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Alpha Bravo Charlie: The Military Alphabet 
Author: Chris L. Demarest, Copyright @ 2005
Ages 4-8

Using words to represent each letter of the alphabet is called the International Communications Alphabet (ICA). This alphabet is utilized by the United States military and throughout all civil aviation to clarify and strengthen communications.

Complete with the signal flags that the United States Navy has created to give each letter a color-coded shape, Chris Demarest's dynamic alphabet book honors the men and women who have served, are serving, or will serve in our armed forces -- and will thoroughly engage young​ children.

A Marine's Tail: Chesty Goes to Boot Camp
Author: Brandon Barnett, Copyright @ 2011
Ages 3+ as a picture book, ages 7+ as a reader

Chesty is no ordinary bulldog. He is the mascot of the United States Marine Corps and he lives in the historic Marine Corps Barracks in Washington DC. In this book, children can read about how it all began for Marine Corps Recruit Depot (a.k.a Boot Camp). In this colorful rhyming book, you'll get to follow Chesty as he stands on the yellow footprints, meets his Drill Instructors, and learns what it takes to be transformed into a United States Marine.

America's White Table
Author: Margot Theis Raven, Copyright @  2011

The White Table is set in many halls as a symbol for and remembrance to service members fallen, missing, or held captive in the line of duty. Solitary and solemn, it is the table where no one will ever sit. As a special gift to her Uncle John, Katie and her sisters are asked to help set the white table for dinner. As their mother explains the significance of each item placed on the table Katie comes to understand and appreciate the depth of sacrifice that her uncle, and each member of the Armed Forces and their families, may be called to give.

An Army ABC Book
Author: Kristen T. Pirog, Copyright @ 2007

An Army ABC Book is an alphabet book with a distinct military flair. Aspects of life in the US Army are illustrated from A-Z through vibrant, child friendly watercolors. The phonetic alphabet used by the Army is listed under each corresponding letter. An inspirational poem dedicated to the Military child is also included.

A Salute to Our Heroes: The U.S. Marines
Author: Brandon W. Barnett, Copyright @ 2010
Ages 4 and up

Salute to Our Heroes: The U.S. Marines has skillfully captured the essence of more than 200 years of Marine Corps history, along with the Corps' core values of honor, courage and commitment, in a way that will keep a child's attention from cover to cover. The hardback book is written in a delightful rhyming cadence with Chesty the Bulldog, the Corps' mascot, giving a fun-filled, exuberant account of life as a Marine.

Chesty begins his narrative on the yellow footprints of a U.S. Marine Corps Recruit Depot, where every recruit's journey begins: "Marines first go to boot camp, where drill instructors are loud. If they pass, they become one of the few and proud."

Cadence Counts
With the amazing C-130 Hercules
Authors: Gary Roberts Arnold and Sandra Breier, Copyright @ 2021

Cadence Counts introduces young readers to the rhythmic cadences used by the U.S. military to foster feelings of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty among those serving our country.

Enjoy lots of parent-child time together singing the cadence and exploring the many ways the C-130 Hercules serves our country - transporting, weather reconnaissance, firefighting, search and rescue, and more. With a combination of beautiful aviation photographs and custom illustrations, Cadence Counts inspires kids to:
  • learn to count
  • master an uplifting military cadence
  • discover amazing facts about the C-130

Cadence Counts also includes IOS/Android compatible Quick Response Codes (QRs) that link to music and game videos that complement the reading experience.

Captain Cat
Author: Syd Hoff, Copyright @ 1994

Guess who has joined the army! Captain Cat, that's who. He has whiskers and paws, and more stripes than the soldiers have ever seen. But most important, he has a best friend who can make an army barracks feel like home.

Captain Mama's Surprise, La Sorpresa de Capitán Mamá (Bilingual)
Author: Graciela Tiscareño-Sato, Copyright @ 2017
Ages 5-8

In this second book in the bilingual Captain Mama series, Marco and his sisters, whose mother is a U.S. Air Force aviator, visit the KC-135 aerial refueling tanker on a field trip with his second grade class. The children and their teachers meet the aircrew and the crew chief, tour the airplane to understand its unique parts and learn what each crew member does as they work together onboard this gas station in the sky. Includes a STEM activity for children to learn basic aircraft terms and structure plus glossaries in Spanish and English of aviation terms in the text.

