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Best new books for military spouses ~ 2022
My three children have endured three long deployments without their daddy. Supporting military kids is very real to me. Our family has benefited from those who have it on their heart to reach out to military kids with good quality books. Contrary to what many believe, there are MANY books for  military kids (LINK to my lists). And now I am delighted to highlight some NEW military children books!
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Best NEW books for military families and veteran families from 2022

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Best new books for military children & teens ~ 2022
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More BEST new books for military families!
Author: Amanda Huffman

​A Girl’s Guide to Military Service: Selecting Your Specialty, Preparing for Success, Thriving in Military Life is for any young woman considering a job or career in the military. With information, tips, and examples from several women who serve, this introductory guide covers:

  • Discerning if military service is the right choice for you
  • Selecting a service branch and career field
  • Preparing for training, mentally and physically
  • Blending personal life, relationships, and motherhood
  • Managing stress and mental toughness
  • Navigating unique challenges as a woman in the military
  • Setting yourself up to thrive in your military career
  • and more

Applicable for enlisted and officer careers in any US Armed Forces service branch.

Additional books about and for women military veterans are found HERE
A Girl's Guide to Military Service: Selecting Your Specialty, Preparing for Success, Thriving in Military Life
Author: Shanon Hyde

In his book, Dear Military Teen, Shanon Hyde explores crucial life lessons in the obstacles that military brats face. Reflecting on the moves and deployments that his own family endured, Shanon provides honest advice for military teens looking to take their next steps in high school, college, and beyond.

“No military teen should ever feel like they are the first ones to undergo a tough transition,” Shanon explains. “This book serves as a reminder that they are not alone.”

Shanon also equips military teens with the essential skills of maintaining friendships over distance, navigate new social environments, and effectively chase their dreams no matter where the military takes them. This is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive guide that military teens everywhere need on their bookshelf.

Shanon grew up a Marine Corps brat. His dad served twenty years as a helicopter pilot. Shanon is currently in his junior year, pursuing his Aerospace Engineering degree at Penn State University. He is the host of The Shanon Show podcast, the most listened to military brat podcast in the nation. Shanon is also the 2020-2022 Student Liaison for the Museum of the American Military Family based in Tijeras, New Mexico.

View the entire list of books for military teens HERE
Dear Military Teen, Moving, Deployments, and Winning The Game of High School
Author: Helen Barry Siragusa

From one of the few living World War II veterans comes this deeply personal, remarkably detailed and inspiring memoir. Helen Barry Siragusa takes us from her childhood in New Jersey during the Great Depression, through her career as a Navy nurse in a ward for paralyzed soldiers during and after World War II, to raising her eight children in Massachusetts, and finally to her home in Maine. Complemented by her beautiful photographs, her vivid storytelling reveals her as both an eternal optimist and a steely bearer of adversity. Death was her constant companion, and she was its counterpoint.

Additional books for and about female military veterans are listed HERE
Navy Nurse: Memoir of a World War II veteran
Author: SGT Dixie Thompson

Are you leaving military service? Are you wondering what challenges you will encounter? Do you want to know what you can do to live your best life if you are already out? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place.

If you are currently serving in the military, I will show you how to navigate the transition process and find the help and resources you need. If you have already left service, I will provide information on how to get the benefits you earned no matter how long you’ve been out.

Or if you want to help a loved one, a daughter, a sister, or a friend make this transition, you will find the information you need in this book to assist them in this life change.

I have experienced this transition not once, but twice. Once early in my career when I took a break in service to take care of family and then again when I retired after 20 years of service. I learned a lot on my own and from other women veterans. I look forward to sharing it with you.

If you are ready for this passage to a new life, let’s get started!

