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The Day Has Come
Author: Yasmid Abud Castro, Copyright @ 2022

This book was written for all the children who have parents in the military that are deploying, have deployed or stationed in a different state. This book will take you on a journey from a military child's perspective leading up to a deployment, during a deployment, and the excitement of welcoming their hero back home. Deployments are never easy and I wanted to create a fun children's book highlighting the process of a deployment.

The Fathers are Coming Home
Author: Margaret Wise Brown, Copyright @ 2010
Ages 1-4
Also available on Readeo for remote storytime

The author of Goodnight Moon wrote this story to honor World War II fathers returning to their families. In glorious linoprints, "the fish father swims home to his little fish" and "the pig father wallows over to his little piglets."

The Homecoming Box
Authors: Kathleen Edick, Paula Johnson, Copyright @ 2011
Ages 4-8

“I wish Daddy was here with us!” ”We’ve got to remember to tell him about this!”

Come join the fun as the We Serve Too! kids discover the wonder of The Homecoming Box. Experience the joy as they make their own boxes, store their own treasures, and finally, share all those well-kept stories with their Daddy who is home at last! Each book comes with the signature We Serve Too! “I will be strong and courageous” dog tag.

A great pre-deployment book and activity for kids, parents and group leaders to help to make deployment a time of growth for both children and families.

This book includes an appendix with complete instructions for making your own box and/or for hosting a “Homecoming Box” workshop for kids! (out of print)

The Impossible Patriotism Project
Author: Linda Skeers, Copyright @ 2007
Ages 4-8

Caleb’s class is making projects that represent patriotism to display at Parents’ Night. Molly dresses up like the Statue of Liberty and Kareem draws a map of the United States. But Caleb can’t think of a single way to show what patriotism means to him. Besides, his dad can’t even come to Parents’ Night because he is far away, serving as a soldier. Then, when Caleb really starts thinking about his dad and what he is doing for the country, inspiration finally strikes!

The Living Tale Series
Henley and the Book of Heroes
Author: Jane H. Smith, M.D., Copyright @ 2009
Ages 9-12

A hero needs a heart so he can do extraordinary things. Remember, Henley, every good story needs a hero...and a hero needs a heart.' Nine-year-old Henley Banks dreams of being a hero, but it's not until he receives a mysterious book from his grandpa that his hero's heart is awakened. As Henley dives--literally--into the Living Tale, he discovers a world beyond anything he ever imagined--full of amazing lands, an unexpected gardener, powerful glones, and an evil that lurks behind Henley's every step.

Jump into the first book of The Living Tale Series with young Henley Banks in Henley and the Book of Heroes, as new author Jane H. Smith leads readers of all ages on a supernatural adventure into a battle for Henley's heart. In the midst of this battle, Henley's beloved grandpa is rushed to the hospital, and it seems that only Henley can save him. Not only that, but the Banks family is also struggling to hold together until their father returns from war. There are creatures that seek to overpower the boy before this can happen. How will Henley ignite his hero's heart in time? 

The Living Tale Series
Star and the Book of Treasures
Author: Jane H. Smith, M.D.,  Copyright @ 2012
Ages 9-12

Her biggest dream has just come true, but her troubles have only begun. Fifteen-year-old Star McKenzie is an orphan who has never been able to find a place to truly call home. When she accidentally volunteers to spend her Christmas break on an ancient history dig in the desert of modern-day Iraq, Star is far from excited. Then she uncovers one of the most important scrolls in history and hopes fame and fortune will finally end her foster care nightmares.

Star and the Book of Treasures, the second book in The Living Tale Series, is a fun, fantastical adventure about healing the orphan heart. Jump in to the Living Tale and meet a new cast of characters while reuniting with familiar faces from the past, including young Henley Banks, who is searching for his own hero's heart. Readers will learn, along with Star and Henley, that we can all be part of a powerful, healing family.

The Mini Adventures of Danny and the Deployer
Author: Juanda Bryant, Copyright @ 2017

In this book, Danny finds out that Dad is being deployed and may be gone for a while. Dad gives Danny a special toy before he leaves. It is a Deployer! With the Deployer, Danny can go on mini adventures to help him understand what Dad does in the military. Let's see what adventures these two get into in The Mini Adventures of Danny and the Deployer.

The Mini Adventures of Danny and the Deployer
Operation Care Package
Author: Juanda Bryant, Copyright @ 2019

Dad is now deployed, and another adventure sbegins. Danny and the Deployer have to put togetehr a care package for dad. What is in the care package? Why is it classified? Meet Danny's new friends and join in with them on this classifed mission: Operation Care Package!

