Mayday! Mayday! A Coast Guard Rescue
Author: Chris Demarest, Copyright @ 2004

A thirty-foot yacht,
adrift well out to sea,
Please respond to our plea!"

Hearing this call for help, the United States Coast Guard leaps into action. A team of four highly trained rescue specialists head out in an H-60 Jayhawk helicopter. Battling fierce conditions, the Coast Guard team finally locates the disabled boat, rescues the crew, treats injured passengers, and carries them back to safety.

Complemented by dramatic, striking illustrations, Chris L. Demarest's text brings into vivid focus one of the many important jobs performed by the U.S. Coast Guard. A detailed author's note provides additional information about the search-and-rescue process, making this a terrific book for any school or home library.

My First Counting Book: Coast Guard
Author: Cindy Entin, Copyright @ 2014

This beautifully illustrated counting board book introduces children to the numbers 1 through 10 using poetic prose and colorful illustrations of Coast Guardsman, ships, helicopters, equipment, uniforms, medals, and traditions exclusive to the Coast Guard community.

Along with the other books in this series, My First Counting Book: Coast Guard uses a creative rhyme scheme paired with numbers and facts, making them easy to read and the information memorable and recognizable. With the numbers 1 through 10 incorporated, children will learn about the respectable work of Coast Guardsman and how they keep our waters safe! The inside back cover of each book provides a key for parents and educators to teach children further information and facts about each item featured. Additionally, the sturdy board book format is perfect for repeated handling by young children. These books are especially meaningful for children in military families and communities.

Rosie the Response Boat
Authors: Tyler Benson and Kristy Benson, Copyright @ 2016
Ages 5-6

Rosie the Response Boat is the newest Coast Guard team member. She is a good leader and works with the other rescue boats to teach new Coasties how to prepare for missions. Proppie is mistrustful of Rosie because she is new and different. But when Proppie has mechanical problems and is frightened, he discovers that Rosie is not only a good leader, but she is also a great friend.

The Adventures of Connor the Courageous Cutter:
Saving Sarah
Author: Scott McBride, Copyright @ 2015

Join Connor the Courageous Cutter in his first adventure in beautiful Serendipity Sound. When Sarah the Schooner gets caught in a storm, panic riddles the sound. Who will heed the Harbor Masters call and save her? Follow Connor and his fun-loving friends as they learn lessons in courage, teamwork, and friendship with each new adventure.

The Adventures of Onyx and the Angels in the Air
Author: Tyler Benson, Copyright @ 2014

Onyx and the Guardian of the Straits are back in another exciting adventure! During routine helicopter operations with Air Station Traverse City, the Coast Guard is suddenly called to rescue a mother and daughter stranded in Lake Michigan. When the crew spots the capsized sailboat, the Coast Guard rescue swimmer wastes no time. The mother needs immediate medical attention and the little girl is scared, but the rescue swimmer can only bring up one survivor at a time. He has to make a difficult decision. But he is not alone. Onyx the miracle dog proves that being a true Coastie is as much about heart as it is about bravery.

The Adventures of Onyx and the Battle of the Bay Class Dogs
Author: Tyler Benson, Copyright @ 2015
Onyx and Hogan are celebrating at the Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven, Michigan, when they are called back to duty to battle the blaze of a tug and fuel barge that is on fire in Lake Michigan. When the captain arrives on the bridge to brief the crew, she introduces Onyx and Hogan to their newest crewmember, Remi, another Coast Guard morale dog! For this heart-stopping adventure, Hogan will have two trusty four-legged shipmates by his side. And when Onyx's life is threatened during the rescue, Hogan will need all of Remi's strength and skill to help save her.

The Adventures of Onyx and the Far Side of the Lakes
Author: Tyler Benson, Copyright @ 2015

Hogan and Onyx are aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Alder as it makes its annual voyage across Lake Superior to where the SS Edmund Fitzgerald sank forty years earlier during a violent storm. As Hogan, Onyx, and the rest of the crew brave gale-force winds and freezing rain to commemorate the twenty-nine sailors who lost their lives in the 1975 tragedy, both Hogan and Onyx become ill as the Alder is tossed around in the rough waters. When Onyx suddenly collapses, the captain orders a medical evacuation and calls a Coast Guard helicopter for assistance. Hogan and Onyx are rushed to Station St. Ignace, but what the flight crew discovers when they examine Onyx will surprise everyone.