Inside you will find:
  • Pre-Transition Planning
  • Documents to Have and Hold
  • Connecting With the VA
  • Your Next Career
  • Further Your Education
  • Is Entrepreneurship in Your Future
  • Taking Care of You Through It All
  • If You’re Already Out
  • Go Forth and Thrive
  • Resource Appendix of Useful Links

This is one of those books you pick up to browse through for a minute and then find yourself on Chapter 2, wanting to read the entire book now. The whole time you are reading it you keep constantly saying to yourself (if you already transitioned out), I really could have used a guide like this at that time! ~ Cindy Edmonson, U.S. Navy Retired

This book has been added to OWAH's list of books for female service members and veterans HERE
As You Were: A How-To Guide for Military Women Returning to Real Life
Author: Zandra Moten

Have you ever wanted to travel the world? Many military families are afforded this opportunity when a family member serving in the armed forces begins a tour of duty. A tour of duty is a period of time when an active-duty service member serves at a particular location. Families could be assigned to locations from six months to three years.

Many people in the military community call the most popular time for location reassignments PCS (Permanent Change of Station) Season. As you can imagine, a sudden or planned relocation can be hard for children to understand and adapt. The PCS Season book series gives a glimpse into the lives of military families and most importantly, the military-connected children.

In this second book of the series, meet Ryan. Her story is based on real events. Join Ryan on her dance with the possibility of change as she chasse through her journey and tackles obstacles that come with change and moving around the world with her military family.

View the entire list of books for children who are going through a PCS move HERE
It's PCS Season, Again: Ryan Dances with the Possibilities of Change
Author: Laura Briggs

If you are a military spouse considering remote work, this practical guide is for you! You’ll find strategies and advice to help you define your remote work goals, land the right job, handle stress, and grow your career!

While there are many rewards in military life, maintaining meaningful employment can be challenging when you’re constantly relocating for your service member’s next assignment. Military spouses often experience interruptions in valuable work experience, missed advancement opportunities, state-to-state re-certifications, and what seems like a never-ending job search. Remote work has many benefits for military spouses and employers!

In Remote Work for Military Spouses, author Laura Briggs offers a road map for military spouses looking for career continuity, financial stability, and fulfilling work amidst a mobile military lifestyle.

Strategies and tips in this ultimate guide include:
  • Deciding if remote work is the right fit
  • How and where to search for remote positions
  • Adjusting application materials to reframe resume gaps and military affiliation
  • Preparing for remote interviews and the challenges of remote work
  • Learning to pivot and adapt after landing a remote job
  • Managing work-life balance between the demands of military life and remote employment
  • Creating a professional development plan to grow a meaningful mobile career

Additional books about military spouse employment are found HERE
Remote Work for Military Spouses: Find and Grow Your Meaningful Mobile Career
Author: Krista Betcher

​Twinkle, twinkle. Star winks and blinks through the night.

But he wants to be more than a nighttime twinkler. He wants to make a difference all the time.

One morning, Star sees a glimmer from below. Will Star discover the secret to the daytime sparkle?

Star’s Purpose is an Air Force book for kids that supports the idea that our “Air Force stars” have a very important job, day and night.

Families searching for a special connection while their loved one is away will be reassured with the gentle reminder that, “Every time I see a star, I’ll think of you.”

View the entire list of military deployment books for military children HERE

Star's Purpose: An Air Force Mission
Author: Planting Roots

​Two thousand years ago, a rabbi walked this earth and started a revolution that impacted the whole world. His message was simple: love God and love others. He empowered his disciples to go and tell others that the kingdom of God was here and available to all. That message spread like wildfire and is still going strong today.

The newest study by Planting Roots, Meet and Multiply, is a journey through the Bible to understand the concept of the Church, its purpose, its mission, and your role in it. When we meet, we proclaim God’s love for us, that He is one, and when we live out that love, we multiply.

See the story of Jesus and his calling on our lives in a fresh new way, digging into what it can look like in our military community. He’s calling us all. Will you answer?

Additional Bible studies for military families are listed HERE
Meet and Multiply: Spreading hope in a military world
Author: Gretchen Brandenburg McLellan

A lyrical, moving story about a family's experience at home during their dad's time away at war.

For one young boy and his family at home, the days pass slowly. That's because when your daddy's a Soldier and he's away at war, you can't wait for him to come home so you can be together again.

This poignant and impactful story, inspired by the author's lived experiences, captures the essence of the daily heartache, fear, joy, and uncertainty that a child whose parent has gone off to war must live with.  

