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Rehabilitation & therapy through adaptive sports for wounded warriors

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Robotic wheelchairs, specialized cycles
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Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight (advertisement)
The Sure Shot Billiards Cue Sight was designed to aid and help improve aiming, and correct cue stroke.

The way I came up with the idea for the Sure Shot Billiard Cue Sight is, one day, while shooting pool I came across a guy who had only use of one arm. So to make the game even I chose to shoot with only one arm as well. In doing this I realized by looking down the shaft of the cue, aiming was more difficult and it was harder to see the tip of the cue. That's when the idea came to me, a sight similar to one that is on the barrel of a rifle. After months of research the final design of the Sure Shot Billiard Cue Sight was created and months later by using it on the tip of my cue my aiming became better and also found it helped with cue stroke correction aka twisting of the wrist.

  This tool was invented by me to help better your aim and stroke as well as for your enjoyment and I hope that you enjoy using the Sure Shot Billiard Cue Sight. 


AmTrykes for Veterans Project (Lest We Forget Our Vets Inc.) (Michigan)
Established in 1994, AmTryke, LLC is a company owned and operated by National AMBUCS Inc. AMBUCS is a non-profit service organization dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.

These unique tricycles, which can be hand or foot operated, are designed to accommodate riders of all ages, sizes and varying degrees of physical limitations. Both physical and occupational therapists acknowledge the AmTryke tricycle's many therapeutic benefits, citing improved motor skills, strength development and self-esteem.

In 2011, Lest We Forget our Vets Inc. realized the benefits of these AmTrykes for veterans with disabilities. Through grants, donations, fund-raising events and sponsorships, Lest We Forget our Vets raises the necessary funds to purchase these AmTrykes.  Once a veteran assessed by a therapist to determine the proper therapy needed for that person, the AmTryke is presented to the veteran at no charge.

Northeast Passage (Hew Hampshire)
Northeast Passage of New Hampshire specializes in providing innovative solutions for individuals with disabilities including children, adults and our nation’s military personnel.

Operation One Voice
Operation One Voice's wounded warrior bike program provides a variety of bicycles (road bikes, tandem, and hand-cranked) to severely injured Special Operation service members to aid in the operator's rehab and quality of life.

Operation One Voice is a program designed by police officers, firefighters and community leaders to raise funds to help support the immediate needs of children and families of wounded and fallen Special Operations Forces. Special Operation Forces consist of US Army Special Operations Command (USASCOC); Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC); Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSCOC); Marine Force Special Operations Command (MARSOC); and Joint Special Operation Command (JSOC).

Project Hero
From building and donating adaptive bikes and producing cycling events throughout the nation to supporting community-based rehabilitation and recovery programs and important medical and clinical research, Project Hero is raising awareness of the national PTSD mental health crisis and making a difference in the lives of thousands of veterans and first responders, as well as their families and communities.

Our programs have helped more than 10,000 veterans and first responders through cycling-based programs and other events since 2008. Project Hero participants record elimination of and decreases in use of prescription drugs of as much as 65 percent, greater injury recovery rates, improved sleep habits and overall improvement in daily life functions.

Project Hero has built more than 200 adaptive bikes for injured veterans, donated more than 2,500 bikes to veterans and logged more than 30,000 bicycling miles in 30 states and 6 countries to bring hope, recovery and resilience in support of America’s Healing Heroes.

REACHcycles is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing trikes to children with disabilities as well as disabled veterans.

Soldier Ride
Soldier Ride is a Wounded Warrior Project initiative that provides adaptive cycling opportunities across the country to help wounded warriors restore their physical and emotional well-being. It is a unique adaptive cycling experience that honors our military men and women as they courageously battle the physical and psychological damages of war. Through the exhilaration of cycling, warriors embrace possibilities for the future in a supportive environment with fellow injured service members.

The Warrior Ride
The Warrior Ride® is a non-profit organization founded in Oak Island, North Carolina with a mission of rehabilitation for our injured war heroes. By implementing challenging adaptive bicycling and morale building events, The Warrior Ride® founders believe our nation's heroes are given an opportunity to be able to take pride in the skills they have and redefine their capabilities through accomplishment in an atmosphere of camaraderie and support. The Warrior Ride uses adaptive bicycling and other morale building events, such as kayaking and golf as a tool for recreation and rehabilitation. The Warrior Ride® events take place in various locations throughout the United States. There is no cost to the service member to participate in The Warrior Ride® events. All expenses are paid through donations and grants.

U.S. Blind Tandem Cycling Connection
The U.S. Blind Tandem Cycling Connection endeavors to increase the participation of individuals who are visually impaired or blind in the exhilarating sport of tandem cycling.
We serve as a resource to:
  • Connect blind and visually impaired cyclists with sighted cyclists
  • Educate people about tandem cycling
  • Disseminate information about cycling clubs, events, and opportunities
  • Address the needs of the blind tandem cycling community


Soldiers Who Salsa
Soldiers Who Salsa uses dance as therapy for wounded or injured military members and their families....active and retired. The mission of Soldiers Who Salsa is to enhance and enrich the lives of active and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families through a unique program incorporating therapeutic social dancing with a variety of music and professional instruction.


Catch A Lift Fund
Catch A Lift ("CAL") is a non-profit organization that assists wounded service members from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with starting their healing process and maintaining their mental and physical health through physical fitness. CAL provides gifted gym memberships or in-home gym equipment to wounded post 9-11 veterans anywhere in the United States.

