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Ministry tools

Alpha - Alpha Course, Marriage Course
  • Desires to help and serve you in any way we can to run Alpha courses and their derivatives on your ship, at your base or in your unit wherever in the world that might be
  • Resources include: The Alpha Course, The Marriage Course

American Bible Society - Armed Services Ministry
Life in and after the military can be hard, and it’s often difficult to find relevant, military-specific resources to help during the ups and downs. American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry believes that, through the Bible, God saves and transforms lives. Our team of Chaplains and Veterans creates and provides materials to support those that serve in their faith journey–because no one should go it alone.

Resources include:
  • Military Bible Challenge website (Bible engagement resources for leaders)
  • Military Bible Challenge app (Devotions on your mobile devices)
  • God Understands (Devotional series for U.S. military members)
  • Journey of a Military Wife (Online devotional for women)
  • Rezilient Life (A place for military teens)
  • Engage Your Strengths (Find out how God uniquely created you)
  • Never Alone (Military trauma healing)
  • My Hero Squad (Faith-based resources for military families and kids)
  • Operation ReCon (Eight-week, small group, interactive outreach based on the Gospel of Mark)
  • WarFighter's Study Bible

Bullet Proof Faith booklet
Bullet Proof Faith by Chaplain Jeff Struecker is available to download at no cost.

Cru Military - Provides Christian resources for the chaplain
  • Provides Christian resources to assist military chaplains
  • Chaplains may obtain a free copy of The Combat Healing Trauma
  • Chaplain Retreats - Helping to care for the caregiver. Contact Military Ministry for retreat dates.
  • Rapid Deployment Kits - RDKs are available to U.S. Military Commanders, Chaplains, and those working directly with the Chaplain’s office. Kit includes: Our Daily Bread Military Devotional and a New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs Bible (Good News Translation)
  • Chaplains Boxes - Boxes contain a variety of books, videos and other items for use or distribution in chapel or  any way you like! The contents of Chaplains Boxes can change over time due to availability. Chaplains may receive one Chaplains Box at no cost.  Included materials may be available in quantity. Some items require purchase.   Donations are alway welcome. Some of the contents include: Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK), The Combat Healing Trauma ManualPsalm 91: God's Shield of Protection, an In Touch Ministries solar-powered audio player with 80 sermons from Dr. Charles Stanley, etc.
  • A Call to Prayer for a Nation at War by White Stone is available at no cost.

Some other resources include:
  • Spiritual Solutions for PTSD: The Combat Healing Trauma Manual, When War Comes Home, Care and Counsel for Combat Trauma (Certificate training program)
  • Military Marriage Seminars
  • Finding God in the PTSD Battle devotional

Frontline Faith Players for Catholic Troops
​Imagine facing one of the most difficult, lonely, and challenging times of your life, and finding yourself cut off from spiritual support and Christian community. This is the experience of many of our hundreds of thousands service men and women.

Sometimes our Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Guardsmen, and Marines can go for weeks, months, even an entire tour of duty, without attending a worship service or hearing words of comfort from a chaplain.

To help provide spiritual nourishment, Frontline Faith distributes free MP3 players—pre-programmed with spiritual content—to military men and women throughout the world.

Frontline Faith Players include an audio rendition of the Mass; various homilies; prayers just for those serving, including a recitation of the Rosary; Christian music; prayers from children; and testimonies from soldiers about the struggles and victories of their faith journeys.

Guideposts - Inspirational publications
Each year, Guideposts Military Outreach distributes more than one million copies of inspirational publications to help sustain our servicemen and women stationed at military bases all around the world. As more Americans risk their lives to defend freedom, dedicated U.S. Military chaplains continue to request copies of Guideposts magazine, the military-edition of Daily Guideposts, inspirational booklets, personally signed Christmas cards and pocket calendars. Among the most popular booklets requested are A Prayer for Every Need, Hope, Honor and Triumph Over Life’s Toughest Problems.

Military personnel, including their families who wait and worry back home and especially the brave soldiers who have been wounded in combat, are faced with challenges most of us can only imagine. Our positive, faith-filled messages minister to them by providing the hope and help they need, by letting them know that they are not forgotten and by reminding them that God is with them every step they take.