​View the entire list of military deployment books for military children HERE
When Your Daddy's a Soldier
Author: Joanna Gosser

​When Penny’s family receives PCS orders, they must move across the country. Leaving behind her friends and family won’t be easy, but Penny looks forward to this new adventure with curiosity and excitement!

Read this story with your child to strengthen your bond and instill a lifelong love of reading. PCS Penny will open the door for important—and often difficult—conversations with your child about your upcoming PCS (permanent change of station).

Military life offers unique challenges and this book aims to help families through what can be a stressful situation. Your child will love that their life is represented in a sweet story and you’ll love the possibility for discussion and normalization of a life that can sometimes feel hectic and isolating.

View the entire list of books for military children going through a military PCS move HERE
PCS Penny
Author: Michele Ann Johnson

​This children’s book is a collaboration between Wamego Public Library and the Wamego High School Honor Flight program. The story is wonderful and from a little sister’s point of view. You learn about this yearly heartwarming venture between veterans and students. The Honor Flight Network has a mission to take veterans to Washington, D.C. to see their respective memorials. Wamego High School proudly joined the Kansas Honor Flight Network in 2012. They search for veterans in our region who are interested in seeing our nation's memorials on a two-day trip to Washington, D.C. in late April. Wamego High School National Honor Society members serve as student guardians for our esteemed veterans during the trip. Generous donations from sponsors cover the cost for all participants on the trip. Part of the proceeds for the purchase of this book will support the Honor Flight program at Wamego High School.

View the entire list of children's books about military veterans HERE
Honor Flight: Honoring our Heroes (Wamego High School)
Author: Susanne Stalnecker

Be strong and courageous.

Military life can be unpredictable and messy. With changing schedules and interrupted routines, it is difficult for families to stay connected and grow together spiritually.

Shield of Faith is a 365-day devotional designed to support and strengthen every member of your military family. Through a daily Bible verse, inspirational devotion, and encouraging prayer, your family will
  • embark on a journey of exploring God's faithfulness,
  • find strength in God's presence to face life's uncertainties,
  • embrace God's purpose and calling, and
  • grow together in unity and love.
  • Equip yourselves with the shield of faith and achieve victory in life's trials no matter where God takes you.

Additional military devotionals are listed HERE
Shield of Faith: 365 Daily Devotions for Military Families
Author: Mary Regner

​Your child has decided to become a Marine. What’s next?

Maybe your family has a long history of military service. Maybe the military lifestyle is brand new to you. Perhaps your child has been talking about joining the Marines for a while now. Or maybe their decision is totally unexpected. However you feel right now, another Marine parent has been there. Welcome to the Marine Corps family!

Many parents have mixed feelings when their child decides to become a United States Marine. The unknowns can be nerve wracking, and each answer may lead to more questions. All the while, the relationship between parent and child is changing, and parents must learn to navigate this new relationship as their young adult transforms into a Marine.

In this comprehensive and comforting guide, Marine mom and spouse Mary Regner shares practical tips and perspective from several Marines, spouses, and parents with a variety of USMC experiences to help new Marine parents find purpose in the Marine Corps, understand more about military life, cope with concern and worry, celebrate traditions, and nurture changing relationships.

Additional books about and for parents of military personnel are found HERE
Semper Parents: Supporting your Marine and Sharing the Journey
Authors: Ryan and Kim Pease

​In this delightfully written, rhythmic children’s book, a young boy whose father is in the military tells the story of their upcoming move and the feelings and memories associated with the act of having to relocate once again. The back contains a wonderful activity portion where children may record their memories and learn to cope with the emotional rollercoaster that is inherent in any PCS. This is a perfect keepsake for each child in your family to recount their experiences as a military family.

Military families face many hardships in support of their selfless service to the United States of America. This book is an homage to the children in the armed forces community who face the recurring challenge of having to say goodbye as a result of their parents’ military service. On average, military families move every 2-3 years, impacting children in many aspects of life, to include: schools, friends, routines, support networks, medical resources and much more. The aim of this book is to offer children of military families hope and optimism as they prepare to PCS as well as offer some methods of coping with the often-challenging transition.