Operation Endurance (Livingstone, Alabama)
Operation Endurance enables local servicemen and women who have sustained a severe injury during active duty access to Lakeshore Foundation's membership programs at no cost.These severe injuries include, but are not limited to, loss of vision/blindness, spinal cord injury/paralysis, loss of limb, permanent disfigurement, severe burns or traumatic brain injury (TBI). 

As a Lakeshore Foundation member, you will have access to fitness workouts and classes, swimming and aquatic exercise, recreation activities, competitive individual and team sports, fishing, hunting, canoeing and kayaking. Participants in Operation Endurance will also have access to a climbing wall and receive individualized strength and conditioning instruction. 
Lakeshore Foundation staff is available to help make equipment adaptations to enable participation in sports and recreation activities and a number of accomplished individuals with physical disabilities are on-hand to serve as mentors. 

We understand that military families are under enormous strain. As a member of the Y, you and your family can spend quality time together and enjoy fun activities in a warm, supportive environment. It’s also a place to meet other military families who can relate to your unique situation. Wounded service members assigned to a Community Based Warrior in Transition Unit (CBWTU) are eligible for free membership.


Bunkers in Baghdad
We are a not-for-profit charity that collects and sends new and used golf balls, clubs and equipment to our troops currently serving in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bunkers also supplies golf equipment to Wounded Warriors Programs around the country to aid in the rehabilitation of our injured veterans.

Fairways for Warriors (Central Florida, Fayetteville, NC)
Fairways for Warriors is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a better quality of life for our Wounded Warriors by teaching them to play the game of golf, a game that can be played and enjoyed for the rest of their lives. 

During our golf clinics we will employ a teach, play, compete cycle to be repeated each clinic session. In this way you will learn how, demonstrate how, and finally compete against your fellow clinic mates.

Friends of American Lake Golf Club (Lakewood, WA)
The American Lake Veterans Golf Course, on the grounds of the VA Hospital in Lakewood, WA, is the nation's only golf course designed specifically for the rehabilitation of wounded and disabled veterans. At this unique facility, disabled veterans can hit balls, take lessons from a PGA pro, the go out and play the course. Blind golfers, amputees, and veterans recovering from emotional trauma and other injuries can join able-bodied soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines for camaraderie, support and rounds of golf - all in an atmosphere of honor and acceptance.

GIVE Foundation (Iowa)
The GIVE Foundation is a not-for-profit organization to provide a structured golf program for injured Iowa veterans who use the Iowa City VA Health Care System and VA Central Iowa Health Care System. The golf program is comprised of four phases of training for injured veterans to participate in to enhance injured veterans’ mental, social, physical, and emotional well-being; and improve their quality of life.

Harmon's Heroes Foundation
The Harmon's Heroes Foundation develops, operates and supports a series of golf-based events that encourage wellness and quality of life for combat-wounded veterans.

Jan Stephenson's Crossroads Therapy (Palm Harbor, FL)
Our mission is to provide our disabled veterans and first responders with the tools they need to move forward in life. Golf allows them to challenge themselves both mentally and physically which results in a stronger mind, body and spirit.

Military Missions in Action (North Carolina)
Operation Warrior Golf is a program sponsored by MMIA in which veterans with disabilities learn how to overcome their limitations through the game of golf. Upon completion of the program, MMIA presents the veteran with a gently-used set of golf clubs which have been donated for that purpose.

Operation Game On (San Diego, CA)
More of our troops are returning home with life altering combat injuries, and the one thing we can give them is that familiar game of golf. Golf gives injured troops the confidence to regain an active lifestyle and provides hope for a brighter future.

With your help and support we can accomplish our goals of an ongoing golf rehabilitation program for the returning wounded troops which provides golf lessons and golf equipment, as well as golf apparel and multiple playing opportunities.

Skills 4 Life (Military Warriors Support Foundation)
Golf is one of the most popular sports and hobbies for our wounded vets. Some are learning how to swing differently, adapting and overcoming their injury while many others are attracted to the game and picking it up for the first time.

MWSF is very involved with the PGA and several major golfing events. Our foundation is part of the PGA’s Birdies for the Brave and attends many events that allow golfing opportunities for our wounded heroes at various courses across the country. We run a VIP hospitality skybox on the 18th green at the Valero Texas Open and also provide opportunities for our heroes to caddy for golf pros in pro-am tournaments through our relationship with Caddies for a Cure.

The Salute Military Golf Association
The Salute Military Golf Association (SMGA) is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide rehabilitative golf experiences for combat-wounded veterans in an effort to improve the quality of life for these American heroes.  

SMGA's Support for Combat-Wounded Veterans: The SMGA believes the rehabilitative benefits of golf can improve the mental and physical condition of each and every wounded warrior returning from combat. The SMGA provides golf instruction, equipment, and playing opportunities for combat-wounded American veterans injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The American Golfer Program (AGP) affords SMGA membership to wounded veterans who are not located within close proximity to one of our clinic locations. This program matches post-9/11 wounded veterans and active duty service members with PGA of America professionals familiar with teaching adaptive golf. Through the American Golfer Program, SMGA offers a series of private golf lessons covering all aspects of the game of golf. To apply visit www.smga.org

Hunting and fishing

Anglers of Honor (Denver, CO)
With over 45,000 soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan during the last decade, some families and communities are struggling to cope with the severe injuries sustained overseas by our brave servicemen and women. While the recovery process and transition back to civilian life can be challenging for injured soldiers, Lincoln Hills, working alongside the Wounded Warrior Project and other veteran programs, is committed to doing whatever possible to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of these heroic veterans. Fishing and other outdoor activities can provide a much needed respite for these individuals, and Lincoln Hills and Angling University are proud to offer their grounds, amenities, and staff to this great cause.