The Wishing Tree
Author: Mary Redman, Copyright @ 2008
Ages 4-8

Amanda understands her dad is making the world a better place, but it doesn’t make his deployment any easier. After mulling over ways she can support her dad, Amanda creates a small wishing tree in her room, writing her hopes and prayers on yellow ribbons that she ties onto the branches. As Amanda wishes for her dad to enjoy good meals, make new friends, and return safely, the little tree comes to life with yellow ribbons of hope. Includes information about wishing trees.

Unsung Heroes
Author: Maria Cordova, Copyright @ 2018
Ages 5-6

​A military family's lullaby, Unsung Heroes captures the heart of those who graciously serve and protect. Often saying "See you later!" when duty calls, these men and women selflessly sacrifice out of genuine love for their country and families.

We Serve Too! A Child's Deployment Book
Authors: Kathleen Edick, Paula Johnson, Copyright @ 2008
Ages 4-8

This warm and touching book deals honestly with the issues of deployment from a young child's point of view. By linking their daily activities (playing, eating, etc.) with daily activities of their absent parent, We Serve Too! makes imaginative, and yet real connections with Daddy (or Mommy) in the common routines of the day, while honoring the child's own sacrifice and service to country. 

We Serve Too! is a useful tool parents, teachers, and support group leaders, giving many entryways for questions and discussion with children. Civilian children will benefit as well, as they get a glimpse of military family life and begin to understand the great price being paid to preserve our freedoms and secure our safety. A free download sticker pack is available to adapt the book to all branches of the military! (out of print)

We Serve Too! 2 - Daddy's Back!! YEAH!! (...I think)
A child's reunion book
Authors: Kathleen Edick, Paula Johnson, Copyright @ 2009
Ages 4-8

Join with your favorite We Serve Too! kids as they experience the joys and trials of knitting a family back together following deployment. This warm and touching sequel invites friendly family interaction through the same honest storytelling you have come to love in We Serve Too!—A Child’s Deployment Book(out of print)

What Does YOUR Daddy Do?
Author: Heather Vowell Pierce, Copyright @ 2010

It's "Dad's Day at Work" day at school. "Everyone's dads will be there except mine," Hadley thinks,"He always has to be gone. The Army took him away again. What will the other kids think? Will they laugh at me since my dad isn't here? Will they say I don't have a dad again? Mom says it's important for me to tell about dad's job and how it helps other people. I have this cool stuff he sent me to show but I just want him..."

What Will I Play While You Are Away?
Author: James Thomas, Copyright @ 2015
Ages 4-8

There are lots of things to do, while having fun too as each child will discover in this story! With parents being away from home for many reasons to include business travel, short trips, and military deployments, this book gives a child some fun ideas of what to play while the parent is away. Through the use of rhymes, the story flows effortlessly, giving each child a sense of personal involvement, adventure, and emotional reassurance.

When Daddy's Gone
Author: Jamilah Stanfield, Copyright @ 2012

When Daddy's Gone is a military children's book that was written by a military spouse. In this book, the author intended to create a character who any child would be able to identify with, regardless of his/her own ethnic/gender identity. The book When Daddy's Gone is about a child who reflects on the precious moments shared with his/her father, who is currently away. Although physically separated from Daddy, past experiences gives the child something to look forward to in the future, while anticipating Daddy's safe return home from his military duties.

When Dad's At Sea
Author: Mindy Pelton, Copyright @ 2008
Ages 4-8

Emily’s dad is in the military and sometimes he has to leave for months at a time. Emily knows her dad’s job is important, but she doesn’t want him to leave! Her dad tells her how he copes with his sadness, and he even makes her a paper chain to count down the days of his trip.

When Duty Calls (Uncle Sam's Kids)
Author: Angela Sportelli Rehak, Copyright @ 2004
Ages 4-8

Deployment! An emotional cycle with psychological stages that may affect any child. The author shows parents and caregivers how to address the distinct stages of deployment such as worry, anger, detachment, sadness, recovery and anticipation of homecoming by using fun coping techniques, listening and normalizing common concerns, involvement in some decisions, discovering strength in family and community while promoting patriotism.

When You Are Away
Author: Dominique James, Ed.D., Copyright @ 2019

​Nothing is the same when a parent has to leave home for a while. See how things are different for these military kids when their dad goes on deployment.

When You Were Away (The Daddy Edition)
Author: Lynzee Wig, Copyright @ 2023

When you were away is a heartfelt story about a mother and son's bond built while their family member is deployed overseas. Showing readers that you can still miss your loved ones while they are away while staying busy.