View the entire list of books for children about a military PCS move HERE
It's Time to Say Goodbye
Author: Samantha Gassman

LINK to purchase:

6 Leveled Books
Teacher's Guide
Text Evidence Question Card
Content Card: Short Inquiry Project
Grades 1-2

View the entire list of children's books about military veterans HERE
Honor Flight (6-pack for library purchase only)
Author: Bonnie Rufty Emerson

​Ollie and His Family is a therapeutic story for elementary age children in military families. Ollie the Eagle tells his story, which provides children a way to de-center for a while and focus on the feelings and experiences of Ollie. These feelings revolve around frequent moves and parental deployment. This is a non-threatening approach that can lead to a better understanding of the child's feelings, and give them an opportunity for expression. This story could also promote a heightened sense of understanding and pride in their military family. Included are discussion questions and family activities that a parent or adult could use as a catalyst for communication.

View the entire list of books for children about military life HERE
Ollie and His Family: A Story for Military Families
Author: Tara Scott

A children’s book for young military kids, to help understand moving. Written by a Army brat that keeps the subject of moving positive and encouraging.

​View the entire list of military move books for military children HERE
Why Do We Have to Move?  A Book for Military Kids
Author: Joanna Gosser

​Over 50, 8.5"X11" coloring pages.

26 letters of the alphabet in PCS theme.

One-sided coloring pages to prevent bleed-through.

Includes Memory Savers on the back of each page to document the name and date.

View the entire list of military move books for military children HERE

View the entire list of coloring books for military kids HERE
The ABC's of PCSing
Author: Yasmin Abud Castro

​This book was written for all the children who have parents in the military that are deploying, have deployed or stationed in a different state. This book will take you on a journey from a military child's perspective leading up to a deployment, during a deployment, and the excitement of welcoming their hero back home. Deployments are never easy and I wanted to create a fun children's book highlighting the process of a deployment.

View the entire list of children's military deployment books HERE
The Day Has Come
Author: Lisa Joy Stevens

This story is about children of a parent who is actively serving our country. It gives them valuable tools on how to open up if they are experiencing any fears. The twins, Jack and Jill had fears, and through counseling and opening up about it to their dad, they were able to understand the military's safety standards, why their dad is serving, and how what they learned can help other children of military families.

​View the entire list of military deployment books for military children HERE
While Dad's Away
Author: Dr. Loretta Velez

​Korbin and Grace are the children "The Littles" of two Marine Corps officers. This book describes their first military move from the United States to Japan. It is written through the eyes of Korbin. It gives those who have not experienced the military life a short glimpse into what is seen and felt when your entire world is designed around change. It shows the importance of a strong support system and that even with many miles, an ocean, and many hours between them, the distance does not affect the close connection between this young military family and their extended family members.

View the entire list of military move books for military children HERE
The Adventures of a Few Good Littles
Author: Hazelden Publishing

​Of the Americans who serve—and have served—in the United States Armed Forces, many struggle with alcoholism and addiction. What happens when the people who keep our country safe need saving? How do we fulfill our promise to leave no one behind? 

We show them there are service members who have been through similar circumstances, who can help them, and who might also need help. This book does just that. 

In this new meditation book, service members and veterans who are in recovery share their words of healing and hope in daily meditations. These people are in a class of their own—they know what they experienced, they know how their recovery has been affected by their service, they know how to help themselves . . . and they know how to help each other.  

The voices in this book are unique and will resonate with readers, providing insights, thoughts, and feelings only others who have served can understand and relate to. The same can be said of recovery: we look to the person on our left and the person on our right—and we leave no one behind.

This book has been added to OWAH's book lists HERE
Leave No One Behind: Daily Meditations for Military Service Members and Veterans in Recovery
Authors: Chad Robichaux and Adam Davis

​Fight for Us takes couples on an inspiring journey into the challenges of battling for their marriage, through gut-wrenching times of despair, and then finally to the victory of a renewed relationship grounded in Jesus.

Fight for Us delivers a compelling marriage challenge of "five rounds" that teach readers how to develop the never-give-up, never-quit mentality every relationship needs in order to combat the enemy's constant attacks.