Fishing Has No Boundaries
Fishing Has No Boundaries®, Inc. (FHNB) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to open up the great outdoors for people with disabilities through the world of fishing. FHNB has grown into a National Organization with 23 chapters in 11 states, enabling thousands of individuals with disabilities to participate fully in this spirit lifting, morale booster, trouble free recreational activity.

Flyin' Heroes (Baldwin, MI)
Flyin' Heroes is a program that utilizes the sport of fly fishing to promote therapeutic growth and rehabilitation of U.S. servicemen and women injured in combat. The goal of Flyin' Heroes is to create memorable fly fishing experiences that unlock the healing power of the water and foster lasting relationships.

Participants will experience a unique guided float trip down the Pere Marquette River in Baldwin, Michigan. Each participants will be instruction on the basic techniques of fly and/or spinner fishing for trout and other game species. 

Fishing related activities will be held from within a drift boat, on a riverbank or physically wading into the river depending on the comfort level of each participant. 

The fishing trips will range from 4-6 hours long and will incorporate a streamside prepared lunch provided by Flyin' Heroes. All necessary fishing tackle, rods and waders will be provided by Flyin' Heroes.

Freedom Adaptive Systems
(Advertisement) Freedom Adaptive Systems helps people with disabilities to enjoy the sport of fishing with adaptive fishing equipment. Freedom Adaptive Systems is owned and operated by a Disabled American Veteran who lost the use of his right arm and right foot in combat. Our adaptive fishing equipment is made to allow people who suffer from fatigue from fishing, pain, paralysis, or loss of a limb have a great day fishing. We provide adaptive fishing equipment that is comfortable, easy to use, and give you the best fishing experience possible.

Freedom Hunters
Saluting the noble work of our courageous men and women of the Armed Forces is our mission. Freedom Hunters would like to reflect the outdoor community's appreciation to the troops by taking select active duty and combat veterans on outdoor adventures. With help from conservation groups, outfitters, corporations and land owners, Freedom Hunters will honor individuals from all branches of the Military. It is with immense pride and enthusiasm that Freedom Hunters will carry on the American tradition of hunting and fishing with active military personnel across the United States. 

Honoring the Wounded - We are proud to show our gratitude to Purple Heart recipients. Many may not have the same physical abilities as when they joined the service, but heart and determination is something that still drives these men forward.

Lima Foxtrot Programs for Injured Military (Livingstone, AL)
Hunting season is just around the corner and preparations are underway for another exciting time at the Lakeshore Foundation Hunting Club. We invite you to join us at our facility in Sumter County, Alabama, about 15 miles from Livingston, Alabama. The facility offers sleeping arrangements for up to 15 people, wheelchair accessible restrooms, a fully accessible kitchen along with central heating and cooling. We also provide assistance to disabled hunters with getting to and from deer blind, with guiding, scouting, tracking and skinning of harvested game. Lakeshore Foundation staff supervises all hunts.

Northeast Passage (Hew Hampshire)
Northeast Passage of New Hampshire specializes in providing innovative solutions for individuals with disabilities including children, adults and our nation’s military personnel.

Operation Still Waters (Saint Petersburg, FL)
The goal of Operation Still Waters is simple; to help -- in any possible way we can -- those military personnel, firefighters and law enforcement professionals who may have been injured or hurt in performing their duty. Regardless of the source or results of those injuries, it’s the goal of Operation Still Waters to help people who've been hurt working for America to spend some time on the water with us -- and eventually with anyone they care to fish with.

Operation Still Waters is a Florida not-for-profit corporation made up of individuals personally or professionally involved in one of mankind’s oldest pass times: fishing. Our team is well-rooted in our local community, but hopes to bring the concept anywhere in the world we might be of help.

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing
Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and veterans through fly fishing and fly tying education and outings.

Purple Heart Ranch (Sterling City, TX)
Military Warriors Hero Support Foundation
Purple Heart Ranch is open exclusively to combat wounded heroes and to Gold Star families. The ranch is also open to children of combat wounded heroes and those who have a parent currently deployed to a combat zone. Both the families of the wounded heroes and the parents of the children are encouraged to come and enjoy the experience with the hunters. There is fishing available at both properties and many other activities for the families. Both ranches are rich in history and are littered with Native American artifacts, especially arrow heads.

Show of Support
The purpose of Show of Support is to demonstrate public support for the men and women of our military by providing outdoor opportunities to those injured in service to our country. Started by Terry Johnson in 2004, the program also seeks to bring public awareness to the outdoor sports of hunting and fishing, respect for our resources and the care and preservation of those assets in addition to simply saying thanks. 

The Maj. Steven Roy Andrews Fishing Outreach Program Inc. (Cheshire, CT)
The Maj. Steven Roy Andrews Fishing Outreach Program Inc. is a non-profit program that was started in 2008 out of a need to help veterans and at risk and needy kids. The purpose of this program is to get veterans and kids hooked on fishing. For veterans it gives them a way to deal with issues from their service, be it mental or physical ones.

Joe Kowalski takes a vet or kid out on the boat for a day of fishing. “It's a lot like a one day fishing lesson. I try and teach them all I know about this great sport.” explains Kowalski. Each vet or kid receives a rod and reel and a tackle box full of the latest baits. This is theirs to keep free of charge. Also included are contacts for local fishing clubs in the area they live so they can continue on if they wish or they can call Joe anytime with questions.

Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation (Bozeman, MT)
The Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation seeks to build resilience in post-9/11 combat veterans and caregivers through the experience of fly fishing in Montana.

