Beneath Wandering Stars
Author: Ashlee Cowles, Copyright @ 2016

After her Soldier brother is horribly wounded in Afghanistan, Gabriela must honor the vow she made: If anything ever happened to him, she would walk the Camino de Santiago through Spain, making a pilgrimage in his name. The worst part is that the promise stipulates that she must travel with her brother's best friend--a boy she has despised all her life. Her brother is in a coma, and Gabi feels that she has no time to waste, but she is unsure. Will she hesitate too long, or risk her own happiness to keep a promise? An up-close look at the lives of the children of military families, Beneath Wandering Stars takes readers on a journey of love, danger, laughter, and friendship, against all odds.

Dear Military Teen,
Moving, deployments, and winning the game of high school
Author: Shanon Hyde, Copyright @ 2022

In his book, Dear Military Teen, Shanon Hyde explores crucial life lessons in the obstacles that military brats face. Reflecting on the moves and deployments that his own family endured, Shanon provides honest advice for military teens looking to take their next steps in high school, college, and beyond.

“No military teen should ever feel like they are the first ones to undergo a tough transition,” Shanon explains. “This book serves as a reminder that they are not alone.”

Shanon also equips military teens with the essential skills of maintaining friendships over distance, navigate new social environments, and effectively chase their dreams no matter where the military takes them. This is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive guide that military teens everywhere need on their bookshelf.

Shanon grew up a Marine Corps brat. His dad served twenty years as a helicopter pilot. Shanon is currently in his junior year, pursuing his Aerospace Engineering degree at Penn State University. He is the host of The Shanon Show podcast, the most listened to military brat podcast in the nation. Shanon is also the 2020-2022 Student Liaison for the Museum of the American Military Family based in Tijeras, New Mexico.

Military teen Bible
Author: American Bible Society, Copyright @ 2020
Link to order your FREE copy

This Bible was designed specifically for the teenage who has a parent or parents serving in the Armed Forces. It encourages teens to make God’s Word personal by taking notes on the page, doodling in the extra-wide margins, and adding some artistic flair. It includes three sets of life-transforming devotionals: 40-day study about who God is, who we are, and who we are in God. Written by people in the military on issues military teens face—like loneliness, difficult transitions, and doubt.

My Story: Blogs by Four Military Teens
Authors: Michelle D. Sherman, Ph.D. and DeAnne M. Sherman
Copyright 2010

My Story: Blogs by Four Military Teens is a series of blogs by four military teens that highlights their feelings and experiences before, during, and after parental deployment. It provides support and education for all military teens and pre-teens by honoring their unique joys and sacrifices, addressing their fears and hopes, and exploring how parental deployment affects their lives. Although the four youth in My Story are fictional, the stories are real—the blogs are a compilation of real life experiences of military kids we have been honored to meet and learn from.

The blogs in My Story address issues such as:
  • Pride in parent’s military service
  • Sadness, anger and confusion regarding deployments
  • The excitement of homecoming
  • Challenges of reconnecting after deployment
  • Finding a "new normal"
  • Teen depression
  • Dealing with parent’s emotional and physical challenges (e.g., PTSD, substance abuse, injury)
  • Divorce
  • Resilience and post traumatic growth

Psalm 91 for Youth: God's Umbrella of Protection
Author: Peggy Joyce Ruth, Copyright 2003

Would you like for your child to know how to overcome the fears that face him? Young people in today's world are faced with so many more worries and uncertainties than those even a generation ago, but you are not without an answer. Psalm 91 for Youth can be one of the greatest gifts you can give to equip your teenager to meet the challenge. Filled with heartwarming stories of young people who have stood on God's Word, this is a book that could easily save his/her life and the lives of those they love!
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