Eddie and Fred
We're all heroes
Author: Andrea Perez, Copyright @ 2021

Fred is a lovable dog who dreams about being a superhero. His best friend Eddie takes him on a journey through town to teach him that being a hero is about more than just wearing a mask and a cape and showing off your super strength. True strength comes from the qualities you have in your heart. Kindness, courage and friendship will all help you discover your hero within.

Extra Credit
Author: Andrew Clements, Copyright @ 2009
Ages 8-12

It isn't that Abby Carson can't do her schoolwork, it's just that she doesn't like doing it. And that means she's pretty much failing sixth grade. When a warning letter is sent home, Abby realizes that all her slacking off could cause her to be held back -- for real! Unless she wants to repeat the sixth grade, she'll have to meet some specific conditions, including taking on an extra-credit project: find a pen pal in a foreign country. Simple enough (even for a girl who hates homework).

Abby's first letter arrives at a small school in Afghanistan, and Sadeed Bayat is chosen to be her pen pal.... Well, kind of. He is the best writer, but he is also a boy, and in his village it is not appropriate for a boy to correspond with a girl. So his younger sister dictates and signs the letter. Until Sadeed decides what his sister is telling Abby isn't what he'd like Abby to know...

Extraordinary Military Kids:
A Workbook for and about Military Kids
Author: Megan Numbers, Copyright @ 2017

Extraordinary Military Kids is a workbook for and about military kids. This interactive book introduces Mike and his military friends using different activities that kids can complete by themselves or with their parents. Mike takes kids on a journey of his military life, provides statistics about military kids, validates emotions and experiences, and encourages kids to explore and narrate their own military journey. Kids will enjoy the bright illustrations and activities embedded within every page, and parents will appreciate the engaging activities they can work on with their kids!

Go Army! Beat Navy!
Author:​ Kathy Borkoski, Copyright @ 2017
Ages 4-8

Go ARMY! Beat NAVY! Teach your children early about the joy of beating Navy. Even if they cant read, they can shout, Go Army, Beat Navy! The Army-Navy rivalry is one of the nations most famous and long lasting college rivalries. This rivalry goes beyond the football field and is embraced by each schools student body. Reading books with little ones is an amazing time for connection and shared experience. Let Go Army! Beat Navy! be the beginning of a new Army-Navy tradition!

Good Night Captain Mama, Buenas Noches Capitan Mama (Bilingual)
Author: Graciela Tiscareno-Sato, Copyright 2013
Ages 3-8

A little boy named Marco is walking to his bedroom in pajamas carrying his stuffed puppy dog when he notices his mommy in an olive-green military flight suit. His curiosity about the colorful patches on her uniform evolves into a sweet, reassuring bedtime conversation between a military mother and her child about why she serves and what she does in the unusual KC-135R aerial refueling airplane. He drifts off to sleep with thoughts of his mommy in the airplane and the special surprise she gave him stuck to his fleece pajamas. This unique book was written by a Latina military officer and former aviator. It's the first bilingual children's book, in English and Spanish, about why mommies wear military uniforms. 

H is for Honor
A military family alphabet 
Author: Devin Scillian, Copyright @ 2006
Ages 4-8

Written by the son of a career officer, this book explores the branches of the Armed Services and speaks from the heart about the honor, privileges and sacrifices of military families everywhere. Children will discover why drill sergeants have to be so tough, what it means to be patriotic and why we need Special Forces such as the Navy SEALS, the Green Berets and the Army Rangers. H is for Honor also explains why the annual Army/Navy football game is more that just a game, how much letters from home mean to soldiers, how often military families have to move and what life on base is like. With an underlying message of courage and commitment that every child can relate to, the book will be especially meaningful to those whose parents, siblings or other relatives serve in the Armed Forces. 

Let's Go Air Force!
Author: Yumi Lafortune, Copyright @ 2013
Ages 4-8

Spend time at the United States Air Force Academy on game day! Experience the pageantry and traditions of Air Force football. Cadets, airplanes, falcons, and more await you for an experience you won't forget! A book for Air Force fans of all ages!

Lil' Air Force Pilot (Board Book)
Author: RP Kids, Copyright @ 2021
Ages baby-3
The Mini Military series focuses on introducing young readers to the various branches of the US military. Lil' Air Force Pilot highlights what it's like to be in the US Air Force, focusing on uniforms and flight gear, and introducing toddlers to military vehicles, such as the fighter jets, helicopters, and bombers. Perfect for military families, those with veterans in their family, or for anyone looking to expose their youngest readers to parts of American society, this book and the series is sure to inspire and celebrate our brave service men and women.