The Fishing Experience (FX) is WQW’s core recreational activity and therapeutic program. Each FX brings qualified participants to southwest Montana for a week-long program of fly fishing and relaxation in the peaceful landscape characteristic of the Rocky Mountains. WQW works strategically with partner organizations in order to identify potential participants who meet placement criteria and are committed to positive change. Such partnerships have included Wounded Warrior Battalions and Warrior Transition Units. Warriors come from across the United States and all branches of military service, limited to those who have been combat-wounded and/or are currently struggling socially or professionally due to mental health conditions or traumatic brain injuries acquired during combat operations post-9/11.

At no cost to the participant, WQW provides:
  • ground and air transportation
  • comfortable lodging and home-cooked meals
  • professional instruction and fly fishing equipment, including fly rod and reel, SIMMS waders, SIMMS boots, a Mystery Ranch pack, wading staff, fly fishing tools, tippet, leader, and an assortment of flies. It is our hope that by returning home equipped with gear, warriors are able to continue the sport independently and with confidence.

Wounded Warriors in Action
The WWIA aids in healing the hearts and minds of our Nation's combat wounded heroes (Purple Heart recipients) from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. We accomplish this by providing to wounded veterans world-class outdoor sporting activities, chiefly consisting of participation in hunting and fishing retreats all across America. Hunting and fishing provide excellent niche opportunities to assist our wounded veterans in recovering - mentally, physically and spiritually from their war experiences.

Ice hockey

Pittsburgh Warriors
Pittsburgh Warriors offers therapeutic & competitive hockey opportunities for injured & disabled US Military Veterans who have served our country.

USA Warriors Ice Hockey Program
The USA Warriors Ice Hockey Program has been organized to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, for those wounded in defense of the United States in conjunction with the USA Hockey Disabled Hockey Program.

The program’s mission is to organize and administer an ice hockey program that provides a recreational, therapeutic experience and education.

The program educates, trains, motivates, and encourages the formation of USA Warrior Hockey Programs locally and nationally while encouraging individuals who have physical disabilities incurred during service to the United States to participate in the sport of ice hockey in an environment that is adapted to the level of their ability.

The USA Warriors Ice Hockey Program, Inc. is staffed by volunteers, on-ice and off-ice mentors and directors who do not receive any compensation, stipend or other remuneration for their time.

Kayak fishing

Heroes on the Water
Heroes on the Water helps helps wounded warriors relax, rehabilitate, and reintegrate through kayak fishing and the outdoors. Heroes on the Water(HOW) originated in Texas, with the first outings involving troops from the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, and has expanded its operations to 29 local chapters across the nation.


Team River Runner
Team River Runner believes that every wounded and disabled veteran deserves the opportunity to embrace new challenges, invoke leadership, and promote camaraderie. Team River Runner provides an outlet to fulfill these beliefs – inviting wounded and disabled war veterans and their families to participate in adaptive paddling programs. Founded in 2004 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, we now offer weekly paddling sessions in 45 locations across the nation. Team River Runner is more than an adaptive sports program. It’s a program that provides hope and healing to those who have risked so much, yet asked for so little. It’s an opportunity to enjoy nature and realize its social, physical, and emotional benefits, whether it’s tackling whitewater rapids or paddling on peaceful flat-water. It’s an environment that facilitates connection, allowing veterans to reunite with their families and forge relationships with those who have endured similar pain. Our veterans are on the river to recovery.


Climbs for Heroes (The Heroes Project)
Under the leadership of Tim Medvetz, the Heroes Project supports climbing programs for wounded soldiers and veterans. After a serious accident left Tim injured and in long term physical therapy, he vowed he would climb to the summit of Mt. Everest, which he ultimately did in 2007. The comeback Tim experienced in conquering that challenge transformed his life. It also inspired him to share the challenge and triumph with those who need it the most - wounded warriors - which he has done in a volunteer capacity. On August 16, Tim reached the peak of Elbrus in Europe with a wounded veteran. Tim is now planning climbs to the seven summits of the world, each with soldiers and veterans, as part of the Heroes Project.

No Barriers Warriors
No Barriers Warriors empower veterans and transitioning service members with disabilities, and survivors of the fallen, to overcome barriers and unleash their potential. Our experiences serve as both an opportunity for growth and catalyst for change as these brave men and women stretch boundaries, build teams, innovate through adversity and step up to lead and serve others. Complementing the reintegration process, this program provides quality transformative experiences that inspire warriors to grow and continue to contribute their absolute best to the world.

Wounded Warrior Ascents (Alaska)
Wounded Warrior Ascents enables warriors wounded in defense of our nation to overcome their combat injuries, both physical and invisible, in order to redefine their ‘new normal’ through pursuit of adaptive mountaineering and endurance sports competition.

Outdoor adventures

American Heroes Program (Outdoors Without Limits)
The goal of the American Heroes program at OWL is to keep all wounded/disabled veterans active by taking them on hunting and fishing trips and other outdoor activities across North America. Veterans and veteran's families go through so much in protecting our freedoms, many giving the ultimate sacrifice and we feel it is our duty to show our gratitude for what they have done for our country.

Camp Patriot
Camp Patriot exists to take disabled U.S. veterans on outdoor adventures. Camp Patriot wants to renew the dreams and visions of our disabled veterans for a meaningful future. We will be bringing disabled American veterans to the great state of Montana for outdoor adventures of their choosing. However, outdoor adventures are just some of the activities we provide disabled U.S. military veterans at Camp Patriot. We want to create relationships for them through outdoor adventures that will promote positive, life changing experiences.

