with the broader community.

Veterans Art and Farm Therapy (Suffolk, VA)
Our mission is to provide free support for mentally ill veterans and their families using Stargazer Stables' farm facilities for therapeutic treatment and reconnecting family units. The farm acts as a catalyst allowing veteran families to work through interpersonal relationships in a less stressful environment using nature as a tool for positive change.

Farm Therapy - We create a place to work the earth and heal the mind and body through agricultural endeavors. Veterans and families are given the opportunity to work with hydroponics greenhouses and raised bed gardening to make plants grow. 

Veterans Farm (Jacksonville, FL)
Our mission is to help veterans reintegrate back into society through the use of our Beginning Farmer fellowship program. While working together in a relaxed, open environment veterans will work as a team to develop solutions that will enable them to overcome physical and mental barriers.. Through our training fellowship program veterans will learn the skills and gain the education they need to start their own local farm or to work for larger farming organizations.

Veterans Victory Farm (Northern Illinois)
Provides training and employment for veterans, including veterans suffering from TBI or PTSD and young men and women with high capabilities who have hidden disabilities or special needs. The farms will provide local, fresh produce, grown naturally, in a sustainable manner, to sell wholesale and to the community.

Veteran Victory Farm (Fizwilliam, NH)
The Veteran Victory Farm is a groundbreaking concept on a beautiful, eighty-acre working farm that provides a home for veterans with substance abuse issues and mild TBI. Residents tend the farm's organic vegetable garden and care for a variety of farm animals ranging from horses to cows to pigs to chickens.

The program offers a unique opportunity for a lifestyle change to homeless veterans seeking success in the transition between residential treatment programs to independent or transitional housing.

The facility is staffed with experts and advocates who provide medical treatment and psychological counseling. The Veteran Victory Farm is an affordable alternative for drug and alcohol free living in a peaceful and safe environment. Each veteran has the opportunity to grow and cultivate their own future surrounded by fellow veterans on a gorgeous New England landscape. Additionally, the farm provides eggs and pork products to all Veteran Homestead facilities.

VetREST seeks to establish for profit organic farms for each chapter. Each farm will house veterans recovering from PTS, teach them how to farm and for those who desire, help them one day own and operate their own farm. This not only helps our veterans but also our nation!
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