Lil' Army Soldier (Board Book)
Author: RP Kids, Copyright @ 2020
Ages baby-3
The Mini Military series focuses on introducing young readers to the various branches of the US military. Lil' Army Soldier highlights what it's like to be in the US Army, focusing on uniforms, helmets, and vests, and introducing toddlers to military vehicles, such as the Humvee, helicopter, and tank. Perfect for military families, those with veterans in their family, or for anyone looking to educate their youngest readers about our troops, this book and the series is sure to inspire and celebrate our brave service men and women.

Lil' Marine (Board Book)
Author: RP Kids, Copyright @ 2021
Ages baby-3
The Mini Military series focuses on introducing young readers to the various branches of the US military. Lil' Marine highlights what it's like to be in the US Marine Corps, focusing on uniforms, bases, and parachutes, and introducing toddlers to military vehicles, such as the amphibious assault vehicles and aircraft. Perfect for military families, those with veterans in their family, or for anyone looking to expose their youngest readers to parts of American society, this book and the series is sure to inspire and celebrate our brave service men and women.

Lil' Navy Sailor (Board Book)
Author: RP Kids, Copyright @ 2020
Ages baby-3
The Mini Military series focuses on introducing young readers to the various branches of the US military. Lil' Navy Sailor highlights what it's like to be part of this special force, focusing on uniforms, radar tracking devices, and other special items, and introducing toddlers to military vehicles. Perfect for military families, those with veterans in their family, or for anyone looking to educate their youngest readers about our troops, this book and the series is sure to inspire and celebrate our brave service men and women.

Little Chief
Author: Toni Danette, Copyright @ 2014
Ages 3-10

Little Chief is a true story about a little boy who has many common difficulties as a child. He wets the bed, sucks his thumb and has a mean sister. It makes him sad to have these issues. However, he has hope that one day it will get better.

He tries hard and learns to overcome them. Little Chief not only grows up to be a big chief, but a U.S. Navy Chief!

Little Chief is a real life example and inspirational story to children facing similar issues and that they too can overcome them.

Maggie the Military Rat
Author: Monica Voicu Denniston, Copyright @ 2023

Maggie P. Worthington is a military rat―at least, she wants to be. She tries to enlist, but falls short. She tries to serve the soldiers, but gets kicked out of the mess hall. Even her attempt to send letters to the troops misfires! Will Maggie find her own way to serve? Maggie the Military Rat answers that question in a fun, heartwarming way, while teaching lessons of bravery, patriotism, and friendship. It reminds readers that even the smallest among us can serve...simply by being a friend.

Marine Morgan
Author: Marie Chandler, Copyright @ 2022

Marine Morgan is a children's picture book that follows a little girl through her exciting dream after being tucked into bed. Her Daddy, a United States Marine, tells her about Marine Corps life and all that it entails. From training, to deployment, to homecoming, Morgan struggles and pushes herself in order to become successful. Marine Morgan is meant to inspire little girls to accomplish anything they can dream of.

Throughout the book, little Morgan never second guesses herself or doubts that she can become a Marine simply because she is a girl. She follows her caring heart to help others and push herself to new limits. With beautiful illustrations and a look inside the life of a Marine, this book will empower young girls without them even realizing it.

Meet Robby the C-130
Author: Beth Mahoney, Copyright @ 2008

Meet Robby the C-130! Robby is a military child's icon for all that is brave and proud to be American. Robby will take you on a short journey through his life as a C-130 and the adventures of deployments. He will show you what he does during deployments, the importance of this beloved aircraft, and the understanding of a military soldier's job that touch the hearts and homes of many. Let Robby enter your homes and your hearts to help befriend your child while Daddy or Mommy is away. Robby can relate to everything a child goes through when a loved one is deployed or on extended duty. He can become the interpreter for a child's emotional distress and his/her comforting icon.

Military Friends ABC
Author: Tony Hunter, Copyright @ 2017

An exciting picture book that teaches children ABCs and NATO phonetic alphabet using military vehicles, ships and aircraft. All five U.S. service branches are featured against stunning backgrounds. Spectacular artwork illustrates action-packed rhyming couplets.