With the construction of a first-class lodge outside of Libby, MT, we will be able to accommodate up to 20 veterans per week. We will provide a range of outdoor activities, and will be equipped to accommodate veterans with an array of disabilities. There will be no cost to the veteran.

Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities (C.A.M.O.)
C.A.M.O. provides recreational and cultural experiences for wounded warriors with cognitive or physical disabilities. We encourage family and friends to share in these experiences. Wounded warriors are able to realize their life potential, bridging the gap between injuries and moving forward with life's challenges despite adversity.

C.A.M.O. is dedicated specifically to our veterans, who face a multitude of physical, emotional and professional challenges, and who are committed to the hard work required to overcome these challenges extending far beyond their hospital stay. Currently, there is no government funding for these types of programs, and Challenge Aspen is one of only a few organizations offering this type of recreational therapy. It is the goal of Challenge Aspen for C.A.M.O. to become the model program in the United States.

Summer programs include couples retreats, fly fishing, other retreats and Horses for Heroes. CAMO’s winter programs focus primarily on ski and snowboard instruction.

Northeast Passage (Hew Hampshire)
Northeast Passage of New Hampshire specializes in providing innovative solutions for individuals with disabilities including children, adults and our nation’s military personnel.

Operation Injured Soldiers
The goal of Operation Injured Soldiers is to help our wounded heroes get back to doing the sports and hobbies they enjoyed before being deployed. 

The funds we raise provide hunting, fishing, and camping trips, along with many other outdoor recreational activities, to our disabled heroes to help with their physical and mental rehabilitation. Through corporate sponsorships and individual donations, these trips are provided at no cost to our injured heroes. 

Outward Bound
Adventure and challenge, solitude, reflection, and renewal, the wilderness has always symbolized a new beginning - a place for discovery and fulfilling adventure. The Outward Bound program for veterans provides an opportunity for camaraderie and has proven to be a powerful tool helping veterans readjust after leaving the combat zone.

Our newest programs offer numerous wilderness adventures exclusively for war veterans, and are fully funded for all participants, to include their roundtrip stateside travel costs between home and the excursion site. Our goals include helping participating veterans build a supportive community with other war veterans; facilitating discussions on readjustment and transition challenges; and re-energizing and reinvigorating our veterans' spirits with adventures and challenges in the beautiful outdoors.

Wounded Warrior Outdoors
Wounded Warrior Outdoors, Inc. is a non-profit organization exclusively founded to provide wounded servicemen and women with therapeutic outdoor adventures across North America. WWO gives deserving Active Duty Warriors in transition the opportunity of a lifetime in the wilderness location of their choice. We call them “Adventures Enabled.” Their adventure could take them bear hunting in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, on alligator hunts or fishing excursions in the Gulf Coast region of Florida or deer hunting in Texas. During their experience, they will participate in therapeutic activities such as backpacking, trail expeditions and numerous social interactions.

Wounded Warrior Outdoors provides this all-inclusive adventure at absolutely no cost to the servicemen and women, their families or the government. Transportation, lodging, meals and documentation of the adventure is provided free of charge.

Robotic wheelchairs, specialized cycles

Independence Fund for America's Severely Wounded Service Members
Independence Fund is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide veterans who have been severely injured during the Global War on Terrorism with the tools, therapies and guidance that they are otherwise not receiving. 

Donated items include, but are not limited to the $25,000 robotic wheelchair, the $4000 specialized cycles and unfunded physical therapy equipment pictured here. Our grants would not be possible without the generosity of organizations like the Lakeway Patriot Fund, the Military Order of the Purple Heart Foundation and the support of the many individual donors who donate on their own accord. Ancillary to this core mission we have found that events such as the Lt Dan Ride, and the Schlumberger Cycling Club’s annual Wallis Ride provide an enormous therapeutic value for our severely injured by breaking down barriers between the able bodied and disabled veterans' communities. In the past 2 1/2 years since its inception, with no paid staff, the Independence Fund has raised and distributed nearly $750,000 in goods and services to deserving veterans and their caregivers.

Sailing, cruising, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, scuba diving

USMAA Sailing Foundation - Warrior Sailing
Warrior Sailing provides maritime education and outreach for wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans. We do so by facilitating opportunities for skill development and building partnerships between the military and marine communities. Using sailing as a platform, Warrior Sailing positively impacts the participant’s physical and mental health while reconnecting them with the camaraderie and teamwork previously found in military service.

Veterans Ocean Adventures (South Florida)
Our mission is to create an opportunity for veterans to experience the healing power of water.

Our vision is to create an opportunity for disabled veterans to experience open ocean sailing, offshore cruising and scuba diving through collaboration with community partners including the Miami VA and Miami Vet Center. Once participants have completed the Introduction to Water Sports program and express a desire to advance to blue water sailing, Veterans Ocean Adventures provides an introduction to cruising in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. Select participants may continue on to join a leg of an ongoing world circumnavigation.


Air Warrior Courage Foundation

The AWCF Wounded Warrior Emergency Support Fund launched a scuba training and open water certification program in the spring of 2006.  AWCF joined with Duggan Diving, a professional scuba diving company, to launch a program specifically tailored to train wounded warriors with amputations and burns.

Deep Sea Valkyries (Arizona and Nationwide)
Deep Sea Valkyries is dedicated to the mission of preventing veteran suicide by reducing the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the treatment of other combat-related injuries, while assisting each veteran in his/her transition from service member to civilian. Our retreats provide alternative forms of therapy to injured veterans as a method to combat veteran suicide and enhance lives post-service. Our unique week-long intensive counseling retreats provide veterans with more than 25 hours of group- and individual counseling sessions, helping them to define trauma, identify and recognize it in their lives, and discover tools to manage its effects.