Holy Joe's Cafe - Coffee for the Troops
Holy Joe's Cafe is a Coffee House Ministry – United Church of Christ military chaplains have found an old way to invite U.S. soldiers into a safe and informal place where they can receive spiritual care and good coffee. Congregations and individuals can support the Coffee House Ministry and simultaneously participate in the UCC Coffee Project by sending Equal Exchange Coffee to the military chaplains in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. Thanks to you, now 125 chaplains are able to participate.

In Touch Ministries - Solar-powered audio player
  • Chaplains may order free solar-powered audio players (Messengers) for their Soldiers. Soldiers can enjoy 80 sermons from Dr. Charles Stanley. Call 1-800-789-1473 or email [email protected].

Journey to Freedom Foundation
Free paperback bookJourney to Freedom: 30 Days to Forgiveness and Hope - free in bulk.

Life of Valor
  • Welcome to Life of Valor. This resource has been created by actual Navy SEALs for men who want to live more honorable lives. The SEALs that protect our country live by a code. This resource will challenge you to create your own code and apply it to your life. You will be able to see the codes of other men as well as create your own. You can begin your journey by watching the full resource in the video player located on the left. Pastor's and group leaders can download the full resource and conversation guide by clicking "Start Your Journey Now." Get ready to change your life.

Ligonier Ministries
Ligonier exists to support the church of Jesus Christ in its task of discipleship in service to the Great Commission (Matt. 28:16–20). As God’s people go to the ends of the earth to make disciples, we strive to see them well equipped for ministry today that will leave an eternal impact.

Ligonier’s Military Chaplain Outreach is one way we pursue this goal. We desire to outfit chaplains and military personnel around the world with the trustworthy discipleship resources that Ligonier provides so that they may grow in their knowledge of God and of His holiness.

Living Water
Free gospels of John in bulk. Email [email protected].

Lockman Foundation
Free Bibles, New Testaments, and Gospels of John for churches and ministries (Shipping charges will apply, within the U.S.A. only).

Military BibleStick - New Testament listening device
The Military BibleStick comes pre-loaded with the entire New Testament. It is rugged enough to withstand tough weather conditions, can be used in low-light situations, and it easily fits into uniform pockets. The Military BibleStick is bringing comfort and hope to Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. Support our Troops with God's Word in Audio today! 

Military Missions Network - Network with military ministries
  • Register on this site if you are open to potential relationships, networks and partnerships with others within the domain of military ministry. Chaplains registering would need to embrace the basic purpose and Faith Statement of the MMN.

Moments with the Book
Free quarterly magazine Moments with the Book in bulk.

My Hope With Billy Graham
Free 30-minute DVD presentations for military chapels. These DVDs have testimonies and evangelist invitations form the Grahams at the end.

OCF - Officers' Christian Fellowship
Our purpose is to glorify God by uniting Christian officers for biblical fellowship and outreach, equipping and encouraging them to minister effectively in the military society. 
  • COMMAND Magazine - COMMAND is published seven times per year, and is mailed free to all OCF members. OCF members and chaplains may request 1-5 free extra copies for use in local ministries.
  • Books and pamphlets include: 100 Days - A compilation to help military personnel understand their Bibles; Leading Effective Small Groups; Family Conferences; May a Christian Serve in the Military; Professional Excellence for the Christian Officer; Professional Perspectives for Senior Officers; Service Separations; Supporting Your Chaplain
  • Bible studies include: 100 Days Study - 100 short Bible studies covering a variety of issues. They are used very widely in deployed situations where target-of-opportunity fellowships might occur, Biblical Marriage 9 studies for married couples, Biblical Truths 10 studies that take an in-depth look on what the Bible says about topics such as Spiritual Gifts, Humility, Suffering, and Discipleship; Christian Leadership 11 studies on topics such as Preparation, Vision, Authority, and Integration; Concept of Calling 6 studies that examine the concept of Calling and the Military Professional; Devotion & Worship 7 studies on topics such as Jesus, Prayer, and the Character of God; Practical Christianity 9 studies on topics such as Fellowship, Gambling, Relationships, and Evangelism; Small Groups 4 studies on Leading Effective Small Groups. Covers Leadership, Practical Tips, Growth, and Disruptions.