When Your Daddy's a Soldier
Author: Gretchen Brandenburg McLellan, Copyright @ 2022
Ages: 4-8

A lyrical, moving story about a family's experience at home during their dad's time away at war.

For one young boy and his family at home, the days pass slowly. That's because when your daddy's a soldier and he's away at war, you can't wait for him to come home so you can be together again. 

This poignant and impactful story, inspired by the author's lived experiences, captures the essence of the daily heartache, fear, joy, and uncertainty that a child whose parent has gone off to war must live with.  

When Your Dad Goes to War
Helping children cope with deployment and beyond
Author: Maryann Makekau, Copyright @ 2010
Ages 8 and up

When Your Dad Goes to War provides honest communication for a difficult conversation. Having your dad deploy can evoke feelings of fear, confusion, anger, and sadness mixed together with love and pride. Defending our nation's freedom is a selfless act that also includes sacrifice; that sacrifice affects dad and the family he leaves behind. These Little Patriot Books™ bring the journey through a child's eyes---bringing hope in place of sadness, ability in place of confusion, and teamwork in the midst of absence and beyond.

Where Do the Tears Go?
Author: Doris Burd, Copyright @ 2012
Ages 5+

When Daddy (or sometimes Mommy) goes off to war, little ones experience sadness, fear of the unknown, and an empty place in their young hearts while they wait for their loved one to return. The tears can only fall like willow tendrils down their cheeks as they try to adapt to their new reality. But what happens to those special tears? Something quite magical occurs when they are shed for our brave heroes across the sea, something positive and beautiful and miraculous and blessed. Learn all about the magic and discover that perfect place where all the tears go.

Where Were You?
Author: Tracy Hancock, Copyright @ 2015
All ages

Where Were You? represents a child’s thoughts and feelings regarding the many milestones and meaningful events in his or her life that a loved-one was not able to share. “A Parent’s Lament” is the parent or guardian’s heartfelt reasoning and justification for the inability to be present to witness those milestones. The intention of this book is to bring to light the inner most thoughts and feelings of a child and a military family member who are separated from each other for any length of time. It summarizes both points of view.

While Dad's Away
Author: Lisa Joy Stevens, Copyright @ 2022

This story is about children of a parent who is actively serving our country. It gives them valuable tools on how to open up if they are experiencing any fears. The twins, Jack and Jill had fears, and through counseling and opening up about it to their dad, they were able to understand the military's safety standards, why their dad is serving, and how what they learned can help other children of military families.

While You Are Away
Author: Eileen Spinelli, Copyright @ 2008
Ages 4-8

While you are on that big ship, Daddy, far, far away I tell you things. I pretend the wind can carry my words clear across the ocean right to your heart. At times a loved one may be far, far away, but that special person is never far from mind and heart. Eileen Spinelli's lyrical, patriotic text and Rene Graef's uplifting illustrations depicting military families combine to create a reassuring book about separation and reunion.

Xs and Os For Gabby Ann
Author: Petrell Marie Ozbay, Copyright @ 2015

Gabby Ann loves kisses and hugs. They are the BEST part about bedtime. There is nothing like an extra kiss and a hug - an X and an O - from her mommy before the lights go out. But, what about Gabby's Daddy? He works on the other side of the world, at least a million miles away. So, how are his kisses and hugs going to reach her? When will they get there? What if they get lost along the way? Join the Xs and Os on a lively, global adventure as they find their way to Gabby Ann, helping children to realize the boundless and powerful spirit of a parent's love.

You Are Always With Me
A poem for those at home when a loved one deploys
Author: Daniel L. Berry, Copyright @ 2020

A beautifully illustrated children’s book designed to help deployed service members, and the deployed civilians who support them, connect with their loved-ones.

Written by an author who has worked in support of the military overseas, You Are Always With Me is an illustrated rhyming poem intended for those at home when a service member or civilian deploys. The poem reassures those encountering this separation by addressing the emotions they often feel:

  • Abandonment
  • Anger
  • Confusion
  • Sadness
  • Fear for their deployed loved one

You Are Always With Me depicts two cartoon rabbits, one leaving for deployment, and the other staying home. The book contains a personalized dedication page, and is a perfect gift for any loved-one coping with separation during deployment, to include:

  • Children
  • Husband or wife
  • Girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Niece or nephew

Although many women service members deploy, as do many civilians, most of the books on this subject are intended for families of male soldiers. You are Always With Me is unique in that it is appropriate for any branch of service, and any age, race, or gender.

From deployment through homecoming, this book is indispensable in helping those who serve bridge the distance to connect in a meaningful way with those they love.

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