Military Kids Speak
My life as a military child
Author: Julie Rahm, Copyright @ 2011
Ages 9-12

Celebrating the role military families play in the success of America as well as their individual accomplishments, Military Kids Speak by former naval physicist and author Julie Rahm is a fascinating and inspired account of what it takes to be a military kid. It's a team effort with a common goal; the mission is to describe what it means to be a part of a military family, what it takes to persevere when it comes to deployments, and living abroad. It's also a candid account of the military lifestyle, and how special it is to be a child of a hero.

Military Life
Stories and Poems for Children
Various authors, Copyright @ 2010

This collection of original stories and poems touches on many aspects of military life from a child's point of view. From moving to making new friends, deployment, homecoming, patriotism, and tender family moments, Military Life gives a glimpse of the many joys and challenges military children experience.

My First Army Alphabet Book
Author: Mr. Earl Miguel, Copyright @ 2019

Is your little one ready to learn some Army words? My First Army Book is ready for you and your adventurous little soldier! Show them the ABC's with this fun, colorful, alphabet book! This one of a kind book combines letters with all your favorite Army items! Makes a special baby shower, surprise present or birthday gift! Perfect for kids ages 0-5. Our US Military is working hard everyday to defend, protect, and keep our country safe, and what better way to teach our future generation a little piece of what our brave soldiers do.

My First Book of Military Superheroes
Learn about the United States Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, Air Force and Space Force
Author: Copyright @ 2022
Ages 2-5
Introduce your little ones to the heroic world of our Armed Forces with My 1st Book of Military Superheroes! This engaging book is designed for kids aged 2-5 years and offers a fun-filled journey into the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and the exciting Space Force. Through captivating illustrations and simple language, children will learn fascinating facts about these brave men and women who serve and protect our country.

Key Features:
  • Easy-to-understand language and eye-catching illustrations for young readers
  • Perfect for read-aloud sessions or independent reading
  • Ideal for homeschooling or classroom learning
  • Ignite curiosity and appreciation for our troops
  • Join the adventure and inspire your little ones with the spirit of our military superheroes. Grab a copy of My 1st Book of Military Superheroes today!

My First Counting Book (Board Book) (Air Force, Army, Marines, or Navy)
Author: Cindy Entin, Copyright @ 2013
Ages 2+

This beautifully illustrated counting board book introduces children to the numbers 1 through 10 using poetic prose and colorful illustrations of equipment, uniforms, medals, traditions, and other mementos exclusive to the (Air Force, Army, Marines or Navy) community.

My First Counting Book uses a creative rhyming scheme paired with numbers and facts make these books easy to read, and the information memorable and recognizable. The inside back cover of each book provides a key for parents and educators to teach children further information and facts about each item featured. Additionally, the sturdy board book format is perfect for repeated handling by young children. These books are especially meaningful for children in military families and communities.

My Own Psalm 91 Book
Author: Peggy Joyce Ruth, Copyright @ 2007

My Own Psalm 91 Book will help your toddler get these important concepts in their heart at an early age. Thirteen hardback pages of illlustrations and a paraphrased look at Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce will keep even your youngest child wanting you to read to him from his very own copy! Available in 14 languages.

Myra Prat the Military Brat: Goes to Basic Training
Author: Shatasha McPhatter Copyright @ 2020​

Myra is out of school for the summer. Take a journey with her as she gets to spend a day with her father and experience his life as a Drill Sergeant from a child's perspective. She learns about Physical Training (PT), Basic Combat Training (BCT), and the Army Values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Her favorite part is singing cadence with the soldiers and her dad getting a Drill Sergeant hat made just for her!

Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine & a Miracle
Authors:  Major Brian Dennis, Mary Netherly, Kirby Larson
Copyright @ 2009
Ages 4-8

Nubs, an Iraqi dog of war, never had a home or a person of his own. He was the leader of a pack of wild dogs living off the land and barely surviving. But Nubs's life changed when he met Marine Major Brian Dennis. The two formed a fast friendship, made stronger by Dennis's willingness to share his meals, offer a warm place to sleep, and give Nubs the kind of care and attention he had never received before. Nubs became part of Dennis's human "pack" until duty required the Marines to relocate a full 70 miles away--without him. Nubs had no way of knowing that Marines were not allowed to have pets.

So began an incredible journey that would take Nubs through a freezing desert, filled with danger tofind his friend and would lead Dennis on a mission that would touch the hearts of people all over the world. Nubs and Dennis will remind readers that friendship has the power to cross deserts, continents, and even species. 