Utilizing narrative elements from the real-life story of Chad and Kathy Robichaux, readers will learn how Chad's deployments to Afghanistan as a Marine--and subsequent career as an MMA fighter--allowed him to disengage from his emotions, his marriage, and his children. Then, when his crippling PTSD brought him to brink of suicide, Kathy's pastor taught him the "five rounds" of fighting that are necessary in the battle for any marriage:
  • Believe that God loves you and has a purpose for your life.
  • Take responsibility for your actions.
  • Accept that you can't change the evils that you've encountered.
  • Access God's power.
  • Put yourself second.

At the end of the rounds, readers will discover God's design for marriage, which saved Chad and Kathy's relationship. Today, they aim to pay it forward and share what they've learned with other couples. Fight for Us features application sections, discussion prompts, affirmations, and Bible verses, all designed to help readers apply the book's key marriage principles.

This book has been added to OWAH's list of military marriage books found HERE
Fight For Us: Win Back the Marriage God Intends for You
Author: Stacey Morgan

A true story about making the most of your one incredible life.
Stacey Morgan kissed her husband goodbye before he donned his space suit on July 20, 2019, and headed to his waiting Soyuz rocket. With an overwhelming mix of pride, excitement, and terror, she and her children held hands and watched the rocket ignite and lift off for a nine-month mission aboard the International Space Station.

This is the story of the astronaut’s wife―a journey full of unexpected twists and turns. While the love of her life orbited the Earth, Stacey was about to embark on a knock-your-socks-off adventure right here at home. This season would be different from any Stacey had experienced before. The risks were greater, the loneliness was deeper, and the stress was more intense. Filled with as many unique challenges as surreal opportunities, this deeply meaningful season taught her rich lessons about
  • preparing for any mission or adventure life throws at you
  • rediscovering your fun side when you’ve been trapped in survival mode too long
  • trusting God when you feel weak or alone
  • choosing hope in the face of fear and uncertainty

Containing behind-the-scenes glimpses into a side of space flight that most of us will never experience, The Astronaut’s Wife is a funny, poignant, and meaningful exploration of living life to the fullest―no matter where you roam.

Additional military spouse memoirs are found HERE
The Astronaut's Wife: How Launching my Husband into Outer Space Changed the Way I Live on Earth
2022 BEST new books for military & veteran families
Author: Anna Luiken

Presenting the stories of six military spouses who have faced deployment in various life stages along with pieces of the author's story, the heart of this book is to share real experiences with truth and tenacity. No topic is overlooked- mental health, miscarriage, birth with an absent spouse, the ups and downs of parenting, marriage, striving in the daily mundane, and finding significance in failures and insecurities are all part of this raw look into the life of military spouses. Delivering hope to the weary soul, this book is a must-read resource for all who support military service members.

Additional books to encourage a military spouse during deployment are found HERE
The First Deployment: Interviews and Inspiration for Those Who Support the Military

Author: Jennifer Chiaverini

In June 1917, General John Pershing arrived in France to establish American forces in Europe. He immediately found himself unable to communicate with troops in the field. Pershing needed operators who could swiftly and accurately connect multiple calls, speak fluent French and English, remain steady under fire, and be utterly discreet, since the calls often conveyed classified information.

At the time, nearly all well-trained American telephone operators were women—but women were not permitted to enlist, or even to vote in most states. Nevertheless, the U.S. Army Signal Corps promptly began recruiting them.

More than 7,600 women responded, including Grace Banker of New Jersey, a switchboard instructor with AT&T and an alumna of Barnard College; Marie Miossec, a Frenchwoman and aspiring opera singer; and Valerie DeSmedt, a twenty-year-old Pacific Telephone operator from Los Angeles, determined to strike a blow for her native Belgium.

They were among the first women sworn into the U.S. Army under the Articles of War. The male soldiers they had replaced had needed one minute to connect each call. The switchboard soldiers could do it in ten seconds.

The risk of death was real—the women worked as bombs fell around them—as was the threat of a deadly new disease: the Spanish Flu. Not all of the telephone operators would survive.

The women of the U.S. Army Signal Corps served with honor and played an essential role in achieving the Allied victory. Their story has never been the focus of a novel…until now. 

Additional books for and about female military veterans are listed HERE
Switchboard Soldiers: A Novel