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B.R.A.T. Virtual Academy
Our virtual school provides consistent, supportive education for children no matter where they move!

Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
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For many military families, homeschooling provides continuity and stability for their children as they deal with the experiences of deployments and changes of duty station.

At HSLDA, we want your family's homeschooling experience to be a highlight of your service. Many HSLDA members are active-duty military families, reservists, veterans, and Department of Defense civilian personnel who have found homeschooling to be a rewarding educational choice.

Benefits and resources:

SCHOLARSHIPS & OTHER RESOURCES - We've collected a list of organizations and military agencies who offer support for your homeschool.

LEGAL REQUIREMENTS IN EACH STATE - For those who move often, we'll keep you informed about the homeschool requirements in your state.

INTERNATIONAL LEGAL SUPPORT - We also provide legal guidance for our members who wish to homeschool while posted overseas.

CURRICULUM DISCOUNTS FOR MILITARY - Learn how to claim special discounts for military families from these independent publishers.

Military Homeschool Podcast
Homeschooling among military families is on the rise due to the many advantages and amazing learning opportunities! Still, it also presents some unique challenges. The Military Homeschool Podcast aims to equip and encourage parents by covering topics relevant to military homeschooling families and featuring guest interviews with experienced military homeschoolers and experts in the educational field.

Your host, Crystal Niehoff, is an active-duty Army chaplain’s wife, mother of five, and grandmother to five. In 2000, Crystal and her family began their homeschooling journey, which she now continues with her oldest granddaughter, Lexi.

Previously a child welfare worker with degrees in child development, business administration, and certifications as a birth and bereavement doula and chaplain. For many years, Crystal was the owner and CEO of Army Wife Network and host of Army Wife Talk Radio. Most notably, she interviewed the former Second Lady of the United States, Mrs. Karen Pence; the cast of Magnum P.I.; and ‘The REAL Forest Gump,’ Sammy Lee Davis.

Nowadays, Crystal co-hosts the weekly podcast, History for Christian Teens, along with her husband, Kevin. A great supplement to any history course or as a family devotional. Crystal is also a recurring writer for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Join Crystal each week by listening on your favorite podcast app, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, or right here (just scroll down). Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode!

Military OneSource
Home schooling means that you, as parents, assume responsibility for directing your child's education and use your home as the base for that education instead of a traditional public or independent school. Home schooling may appeal to some military families who are concerned that frequent moves and new school systems might disrupt their children's education. If you are thinking about educating your child at home or have already made the decision, the information here will help guide you to support and resources.

Teacher resources
View Teacher/Educator resources here - LINK

Educational resources about Memorial Day and Veterans Day

Memorial Day & Veterans Day - The Poppy Lady
A professional CCSS Annotated Discussion and Activity Guide for The Poppy Lady is now available. You may download a PDF file.

Educational resources about the U.S. military

Air Force - National Museum of the USAF (Dayton, OH)
Learn about aviation and the U.S. Air Force!
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Resources for military home school families

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Educational resources about Memorial Day and Veterans Day
Educational resources about the U.S. military
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Resources for supporters of military and veteran families
  • Practical insights in caring for
             Home front families
             Military personnel
             PTSD, wounded warriors
             Loved ones of the fallen

Military and veteran family resources
  • Christian encouragement
  Bibles, devotionals, studies
  Bible verses that offer hope
  Of grace and gratitude
             peer support, sexual assault,
             suicide prevention
  • Deployment support for
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  Military children, teens
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