Ollie and His Family
A story for military families
Author: Bonnie Rufty Emerson, Copyright @ 2022

Ollie and His Family is a therapeutic story for elementary age children in military families. Ollie the Eagle tells his story, which provides children a way to de-center for awhile and focus on the feelings and experiences of Ollie. These feelings revolve around frequent moves and parental deployment. This is a non-threatening approach that can lead to a better understanding of the child's feelings, and give them an opportunity for expression. This story could also promote a heightened sense of understanding and pride in their military family. Included are discussion questions and family activities that a parent or adult could use as a catalyst for communication.

Our Heroes' Tree
Authors: Stephanie Pickup and Marlene Lee, Copyright @ 2013

Our Heroes' Tree honors the service and sacrifice of military members and military-connected families, past and present.

Artist Chandler Dudley, making her professional debut, brings Our Heroes' Tree to life. Weaving a range of emotion into her artwork, Chandler creatively and lovingly captures the themes of Our Heroes' Tree: REFLECT, REMEMBER, REJOICE. 

Following its inaugural debut in 2005, Our Heroes' Tree, co-founded by Stephanie Pickup and Marlene Lee, has taken root in communities across the country and around the world. The growth of Our Heroes' Tree cultivates a national forest of respect, featuring generations of history and relationships on every tree.

Our Heroes' Tree also raises awareness of community resources for veterans and military spouses.

People of all ages enjoy decorating Our Heroes' Tree. Reading the poem for Our Heroes' Tree is a great way to kick-off your event or share it as a gift with participants.

Purple Up
We serve too
Author: Shavonne Gibson, Copyright @ 2021

April is considered the month of the Military Child. Let us come together to celebrate them for their many sacrifices. Purple Up!

Robby the C-130 Goes to Germany
Author: Beth Mahoney, Copyright @ 2009

favorite C-130 takes a trip to Ramstein AFB, Germany and shares the many experiences of a temporary duty assignment (TDY). Join Robby the C-130 on his trip around the globe and learn a little more about this fantastic country. We also introduce two new C-130J models, his little sister Rachel, and his little brother Alex.

Robby the C-130 Goes to Hawaii
Author: Beth Mahoney, Copyright @ 2011

Aloha! Our favorite C-130 is at it again. This time Robby the C-130 takes a trip to the beautiful islands of Hawaii! Come join Robby on this trip through tropical paradise. You will discover all the islands and exciting things to do. You will also learn the history and culture of Hawaii, the USS Arizona, and Robby's military cousins.

Running with Rollie
A simple story about a dog and a Soldier…the rescuer and the rescued
Author: Jeffrey Bradley, Copyright @ 2015

Rollie, a real-life Golden Retriever, inspired West Point graduate Jeffrey Bradley to write Running with Rollie based on their experiences together and Jeff's observations of Soldiers returning from war without family support. Jeff picked Rollie up at the animal shelter in Rolla, Missouri after returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 and the pair started running together during his stateside stints in Missouri and Kansas. When Jeff deployed to Korea, Rollie patiently waited for his return. Once he did, the two best friends did everything together, from running to kayaking to hiking. Their twosome grew by one when Jeff married his wife, Emily. The three live in Southern New Hampshire where Rollie and Jeff can be found jogging or walking the trail network around their house. Even though both of their pace has slowed, they still go side-by-side.

Service Pals (Army, Air Force, Navy or Marines)
​Author: Johnathan Edmonds, Copyright @ 2013, Ages 3-10

We created Service Pals with the hope that the Service Pals would bring joy to all children and teach them about military vehicles while keeping it fun. Whether you are a military family or just want to learn about the Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Service Pals, here you will find kid’s books and stickers for everyone. Every book purchase comes with a free kids sticker sheet!

T. A. for Military Kids
The awesome military kid's guide to feelings
Author: Leslie Nelson, Copyright @ 2014

T. A. for Military Kids: The Awesome Military Kid's Guide to Feelings explains that it can be hard enough for kids to figure out who they are and how life works even under the best of circumstances, even more so when adding to the mix the unique challenges associated with being a military kid. This can include frequent moves, regularly adjusting to new schools and making new friends, absence of the military parent, increased family responsibilities, and re-establishing family roles when the deployed parent returns.

A kid's perception of an event like deployment is often very different from an adult's. Depending on their age, kids may believe they are responsible for the deployed parent going away, while this thought would never enter an adult's mind. T. A. for Military Kids talks about the normal feelings all kids have and then explains the emotions experienced by military kids when faced with the events of everyday military life.