Dive Pirates Foundation (various chapters across the U.S.)
Based on camaraderie, compassion, freedom to dive, and the Code of Conduct, Dive Pirates will support, train, equip, and provide dive travel to individuals with disabilities through Adaptive Scuba Diving.

Disabled Veterans Scuba Project (Long Beach and West Los Angeles, CA)
Our mission is to serve disabled veterans by helping them experience the comaraderie of SCUBA diving and the wonders of the underwater world. 

The all volunteer staff of the Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project currently has approval to teach SCUBA diving to the disabled Veterans at Long Beach and West Los Angeles VA hospitals. We are providing SCUBA instruction to disabled veterans (paraplegic,     quadriplegic, PTSD, TBI, poly-trauma, blind, or amputee).

The Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project is currently conducting class for veterans of both the Long Beach and  Greater West Los Angeles VA Hospitals.

Operation Bottom Time (Arizona Disabled Scuba Divers Foundation)
Operation Bottom Time is a project offered by the Arizona Disabled Scuba Divers Foundation, which addresses rehabilitation needs of disabled veterans. The goals of the project are to use the sport of scuba diving to:
  • build participants’ confidence and competence
  • provide opportunities to socialize and network with other disabled and able-bodied persons in a positive and productive environment
  • provide opportunities for families to reconnect in meaningful activities that enhance physical and mental health.

Scuba Warriors (Heartbeat for Warriors) (Washington state)
Scuba Warriors — therapeutic scuba diving for wounded warriors. Heartbeat—Serving Wounded Warriors pays for therapeutic scuba diving for wounded service members of GWOT, the Global War on Terrorism. We call this program Scuba Warriors. Warriors with physical or psychological injuries, or both, can benefit from this healing activity. 

Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba (SUDS)
Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba (SUDS) at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Medical Center is designed to help improve the lives of injured veterans returning from Iraq & Afghanistan.


Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team
The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST) mission is to raise awareness, through exhibition and celebrity softball games, of the sacrifices and resilience of our military, and highlight their ability to rise above any challenge. Our goal is to show other amputees and the general population, that these athletes through extensive rehabilitation and training are able to express their desires and perform the sport they loved.

The WWAST is comprised of young, competitive, athletic veterans and active duty soldiers who have lost limbs post-9/11, while serving their country in the military/war. The team includes individuals with a variety of amputations of the arm, above knee, below knee, bilateral below knee, and foot. Some are still in the service, others are attending college thanks to the Post-9/11 GI Bill while others have moved on to new careers.  

WWAST athletes are examples of amputees who continue to push the limits of modern prosthetic technology with more and more applications. Of course, our dream would be the return of our soldiers from harms way without the resulting  loss of life and limb. Until such a time, our vision is to support and honor our soldiers and veterans sacrifices, and to show other amputees and everyone who sees or hears about us that life without a limb is limitless.


Association of Amputee Surfers (AmpSurf)
For 9 years, AmpSurf has been providing our Learn to Surf Clinics. AmpSurf has served hundreds of our disabled veterans as well as disabled adults and children who probably never would have had this experience if it hadn’t been for our program. AmpSurf (Association of Amputee Surfers) is a501(c)(3)  non-profit organization, made up of amputees, veterans, friends and families of the disabled and depends on donations for our operations.

AmpSurf wants to promote, inspire, educate, and rehabilitate people with disabilities, especially our veteran heroes through adaptive surfing and fun, safe, outdoor activities that all can participate in.

One in five Americans struggle with a lifelong disability and nearly two million men and women have served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan who are now coming home looking for ways to feel whole again and to fit back in to ””normal”” life. Whether they are an amputee, blind, suffer from PTSD, have quadriplegia or a traumatic brain injury. Whether they served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf war, Iraq or Afghanistan, whether they are a child of Autism, or a young woman who has lost a limb to cancer, AmpSurf offers a unique rehabilitative program to bring the healing power of the ocean and adaptive surfing together for an experience that is both mentally and physically one of the best forms of rehabilitation on the planet.

Combat Veterans Sports Foundation
We are an organization that is based on allowing recovering combat injured soldiers the opportunity to work with professional sports franchises. Whats better than sports and soldiers?

Combat Veteran Sports Foundation, provides Wounded Combat Veterans with a positive outlet by volunteering through professional sports organizations, seeks to enhance the warriors recovery process through a community awareness platform and to provide recognition of their sacrifice. 

Lima Foxtrot Programs for Injured Military
Lima Foxtrot is the brand name adopted by Lakeshore to describe what has become one of this country’s premier, comprehensive, year round, sport, fitness, and recreation programs for severely injured members of our Armed Forces who were injured post 9/11. Initiated in 2006 in response to the significant numbers of injuries from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Lima Foxtrot has served over 1,800 injured servicemen and women and their families, from 46 states and territories. Through Lima Foxtrot these young men and women use lessons from sport and recreation to learn how to pursue life after injury.

National Shooting Sports (M1 for Vets)
M1 for Vets is a non-profit organization dedicated to financial and logistical support of returning Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and the Global War on Terror (GWT) "Transitioning Combat Wounded Veterans" for the purpose of competing in national shooting sports.

The goal is to give transitioning combat wounded veterans an opportunity to get back on the rifle range to participate in shooting competition.  M1 for Vets will make logistical arrangements and work with them to make the adjustments that are necessary to achieve a stable firing position.  These are tough young men and women who quickly adapt and are able to overcome difficulties.