The Adventures of Onyx and the Fight Against the Falls
Author: Tyler Benson, Copyright @ 2013

In this non-stop adventure, Onyx and her fellow Coasties work with the Buffalo Police to save a sinking yacht. Then the Coast Guard must enter the dangerous exclusionary zone of Niagara Falls to rescue a family trapped on a disabled, drifting boat. The current of the Falls is too strong for them to continue, so it's up to Onyx to swim a tow line to the family aboard the boat in trouble. But is all hope lost when Onyx is suddenly pulled under by the might of the river and tangled in the tow line? Courage and loyalty are challenged like never before in this compelling addition to the highly successful Adventures of Onyx series.

The Adventures of Onyx and the Gales of November
Author: Tyler Benson, Copyright @ 2013

One windy, November day, a cry for help comes into the Coast Guard Station in St. Ignace, Michigan. A plane has crashed on Mackinac Island and it's up to The Guardians of the Straits to answer the call. The Coasties quickly rush to their motor lifeboat, along with their newest and most fearless crewmember, Onyx the dog, leading the way. After a harrowing boat ride in gale winds and dangerously high waves, the Coasties still have to fight their way through the debris on the island to look for survivors. What they find in the wreckage surprises everyone but Onyx, who proves to be a hero once again. The Adventures of Onyx continue in the second book of this exciting series, The Gales of November.

The Adventures of Onyx and the Guardians of the Straits
Author: Tyler Benson, Copyright @ 2012

One stormy night, a homeless dog looking for shelter wanders onto a Coast Guard station in St. Ignace, Michigan. She finds a dry and cozy hiding spot inside a boat's compartment. When the boat launches and heads into the Straits of Mackinac for a search and rescue mission, the frightened dog is still hidden onboard. But when the tireless Coasties are working to save a man overboard, Onyx the dog surprises everyone with her bravery, and she finds more than a home--she finds a purpose.

The Adventures of Onyx and the Mighty Mackinaw
Author: Tyler Benson, Copyright @ 2014

​Onyx and Hogan are ready for another adventure, but this time they aren't on a mission to save lives, they're on a mission to save Christmas! Once a year the Mighty Mackinaw becomes the Christmas Tree Ship, delivering trees to families in Chicago who might otherwise have to go without a Christmas tree. This year Onyx and Hogan are along for the ride! But as the 240-foot Coast Guard cutter is delayed due to the thick ice of Lake Michigan, Onyx and Hogan grow concerned. And as the cold temperatures continue to drop, the families waiting at Navy Pier worry the ship might not make it. Will they have to go without a tree this Christmas? A holiday story like no other, and sure to become a family favorite.

The Adventures of Onyx and the Race to Mackinac
Author: Tyler Benson, Copyright @ 2019

The Chicago to Mackinac Island sailboat race has entered the final mile of their 333 mile journey, but they're in trouble. An overnight weather shift is causing high gusts and huge waves. More than 350 sailboats are trying to make it to the finish line in the Round Island Passage. The Coast Guard is on high alert, but Onyx's puppies, Search and Rescue, are rambunctious and creating a distraction on the response boat. The puppies are still in training and haven't learned to stay calm and listen to commands like Onyx does. But when the crew needs assistance locating and rescuing the drifting sailor, Search and Rescue prove that they can truly live up to their names.

25 Awesome Facts about the Coast Guard
Odd and Interesting Truths About America's Most-Forgotten Military Branch
Author: Brian Runion, Copyright @ 2015

The Coast Guard does a lot more than just guard the coast: it goes all over the world saving lives, fighting smugglers, and being really, really awesome. Like did you know the Coast Guard drove the landing craft on D-Day? Or that it helped the Wright Brothers fly? Did you know that it helped create the Navy SEALs and flew B-17s? This book is a collection of 25 of the strangest, most obscure, and most AWESOME facts from the history of the military branch no one remembers. Complete with 88 pages of cartoons, diagrams, and ways to make fun of the Navy. 

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Children's books about the U.S. Coast Guard

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Children's books about the U.S. Coast Guard
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