Op Deployed
The mission of Op Deployed is to enhance the mission success and effectiveness of military personnel by acting as a force multiplier for the Chaplain Corps. We help care for the emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of our troops by partnering with chaplains and their ministry teams to supply care packages to servicemen and servicewomen throughout the world.

Through extensive contacts with chaplains, NCOs and Officers, Operation Deployed develops one-to-one relationships with units and teams. We then align unit needs with our resources to secure items in demand and send them to military bases. 

Operation Deployed partners with chaplains to distribute military care packages to servicemen and woman globally. Every care package that our troops open, also opens the door for chaplains to do what they do best: help servicemen and servicewomen emotionally prepare for the hardships of battle and separation from the comforts of home and their families.

Operation Resolute
Operation Resolute® is dedicated to sustaining and strengthening families within the US Armed Forces by serving with and working through military chaplains. By partnering with chaplains, Operation Resolute® works within the parameters of the US military while adorning the Gospel by being salt and light.

  • Strengthening Warriors - Operation Resolute® provides opportunities for servicemen and their chaplains to come together in safe outdoor environments to help them decompress from the stresses of military life. These events also allow dads the chance to bond with their children as they spend time in the woods or on the water enjoying the peace and beauty of creation together.

  • Sustaining Military Families - Operation Resolute® partners with chaplains to host one day biblical enrichment marriage events that are designed to address the unique needs of military husbands and wives so that marriages are solid, parent/child relationships are positive and the overall family dynamic is healthy.

  • Serving Chaplains - Operation Resolute® provides care to the “care givers” who are on call 24/7. Operation Resolute® offers outdoor activities and marriage retreats that enable chaplains to spend time with their children and wives in environments that foster deeper relationships.

Operation Worship
  • Operation Worship provides free NLT Bibles, each with a handwritten note of encouragement on the inside cover.

Our Daily Bread
Our Daily Bread devotionals, Discovery Series topical booklets, military edition. Contact by phone.

Ranger Rosary
The rugged combat rosaries are to be sent to our servicemen and women serving throughout the world. The rosaries are distributed by chaplains, especially those deployed in combat zones, those at stateside training bases, the Navy fleet and military hospitals.

Saddleback Church - Acts of Appreciation
We are a military outreach ministry that looks for ways to extend God's love to our military and their families whether they are as close as Camp Pendleton or as far away as Afghanistan. We feel responsible to honor those who serve in the armed forces defending our freedoms. We respond with acts of appreciation that include newborn baby baskets, goody bags to troops deployed around the globe, hosting deployment and welcome home events at Camp Pendleton, sponsoring retreats, and much, much more.

Soldiers' Angels
The Chaplain Support Team (CST) provides direct support to the military chaplains as they bring comfort and assistance to the soldiers they serve. The chaplains perform most of their duties in a non-denominational capacity, and it is these non-denominational activities that the CST supports.

  • We supply chaplains with requested items related to their mission, and requested numbers of hand-out letters and gifts that can be easily distributed to those needing assistance whom Soldiers' Angels may not otherwise be able to locate and support.  Items shipped can include everything from non-denominational chapel supplies to delicious food items for special group meals, cards for the deployed to send to family members for holidays and birthdays, and things like games, sports equipment, or books for recreation.

Because chaplains travel throughout the war zone, working with them helps Soldiers' Angels reach personnel who may be in remote locations, feeling isolated and lonely, and in need of a morale boost.  We also strongly encourage these service members to submit their names for adoption through the chaplain.

Soldiers Bible Ministry
It is our privilege and responsibility to assist chaplains, with the spiritual care and well-being of U.S. and allied troops, serving with our men and women wherever they are stationed. With the cooperative efforts of several other ministries, we provide Bibles and Bible Study material to all troops giving them the opportunity to know the power of the saving grace and comfort of the Lord Jesus Christ as taught in the Word of God.

Soldiers Bible Ministry has partnered with Worship For Warriors to provide a free copy of VALIANT Chaplain's Edition (a cd of worship music) to our U.S. and foreign military chaplains.

We work directly with chaplains, who have stressed to us the importance of the complete Word of God in their ministry to the troops.  

While many outreaches to military personnel provide the New Testament, the Soldiers Bible Ministry is responds to the critical need for the entire Bible (including the Old Testament) to the troops.