Salute Inc. (Therapeutic military adaptive sports camps/activities)
Salute, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness and support of issues facing active military personnel, veterans and their families and to provide financial support through advocacy and fundraising.

This program includes paralympic sports camp, cycling, fishing/hunting, horseback riding, skiing, water sports, and wheelchair basketball.

Sports Club Finder
The Sports Club Finder connects you with community-based programs, including Paralympic Sports Clubs that have been developed to provide sports programming and physical activity opportunities for disabled veterans along with youth and adults with disabilities, regardless of skill level. All programs and activities at these organizations are based in the community and are run by the local organization.

Sun Valley Adaptive Sports
SVAS means fun! We want people with disabilities to experience the thrills of alpine skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, whitewater rafting, kayaking, and rock climbing. We want people to enjoy the excitement of hiking, biking, running, horseback riding, martial arts, snowshoeing, and ice skating. And we want people to discover the serenity of fly-fishing, yoga, theater, bowling, swimming, and hot springs. 

SVAS has something for everyone. We offer programs for children, teens, adults, as well as service members (active duty and veteran) who have been severely injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. We offer programs that cover a wide-range of physical and cognitive disabilities including people with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), visual impairment, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Our programs offer more than athletic skills and recreational experience. They build confidence and independence and they inspire people to pursue their personal goals and aspirations as it relates to work, school, family, health, and recreation. Our program also help build social skills that helps people of all ages improve their relationships with family, peers, and their community. All programs are free to qualifying participants. 

The United States Association of Blind Athletes Military Sport Program
Our mission is to provide sport, recreation, and physical activity opportunities for all disabled veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces who are blind and visually impaired.

USOC Paralympic Military Program 
The U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) Paralympic Military Program provides post-rehabilitation support and mentoring to American servicemen and women who've sustained physical injuries such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, visual impairment/blindness and stroke. Veterans are introduced to adaptive sport techniques and opportunities through clinics and camps and are also connected with ongoing Paralympic sports programs in their hometowns. 

Through partnerships with the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, the USOC Paralympic Military Program has impacted the lives of thousands of injured military personnel.

Warfighter Sports (Disabled Sports USA)
Warfighter Sports, a program of Disabled Sports USA, offers sports rehabilitation for wounded warriors with permanent physical disabilities in military hospitals and communities across the U.S. in partnership with a nationwide network of over 100 community-based chapters. Since 1967, Disabled Sports USA has proudly served wounded warriors, including those injured in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, offering over 30 winter and summer sports at more than 100 events each year. Warfighter Sports rebuilds lives through sports by improving self-confidence, promoting independence and uniting families through shared healthy activities.

Contributions cover all expenses for participation of the warrior and a family member, including individualized adaptive instruction, adaptive sports equipment, transportation, lodging and meals. Since 2003, more than 9,000 of the most severely wounded and their families have been served, including those with amputations, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, visual impairments, and significant nerve and muscle damage. For more information, visit www.warfightersports.org.


AmpSurf is a non-profit organization, made up of amputees, veterans, friends and families of the disabled and depend on donations for our operation. Our goal is to promote, inspire, educate, and rehabilitate people with disabilities, especially our veteran heroes through adaptive surfing and fun, safe, outdoor activities that all can participate in. One in five Americans struggle with a lifelong disability and nearly two million men and women have served our country in Iraq and Afghanistan and are coming home looking for ways to feel whole again and to fit back in to ”normal” life. Whether they are an amputee, blind, suffer from PTSD, have quadriplegia, or suffer from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Whether they served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf war, Iraq or Afghanistan. Whether they are a child of autism, or a young woman who has lost a limb to cancer, AmpSurf offers a unique program to bring the healing power of the ocean and adaptive surfing together for an experience that is both mentally and physically one of the rehabilitating.

For 9 years, AmpSurf has been providing our learn to surf clinics to serve those who need us. We have served hundreds of our disabled veterans American heroes as well as disabled adults and children who probably never would have had this experience if it hadn’t been for our program.

Operation Amped (Del Mar, CA)
Operation Amped’s mission is to share the “stoke” of the surfing community and the healing potential of surfing with seriously ill, injured, or disabled U.S. military veterans and their families.

Our vision is of a surfing community that demonstrates appreciation for the sacrifices of servicemen and women with its welcoming environment and sharing the grounding and healing of surfing.

Swimming pools, hot tubs

Aquatic Therapy Rehabilitation Pools
Aquatic Therapy Foundation was formed with the specific objective of helping improve upon the methods and manners by which America receives and treats her returning wounded. The most formidable military force in the world deserves a commensurate comprehensive recovery, reintegration program focused on body, mind, and spirit for those who require assistance. 

The vision of this organization is to improve upon the life quality of wounded warriors, and veterans of all conflicts, with pools, devices, and guidance in aquatic healing. The objective is to accelerate patient recovery and promote overall wellness through warm water therapy, traction, and rehabilitation.

A pool at home means a veteran can recover conveniently and privately every day with family, along with the caregiver, whose health and well-being is equally important to any healing program.

The mission is to install aquatic durable medical equipment in or at the veteran's home. Many warriors and trauma patients live in small town America where there is no VA hospital or indoor aquatic facility. For those who can’t/won’t go to a public location, a pool can be brought to them eliminating complications of transportation, self-conscious moments of public scrutiny, potential bacterial issues of shared water, and even those encumbering, difficult-to-get-on bathing suits!