This invaluable guide helps military kids make sense of their experiences and understand that all their feelings are normal and okay, even the challenging ones. For military parents, T. A. for Military Kids makes life a little easier by encouraging kids to talk about what's going on in their heads. Also available: Leader's Guide

Taking Flight with Captain Mama/Despegando con Capitán Mamá
Author: Graciela Tiscareño-Sato, Copyright @ 2023

In the third book of the award-winning, bilingual, Captain Mama aviation series, Marco narrates as he and his classmates take flight on the KC-135R aerial refueling tanker during a class field trip. The students and teachers receive a pre-mission briefing and watch what each crew member does to get the flying gas station ready to fly. In the air, they see the aircrew in action refueling some of the coolest jets in the U.S. Air Force, and witness what happens when an emergency suddenly arises in flight! The book includes an original, bilingual origami jet project, bilingual glossaries, and bilingual educational resources.

Tanks Do Not Make Good Pets
Author: Tony Hunter, Copyright @ 2017

An excited young boy's wildest dreams come true when he discovers a stray tank at the park and takes it home as a pet. Over the course of the next week and through a series of adventures and mishaps, he starts to realize that tanks may not make good pets after all. A creative, educational book for children with vivid and humorous illustrations.

That Plane, This Plane
Author: Tim Steiner, Copyright @ 2017
Ages 2-6

Zooming and booming... Racing and chasing! Try to keep up with these airplanes as they learn and turn through the aviation world. Written and illustrated by an aviator with pilots in mind, these fun illustrations compare and contrast airplanes of all sorts. Simple text and easy-reading rhymes make this the perfect book for every family and a must-have for aviation enthusiasts. That Plane, This Plane features more than 40 airplanes from all generations of civil and military flight. Jets, props, new and old--Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine--find all of the references and name the planes like only an aviator could. Check your knowledge with the illustrated list at the end.

The ABCs of the Army
Author: Maria Cordova, Copyright @ 2016

From Airborne to June 14, 1775 to Woobie and Zonk!? What is a Woobie? And what is Zonk!? Find out as you read through The ABCs of the Army and sing the Army song loud and proud with your Army family and friends of all ages!

The Adventures of a Military Brat
My military life
Authors: Johanna and Daniel Gomez, Copyright @ 2019

The Adventures of a Military Brat: My Military Life is the first book of the children's book series The Adventures of a Military Brat. Join a brave boy as he shares the challenges and opportunities of growing up as a military brat. Follow him as he reunites with his family, anticipates an upcoming move, adjusts to his father's recent return, makes new friends and shows pride demonstrating military traditions. My Military Life presents a perfect opportunity to share the unique culture of growing up in a military family with non-military children.

The Adventures of a Military Brat book series is specifically designed to meet the needs of children growing up in military families. Each book will identify unique experiences and challenges a military lifestyle brings; such as reuniting with deployed parents, moving, and making new friends. The characters of this series emphasize positive messages and take readers on a journey that is familiar to every military child.

The Invisible String
Author: Patrice Karst, Copyright @ 2000
Ages 4-8

"That's impossible", said twins Jeremy & Liza after their Mom told them they're all connected by this thing called an Invisible String. "What kind of string"? They asked with a puzzled look to which Mom replied, "An Invisible String made of love." That's where the story begins. A story that teaches of the tie that really binds. The Invisible String reaches from heart to heart. Does everybody have an Invisible String? How far does it reach, anyway? Does it ever go away? Read all about it! The Invisible String is a very simple approach to overcoming the fear of loneliness or separation with an imaginative flair that children can easily identify with and remember. Here is a warm and delightful lesson teaching young and old that we aren't ever really alone and reminding children (and adults!) that when we are loved beyond anything we can imagine. "People who love each other are always connected by a very special String, made of love. Even though you can't see it with your eyes, you can feel it deep in your heart, and know that you are always connected to the ones you love." 

Thus begins this heart-warming and reassuring story that addresses the issue of "separation anxiety" (otherwise known as the sense of existential 'aloneness') to children of all ages.

The Little Marine and the Flag
​Author Carissa Marine, Copyright @ 2008

Jumping out of bed, he looks out his window over the trees to where his daddy works. As he watches, he sees a huge American flag being raised up a very tall flagpole. He loves seeing that big flag. He often tells his daddy that he wants to go see it and stand under it some day.

