Online and local support for wounded warrior caregivers

Branches of Valor (Eugene, OR)
Branches of Valor seeks to rekindle the hope of military members, veterans and their families--whose lives have been touched by war--by facilitating:
  • supportive connections
  • healing insights
  • Christ-centered solutions

​​Branches of Valor offers resiliency groups, peer mentors, retreats, conferences and events.

Christian Military Wives 
Christian Military Wives offers a terrific interactive online forum for wives whose husbands have PTSD. The forum is avalible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Communicate with other wives who are who are strengthening one another through Christ. 

Courage Beyond
Find other warriors and families experiencing life after war.

Courage Beyond (formerly Not Alone) is a national non-profit organization that provides confidential, no-cost programs and services to warriors and their families facing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and combat stress.

In 2008 a group of warriors and professionals discovered a significant gap in the government's capacity to help warriors and their families come home from war. There needed to be a confidential online community where those warriors could congregate to help each other. Our personal experiences with war trauma led us to reach out to those that need help.

Courage Beyond draws on a unique group of individuals with personal experience in the Iraq and Afghanistan war. We have been in your shoes. We have struggled to regain our lives and to find the new normal at home. Professionals, warriors and experts have been vital in helping to bring the Not Alone vision into reality. We've been through the experience of war and returning home from war and hope that our persistence, experience and passion can help others in their journey as well. We understand. We get it.

Hearts of Valor (Operation Homefront)
Hearts of ValorTM host support groups in several locations around the United States. The support groups are not led by professionals or certified experts. They are led by the members of Hearts of Valor that are willing to serve as facilitators. The goal of every group is to improve the lives of the people, who are caring for wounded warriors.  

We have several Hearts of Valor support groups in different states around the country. To find a group near you, log in and view our list of support groups.

Hope for a Mom's Heart groups (Hope for the Home Front)
Are you a mother of a wounded warrior? We have a Hope for a "Mom's" Heart group forming now just for YOU!

Peer-led support groups are being formed virtually for moms who love a wounded combat veteran of any conflict. Join together with other moms who know how difficult and helpless it is to have a child who has been wounded as a result of war. They know that they can't walk this journey alone and don't want to!

When War Comes Home, DON'T RETREAT, Mom! You are not alone!

Contact us at to join a Hope for a Mom's Heart group!

Hope for the Heart groups (Hope for the Home Front)
As military wives, moms, daughters, sisters and girlfriends who are connected to a wounded combat veteran, we need to know that God cares about our circumstances and that He is with us both in our trials and triumphs. We also need to know that what we are experiencing is not unique...others are walking a similar journey.

Our Hope for the Heart groups offer an opportunity for military women who have both attended our retreats as well as for those who haven't, to connect in a small group setting for the purpose of fortifying, encouraging, educating, and generally supporting one another.  

Thanks to current technology, we are not limited by time and space! No matter where you are in the world, you can band together with other women who desire to become even better fortified to press on toward health and wholeness for themselves and for their families.

CORE CONNECTION through small groups is the next step in your quest toward personal wholeness. We invite you to take this most important step! Peer-led support groups are being formed virtually (online) and locally for all women who live with and love a wounded combat veteran of any conflict.

Join together with other women who know that they can't walk this journey alone and don't want to! When War Comes Home, DON'T RETREAT! You are not alone!

We are forming an army of strong and healthy women who truly possess HOPE for the home front! Contact us to join a group!  

Loved Ones of Combat Veterans (PTSD & TBI Support)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) are unseen and often misunderstood injuries seen all too commonly in our combat veterans. There is little in the way of resources for the families of these veterans so this group is to help support those who support our veterans.

Marine Wife Unplugged
Nicole Vandeventer isn't your typical... anything. She has tasted the pain of being raised by a single parent, verbal, mental, and physical abuse, poverty, homelessness, sexual trauma, abandonment, and when her husband, Nicholas (a US Marine), brought the Iraq war home with him, the devastation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury.

What makes Nicole different is that she has seen God's grace, mercy, love, and faithfulness throughout her most painful obstacles and lives to glorify Him instead of her problems. A year after her husband Nicholas's discharge from combat service in the Marine Corps, Nicole grew desperate to talk, to write, and to vent about her situation, so she created her blog Marine Wife Unplugged.

