Therapeutic aquatic programs for military veterans

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Healing Wave Aquatics (San Diego, CA)
Healing Wave Aquatics mission is to help active-duty military and veterans heal from post-traumatic stress through our unique, research-based program of warm water therapy. Our service welcomes caregivers to support whole family wellness.

Healing Wave Aquatics is a premier provider of aquatic bodywork therapies for military veterans, active duty personnel, and caregivers living with the debilitating impacts of post-traumatic stress. Through research and compelling personal client accounts, we are finding that when individuals with PTS receive aquatic bodywork therapy, the results are often immediate and profound. Reduced stress, better sleep, the ability to think more clearly, minimized physical pain and an overall sense of well-being are just some of the powerful healing effects of treatment on PTSD. When the same therapy is given to their caregivers, they report many of the same benefits, often feeling revitalized and thus better able to support their loved ones in their own recovery process.

Healing Wave Aquatics has also led the way in capturing viable research data to quantifiably demonstrate the healing powers of this Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) modality.

Working together, we can reverse the alarming trend of PTS and suicide plaguing our friends, neighbors and communities and create brighter futures.

Operation Comfort (San Antonio, TX)
Kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming and water workouts are aquatic activities we offer veterans and family members between May and September each year. These are great options for low impact, total body workouts.

Water for a Warrior (Roseville, CA)
our mission to help as many combat and service wounded veterans as possible that would benefit from hydro-therapy and aquatic fitness. We want to show our appreciation and support and give back to those that have given so much for us. Water for a Warrior does this by building these service members swimming pools and provide hot tubs and swim spas to aid in their therapy, recovery and well-being. We will also be helping as many additional veterans as we can by providing products and services such as, hot tubs, swim spas, accessories (such as rails, lifts, etc.), orientations, clean-ups, etc. and more.

Our goal is to help as many veterans as possible. We have tremendous support from the pool and spa industry. However, we cannot meet our goals based on that support alone. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the benefits of Aquatic Therapy and the Veterans we’ve helped and are working to help.

If you are or know of a combat or service wounded veteran that has a physical injury that would benefit from hydro-therapy/aquatic fitness, please contact us. To be considered, the individual must own their home and understand that any property taxes that may result from the addition of a pool will be the responsibility of the recipient.

The application deadline is August 31st of each year for the following year’s project.
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