The Magic Box
When Parents Can't Be There to Tuck You in
Authors: Marty Sederman, Seymour Epstein, Copyright @ 2003
Ages 4-8

Casey's dad has to go away for a couple of days-AGAIN! Casey hates it that his father has to travel so often. But this time Dad leaves a special gift that will help Casey cope with his absence and future trips as well. This upbeat and delightfully illustrated book contains many valuable tips for families in which a parent is frequently away from home.

The Peppered Sky
Author: Sarah Doran, Copyright @ 2023
Ages 5-8

Celebrate military family life with Haleigh and Mason as they adventure into a world of airborne drop zones, military aircraft and U.S. paratroopers! The Peppered Sky extends beyond the heart-warming story with included discussion questions, journal prompts and a craft to promote critical thinking, creative writing and STEM-based learning.

The Way I Feel (Also available in Spanish)
Author: Janan Cain, Copyright @ 2006
Ages 4-8

The Way I Feel is a delightful book that helps kids describe their emotions and understand that feelings are a normal part of life. Vivid, expressive illustrations fill every page with color, encouraging children to understand their emotions (and those of others). For parents and teachers, The Way I Feel provides a means of introducing both the concept of feelings and the vocabulary that helps children express their emotions with words.

This is the C-130 Hercules
Author: Loraine Nunley, Copyright @ 2012

​The C-130 Hercules aircraft is one of the most versatile and well-respected transport planes in the Western world. While its usage has been largely military, its long-standing design has made it the perfect choice for many kinds of tasks, both in the military and civilian worlds. While this book is intended to introduce children to this wonderful aircraft, adults may also find themselves eager to learn more about this cherished workhorse.

U.S. Navy Alphabet Book
Authors: Sammie Garnett and Jerry Pallotta, Copyright @ 2004
Ages 6 and up

Anchors Aweigh! An alphabetical tour of the U.S. Navy. Learn about the Navy Seals, find out the difference between a boat and a ship, discover the Navy's very own alphabet, and much, much more.

Way of the Warrior Kid
Author: Jocko Willink, Copyright @ 2017

Fifth grade was the worst year of Marc’s life. He stunk at gym class, math was too hard for him, the school lunch was horrible, and his class field trip was ruined because he couldn’t swim. But what was most awful thing about fifth grade? Kenny Williamson, the class bully, who calls himself the "King of the Jungle."

When Marc's mother tells him that his Uncle Jake is coming to stay for the whole summer, Marc can't wait. Uncle Jake is a for real, super-cool Navy SEAL. And Uncle Jake has a plan.

He's going to turn Marc into a warrior.

Becoming a warrior isn’t easy. It means a lot of pull ups, sit ups, pushups, squats, swimming, eating right, and studying harder than ever before! Can Marc transform himself into a warrior before school starts in the fall – and finally stand up to the King of the Jungle himself?

The Way of the Warrior Kid is a new illustrated chapter book by #1 New York Times-bestselling author and retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink.

Way of the Warrior Kid
Marc's mission
Author: Jocko Willink, Copyright @ 2018

New York Times-bestselling author Jocko Willink delivers a second powerful and empowering Way of the Warrior Kid book about finding your inner strength and being the best you can be, even in the face of adversity in Marc's Mission.

West Point A-Z
Author: Mike Nemeth, Copyright @ 2012 

For the fan of West Point looking to introduce the history and fun of the United States Military Academy to their newest family member, this children's book is the perfect gift. From Eisenhower to Room Standards and Black Knights to the Long Gray Line, experience historical West Point from A to Z and everything in between.

When I Grow Up I Want to Be in the US Army
Jake learns about the U.S. Army
Author: Wigu Publishing, Copyright @ 2014

When Jake’s teacher assigns a “career” project, Jake decides he wants to be a soldier in the United States Army. Jake and his father visit an Army surplus store to find items he can use to present his project. As they search the store, each item makes the history and proud spirit of the U.S. Army come to life for Jake and readers alike. Through Jake’s discoveries, readers are introduced to the history of the U.S. Army, what soldiers’ duties include, and the equipment they use.

Who is Sam the Soldier?
Author: Erin Morris, Copyright @ 2019

Ever wonder what a soldier actually does? Why does he dress that way? Could I be a soldier one day? Private First Class Sam Smith is a soldier in the U.S. Army. Come along with Sam as he tells all about what its like to live, work, and (even) relax like a soldier.
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Military and veteran family resources
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