For months she remained anonymous, but as God healed her husband and healed her, she found strength and encouragement in sharing her story and her identity, helping other wives of PTSD veterans, and offering the wisdom she gained having gone through a lot in a rather short amount of time.

Join Nicole on her journey as she emanates perseverance, loyalty, humor, and above all, faith in the Lord Jesus. Her writing might surprise you. She is more honest than many, and she's passionate about showing the love and truth of Christ in what she writes. Nicole is also a singer and an amateur photographer. Her husband is currently pursuing re-elistment into the US military with hopes of becoming a Chaplain. Nicholas and Nicole live in Idaho with their 2 year old son, Azarel.

Wounded Warrior Project Connect
A private online community, WWP Connect™ was created for the exclusive use of alumni, family members, caregivers, and WWP staff.

Here you can chat, share stories, add videos and photos, or write a blog about a favorite topic.

You will also find details about upcoming WWP events and program news. Using WWP Connect, it’s easy to stay in touch with the people you meet at Alumni events. 



Family Support Retreat (Wounded Warrior Project)
These weekend all-expense-paid retreats are hosted at numerous locations around the country. The retreats provide an opportunity to get some much-needed rest and rejuvenation. The intimate retreat size, usually 25 participants, allows family members to connect with others experiencing a similar range of emotions in a safe and comfortable setting.

The retreat kicks off with an ice-breaker reception and dinner. Participants hear from speakers like program staff member Anna Frese, sister of a Wounded Warrior. Each retreat provides participants with the opportunity to expand their relaxation and coping skills with small group activities led by trained and licensed counselors from the Give-An-Hour Program. Other activities may include spa treatments or outdoor team building. Depending on the retreat location and season, participants can spend their free time relaxing by the pool, golfing, shopping, hiking, indulging in spa services, experiencing a new adventure like horseback riding, or simply unwinding.

Retreat weekends are filled with exciting opportunities for new friendships and these bonds continue long after the conclusion of the retreat itself. WWP staff assemble a comprehensive contact database to ensure everyone can stay connected.

All travel expenses to and from the retreat are paid by WWP; however, a credit card is needed when checking in for personal incidentals. The Friday and Monday surrounding the retreat weekend are primarily used for travel, and departure and arrival times are flexible.

Hearts of Valor Retreats
Those close to service members are all too familiar with both the invisible and visible wounds that come with war. With those injuries come a host of circumstances that may feel unbearable. At our Hearts of ValorTM retreats, you don't have to feel that burden alone.

At the HOV retreats, you will be able to share your story with other people that have found themselves in similar situations as you and learn how to cope in your role as a caregiver, learn more about:
  •   Invisible wounds such as PTSD and TBI
  •   How to cope with your role as a caregiver
  •   Deep relaxation techniques
  •   Solutions unique to your needs

The retreats are within driving distance and are of no cost to you. The registration fees, meals, and hotel room are all free.

When War Comes Home [Don't] Retreat
Offering hope and healing for the invisible wounds of war on the home front.
Our weekend retreats offer the following benefits to the women attending...
  • Provide opportunities for you to make new friends with other women who love and live with a combat veteran. 
  • Equip you with the latest updates on medical, psychological and spiritual insights about PTSD and TBI. 
  • Help you gain a better understanding of your own issues including Secondary Traumatic Stress and Compassion Fatigue. 
  • Provide a safe, confidential environment where you can be transparent. 
  • Introduce you to local and national resources that are available and ready to help you and your loved ones. 
  • Help you build your own customized support networks. 
  • Guide you in constructing your own plan for personal wholeness. 
  • Offer you a Care Team Member who will pray for you, offer guidance, support and encouragement to you throughout the weekend and for a full year following the retreat. 
  • Help you rekindle your hope and renew your strength. 
  • Inspire and motivate you to re-engage in compassionate service in your community as a part of your own healing. 
  • Honor you for your service and sacrifice. 
  • Help you to laugh. 

Our retreats are intended for the purpose of offering information and encouragement to attendees and are not designed or intended to provide professional counseling or any type of mental health treatment. Persons who feel they need such therapy should immediately contact a licensed therapist.

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