Southern Baptist Church - North American Mission Board:
Biblical Response to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
This is a six-session video training conference, presented above as recorded at Southern Seminary during the Chaplain Training Conference in March 2009, and and accompanying manual. The manual, available for download along with two brochures (see items 2-4 below), can also be used independently of the video training. The training was developed by by Chaplain John Steven Evans and Chaplain Richard E. Sale.

Southern Baptist Church - North American Mission Board:
Combat Stress Bible Study
downloadable 13-week Bible study that address the spiritual issues veterans face when readjusting to to life after combat.  Dr. Brian Kimball and U.S. Navy Chaplain

Southern Baptist Church - North American Mission Board:
Deployment Ministry Care Plan
  •  A downloadable ministry care plan for Southern Baptist churches and ministers serving as Reserve Component Chaplains to use before, during, and after deployment.  By Dr.Jay Padgett and Army National Guard Chaplain
  • Also includes a Sample Chaplain Mobilization Agreement, Sample Commissioning Service for Deploying Chaplain, Sample Service of Celebration for Returning Chaplain and a Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

Strength for Service
A meaningful encouragement for military personnel deployed in war time, Strength for Service is distributed at no cost to military chaplains. In addition to donations and grants, a portion of every copy sold is set aside to allow qualified military personnel order multiple copies for their units at no charge, including overseas shipping. Orders for large quantities are welcome.

The Five Love Languages - Military Edition
Free downloadable study guides and free video downloads for chaplains for military marriages and relationships.

The Pocket Testament League
Free gospels of John (30/month).

The 1687 Foundation
The 1687 Foundation is passionate about serving those who serve our country. We want to encourage our nation’s military through Jesus Christ. The Foundation works closely with chaplains and other volunteers at your facility or in your departments. We have many FREE resources that have been hand-picked to best suit your needs. Of interest may be Psalm 91: God’s Shield of Protection, If My People, and God Will Carry You Through. (Phone to get a password to access order form.)

The Spencer Project
The Spencer Project is an opportunity for all United States military and VA Hospital chaplains to receive a free eBook of Field of Influence in order to help aid them in ministering to service men, women, and veterans who struggle with overcoming substance abuse related to post traumatic pain and stress.

Words of Hope
Free Words of Hope devotionals in bulk.

Military ministries

ACCTS - Association for Christian Conferences Teaching and Service
We live in an ever-changing world, and today's military personnel are at the forefront of many of these changes. From peacekeeping to waging war to delivering humanitarian aid, their roles are more diverse than ever. So, it comes as no surprise that approximately 65% of the earth's nations are heavily influenced by their armed forces.

With military personnel from so many countries stationed around the globe, there has never been a more strategic time to share the life-changing gospel of Christ with the semi-closed society of international military personnel. Positively changed lives among military personnel will result in positive changes for the nations of our world. With contacts in over 150 nations, ACCTS is actively engaged in the international military mission field by:
  • training military Christian leaders to form locally-led military Christian fellowships (MCFs); currently, there are MCFs in 150 countries
  • organizing and conducting conferences, leadership training programs, and mobile training teams which equip MCF leaders and members to serve Christ and share Him with their military colleagues
  • developing close, ongoing relationships with national MCF leaders and chaplains to encourage and empower them
  • fostering friendships and cross-cultural relationships with international military students, many of whom will become government leaders and policy-makers in their own countries
  • providing expertise to MCFs by helping organize military English language camps, conflict resolution courses, Bible conferences for cadets and young officers, and internships
  • building relationships with military personnel and identifying military Christians in nations where contacts need to be developed
  • providing administrative and staff services to the world-wide Association of Military Christian Fellowships (AMCF)

AMCF - Association of Military Christian Fellowship
AMCF is a group of international military Christians who desire to be men and women of faith like the Roman officer Jesus commended in Matthew chapter eight. Our goal is to serve Christ and share Him with others while also serving our nations’ armed forces. 

AMCF is composed of indigenously-led military Christian fellowships (MCFs) and individual military Christians in over 100 nations. We welcome you to learn more about us on this website, and appreciate your prayers as our members strive to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with the Lord our God (Micah 6:8).