Water for a Warrior
We are so appreciative of the sacrifices our military makes for us, that we want to show our appreciation and support. Water for a Warrior will be selecting at least one combat wounded veteran each year to be the benefactor of a swimming pool to aid in their therapy, recovery and fitness. We will also be helping as many additional veterans as we can by providing products and services such as, hot tubs, accessories (such as rails, lifts, etc.), orientations, clean-ups, etc. and more.


USTA Foundation
The USTA Foundation is proud to support tennis programming to help military service members, veterans and their families reintegrate into their community. 

We have impacted more than 200,000 service members, veterans and their families through Wounded Warrior tennis trainings, Warrior and Family Tennis Days, Military Appreciation events at the US Open and Emirates Airline US Open Series.

Through the power of our various tennis programs, including Wheelchair Tennis and tennis for individuals with disabilities, it's possible to improve the lives of millions with equipment appropriate to age and skill level.

Other rehabilitation resources

Challenged Athletes Foundation - Operation Rebound
CAF’s Operation Rebound® program strengthens the mental and physical well-being of members of the U.S. armed forces, active military personnel, as well as U.S. law enforcement officers, firefighters and paramedics with permanent physical injuries, by providing them opportunities to use sports and fitness to re-integrate into our communities and by empowering them through sports.

Through Operation Rebound specific grant requests and sport clinics, CAF is there to support our service members from Frontline to Finish line.
  • Open to active duty, veterans of all eras, and first responders.
  • Individual grants fund adaptive sports equipment, training, and competition expenses across all 50 states and over 100 different sports.
  • Grantees can participate in any adaptive sport or recreational activity at the time and place of their choosing.
  • Adaptive sport clinics provide opportunities to learn, push the limits, and connect with a powerful and supportive community.
  • Focus on integrating athletes into sporting activities that include athletes with and without physical disabilities.

Challenged Athletes who are honorably discharged members of the U.S. armed forces, active military personnel, as well as U.S. law enforcement officers, firefighters and paramedics are eligible to apply for the Operation Rebound grant. Proof of service and medical verification of disability is required.

Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans (Achilles International)
Our Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans program brings training, access to specialized equipment, and marathon opportunities to disabled U.S. military veterans.

Although all of our programs focus on athletics, the truth is, sports are simply the tool for accomplishing our main objective: to bring hope, inspiration and the joys of achievement to all people with disabilities.

Project Victory (TIRR Foundation)
TIRR Foundation and the TIRR Memorial Hermann have joined together to provide rehabilitative care for military service members injured in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. The program, Project Victory, seeks to enable soldiers with a traumatic brain injury regain skills and functions that were lost through their injury.

Project Victory is looking to serve veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom who are experiencing the following symptoms:
  • Trouble with memory, attention or concentration 
  • Difficulty organizing tasks 
  • Blurred vision or eyes tire easily 
  • Easily angered or irritated 
  • Difficulty inhibiting behavior- impulsive 
  • More sensitive to sounds, lights or distractions 
  • Impaired decision-making or problem-solving 
  • Feeling tired all the time 
  • Headaches or ringing in the ears 
  • Slowed thinking, moving, speaking or reading 

Project Victory works with military personnel and veterans of recent military service, who served in Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom and who have screened positively for post concussive symptoms or been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury while in combat or stateside. Services within Project Victory are provided at no cost to the client and without regard to age, ethnicity or gender.

Shepherd Center
SHARE Military Initiative at Shepherd Center is a comprehensive rehabilitation program that focuses on assessment and treatment for service men and women who have sustained a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury and PTSD from the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts.

SHARE Military Initiative provides assistance, support, and education to service members and their families during their recovery treatment and beyond. In addition, the program compiles data that is beneficial to policy and legislative change to advocate for unfunded services.

Therapy Trainer (Interactive physical therapy equipment for Wounded Warriors)
Our company believes, we must do everything in our power to help the injured Veteran. We know the bikes cannot change the circumstances these veteran’s find themselves in, but we have a mission to help in anyway we can. Our research and development team is working daily to develop new products to accommodate the changing needs of the Wounded Heroes. We welcome calls and e-mails from anyone who has a need or a specific request for a modification that would better suit a particular need. 

The TherapyTrainer will not only be a significant tool in their physical recovery, it also has the ability to keep the lines of communication open between the doctors, physical therapists, and patients. So many of our returning soldiers are located hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away from the hospital at which they received their treatment. Returning to the doctor/physical therapist when a problem arises is difficult. With the logging software, the doctor/physical therapist has the capability to view details of their home physical therapy routine and make suggested changes.  When a trip back to the hospital is necessary, the detail the medical staff is able to see by viewing the logs of at home physical therapy can make the visit more productive, achieving better results in less time.   

Many military men and women are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with injuries that require extended hospitalization. The struggles they endure to leave the hospital and return to their family, have been well documented. During physical therapy in the hospital settings, the patients are able to encourage and motivate each other. The bonds they create are irreplaceable! Once they reach their physical goals, they go home to their families and they no longer have physical contact with the ones who were invaluable to their recovery. Many of these veterans suffer depression and setbacks that require them to return to the hospital.  

The lines of communication do not end with the medical professionals. Helping these Veterans get access to the TherapyTrainer’s, would enable them to maintain the relationships developed in therapy. They can meet online everyday and workout together just as they did in the hospital. This feature allows them to keep the healing bonds intact that helped them become mentally and physically stable enough to leave the hospital.   

This machine is for all who suffer from physical injures, but can help the family at home to heal as well. Our TherapyCycle PC will allow them to get on-line and cycle and interact with the patient. They can walk and talk together in reality worlds or just play games together. In this way they are both staying active and staying, giving loved ones a way to actively participate in their recovery. Call for a military discount.
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