Armed Services Ministry of American Bible Society
Life in and after the military can be hard, and it’s often difficult to find relevant, Military-specific resources to help during the ups and downs. American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry believes that, through the Bible, God saves and transforms lives. Our team of Chaplains and Veterans creates and provides materials to support those that serve in their faith journey–because no one should go it alone.

American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry is now in our third century of faithfully providing Bibles and Scripture resources to Service members, Veterans, and their families across the world and right here at home. Our team understands your challenges because we’ve been in your boots, and we stand ready to serve you and your family.

Cadence International - Share the gospel and your life with the military community
Cadence International is an evangelical mission agency dedicated to reaching the military communities of the United States and of the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Cadence serves all branches of the U.S. military in American and overseas locations. Comprised of nearly 4 million people, the U.S. military community has proven to be one of the largest, most responsive sub-cultures today. Cadence ministers not only to military personnel, but to their spouses and dependents as well. Cadence Student Ministries is the the youth division of Cadence, reaching out to children and youth in the military community.

Cadence Children Ministries
Cadence International Children’s Ministry serves alongside military chaplains to develop and strengthen a child’s relationship with Christ.

Cadence Student Ministries - Reaching, equipping and transforming military students
Cadence International Student Ministry provides life-transforming teaching, mentoring and relationships within innovative weekly programs, annual retreats and unique equipping opportunities.

Christian Military Fellowship (CMF)
Christian Military Fellowship (CMF) is an association of believers who are committed to encouraging men and women in the United States Armed Forces, and their families, to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are an indigenous ministry serving all elements of that society including all military services, all ranks, family members, civilian employees, all Christian denominations and traditions. Within the military society, our members, staff and constituents work to introduce people to Jesus Christ and help Christians to grow in faith.

Cru Military
We are a caring community passionate about connecting the global military community to Jesus Christ.

We are individuals, churches, chaplains … people just like you … drawn together to spiritually build up the military community by meeting them at their greatest point of need.

Our purpose, as the military ministry of Cru, is to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others while helping the body of Christ to do evangelism and discipleship.

Currently our National Team ministers to American service members in the United States and around the world, while our International Team, known as Military Ministry, ministers to the militaries of nearly 30 other countries. Our active strategies address the spiritual needs of: cadets and midshipmen at service academies, recruits in basic training, active duty members, national guardsmen, reservists, veterans, retirees, combat trauma and PTSD sufferers, spouses, marriages, and families. We also train individuals, churches, and ministries seeking to minister to the military community.

Together we can see this community grow so that everyone in the global military community knows someone who truly follows Jesus. In doing so, we believe many will become followers of Christ who in turn evangelize and disciple others. Guided by these aspirations, we pursue our mission with humility, compassion, and excellence because the people whom we serve deserve nothing less.

Military Chaplains Association - USA
The Military Chaplains Association of the United States of America is a professional support and Veterans Service Organization. We are dedicated to the religious freedom and spiritual welfare of our Armed Services members, Veterans, their families, and their survivors.

Our members are serving or have served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Department of Veterans Affairs, or Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol chaplaincies.Our associate members come from among other chaplains, chaplain assistants, religious faith group leaders, and those interested in supporting military chaplaincy.

Our members and associate members represent a broad cross-section of religious faith groups in the United States. Together, we speak for chaplains and chaplaincies with a professional, prophetic, and pastoral voice. 

Military Community Youth Ministries - An Ecumenical Christian ministry reaching out to every military teen
Commanders, Chaplains, and Parents: 
You can bring MCYM to your military installation! MCYM has over a 25-year track record of dedicated and faithful service in support of military teens through its field ministry known as Club Beyond MCYM/Club Beyond is currently at more than 40 military bases worldwide. MCYM brings a relational ministry to military teens and families, but also increases unit operational readiness. Their ministry partners are Youth for Christ and Young Life.

Military Believer
A connection hub uniquely for military, churches, chaplains and ministries.

Military Missions Network - Military friendly churches, churches with a military focused ministry...
A network of evangelical churches, chaplains, and para-church ministries fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ by reaching, equipping and ministering to military members and families worldwide. 

Has directories of churches that minister to military members and their families:
  • A Military Friendly Church is one which loves and welcomes military members and families into its fellowship. This is a church in which military members and families can expect to be embraced with open arms and can also anticipate being genuinely invited to participate in the life and ministry of the church.

Missions to Military
At Missions To Military, we have been passionate about sharing the love of Christ with servicemen and women since 1958.  MTM is a "by faith", independent Baptist, Christian ministry that works through local churches and with Bible-believing military chaplains to help evangelize and to disciple military men and women for Jesus Christ. 

National VA Chaplain Service
The mission of the National VA Chaplain Service: is to empower Department of Veterans Affairs chaplains in the achievement of excellence in meeting the spiritual healthcare needs of veterans.

National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces (NCMAF)
We are a one-of-a-kind organization in the world, bringing together official representatives of all the major faith communities in the United States in a mutually supportive, working relationship. 

We are Protestant and Roman Catholic, Jewish and Orthodox, Buddhist and Islamic. Our members span nearly the total theological spectrum of faith organizations that make up the religious communities of the United States.

Our members, as endorsers for particular bodies, are the point of contact between the armed forces and over 220 religious denominations and faith groups. Our common goals are to recruit, endorse and provide oversight for clergypersons who desire to serve as chaplains in any one of the branches of our armed forces. We want clergypersons to serve who are credible, committed to their faith, open to all persons, able to meet all military standards, and who represent the highest standards of their own faith communities.

We are passionate about our military and want to share the transforming power of Christ’s love with those who have chosen to serve and to minister within the military context.

We work alongside chaplains and other Christian ministries to teach, counsel, and make disciples among military personnel and their families.

Many of us have served in the military and understand the complexities of military life. We provide the hope of Jesus to military men and women and minister to them in a way that is relevant to their life situations.

OCF - Officers' Christian Fellowship
Our purpose is to glorify God by uniting Christian officers for biblical fellowship and outreach, equipping and encouraging them to minister effectively in the military society.

Rough Cut Men
Isolation among men is epidemic, and with the recent rise in addictions and even suicides, can be considered as a potential cause. The Bible says “Pity the man who falls and has no one to pick him up”, yet most guys travel alone. We train soldiers how to be battle buddies, yet men still find themselves without a friend when times get hard.

The Rough Cut Men Movie Experience is a live, interactive men’s event utilizing a strategic combination of Hollywood action movie clips, relevant current events and Biblical Truth to accomplish one laser-focused mission: To get men to talk to each other about what’s really going on in their lives. We help David find Jonathan, and vice versa, so that no man has to suffer through a crisis, or even just life, without covering fire.

Presented to NASCAR teams, West Point, the USNA, at Army garrisons in Korea and at dozens of other venues, Rough Cut Men hits home in a way that is applicable to real life, is high in masculine content and equips men to get connected right away.

Don’t wait until another man gives up. Bring Rough Cut Men to your post and let’s train men up to defend themselves in life just as they do on the battlefield.

Walking With Warriors (Tampa, FL)
For Warriors, By Warriors. With our City.
Walking with Warriors was founded by a military wife, and her soldier husband. After 9/11, they shared 20+ years of active duty service in Special Operations while raising their family of five children. We are operated by a multi-generational team of high-risk public servants (warriors/guardians), and their spouses, who've served in law enforcement, fire/rescue, and the military. We understand your service, sacrifices, and the challenges you may face. 

We provide experiences and resources that equip warriors to thrive before, during, and after life's challenges. We promote holistic wellness (physical, spiritual, emotional, relational) and peer-to-peer support. We believe Iron Sharpens Iron, Proverbs 21:17. 

Retreats and conferences for military chaplains

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association - Military Chaplain Retreat (Asheville, NC)
In appreciation and support of your military service to our country, we are pleased to invite you to our Military Chaplain Retreat at The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina. The event is open to active-duty military chaplains as well as National Guard and reservist chaplains. The retreat begins with dinner on Monday and ends following lunch on Thursday.

If you have attended in the past and experienced God’s blessing, we hope you can join us again. But whether you have attended or not, we ask you to share this opportunity with other chaplains and spouses who may just need a special time away to experience God’s refreshment and encouragement! To register, please call The Cove at 828-771-4800.

Ligonier Ministries (Orlando, FL)
Military chaplains, Ligonier Ministries would like to invite you and your spouse to attend this year’s National Conference March 24-26, 2022, for FREE. March 24th-26th is the National Conference: Upholding Christian Ethics in Orlando, FL, and we would love for you to join us. Thursday evening of this conference, we will have a special Chaplain Reception for those in attendance.

If you desire to join us for the National Conference or any of our other upcoming events, please email us with your name and address to get you registered. Please know that spots are filling up fast for our National Conference, and there are only about 50 complimentary chaplain registrations left, so please promptly email us at [email protected] if you would like to join us.

Operation Resolute (Raleigh, NC)
Operation Resolute® provides care to the “care givers” who are on call 24/7. Operation Resolute® offers outdoor activities and marriage retreats that enable chaplains to spend time with their children and wives in environments that foster deeper relationships.

Shepherds Canyon Retreat (Wickenburg, AZ)
Military chaplains face circumstances which can be tough to deal with. Long deployments, absence from spouses and families, combat stress, PTSD, and other personal conflicts can have discouraging results. 

Beginning in the summer of 2012, Shepherd's Canyon Retreat has offered special retreats, exclusively for military chaplains and their spouses. These retreats are held at Standing Stones (and possibly at other locations in America). Inquiries are welcome. 

Shepherd's Canyon Retreat counselors will be especially equipped to relate to the unique circumstances of military life and the role and challenges of military chaplaincy. 

The Shepherd's Canyon Retreat staff and counselors are honored to be able to offer this ministry to US military chaplains.

Spring Canyon's OCF Chaplains' Family Conference (Buena Vista, CO)
Spring Canyon’s OCF Chaplains’ Family Conference is focused on providing a place of restoration, recreation, and refreshment for our military chaplains and their families. With inspirational speakers, delicious family-styled meals, and plenty of activities for your children, Spring Canyon’s Chaplains’ Family Conference is an opportunity for you to reconnect with your family and be refreshed in your own ministry. Let our world-class staff serve you and your family during this relaxing spring vacation…make this year’s Chaplains’ Family Conference your “vacation with a purpose!”

Professional resources

Prep Times, Reunion Times and Post Times
Newsletters dealing with pre-deployment, reunion and post-reunion
Author: Chaplain LTC Eric Erkkinen

Prep Times is a series of eight newsletters designed to address issues, problems, and concerns facing Soldier families that are preparing for deployment. It will examine such things as: loving unconditionally, decisiveness, renewing resources, savoring time together, harmony and humility, improving communications and prioritizing efforts.
Issue 1​ Issue 3​ Issue 5 Issue 7
Issue 2​ Issue 4​ Issue 6​ Issue 8

Reunion Times is designed to help you to identify and manage the changes that have occurred since your deployment. You may be tempted to just focus on the military mission, equipment, and readiness pieces upon redeployment and ignore the human issues. They are easier to manage. However, successful reunion and reintegration with family and friends requires all the effort and energy you can muster. The Reunion Times is one of many resources in that process.
Issue 1​ Issue 3​ Issue 5​ Issue 7
Issue 2​ Issue 4 Issue 6​ Issue 8

Post Times is a series of eight newsletters designed to address issues, problems, and concerns facing Soldier families that have returned from deployment. Unlike Reunion Times, this series will focus on issues that may be common in post-redeployment. In other words, once reunion has happened and things seem "back to normal", Soldier families still have work to do to keep their families strong.
Issue 1​ Issue 3​ Issue 5​ Issue 7
Issue 2​ Issue 4​ Issue 6​ Issue 8

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Chaplains on a Divine Mission - Veterans History Project (Library of Congress)
They can't carry weapons, but they are armed with something stronger: their faith. Military chaplains provide support and perspective to those serving our country in times of severe stress. And chaplains find their own lives enriched working with clergy and soldiers of different faiths. This feature is debuting on February 3, which is Four Chaplains Day, commemorating a story of heroism on a doomed ship during World War II. 

Chaplain's Under Fire - An independent documentary about military chaplains
How does the military provide for the spiritual needs of troops risking their lives for America? What moral and political issues does this raise for our country?...We spent three months in Afghanistan and Iraq...the result is Chaplains Under Fire, an independent documentary that explores the world of military chaplains through the lens of the troops they serve in combat and the Constitutional issues they raise at home.

The Chaplain Kit
Chaplain history, information and resources.
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